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Suzi's Erotic Odyssey Part 6

WARNING : The following story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts performed between consenting adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age, or you find this brand of literature offensive, then exit this page now.

"Suzi's Erotic Odyssey" Part 6 of 6

Written by: The Midnight Lurker


14. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Quick Update

On Thursday evening, Tim called Suzi on the telephone and invited her to his house for the weekend (Friday - Sunday). Tim explained to her that three of his friends, one of which was Jack, would also be staying at his house for the entire weekend. The four men had visions of gang-banging Suzi, and the slut quickly started to think along those same lines. She immediately agreed to his offer, and then made plans to spend the weekend over at Tim's place. Later that same night, Suzi masturbated with her dildo. The 23-year-old fucked herself furiously with it, trying to imagine the next couple of days - knowing full well that she would be drilled and pounded from every angle and position. Suzi had three separate orgrams, all thanks to the dildo.

15. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - The More, The Merrier

On Friday afternoon, Suzi was all set to go to Tim's house. She was dressed rather sexily, in a very tight, form-fitting white t-shirt which had long sleeves. Her large, heavy-set breasts strained against the cotton fabic, seeming as though they begged to be set free. She also wore a skintight pair of black spandex pants, which hugged and clung to her sweet ass in a delicious manner. Her footwear was a pair of black high-heeled shoes, and in addition, she decided to add some flair to her appearance by enclosing a black-and-white bandana around her head. Suzi really liked the fact that Kathy - Tim's wife - was going to be out of town for the weekend. That meant Suzi would have all four of those guys for herself - she would not have to share them with anybody else. Likewise, the men would concentrate all of their energy and effort on her.

Suzi knew that it was going to be a very good weekend.

An overnight bag in hand, Suzi left her apartment at 4:30pm Friday afternoon and went straight over to Tim's. Once there, she trembled at the sight of four different cars parked in the large driveway. All of the men were already here - and they were waiting for Suzi. Still trembling, the young woman parked her car alongside the street curb and then walked up to the front porch. Before she reached the door, it was already open. Suzi smiled as she walked up to the porch, looking directly at Tim - who had three men standing behind him. Tim took the overnight bag from her, and then held her hand as she walked into the house. He closed the door behind him and locked it, then turned toward Suzi and grinned at her.

Tim thought Suzi had a fabulous body. It wasn't often that he saw a woman like Suzi, who was very petite with a small, lightweight body - but have such large, full breasts. Suzi had a size 36d bust - and her breasts appeared much larger than they actually were, because of her small frame and stature. For that very reason, Tim loved her breasts. They looked absolutely spectacular on her tiny body. He also loved the rest of her. Her skin was soft and smooth - and she had a very nice tan, too. Her legs were firm and sleekly-muscled, and her ass was tight and rounded. A thin patch of blonde curls concealed her fantastic pussy, which had swollen, thick lips and a pretty pink interior.

"Hi baby," Tim said. "We've been waiting for you." The smile upon his face became wider. "Here. Let me introduce you to my friends. First, you already know Jack." "Nice to see you again, sweetheart," the dark-haired Jack said, bringing Suzi's hand to his mouth and kissing it. The slut definitely remembered him - from last weekend. He and Tim had given her a thorough and complete fucking. "Nice to see you again too," Suzi sweetly smiled at him. "To my left here, this is Phillip," Tim said. Suzi turned toward the 39-year-old man and inspected him with her eyes. Phillip had graying hair and an good-looking body. Plus, Suzi considered his face to be rather handsome. He wore eye-glasses, plus had a stubbly beard and mustache. "I've heard a lot about you, Suzi," Phillip offered. "I hope it's all true." The slut grinned at him. "If what you heard about me was nasty and slutty - then it's all true." "Last but not least," Tim introduced, "here is Chris." Suzi looked at Chris, who was easily the youngest of the four men. He was 27 and very attractive, with black hair that was styled as a flat-top. Suzi could also tell that Chris had a good body underneath the tight clothes he wore. "Where have you been my entire life?" Chris asked, doing his best to charm her. "I've been fucking," Suzi giggled in response. "You look even better than I remember from last week," Jack offered, eyeing Suzi in her snug t-shirt and skintight spandex pants. "Wow." "Do I look good enough to fuck?" she asked him. "Of course!" Jack returned. Suzi smiled and said, "Then what are you waiting for?"

Minutes later, the slut sat in the middle of the sofa, with Chris and Phillip on either side of her. Still totally clothed, Suzi writhed in pleasure as Chris pawed and cupped her large breasts, while Phillip ran his hard, calloused hands between her succulent thighs. Jack was standing just in front of Suzi, leaning over and kissing her directly on the mouth. Tim was seated upon the floor, gently rubbing and caressing her slender calves and feet. Suzi had four men attending to her at once, but she would not have it any other way - unless there were five men there with her. Or six. Or even more. In arousal, Suzi reached down and grabbed Phillip's hand, then pushed it hard against her spandex-clad pussy. The bimbo held his hand there, and soon Phillip got the idea - he began to massage and frig her. Suzi let go of his hand but his hard caresses continued upon her pussy. Meanwhile, Suzi returned Jack's kiss as best she could, using her wet tongue and twirling it madly around his. "You're beautiful, baby," Chris offered, still cupping and squeezing the full shape of her breasts. Suzi broke the kiss with Jack and looked over at Chris, then pressed her moist lips against his. Jack resorted to massaging her breasts as well, as Suzi kissed Chris hard. The blonde squealed in delight as Tim reached up below her, and pulled her tight spandex pants down and off. Phillip pulled her G-string halfway down, and Tim took it the rest of the way off. Then, Phillip reached underneath her oversized t-shirt, and rubbed and cupped one of her bra-covered breasts. Meanwhile, he extended a finger from his other hand and started to flick it over and across her excited clit. Suzi's body shivered in erotic delight, as eight strong hands busily rubbed various parts of her hot body. Suzi had become so involved with kissing Chris that she did not even know who whisked her t-shirt up and off. Then, she felt a pair of hands behind her back, unclasping her bra. It was soon off as well, and now she was completely nude - at the mercy of these four lustful, hungry men.

Still standing, Jack quickly got rid of his slacks and boxers, then spread Suzi's thighs wide. The other three men suddenly backed away - being curteous - so Jack could have the slut for himself, for the time being. Jack dropped to his knees and pulled Suzi's hips toward him, so her ass was on the very edge of the sofa. Slumped backward, Suzi looked up at him and moaned in lust as he quickly punched his stiff cock into her damp, tight pussy. As Jack started to pump himself in and out of her, the other three men stood and got rid of their clothing. On his knees, Jack growled as his hips pistoned back and forth, his cock plowing deep into Suzi's sweet pussy. Beneath him, the slut's large, jug-like breasts bounced about wildly as she squealed in passion, totally enjoying this treatment. Jack fucked and pounded her for as long as he could, but soon lost his stamina and subsequentially, pulled his cock out of her pussy. He fisted it, and then aimed it directly at her flat stomach. It exploded, spewing its gooey load of cum all over Suzi's stomach and midriff. The blonde laughed in delight, smearing the cum up and over her full breasts.

Once Jack stepped away, Suzi focused on Phillip, who was on the floor, busy pumping and whacking his cock. The young lady dropped to her knees and then crawled over to him, and her hand soon replaced Phillip's on his large, bulging cock. Suzi's lips parted and she quickly took the tip of his shaft into her hungry, greedy mouth. Her head started to bob up and down over his vast erection, and in return, the older man moaned and growled in passionate lust. Phillip realized that Tim and Jack were not lying earlier, when they told him that Suzi gave a better blowjob than anybody.

Meanwhile, Tim could not resist the sight of Suzi's ass. She was hunched over Phillip's throbbing cock, on her elbows and knees, with her sweet, firm ass in the air and upturned. So, Tim grabbed a tube of anal lubricant and then scurried over to the slut, sliding the gel over his fingertips. Suzi groaned and looked back for an instant as she felt one of Tim's thick fingers press hard against her puckered anus. She resumed sucking on Phillip's cock, but could not stop moaning and squealing as Tim spread the lubricant over and around her tight rosebud. Suzi's body stiffened as she felt Tim slide a finger into her anus. Tim went very slowly, not stopping until his entire index finger was buried within her. Suzi squealed and wiggled her hips against his probing touch, as she continued to suck and slurp away at Phillip's cock. Tim started to move his big, thick finger in and out of her incredibly tight anus. Suzi's body shuddered in lust, feeling his finger go faster and harder with each thrust. Soon, the blonde felt a spurt of cum hit the roof of her mouth. Although her body still writhed and squirmed under Tim's touch, she concentrated most of her attention upon Phillip, tightening her lips around his cock as his tasty cum suddenly filled her hungry mouth. The 23-year-old woman gulped and guzzled the thick load of sperm down her greedy throat, loving its delicious flavor and salty taste. When Phillip pulled away from her, Tim started to thrust his finger in and out of her ass at a quick, FURIOUS pace. Suzi cried and screamed in lust, her hips still wiggling and shaking in erotic ecstasy.

Suddenly, Chris dropped down to his knees in front of her and offered his cock to her mouth. Suzi opened wide for him, and then Chris shoved his prick between her lips. The slut started to suck and slurp away at his erection, as Tim continued to invade her anus with his big finger. Tim moved up behind Suzi, on his knees, and withdrew his finger from her anus. He fisted his cock and looked over at Phillip, saying, "Now I'm going to show you why one of her nicknames is 'ButtSlut Suzi'." The slut squealed in passionate rage as Tim forged his thick, hard cock into her puckered anus. Nevertheless, she continued to suck and slurp away at Chris' erection, as he gently thrusted his hips back and forth - fucking her mouth. As Tim started to pound his way in and out of her ass, Suzi began to scream and cry in ecstasy - again. Tim had not wasted any time, as his pelvis violently pounded against her hips with each forward stroke. He was really fucking her hard, driving his prick into her at warp speed. Chris screamed himself, as his cock erupted in Suzi's hungry mouth. He emptied his thick and tasty seed into her, and the slut swallowed it all down in gulps.

Once Chris backed away, Jack stepped forward and dropped to his knees, beside Suzi's face. He stayed off at enough distance so she could not reach him with her mouth - and soon he started whacking off, pumping and squeezing his big cock while watching Suzi get drilled from behind by Tim. Jack ripped the stylish bandana from Suzi's head, which exposed all of her hair. He wanted to coat every single one of her blonde tresses with his sperm - and that's why he was masturbating beside her. Suzi looked over at Jack, but still screamed in passion as Tim's prick filled her ass, pistoning in and out of at rapid-fire speed. When Tim let out a roar of his own, Suzi looked back his way and demanded, "CUM IN MY ASS! CUM IN MY ASS!" Tim tightly gripped the slut's hips and buried his cock in her vice-tight anus. He then let himself go, and soon was filling and flooding her bowels with his gooey, thick fuck juice. Meanwhile, Jack's cock exploded, and his cream shot all over Suzi's long-flowing blonde hair - giving her the type of shower that she loved most.

Tired and thoroughly fucked already, Suzi nonetheless still wanted more. When Tim had finally pulled his cock out of her ass, Suzi crawled over to Phillip and started to give him yet another blowjob. She only sucked on his cock for a short time, however - as soon the bimbo found herself on her back with her legs spread and out high, as Phillip fucked her in the missionary position. After a short time, Phillip lost his stamina and emptied a warm batch of cum into Suzi's sweet pussy. By the time the young woman had any chance to think, Jack had replaced Phillip, now his cock invading and filling her pussy via the missionary position. Meanwhile, Chris and Tim waited off to the side - knowing their turn with Suzi would come soon.

16. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Summary of Events

The weekend was more of the same for Suzi. All four of the men made sure her entire body got an excellant workout, especially her ass and pussy. If Suzi was not eating or sleeping during this particular weekend, she could usually be found fucking one of these guys - or two or more, at the same time. Suzi was a very happy - and very filled - woman. The four guys had invented a new game - it was called 'Pass the Slut'. When one of them was finished with her, they would pass the slut onto the next man. Of course, sometimes she was fucked by multiple guys at once, too. They nicknamed that practice 'Fuck the Slut - Everywhere'.

Suzi's favorite part of the entire weekend happened late Saturday night - when Tim made her bend at the waist, and lean over the kitchen table. Suzi had to hold the position as each men took a turn fucking her in the ass. Her tight anus was filled on eight consecutive occasions - all four of the men got two separate shots at her ass. She also really liked when the four men all stood in front of her, as she sat on the floor. Suzi masturbated, her right hand between her spread thighs, as the guys whacked themseleves off in front of her, watching her. Soon, all four of their cocks exploded - at the same time no less - and their sticky cream completely drenched Suzi! The slut giggled and bathed in their fuck juice, smearing and rubbing it into her soft skin.

17. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - The End is Near (Sorry)

By the time the smoke had cleared and Sunday evening had come, Suzi's body was very sore. But at the same time, she was very happy - and still wanted more. The slut wished that she could have stayed at Tim's house, and fucked those horny guys for all eternity. She ALWAYS wanted more. But nonetheless, Suzi had to go home on Sunday night. As she lay in bed that evening, the young woman was thinking of how to seduce even more strangers for this upcoming week. Perhaps a trip to the adult movie theatre in the next county would be a good idea? Suzi knew there would be a whole lot of horny, lustful men there. She shuddered at the thought, as her pussy tingled with anticipation.

Suzi's erotic odyssey was not over. In fact, it had just begun. She enjoyed herself so much during this time span, that the thought of living her life like this from now on seemed like a perfect idea - even after her boyfriend comes back home from his business trip. Suzi loved going out into the world and seducing complete and total strangers. Thus, she made up her mind that it would be a common practice for her, from this point forward. The bimbo planned to devote her life to sex, and pleasing men - especially strangers. Everything in life took a backseat to sex as far as Suzi was concerned. Nothing else really mattered.

"I am Slut - hear me ROAR."

"Suzi's Erotic Odyssey"




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