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The Slut Part 3


This story contains scenes of an adult and sexually graphic nature. If you're too young to smoke or you're offended by stories involving sex then stop right now. This story is not intended for you.

This story is real, though I've changed the names of people and places. The events depicted here happened not too long ago, but many things have changed since then. This story is more confession than anything else. I wanted to write everything I could remember so that I could begin to understand the changes that occured in me. This is the beginning then, and it wouldn't have happened unless I wanted it to.

Any comments are appreciated. Send them to:

I, SLUT: Part 3 of 5 Parts

by Sueann

In the bedroom I turned on the TV and the VCR. I opened the box I had looked at and slid the tape into the VCR. The screen flickered from the evening news to the beginning of the video. After a moment a woman's breathless voice said "You can call me or any of my friends for hot fucking chat..." she stroked a pink dildo while she talked. I sat on the edge of the bed. I took off my shoes. That was about as comfortable as I wanted to get. I looked at myself in the mirror. I said "What the hell are you looking at?" to my reflection. I heard the water shut off and the shower curtain draw back. He walked into the bedroom still wet, with a towel around his waist, drying his thinning hair with another. He stopped and looked at the TV. "Get me another drink will you sugar..." he said, giving me his glass.

Returning to the bedroom with our glasses I found him in the bed, sitting with his back against the headboard smoking a cigarette. "Thanks Suzi" he said as I gave him his drink. "I thought I told you to make yourself comfortable..." "I am...." I said. Sternly he said "Suzi, you know what I meant." I took off my jacket and sat next to the bed.

"Stand up bitch!" he barked. I jumped to my feet.

"Get up on the bed. Stand on it. Do it!" he commanded. I did as he said. "Now come here..." he ordered. I walked unsteadily on the soft mattress until I stood next to him. "Closer..." he said, "...step over turn around...." I followed his instructions. Looking down I could see his legs between my feet. I felt his hands on my legs, caressing me at the knees, working their way up my thighs. I felt his fingers inside the waistband of my pantihose. He began to work them down over my bottom and my legs until they were taut between my knees. "Bend over and take them off..." he said. When I bent over my butt was directly level with his face. I heard him inhaling deeply and felt his warm breath on my buttocks. When I had pulled off my pantihose he said "Stay just like that. I love the smell of your ass and cunt." Looking down I could see a large towel covered bulge on his midsection. It quivered like it was alive. I felt a thick finger lightly stroke my mound through my panties. The touch sent an electric shiver up my spine. " like that, huh?" he said. "When was the last time hubby gave you a good fucking?" he asked. "Two nights ago..." I said. He continued to touch me lightly, feathery. It felt good and it was making me respond. "I said a good fucking Suzi. Not the last time he stuck his dick in you and shot his wad." No one had ever talked to me like he was, but his smutty words made me feel even hotter. I wiggled my butt; his fingers were driving me crazy. "The last time I had a good fuck was....I don't remember..." He chuckled. "I thought so..." he said. "Turn around and take off your top. I want to see those titties."

I pulled my top off and dropped it. One of the advantages of my size is that I don't need to wear a bra. My coffee colored nipples were crinkled hard and erect. Unconsciously I rubbed them and tweaked the tips with my fingers. "Very, very nice Suzi..." he said, "...I love those pert little buds. Do you like to have them sucked on and licked?" He reached between my legs and turned his palm up, forcing me to open my thighs a bit. A single wide finger firmly petted my slit through my moistening panties. "Yes...I do..." I stammered. "Hmmmm...." he said. "Turn around a little TV..." he said. I turned again. I became aware of the groans and murmurs of the porno video. The music had a driving beat that was primitive and sexual. On the screen an enormous penis fucked a hairless vagina from behind. I felt his finger again. "Looks pretty good doesn't it Suzi?" I found myself rocking my hips to the beat, my fingers caressing my breasts. "I want you to rub your pussy while you watch. Go ahead sugar. It's OK." I tentatively touched myself over my panties. My fingers played along my mound. The fabric felt wet and humid. "Yeah, that's it. Get those panties wet for me sugar..." he said. I heard the ice tinkle in his glass, then I heard the snap of his lighter. He blew smoke between my legs. "Yeah baby...I love it...get it nice and juicy..." he said. On the screen the camera shifted and I saw the woman sucking a large penis while she was being fucked doggie style. Their bodies rocked together as cocks pistoned out of both of her ends.

Boonie said "Let me have those panties Suzi sugar." I reached back and skinned them off and he took them from me. "Ahh...what a nice cunt sugar. I love those big lips...there so suckable." I felt so totally lewd, so wanton. I used my fingers to spread my netherlips, raked a nail lightly over my clit. I groaned. "God...there's nothing like the smell of happy pussy baby." he said. "Does hubby eat you Suzi?" he asked. "Sometimes..." I answered. The phone rang. "Shit..." he said, picking up. "Hell-o" he said. I wiggled my butt in his face and worked a finger into my vagina. He picked up the remote and muted the video sound. I could hear his side of the conversation, he could hear the soft squishy sounds my finger made as I worked it in and out.

"Hey Eddie...what's up?" he said, "how's Barb?" "No, not tonight...I'm busy..." "Yeah with this..." he held the mouthpiece between my legs. I placed another finger inside me and really whipped up a froth. "You got that right...she's a real fuck puppy alright." "Well maybe this weekend Eddie. I'll be ready for a good fuck by then. We'll flip to see who goes first...Barb always loves that.....yeah....well...just a minute..." He slapped my ass. " wanna say hi to this cocksucker?" "Well...sure...." I said. He gave me the phone. "Hi..." I said, and I swear I giggled. A breathless voice said, "Hey's Eddie...I know you're kinda busy, but listen...if you wanna come over when Barb and I are there don't hesitate. OK?" "Yeah, OK. Bye Eddie." I handed the phone back. "See ya Ed. Give Barb a poke for me. Bye." "Who was that?" I asked. "Eddie and Barb. A couple I know. We have sex parties. Barb's a real slut. They come over and we pretty much spend the night fucking her every way we can. Everyone has a real ball." "Wow" was all I could say. "You want another drink?" he asked. "Sure, why not...but light, OK Boonie?"

He slipped between my legs and walked out, the towel still wrapped around him. When he had gone I flopped onto the mattress, legs splayed, back propped up by pillows. On the screen two women with balloon-sized breasts where locked in a fervid 69. I clicked off the mute button and lowered the volume until the music and their lusty cries and whispers provided an understated background to the scene I found myself in. I found that my right hand had floated between my moist lips and my knees had drawn up and back. What was happening to me? I told myself I was a married woman...well not the happiest of marriages perhaps...but who's was? I felt drawn, compelled to stay here for the next two hours. Hell, I was horny.

"Hey bitch..." I heard Boonie say from the doorway. I opened my eyes and saw him standing there, the towel gone. One hand held a drink, the other fondled his penis. I rolled over and turned toward the foot of the bed.

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