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The Slut Part 4


This story contains scenes of an adult and sexually graphic nature. If you're too young to smoke or you're offended by stories involving sex then stop right now. This story is not intended for you.

This story is real, though I've changed the names of people and places. The events depicted here happened not too long ago, but many things have changed since then. This story is more confession than anything else. I wanted to write everything I could remember so that I could begin to understand the changes that occured in me. This is the beginning then, and it wouldn't have happened unless I wanted it to.

Any comments are appreciated. Send them to:

I, SLUT: Part 5 of 5 Parts

by Sueann

As we kissed and those wanton aftershocks ran their course, he was growling hungrily like a big cat devouring it's kill. He put his lips on my nipples and kissed and then sucked on one hard, pulling back and stretching it then nibbling it. His tongue licked up my neck. "I want you to fuck me Suzi." he said. The words brought all movement to a stop. Yes, I know I had already been adulterous, but somehow the act wasn't complete without that final thing. He stood with his tool glistening with my saliva hanging down over my face, swinging slightly back and forth, mesmerizing and magnetic. "You know you want my cock little Nitaslut." he told me. "You know you said you would do anything I told you to..." he said. "You told me that your cunt was mine. Where you lying to me when you said that you nasty bitch?" I can't explain it - there was something so goatish, so seductively animalistic that for once I can say I was thinking with my pussy.

"No, I wasn't lying..." I said, my tongue licking the very tip of his prick. "You want my cock in your pussy Suzi?" he asked again. "Yes...yes...more than anything." I said. "Tell me little cunt, tell me what you want." he coaxed. "I...I...." there were words I wanted to use. "Say it!" he commanded.

"I want your cock, I want it in my....cunt. I want to feel it all the way inside me. I want to feel you cum..." I admitted.

"Excellent, little bitch" he cooed, caressing my face with his penis. "And if I let you fuck my cock and fill you with my cum, will you be my fuckbitch?" he asked. "Yes...Boonie...I'll be your slut." I said. The tension was unbearable. "Remember you said that." he said, climbing on the bed. He lay sideways in the bed, his feet toward the mirrored doors of the closet. He held his cock straight up, where it beckoned to me. I moved to climb on him. "Now turn and face the mirror. I want you to watch yourself fuck my cock. Stand up and then squat down on my dick."

I did as I was told, lowering myself slowly onto his penis. I reached between my legs and spread my wet labia. The entrance to my pussy opened it's soupy maw as I hunkered down lower, thighs wide open. I paused as I felt the head touch my vulva, felt its heat on my distented lips. Boonie sighed, and I felt him run the thick plummy head along the gooey slit.

"Mmmmm...Suzi girl...what a lovely nasty fuckhole you have..." he said. "You like this?" he asked. "Yessss...." I said. Feeling that pressure there, the answering throbbing in my, yes, my fuckhole, caused me to finger my stiff clitoris to hasten and prolong this desire.

"Do it!" he ordered.

With a low steady groan I lowered my bottom and I watched myself impale my body on his cock. My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt myself being stretched and so thoroughly filled by his cock. It just seemed to keep growing and growing and I kept stretching to accommodate the sheer bulk of that wonderful monster. His cock was touching me in places I had never felt before. At first it felt uncomfortable, then better, then good, then damn good, then damn fucking great. Before too long I was riding up and down on his greased pole like a jockey, and loving every minute and inch of it. Each time I slammed my butt down on his belly I felt his swollen cock spear me, I cried "Yes!" and "Fuck me!" and "Fuck your cunt baby!" and things I'd never said to anyone before. I felt his big fingers on my asscheeks, and I reached back and pulled them apart and told him "Fingerfuck my ass!" and yelped when he skewered my rectum. I pounded his cock in a fuck-frenzy and lost track of time, space and myself as I watched myself, Suzi the slut, the whore, fuck his animal dick like a bitch in heat. I lost count of the times I came and for awhile there I was probably convulsive, in some kind of orgasmic seizure which caused my vaginal muscles to clamp down hard and hold his dick deep inside me pulsing in time to our speeding hearts.

I heard him groaning and something told me he was going to cum. He grabbed my hips and held my butt up and began thrusting wildly into me. He started slapping my bottom which was sudden and sharp and it hurt but in such an indecent way that I found myself pushing my red cheeks back to receive his blows as he thrust his cock in and out of my pussy.

"I'm gonna cum..." he gasped and I ground my hips against his pelvis and felt the head of his cock set itself deep in me, and my muscles contracted and held it there. With a final heave he exploded and spewed a torrent of semen into me, each thrust brought forth another throbbing splash against my vaginal walls and I felt myself being filled to overflowing with every nasty sinful gush. I was coming hard on his dick and together we soaked ourselves and the bedding.

I flopped back on top of him, my legs loose on each side of his thighs, his fat cock still crammed inside me, delicious ripples passing between our fuck coated genitals. For a few minutes we lay like that, our heartbeats slowing, my vision coming back into focus.

He rolled my over onto my side and withdrew his cock. I moaned and tried to keep him there awhile longer.

"You're going to remember this..." he said, kneeling next to me and rubbing the wet snake of his cock over my tits. "You're going to close your eyes and you're going to remember the taste of my dick covered with my cum and your cunt juice." He placed the cockhead on my lips. I licked it. His hand delved between my thighs and two fingers plunged into my pussy. Everytime your hubby touches your cunt your going to remember my cock...making you my fuckbitch..." I threw my legs apart, grabbed his arm at the wrist and started to fuck his fingers. "Your going to want to do this again....your going to want to feel your thighs sticky from my cum leaking out of your cunt... "

Tears welled in my eyes. It felt so goddamn good. "Yes...Boonie..." I said. "You'll do whatever I tell you to do won't you little Nitaslut..." he said. "Yes, I will." I said. "Excellent..." he said. "Come with me."

I got out of bed and he led me to the bathroom. "Lie down in the tub." he said. I hesitated. "Do it!" he said. I lay on the cold enamel. "Spread your legs bitch!" he ordered, and I did. I watched him straddle the sides of the tub and stand over me, his cock pointing down at me. There was a sudden hot splash, as I watched through eyes grainy with my debauch as he pissed on me, paying particular to my cunt full of his cum. He showered me with his hot pee, playing the stream over my clit, my belly, my tits. I closed my eyes as it hit my face.

"I'm marking you like the bitch you are Susan. I've shown you what a perverted cunt you are and after tonight you're my slut. Understand me?" he asked. "Yes." I said. He shook off the last drops and stepped down. "Now take a shower and get dressed cunt. I'm done with you for now." He walked out of the room.

I took the hottest shower of my life, scrubbing my skin pink, but I could still feel the scalding traces of his marking me like a dog, could still feel the pleasant soreness in my used cunt, the empty feeling in my violated ass. My body yearned for more. I dried off and went into the bedroom. I found my clothes folded on the bed, except for my panties. On top of my purse were my car keys. When I was dressed I walked into the front room, where Boonie slouched naked on the sofa, his cock lying dormant and flaccid between his legs. He got up and walked me to the door. He kissed me again, pulled my skirt up and felt up my pussy and ass. He inserted a finger and then withdrew a finger and inserted it between our mouths as we kissed where we could both smell and taste my slutty betrayal. He ended our kiss with a sharp slap on my bottom.

"Did I tell you I dig your car?" he asked. I shook my head. "It fits you. You're both classics with a lot of good miles left." We both laughed. "Better go before I have to fuck you again lady." he said. "You'll want to get home before hubby." he said, winking. "I want you to fuck him tonight. That way I'll know you'll be thinking about me." I gave his cock a pull and felt his balls and then I walked out the door, my skirt still hiked up around my waist. I got in the car like that, started it up and felt a pleasant tingle as the engine roared to life. I waved at Boonie. "See ya..." I said, and drove away.

************************************************************************** ******


Yes, I did see Boonie again, and I did meet his friends. This event was the first of a series of encounters where I engaged in every kind of perversion imaginable. It changed my life - for the better in some areas, for the worse in others. It's a cliche I know, but it doesn't make it less true. Depending on the responses I get I may post further writings about what happened to me during this amazing time.

************************************************************************** *******

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