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Suzi's Erotic Odyssey Part 2

WARNING : The following story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts performed between consenting adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age, or you find this brand of literature offensive, then exit this page now.

"Suzi's Erotic Odyssey" Part 2 of 6

Written by: The Midnight Lurker

4. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Quick Update

It turned out to be quite a memorable week for Suzi in the sexual department. After waking up from her night of masturbation, she promptly went out and fucked one of her boyfriends from the fitness club. Later, the slut found James and Nick - two of her gang-bang partners - and had wild sex with them. The day ended when Suzi gave a blowjob to the landlord of the apartment complex where she lived. In return, she received a special "discount" on her rent.

And she did all of that in just one day.

The week was more of the same for Suzi. She was on a personal crusade, to fuck and suck as many men as possible before Michael, her main squeeze, returned home from his business trip. And the insatiable bimbo was always on the lookout for the "right" type of stranger. She loved having sex with total and complete strangers. The idea made her feel real cheap and nasty, and she liked that feeling. The best experience taken from this particular week was when Kevin - the salesman from the bedding store - delivered Suzi's new bed. After he set it up for her, Suzi kept her promise and gave him a good, hard fucking. In fact, they spent the entire afternoon together in her new bed, fucking each other senseless. Afterwards, Suzi promised Kevin that she would see him again, but not for a few weeks. She had the urge to go out into the world, and find more strangers.

5. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Catch of the Day

Suzi was driving along the interstate on a sunny day when she spotted a truck stop diner ahead in the close distance. "Truckers are on the road a lot," she said outloud, licking her lips. "And they're lonely - and horny, too." The blonde veered off onto the exit ramp in her vehicle and drove over to the diner. There were several semi trucks and tractor-trailers in the parking lot, plus some ordinary cars and trucks. Suzi parked along the outer edge of the lot and then walked into the cozy restaurant.

As Suzi strolled through the dining room, en route for a place to sit, several heads turned in her direction. Though she was dressed in acceptable clothing, her outfit offered much more than it hid - especially to the imagination. She wore a pair of cut-off denim shorts, which clung tightly to her shapely ass, displaying its gorgeous shape and erotic firmness. The slut also had on a half-shirt made of cotton, its color black. The half-shirt ended just below her midriff, so her flat stomach was visible for all to see. And her breasts, which protruded out underneath the fabric, bounced erotically with each and every step. The outfit was topped off with a pair of white sneakers and matching socks. Just about every man in the diner was looking Suzi's way as she sauntered over to the bar, finding a stool to sit at. Although the bimbo did not look at any of the men, she knew they were all staring at her. They always stared at her. Hot, gorgeous women are usually the center of attention, no matter where they are at. Suzi was very used to it. "I'll have black coffee and the chef's salad," she said to the female waitress, who busily jotted the order down.

Suzi finally decided to check out the men in the diner with her. She glanced to the left, and noticed the vast majority of men jerk their heads away from her, not wanting her to know that they were staring. But, she already knew. Suzi glanced behind her and got the same reaction - guys turned their heads away, like they were looking at something else. Then, Suzi glanced to her right. About 20 feet away, she found an older man - who continued looking at her, even after making eye contact. Suzi smiled and licked her lips at the sight of the man. He was definitely a trucker. He was wearing a button-up shirt and a trucking company hat. He was also attractive, too. He had a clean-shaven face and a nice smile. Although he was twice as old as Suzi, she did not care. The blonde once had sex with a 67-year-old man, back when she was 21. Suzi offered a beguiling smile, and the man's grin grew wider in return. She took a sip of her just-delivered cup of coffee, and continued smiling. After twirling several strands of her long blonde hair around a fingertip, Suzi had the man under her spell. He got up and started toward her. "Hi there," the 46-year-old trucker greeted. "I'm John." "Suzi," the slut returned, acting sweet. "Nice to meet you," he said. "I was just getting ready to go back on the road - I'm a trucker - but then you walked in here. I don't want to put myself down, but I just can't believe that you were looking at me like that." "Why?" the young woman purred, seductively. "You're a very sexy man." John gulped his throat, nearly shocked to hear such words from a total stranger. Plus, no woman had told him he was sexy in almost 20 years. He had been divorced for awhile. "Why, thank you!" the trucker laughed, still in a near state of shock. "And let me add, you're a very sexy lady." "I know," she smirked. John laughed again. "I love it. There's nothing better than a sexy lady who KNOWS that she is sexy, and is not afraid to flaunt it. I can tell, you're that type of lady." Suzi leaned close to the man and spoke in a whisper, "I'm also the type who likes to FUCK. Are you that type, John?" He was nearly shocked at her praise earlier. Now, with those words from her, John was definitely shocked. "WHAT?" he croaked, his body shivering. "You heard me," Suzi teased him. "I said I like to fuck. Do you like to fuck, too, Johnny?" After a short pause, he exclaimed, "Of course!" Suzi gave her most seductive smile. "How about we ditch this diner, and go find someplace where we can be alone?" "What about your meal? Aren't you going to eat it?" John said, still shocked at the nymphomaniac's lewd proposal. "To tell you the truth," she replied, "I didn't come here for a meal. I came here to find a man who wanted to fuck." "CHECK, PLEASE!" John called, motioning for the waitress.

"We can go to a roadside hotel," John said as both he and Suzi briskly walked through the parking lot, toward his trailer-truck. "Or... there is a sleep area inside the back of my cab. The mattress is kind of hard, but at least we wouldn't have to pay for a hotel."

"Your truck cab sounds fine," Suzi told him. John could not believe his luck. It was one thing to have sex. But it was a million times more exciting to have sex with a stranger - especially one as beautiful and as hot as Suzi. He had never had sex on a whim before, with a stranger. But he was very willing to give it a try. "I'm not really supposed to let anyone in my truck cab," he told her. "But for you, I'll make an exception." There was no doubt in John's mind - Suzi was a goddess. And she was obviously young enough to be his daughter. The difference in ages even excited him. Everything about Suzi excited him. His cock in his jeans was already hard. It was so hard, that it hurt, straining against his pants. They went to the driver's side door of the trailer-truck and John unlocked it. He helped Suzi climb inside, then he got in himself and closed the door behind him. Suzi had already found the sleeping area. She had went through the blue curtain to the back of the cab, and was seated on the mattress, awaiting her newest lover. "This compartment is kind of small - especially for two people," she commented. "But it will do." "It wasn't built for two people," John gasped, nearly ripping his shirt off. "It was built for just one."

Suzi giggled as John crawled into the back compartment. She reached out and placed her arms around his neck, then kissed him on the lips, using moderate force. John was breathing quite hard, and his hands were already all over Suzi, massaging her large breasts and sweet ass. The young lady rolled John underneath her, and then laid down on top of him. Her breasts, covered by the cotton half-shirt, squished hard against his bare chest as she kissed him on the mouth again. John's eager hands went around her hips and brutually squeezed and mauled her ass. Suzi writhed and wriggled against him, liking his forceful nature. She received the greatest amount of pleasure when sex was hard and forceful, and very rough. The slut's head rotated in circles as she kept her mouth glued to John's, their tongues intertwining with each other. The trucker's hands moved from Suzi's ass to her breasts, and he cupped them through her half-shirt. Then, still kissing her, he reached down and started to pull the cotton fabric up. The blonde broke the kiss and sat up upon his stomach, and took the half-shirt off herself. Her breasts, very large and firm, looked exquisite, under the tight white bra she wore. Suzi smiled before throwing her half-shirt into the front part of the cab. John reached up and cupped her breasts as Suzi undid the clasp behind her back. She peeled the lacey bra from her hot body, then squealed as John immediately began to pinch and tweak her thick, pouty nipples. Suzi's head rolled in circles as she moaned at the continued pleasure he provided. After about 30 seconds, John detracted from her nipples and then cupped her breasts, pawing and squeezing their plump firmness. Suzi kept moaning, then finally reached down and rubbed the huge bulge in the trucker's jeans. "Oh..." he moaned, still in shock. "You are going to be one great fuck... I can already tell!" Suzi giggled at his words and leaned forward, offering her right breast to his mouth. John opened his lips and started to suck on her nipple, his tongue and teeth sliding over it in repeated motions. The woman cupped that same breast with her hand and moaned, her chin atop his head. John continued feasting upon her succulent nipple, his strong hands busy groping her tight, shapely ass. He was simply lost in a state of passion and erotic arousal. Next, the bimbo sat up again, bringing her breast away from his mouth, and then crawled off to the side. She reached down and went for the button and zipper on John's denim jeans, and undid both. Quickly, she pulled his jeans down, as well as his briefs. After yanking his shoes off, Suzi threw all the articles of clothing into the front seat. John was completely nude beneath her now, his hard cock sticking straight up, much like a flagpole. Suzi reached for his pulsating shaft and wrapped her long fingers around it, very slowly and deliberately. A grin came to her lovely face as she squeezed and pumped it for the very first time. It was a beautiful cock, about eight inches in length and very thick. Veins protruded from it, and the blonde especially liked his big set of hairy balls. Suzi continued pumping and squeezing his cock, showing no inclination yet that she was going to blow him. But John did not mind. The feel of her soft, delicate hand as it tightly gripped and contracted around his prick sent shockwaves of sheer, powerful ecstasy throughout him. "You're beautiful, baby!" John exclaimed up at her, in total and unyielding arousal. "Fuck! I have never had a lady like you! Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? I can't imagine someone like you not seeing anyone!" "I have MANY boyfriends," Suzi teased, still gripping his giant erection. John moaned loudly at her statement. "You are not the first stranger I have had sex with." She winked and added, "And you won't be the last, either." "FUCK!" the man screamed in lust. He thought women like Suzi were only characters in adult movies and magazines. He never believed that there could be real females who were sluts like those characters he saw on television during porn flicks. They definitely didn't have any women like this in Indiana, where he lived when not out on the road. John was at an all-time sexual high. He was gasping and sweating, unable to control the lust which simply flowed through his body and soul. Not only was he physically excited, but the trucker was also MENTALLY excited. Suzi was a SLUT. John knew he was with a real life slut! The 46-year-old screamed and arched his hips high in the air as his cock suddenly erupted, its cream gushing out and flowing over Suzi's pumping hand. The slut moaned herself, then leaned over and started to lick away at the delicious cum. John kept moaning until his cock was empty, while Suzi continued tonguing and slurping his tool, until it was dry.

His eyes closed, John moaned and growled, his head going from side to side, basking in the aftermath of sweet orgasm. Then he remembered who brought it to him, and opened his eyes. He gasped while watching Suzi, as she slipped out of her skintight denim cut-offs and panties. "I want you to eat my pussy," she said, crawling over to the other end of the compartment. The blonde sat up against the steel-plated wall and slumped down slightly, then opened and spread her thighs wide for him. John moaned and smiled as he got up and crawled over to her, his face going right for the delicious, moist treat which was between her thighs. Suzi grabbed her breasts and moaned at the first touch of John's tongue on her pussy. The man pawed her hips as he continued his oral work, finding the scent and aroma of her tiny slit intoxicating. He had never eaten a blonde pussy until now, and that thought alone made him even more crazed with lust. Suzi cooed and sighed in utter pleasure above him, still massaging her breasts, her legs and upper body churning in slow, erotic waves of movement. She rubbed his dark head of hair and arched her head backwards, and let out a loud moan. Both were lost in rapture, the forbidden act of sex with a stranger making this encounter all the more appealing. John kept lapping and licking her sweet pussy, quickly becoming overwhelemed with its many charms. But his tongue just kept working, drawing several moans from the blonde. John still could not believe his luck. All he intended to do was go to the diner, grab a quick lunch, and then head back out onto the highway. He even toyed with the idea of passing up the diner, and finding another somewhere along the way. But the trucker was glad he chose this diner! Someone had to be smiling down upon him from heaven - to not only come across this beautiful young goddess of a woman, but to also have sex with her. He still thought this whole sequence of events was a dream! As he ate her pussy, John was busy pumping his cock with his right hand. Suzi, meanwhile, still cupped and squeezed her breasts with her own hands, only adding to her pleasure. "I want you to fuck me!" she demanded, very close to an orgasm. "Do it! Do it NOW!"

John pulled his head out from her pussy, and watched as Suzi rolled onto her side and raised one leg into the air. The trucker had seen this position in adult films before, so he got onto his knees before her, propped her upstretched leg upon his chest and shoulder, then pistoned his hard cock into her tight, slick pussy. The 46-year-old man did not waste anytime, immediately starting with hard, powerful thrusts into her. Suzi still cupped her breasts and now screamed in rapture, the man's hard prick invading her, and filling her up. She could hear and feel his thick, heavy balls slap against her ass with each forward stroke. John watched as Suzi mangled her own breasts, the sight making him even more excited. It also made him thrust into her faster, as hard and as powerfully as he possibly could. Beneath him, the slut's mouth went into an all-out tyrade of profanity, telling him to fuck her even harder, not to stop, etc. She was just as turned on as he was. "FUCK ME!" she demanded. "OH, FUCK! YES, YOUR COCK! COCK! PUSSY! FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK! HARDER! FUCK ME!" John continued pounding himself into her, using all of the strength in his body to do so. Suzi writhed in lust beneath him, her body twitching, as she still screamed out her lustful feelings - using profanity, of course. Just as Suzi's orgasm started, so did John's. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and aimed at her patch of blonde pubic hairs and lower abdomen, then coated her with his thick and gooey sperm. Meanwhile, Suzi continued moaning as cum simply flowed out from within her pussy, her hot body grinding and writhing in erotic release. Soon, both strangers embraced and moaned loudly together, sharing their intense, mind-blowing orgasms.

"It's too bad you live in Indiana, and are just out here in Seattle for a trucking trip," Suzi said minutes later, as she pulled her half-shirt over her head, her bra already in place. "I definitely wouldn't mind fucking you again." John trembled and shook his head in disbelief, as he sat fully clothed in the front seat of the cab, looking back at Suzi, who was still in the sleeping compartment. "Man, I wish I wasn't so behind schedule on this trip. I'd like to stay here for the day with you, baby, but I just can't. And most likely, I'll never be out this far again on a trip. My boss said this would probably be a one-time trip." John smiled at her. "I wish I had a camera. The only thing I'll have to remember you by are my memories. GREAT memories..." Suzi picked up her panties, about to put them on, then stopped. She smiled and wiped her soaked pussy with the silk panties, then handed them to John. "Keep it!" came her bubbly words. "You can remember me by my panties!" John brought the moist garment to his face and whiffed it, the aroma of heated sex filling his senses. "Oh God... Baby, I will never forget you. Not in a million years!" Suzi slipped her cut-off denim shorts on, then grabbed her purse and crawled to the front of the cab. She gave John's cock a final squeeze and pecked his cheek with a kiss. "I'll never forget you, either." "Do you need a ride somewhere, baby?" She shook her head at him, crawling across his lap to the driver's side door. "No, I don't need a ride. I have my own car - it's right here in the parking lot." As Suzi opened the door, John grabbed her denim-clad ass with his hand and squeezed it. The slut giggled, before wiggling away and jumping down, out of the truck cab. She winked her eye at John, before turning and walking away. The trucker kept the cum-drenched panties against his nose and mouth, as he watched the blonde strut away, paying close attention to her backside. Her round ass jiggled and twitched seductively with each and every step, her hips swaying from side to side. "What a spectacular ASS," he quietly groaned. John rubbed his crotch and watched Suzi walk away until she reached her car. Then, he moaned sadly while watching her leave the parking lot, and then get on the expressway. Alas, she was gone... forever.

But he still wouldn't trade this experience for ANYTHING.

6. Suzi's Erotic Odyssey - Again!

The encounter with John excited Suzi so much that after going home to change and shower, she went back to that same truck stop diner. The blonde bimbo found another trucker that she liked, seduced him, then fucked him in the front seat of his cab. Once a good thing - always a good thing.

"There are more strangers to fuck," she said outloud that night, just before turning off the lights and going to bed in her apartment. "And I'm going to find them."

"Suzi's Erotic Odyssey"

End of Part 2

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