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Suzi's Erotic Odyssey Part 5

WARNING : The following story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts performed between consenting adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age, or you find this brand of literature offensive, then exit this page now.

"Suzi's Erotic Odyssey" Part 5 of 6

Written by: The Midnight Lurker

11. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Quick Update

After the wild fuckathon at Kathy and Tim's house, Suzi decided to take the next two days - Monday and Tuesday - off in terms of sex. Her aching body and orafices were really a combination of all the sexual activity she had taken part in during recent weeks. So this little break from the action gave her some time to relax, and build her energy back up. Though Suzi was insatiable, her body still had its limits. When Wednesday arrived, however, the slut was rested and ready for yet another adventure.

12. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Showing Off at the Mall

Suzi stayed in bed an extra hour on Wednesday morning, laying awake and thinking of ideas on what to do today. Going to the truck stop diner to seduce a man had already been done a couple of times, as had calling her gang-bang friends for another heated encounter. On this day, Suzi wanted to do something original - something new.

She came up with an idea, and absolutely loved it.

Suzi was busy for an hour in the restroom - first taking a shower, then drying and styling her long blonde hair - and finally applying a ton of make-up to her enchanting face. Wanting to look as hot and as desirable as possible, Suzi searched through her wardrobe for a few minutes, trying to find the kind of outfit which fit into her plans for today. She finally decided on a black miniskirt and yellow blouse, along with spiked high-heels and silver, loop-hole ear-rings. Once dressed, Suzi was more than satisfied with her outer appearance. The blouse looked a bit small for her, but she did not care - her large breasts jutted out against the silk fabric, straining hard. If an article of clothing was not form-fitting, it was useless to Suzi. "Why waste my curves with loose or baggy clothes?" was her motto. The black miniskirt was just as tight around her luscious hips and upper thighs - hugging her in a splendid manner. The black high-heels accentuated her firm, tanned legs, while also making her a few inches taller in height. She looked positively divine. After a dash of ManHunter (her nickname for her perfume), Suzi got into her car and left the apartment complex, set to begin yet another erotic journey.

The 23-year-old beauty drove over to the local shopping center and parked her car in the spacious lot. It was still before noontime, so many people had not made their way to the mall yet. Suzi knew the stores and shops inside would not be crowded - which they usually were - until later. Nonetheless, Suzi used her beguiling walk while strolling into the enclosed complex, wanting to draw attention to her. Not surprsingly, she was successful in doing so. As the shapely blonde entered the mall and started to walk around, heads turned and eyes were on her. Suzi did not give the indication that she was looking back at them, but quick glances made the slut aware of her personal audience. So, she did catch their stares and glances - and loved them all. It's one thing to see a beautiful woman walking along in the mall. It's another to see a beautiful woman, who goes along and "struts her stuff" like Suzi did on this day. She used her sexiest walk - and one could not forget her choice of clothing. The blouse was very tight, displaying the fantastic shape of her breasts - and her miniskirt was so small and tiny, that it almost seemed like it wasn't there.

Suzi knew she was beautiful. She considered herself very blessed in this regard. But on the other hand, she was not conceited or snobbish - the blonde did not look down or frown upon others who did not have her physical charms. It was a simple fact that Suzi was beautiful. She was voted the Homecoming Queen in both high school and college. All the men who knew her lavished her with exotic praise. Every single place she went, strangers would gawk and look at her. How could she be conceited, if just recognizing a fact? Feeling as though she had been put on this Earth to tease and please men, Suzi's life was dedicated to those specific activities. However, Suzi was not the type who considered herself a saint. She considered herself a slut. As an example, her proper name was Susan. However, she preferred 'Suzi' - "because it sounds real cheap, and whorish." Those were her own words.

The exotic beauty was looking through a display of crafts at a table in the middle of the mall when spotting a group of teen-aged boys off to the side, eyeing her. Their faces were filled with lust and they were talking to each other, their sights locked on Suzi. The blonde giggled at the thought, knowing those guys were too young for her. None of them looked any older than 15. However, Suzi felt like giving them a thrill. She walked over in their direction and saw their bodies stiffen up. Suzi strolled right past them - her perfume filling their senses - and continued on toward a women's clothing shop. Once at the glass door, Suzi turned her head and gave the teen-agers a smile, followed by a sexy twitch of the hips. The guys moaned as they watched Suzi walk into the store. The tease giggled again as she went through the shop, exiting it on the other side. "I'm so naughty," she said under her breath, still giggling.

Later, Suzi was in the one of the major department stores located in the mall, browsing through some slinky dresses and outfits. She did not plan to start her adventure for awhile - shopping was first on her list - but her priorities changed once she saw a man in businesswear walk up to her. "Hello," the man said. "I'm the manager of this store. I saw you browsing here... could I be of any assistance?" Suzi eyed the man. He was old enough to be her father, but that did not bother her. If he wasn't in his 50's, the slut to said to herself, he was in his late-40's. However, she still considered him attractive. He had gray hair and wore thick glasses, and seemed to have a friendly nature. "Ohhhhh..." Suzi said, dragging that word out. "I'm looking for somethiiiiing... sexy." Her plan was in motion, as she continued to sift through the dresses and outfits. "Something sexy?" the older man gulped, before a smile came to his face. "Well... I can see that would really be nothing new to you." Suzi had another man under her spell. She gave him a gracious smile, and spoke in an innocent, sweet tone, "You really think I'm sexy?" The man found it hard to speak now. As the manager of this store, he usually did not deal with customers. That duty was for the salespeople. But once he spotted Suzi and realized how beautiful she was, the man felt as though he had to go up and say something to her. It would be a thrill to him if she just acknowledged his presence. But now... they were talking about her physical beauty. "Yes," he finally said, hoarsly. "I think you're sexy." "Thank you!" Suzi gushed, turning her attention back to the dresses and outfits in front of her. She had caught a wedding ring on the man's finger. The nametag on his front suit pocket read 'Bruce - Store Manager'. She saw it, too. 49-year-old Bruce stood next to Suzi for a few seconds, and then realized that their discussion was probably over. She appeared to too interested in the rack of clothing in front of her to talk again. So, Bruce turned and started to walk away. It was fun while it lasted, he thought.

A loud cough from Suzi caused Bruce to turn and look back at her. His eyes immediately bugged out at the sight. Suzi was bending over very slightly, a hand on the tight hem of her black miniskirt, on the side of her left thigh. She looked at Bruce and S-L-O-W-L-Y started to raise her miniskirt higher. "Is this sexy, too?" she asked, in her most teasing, sexual voice. Bruce gasped and felt an instant erection forming in his slacks, watching more and more of her succulent upper thigh come into view. "Uhh... Ahh... Y-Ye-Ye-Yes! Sexy! Sexy!" Suzi smiled at him as she continued to hike the hem of her skirt upward. His expression was priceless, she thought to herself - Bruce looked as though he was about to fall over and have a heart attack! Finally, Suzi had pulled the left side of the miniskirt up to her hip. A quick glance told her that no one else was around this part of the store except her and Bruce - and then she slowly turned toward him, facing him. Bruce gasped again, this time seeing a hint of blonde pubic hairs peeking out from underneath the miniskirt. "Would you like to see my pussy?" she asked him, coyly. "Y-Y-YES!" he gasped. "I would LOVE to see it!" "See what?" she teased, toying with him now. "What is it that you want to see? Tell me." Bruce choked this time. "Your pussy! I want to see your pussy! PLEASE! Show it to me!" The blonde's smile became wider as she lifted the entire miniskirt up, all the way to her waistline. Like a naughty slut, she was not wearing any panties. In response, Bruce moaned and then rubbed his crotch. "Is my pussy sexy, too?" she asked, using her best tease voice, while reaching down and rubbing her palm across it. "OH YES!" Bruce exclaimed. "VERY!" Suzi extended a finger and let out a long, drawn-out moan as she raked it across her excited clit. "Oooooh..." came her sigh. "It feels sexy, too." As if in a trance, Bruce stepped forward and extended his right hand. He brought it to the joining of her thighs and then pressed his full palm against her blonde pussy. His eyes were still wide as he slowly rubbed his hand back and forth across the damp area. Suzi giggled and leaned forward. "Does it feel sexy to you, too? Huh, Bruce?" "OH YES," he replied, in shock. Bruce could not believe what he was doing. Here he was, in his own store, with a beautiful young woman who had her miniskirt pushed all the way up to her waist. His hand was between her moist thighs, rubbing and massaging away. He felt lucky the place didn't have any security cameras... Suzi laughed as she watched a wet spot suddenly form on the man's slacks, near his crotch. He was cumming, just from seeing and touching her like this! Suzi remembered his wedding ring, and figured he didn't get a lot of sexual action while at home from his wife. However, Bruce did not even know that his hard cock had erupted in his slacks. He was too enthralled with rubbing this blonde sweethearts' pussy. He just kept massaging it. "You like that doing that, don't you?" Suzi teased him. "Uh huh," he managed. She smiled at him. "Do you have anyplace where we can go and have some privacy? Instead of just touching my pussy, wouldn't you prefer to fuck it?" The man's eyes shot up at her. Did he just hear what he thought he did? "Wh-Wh-Wh-What did-did you s-s-say?" She grinned again. "Fuck. Wouldn't you like to?" "Oh God..." Bruce moaned, pulling his hand away from her pussy. "Put your skirt down! We can go to my personal office in the storage room, in the back!" Suzi kept smiling as she pulled the miniskirt down over her hips and upper thighs, into its regular position. "Follow me!" Bruce exclaimed.

The manager trembled but walked through the store at a normal pace, hoping not to arouse any suspicions. Suzi followed behind him, knowing that she was about to conquer another stranger. Such the life of Seattle's queen slut...

The man escorted her to the 'employees only' entrance and then through a warehouse full of boxes and crates. Finally, they came to a closed door which had 'manager' written on it. Bruce unlocked the door and Suzi went inside, and he followed directly behind her. Before Bruce could close and lock the door behind him, Suzi had her hand on his crotch, pumping and squeezing his cock through his slacks. The 49-year-old moaned and once the door was closed and locked, he turned and hugged the young woman tightly, devouring her mouth with a strong kiss. Suzi giggled in delight against him, feeling his big hands pawing and groping her firm, sweet ass. Bruce yanked the miniskirt up to her waistline - just like it was earlier in the store - and savagely forced his hand between her spread thighs. Suzi moaned and squatted down harder into his probing hand, which only encouraged the man even more. She gyrated her pelvis and hips upon his strong hand as the forceful kiss continued. Next, however, Suzi had to grab onto the nearby desk and hold it for support - Bruce had suddenly dropped to his knees, his face replacing his hand between her widespread thighs. Suzi moaned in lust as she held onto the desk, the man's lips and tongue furiously going to work on her damp pussy.

Bruce could not believe what he was doing. He considered himself a professional businessman and had never even dreamed of something like this happening with a customer. Furthermore, he had never cheated on his wife, either. His marriage was not real exciting - it had become kind of drab. At the same time, though, Bruce prided himself on the fact that he had always been faithful to his wife - until now. But even with all those thoughts swirling around in his head, Bruce continued to eat Suzi's pussy. His mind was telling him to 'stop', but his body told him 'do not stop'. Not surprisingly, his body had won this particular battle.

Suzi continued to coo and moan above him, as Bruce's tongue slid hard up into her moist slit. His tongue was inside her tiny crevice, darting and sloshing around in mad, passionate circles. He was overcome with lust at her wonderful taste - plus the smell of sweet cum in her pussy. Bruce pulled his tongue out and then started to swipe and lick it across her clit, in rapid-fire succession. Suzi grabbed a handful of his gray hair and wailed in pure lust, hoping that no one out in the warehouse could hear her. But if someone did hear the noises, maybe they would join in and make it a two-on-one encounter...

Suzi moaned at the thought.

Bruce's wife did not let him eat her pussy - so this was the first time he had gone down on a woman in more than 30 years - since before he met his wife. Suzi had no idea that he had very little experience in this form of sexual play, however - Bruce's tongue felt wonderful and erotic to her. He had attained these sudden oral skills from watching several adult movies over the past couple of years.

Like a madman who was posessed, Bruce stood up and nearly ripped his slacks and briefs down. In almost the same second, he moved behind Suzi and made her lean over the table, savagely pushing her until she was completely bent at the waist, her breasts touching the hardwood desk. For a response, Suzi squealed in delight - she loved men who were forceful during sex, and not afraid to use their muscles. Bruce gripped her ass and immediately forged his hard cock into her soaked pussy. Both individuals grunted in shared lust as he started to thrust back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her at a maddening pace. Suzi liked being placed over the table like this - bent at the waist, getting drilled from behind. She wished that the man was fucking her ass instead of her pussy. However, what he was doing right now - she couldn't complain. Bruce growled in forbidden passion as his prick kept pistoning in and out of her velvet-like pussy, moving at rapid-fire speed. His pelvis pounded against her hips with each powerful forward stroke, his heavy balls slapping hard against her firm, round ass. Suzi screamed out her approval for what the man was doing, and soon her body started to buck in passion and arousal beneath him. She squirmed and writhed against the wooden table, Bruce's cock plowing deep into her depths. Both strangers breathed and gasped heavily as Bruce did his best to keep the action going. He could feel an orgasm building within him - but wanted to hold it back, for as long as he possibly could. The 49-year-old wanted to bathe and bask in the slut's charms forever. However, Suzi's incredible body had a knack for bringing quick orgasms to men. Bruce growled - half in lust, and half in anger (at himself) - as his shaft exploded in her pussy, filling and flooding it with his thick sperm. The man was mad, because he couldn't have held back any longer. Suzi, meanwhile, experienced an orgasm of her own. The side of her face was against the desk as she grunted and squealed herself, all in passionate release. Bruce kept moving his hips back and forth, his wiltering cock still entrenched in her pussy - even after his orgasm had come and gone. But, his movements were really slow now.

Suzi was able to push him back slightly, then she stepped forward, causing his cock to slip out of her pussy. Suzi turned and looked up at him, her expression full of bliss. She let out a moan and grinned, "Thanks... I needed that." The man laughed gently - in disbelief - as he gasped and breathed for air. He watched Suzi as she took a handful of tissues, then use them to wipe her cum-drenched pussy. Next, the slut pushed her skirt down, back into place upon her shapely hips and upper thighs. Although her make-up and hair was a bit messy from this encounter, Suzi was ready to go back into the store. She stepped forward and pecked Bruce's face with a kiss, saying, "Thanks for a great time. I can find my way out of here." Bruce gasped in disbelief - again - as he watched her open the door to his office, and then dissapear into the warehouse... headed back to the store. His slacks and briefs around his ankles, Bruce slammed the door shut, hoping no one would see him like this. He took a deep breath while pulling his slacks and briefs back up, just before taking a seat upon the desk. The stunned man looked at the closed door, then realized something. "I didn't even catch that woman's name..."

Bruce soon straightened himself up and ran out to the store, hoping to catch Suzi and talk to her. But, she was nowhere to be found...

13. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Today's Mission: Accomplished

At the start of the day, Suzi did not know exactly how she would seduce a stranger. Her mind was very creative, and the plan for Bruce was thought up on the spur of the moment, earlier at the clothing rack. Though the encounter with Bruce was a bit crude, Suzi's mission for today had been accomplished. She had fucked yet another stranger. Suzi immediately left the department store and slipped into one of the mall restrooms. There, she fixed her hair and mascara, taking away most physical traces of wild sex. However, she could not rid herself of the scent of sex until getting home, and taking a shower. Suzi went to a women's clothing store in the mall, and was witness to several females as they walked by her, making a strange face or turning their noses up at her. Those woman could smell the scent of sex on Suzi, and immediately pegged her as a slut. Suzi smiled inwardly, thinking this was funny.

The bimbo went home and took a shower, then admired the new clothes she had bought for herself. The day was still pretty young - it was only 3:00pm - so she decided to go to the health club. There, Suzi spotted one of her many boyfriends. Instead of getting a workout at the club via weights or aerobics, Suzi wound up getting a workout from this particular boyfriend - in his bed.

"Suzi's Erotic Odyssey"

End of Part 5

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