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Suzi's Erotic Odyssey Part 3

WARNING : The following story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts performed between consenting adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age, or you find this brand of literature offensive, then exit this page now.

"Suzi's Erotic Odyssey" Part 3 of 6

Written by: The Midnight Lurker

7. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Quick Update

The day after her experience with the two truck drivers, Suzi called Eric, Todd and Steve - three of her gang-bang partners - and invited them over to her apartment for the evening. The three men pounded and drilled Suzi from every angle and position, giving her pussy and ass the kind of workout that the slut craved. All three guys kept her busy into the early morning hours, so Suzi did not have the chance to go out and look for more strangers to seduce. However, she promised herself that would soon change.

8. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Naughty by Nature

Suzi loved nature, and what it had to offer. The day after the three-on-one fucking, Suzi decided to go to the state forest and take a long nature walk. It was going to be a simple diversion from the goal she wanted to attain on this day - find a stranger, and fuck him. Upon beginning her hike, Suzi did not even think of finding that person in the forest. But as things turned out, that's what happened.

The gorgeous blonde had been walking along the trail for just about 45 minutes, without coming across another person the whole time. As usual, she was dressed in a sexy way. Suzi wore a black aerobic catsuit, made of tight spandex. It hugged and displayed every subtle curve on her hot body. Suzi loved to show off in it, but she also enjoyed this catsuit because it was real comfortable. White sneakers and matching socks topped off the outfit. "Ooooh Tim... I like that..." Suzi immediately froze as she heard the female voice from somewhere up ahead. "Ooooh, yeah, I like that..." came the voice again. A smile slowly formed on Suzi's face. That was the sound of a woman in some sort of erotic encounter. Always the curious type, Suzi had to find out where this voice was coming from. Maybe there would be some action for her?

The slut tiptoed along the trail, not wanting to make any noises, and found the origin of the voice. About 20 feet ahead, off to the side of the trail, sat two people - a man, and a woman. Both of them were completely nude, and were locked together in an embrace, kissing one another madly. Suzi hid behind some bushes and took a closer look at the action unfolding before her. The man looked to be in his mid-30's. He had a good build and strong, wide shoulders, along with a handsome face and short blond hair. The woman appeared to be in her early-30's and even though Suzi wasn't bisexual, she considered the woman very attractive. A long-haired brunette, the woman in rapture had an athletic figure with all the right curves in all the right places. Suzi continued spying on the couple, and then licked her lips as she got her first glimpse of the man's cock. It was very big and beautiful, and appeared to be fully erect. The slut could not help herself - she slipped a hand between her thighs, and rubbed her pussy through the aerobic catsuit. The pair of strangers were locked together by both their embrace and mutual kiss. Suzi looked on, watching the man paw the brunette's full breasts - wishing that she was there with the man - not the brunette. Suzi continued to rub and finger her pussy through the spandex outfit, trying her best to suppress any kind of moan - even tiny ones. Suzi closed her eyes and sighed inwardly once the man fisted his huge cock and grinded it against the woman's flat stomach. A slut-turned-temporary-voyeur, the 23-year-old continued frigging her pussy as she opened her eyes, wanting to watch more of the hot, stimulating action. The brunette closed her hand around the man's big, stiff prick and started pumping away. In response, Suzi clenched her left hand into a fist, wishing the man's cock was in her grasp. She again licked her lips at the sight, and kept masturbating with her right hand. Suddenly, a bumblebee hovered near Suzi's left leg. Once hearing the familiar buzzing noise, the blonde instinctively looked down and swatted at the bumblebee with her left hand, hitting the bush and making a loud noise in the process. The insect flew away but when Suzi looked back up, she found the man and woman staring right at her. Suzi gulped her throat and looked down, then quickly took her right hand out from between her thighs. A few seconds later, she looked back up, somewhat scared. "Enjoying yourself?" the brunette quipped, angry. Suzi trembled for a moment, then straightened up. "I was just hiking along the path and then I heard... noises. I came here and saw you two, hugging and kissing and..." "And you started masturbating!" the man laughed. Suzi wasn't ashamed. The bimbo knew no shame. She just felt a little embarrassed. "Yes," came her soft admission. After a pause, the brunette spoke up again, "If you like watching us so much, why don't you join us?" "Huh?" Suzi asked, caught off-guard. "I'm more than willing to share my husband with another woman," the brunette replied. "I've done it before." "Yeah," the man added. "We're also into swinging. We have a very open relationship. Would you like to join us?" After a long pause, Suzi replied, "I don't do women." The brunette shook her head. "No! We don't mean it that way. I don't do women, either! We're asking if you would to have sex with my husband. The only provision is, you'll have to share him with me. I won't touch you AT ALL." Suzi kept quiet, thinking, and then a smile appeared on her lovely face. "Okay... that sounds great!" When the nymphomaniac stepped out from behind the bushes, her full body in view, the man had to do a double-take. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he watched Suzi walk toward him. She looked absolutely fantastic in the tight spandex outfit, her breasts large and bouncing underneath the stretchy fabic. He also loved the sight of her tanned, firm legs as they gracefully moved while she walked along. "My name is Tim," the man choked, "and this is Kathy. We are husband and wife - married for 10 years." The slut dropped to her knees before them and sat down in the squatting position, then smiled. "I'm Suzi." Kathy laughed, looking at her husband as he intently eyed Suzi. "Go ahead, honey. I see how much you want her!"

Tim scooted forward and slowly wrapped his arms around Suzi's heavenly body. He was a bit tentative, not wanting to rush things. But when Suzi smashed her mouth against his for a hard, deep kiss, Tim's apprehensions dissapeared. Kathy backed off and rubbed her pussy as she watched her husband and Suzi share a very heated kiss. She smiled as Tim cupped the blonde's ass and squeezed it tightly, knowing full well how much he loved a woman's posterior. Already in her element, Suzi had her hand between their pressed bodies and was busy pumping away at Tim's hard cock. Tim, meanwhile, pulled the shoulder straps of the blonde's catsuit down. He then pushed the top half of her outfit down as well, exposing her full, firm breasts. Suzi pumped his cock harder and increased the tempo of their kiss as Tim started groping her breasts with both hands. They continued kissing, their tongues meshing as one, for at least a minute - until Suzi broke away. "I want your cock!" she exclaimed at him, in lust. "I want to suck on it!" "No objections here," Tim smiled as he scooted a foot away and then laid down on his back. "Get to work, baby." The man watched in rapture as Suzi brushed a long mane of blonde hair away from her face and lowered her head over his pulsating shaft. She parted her lips and took the very tip of his cockhead inside, then twirled her tongue around it in hot, slick circles. Tim moaned at the sight - a buxom beauty servicing his cock, hunched over him, on her knees. Suzi took the entire length of his impressive cock into her hungry mouth and sucked hard on it. She cupped his heavy balls and twirled the gentle flesh between her long, supple fingers while sliding her mouth up and down his thick shaft, licking and sucking every single inch of it.

Kathy could not take anymore of this - she needed to get in some part of this action too!

The attractive brunette crawled over to her husband and leaned down over his face, and kissed him hard on the lips. Suzi continued sucking the man's cock, but watched as Kathy swung one knee over her husband's head and then lowered her wet pussy to his awaiting mouth. Tim knew that he was a very lucky guy! As a hot blonde gave him an expert blowjob, his beautiful brunette wife sat on his face, offering her sweet pussy to his lips and mouth. Suzi slipped her left hand downward, between her thighs, and started masturbating through the spandex outfit. Though her lips were closed tight around the man's prick and she was giving every effort to satisfy him orally, her eyes were locked on the sight in front of her - Tim's mouth licking and eating away at Kathy's pussy. Suzi was a big fan of adult movies, and loved to watch men and women fuck. The sight before her was very intoxicating. It was ten times better to watch in real person, instead of on a TV screen. Nevertheless, Suzi was more than happy with Tim's cock in her mouth. She moved up and down on it, her head bobbing at a rapid rate of speed. The combination of a hot mouth on his cock - a specific mouth he had never experienced before, plus his wife's delicious, sweet pussy rubbing over his mouth triggered a massive, earth-shattering orgasm in Tim. Suzi kept her lips sealed tight as Tim's big cock erupted in her mouth. She quickly swallowed down the first spurt of cum, and then came an onslaught. Suzi's mouth filled up and nearly overflowed as she tried frantically to swallow all of the delicious juice, her throat rippling the entire time. Soon, though, the spasms slowed down. Once his cock was empty, Suzi took it out of her mouth and lovingly tongued its head, extremely proud of herself. She had swallowed every single drop of cum.

Suzi moved back and decided to watch the action. Kathy was grinding her pussy into her husband's face and mouth, grabbing her breasts and yelling out in pure ecstasy. Suzi used this opportunity to get rid of her aerobic catsuit. Her breasts had been exposed for quite awhile, but the spandex outfit was stuffed around her slender waist and hips - until now. She took it off, and tossed it onto the nearby picnic basket. She did the same with her footwear. "OH TIM!" the brunette suddenly screamed. "TIM! I'M GONNA CUM! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" Suzi heard the man growl like a wild bear as Kathy's love juice flowed out onto his face and mouth. The woman writhed around, seated on her husband's face, still clutching and grabbing her breasts. Tim slurped and swallowed his wife's liquid release down his throat, much like Suzi had done to him just a few minutes earlier. "Oh Tim..." the woman cried in devotion, falling over and then kissing him on the lips. "Oh Tim, I love you so much. Ohhhh... no one can eat my pussy like you, no one..." "I love you too, honey," he returned. "But right now, I have something I must take of." Kathy looked at her husband, and noticed an intent stare in his blue eyes. She turned her head and looked in the general direction of his stare, only to find Suzi, totally nude - a hand stuffed between her thighs, rubbing away. "Get her," Kathy whispered in her husband's ear. "Go get her, honey, and fuck her HARD. Fuck her hard, for ME." Tim smiled and quickly scurried over to Suzi. "How do you want it, baby?" he asked, holding his hard cock. "I'm going to fuck you, Suzi, and I'm going to fuck you GOOD. What position do you want me to do it in?" The blonde slut rose to her knees and turned around, so she was facing away from Tim. Next, she leaned over and got onto her hands and knees - and then looked back at Tim. "Fuck me in this position," she requested, offering her sweetest, most innocent smile and expression. The man grinned as he tightly grasped Suzi's hips, just before forging his hard cock into her pussy. "FUCK!" he screamed, amazed at how tight she felt. Nevertheless, Tim adjusted, and soon started pumping his hard shaft in and out of Suzi's tiny pussy. His pelvis thumped and slapped hard against Suzi's ass as he pounded himself against her, wanting to invade her inner depths as deep as he possibly could. Already screaming in passion, Suzi dropped down from her hands and knees to her shoulders and knees. She leaned all the way over, her shoulders and the side of her face on the grassy ground, her arms limp around her - and just let Tim have his way with her.

Kathy watched with interested eyes from behind. The sight of her husband's ass churning and bucking like a powerful machine made her very excited - as did watching his balls, as they slapped hard against Suzi's tight ass and tanned thighs with each forward stroke. Kathy wasn't bisexual either, but much like Suzi - she knew a beautiful woman when seeing one. And Kathy could really tell why her husband was lust-crazed over Suzi.

Tim kept pounding the slut beneath him, his cock driving deep into her pussy with each powerful thrust. "FUCK ME, YOU BEAST!" Suzi screamed. "FUCK ME HARDER! YOU FUCKING BEAST! YOU LIKE MY PUSSY, DON'T YOU? YOU LIKE FUCKING ME, DON'T YOU?" "Damn... well... better believe... it!" Tim gasped, giving his all to the foul-mouthed blonde. He was really fucking her, using every last ounce of strength in his body.

Kathy was excited at the scene before her, and walked on her knees over to Tim. As he continued fucking Suzi, Kathy wrapped her arms around Tim from behind and kissed his shoulders and neck. The man looked back at his wife and gave her a quick kiss, although he still concentrated on the blonde and her incredibly tight pussy beneath him. Kathy pushed her pelvis hard against Tim's ass and then squeezed it with both hands as he kept pounding into Suzi. Soon, she was moving back and forth in exact rhythm with her husband, her pelvis pushed against his ass, as he thrusted in and out of Suzi. If Tim was invisible, an onlooker would think that Kathy was fucking the blonde herself, although there would be some open space between her pelvis and Suzi's squirming hips and ass. Kathy's gorgeous body was moving back and forth in exact, perfect time with Tim's own body.

Tim growled as he kept pounding Suzi, giving his absolute maximum effort. He fucked her so hard and fast, that his hips were almost a blur as he thrusted back and forth. "FUCK!" the man screamed, as he pulled his big cock out of Suzi's pussy. He aimed it directly at her anus and then cum simply shot out from its tip, much like bullets from a machine gun. The gooey sperm from his aching release slid down from Suzi's puckered anus to her heated pussy, and then dripped in thick and gooey globs onto the grass below her. Tim kept fisting and squeezing his cock, wanting to milk every last bit of juice from it. He slapped his prick across Suzi's upturned ass several times, causing the blonde to giggle in joyous delight. "How was she?" Kathy smiled, turning her husband's face toward hers and kissing him on the lips. "Damn..." Tim moaned. "Damn... she was INCREDIBLE."

Suzi decided to stay in the forest with Kathy and Tim for the rest of the afternoon. Both women fucked the lucky guy until he was almost unconscience from the workout they gave him. Suzi's favorite part of the afternoon was when she and Tim went skinny-dipping in the lake together. In a spot where the water was four feet deep, Tim pulled Suzi up and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist - and the two fucked each other in the water, as Tim stood and held Suzi, his hands tightly gripping her rounded hips. The blonde slut later begged Tim to fuck her in the ass, but unfortunately, that did not happen. Tim said that he loved to perform anal sex on a woman, but did not have any type of lubricant or gel for neccessary precautions. Suzi made a mental note to put a tube of K-Y Jelly in her purse when she got home, so she would always have lubricant for anal sex from now on. As it turned out, Suzi learned that Kathy and Tim lived no more than 10 minutes from her. The married couple went into detail about their "swinging" activities, and gave Suzi a phone number and address, so she could receive information on how to join their swinger's club. Although Suzi wasn't married, both Kathy and Tim knew full well that the men in their swinger's club wouldn't have any problem fucking Suzi. The club was supposed to be for married couples only.

"It's about to get dark," Tim said, in a regretful tone. The whole afternoon had been a wild fuckathon, and while Tim was exhausted, he still wished it could continue. "I know," Suzi agreed, looking up at the sky. "It will be dark in an hour. My car is 45 minutes away from here, on foot. I better get going." She paused and added, "You guys have my phone number. Give me a call sometime, and we can get together again." She leaned forward and kissed Tim full on the lips. "I can't wait until I see you again." Tim smiled, overcome with lust as he looked at Suzi. The blonde slipped on her aerobic catsuit and footwear, then said her good-byes to the couple. Soon, she walked away and vanished into the thick brush of the forest. Kathy smiled and kissed her husband on the cheek. "That woman, my dear Tim, is the exact definition of a SLUT." "Yeah," he laughed. "I know. And I'm damn glad we got the chance to meet her!" He kissed his wife on the lips, and then they both laughed together.

Suzi made her way to her car just before it was too dark to see in the forest. Her pussy ached, plus her body and hair was covered with dry, sticky cum, but she wouldn't have it any other way. If anyone saw her, they would know right away that she had just been through a wild ordeal of sex.

Even after an hour of driving to her apartment, Suzi was still burning up with erotic heat and passion. Once in her apartment, she ripped her catsuit off and stayed nude for the next four hours, loving the feel of Tim's dry cum all over her body. She also loved it in her hair, which was all sticky and clumped together in messy, thick strands. Soon, she reunited with The Black Cobra - her treasured dildo - and fucked herself with it. Suzi was on the floor with her thighs spread and knees high in the air, shoving the blunt instrument hard into her pussy with her left hand, her right massaging her cum-covered skin. She thought about what happened to her today, and how much of a slut she was. The end result was a fierce, powerful orgasm.

"Suzi's Erotic Odyssey"

End of Part 3

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