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"The Lesson" - Part 2 The Bed


      (Voy, MF)

 ...continues from "The Lesson part 1" - click here to start there... 

I managed the trip to our house with no events. Shutting the door with a slam, I raced around the house, desperately thinking of where I should be when they came in. I was still trying to work something out when her key opened the door and their laughter drifted up the stairs.

I risked a peek over the banister and watched as they ripped clothes off of each other. Jenni had her leg hooked around his waist and her mouth planted on his. Gasps and grunts punctuated their frantic efforts to kiss, screw and divest their clothing, all at the same time. He lost balance and fell to the carpeted stair with her on top of him. She giggled as he pulled her top over her head and off of her raised arms. His shirt parted from her pulling at it and dropped to the floor to join her bra and discarded top. He managed to stand again and undid the button of her shorts. They too dropped to the detritus of shed layers. He was about to yank her panties down, but she stopped him saying breathlessly, upstairs. She raced up as he followed closely behind.

Silently, I backed into the spare bedroom, but left the door open enough to be able to see their progress along the passage that led towards the two rooms. His hand had grasped her ass and she was giggling hysterically, almost running along the passage, her breasts jiggling deliciously. I had a moment of panic, thinking that she might chose the wrong room, but was instantly relieved as she headed into the bedroom. The door stayed open.

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We had alarge mirror opposite the bed, that topped and huge old chest of drawers. I had angled it so that I would have an uninterrupted view of their play. Not wanting to miss a single thing, as soon as the springs groaned with their weight, I took up a position in the doorway, protected by the opened door and watched as the last of his clothing sailed into a corner, leaving him with only a pair of pants on.

They embraced, with Jenni on her back and he lying on his side with her head supported on his arm. He was tracing the veins that always showed under the alabaster coloured skin of her breast. The frenetic pace had calmed now that they were horizontal and almost naked. He kissed her, murmuring into her parted lips, professing his desire for her body. Jenni in turn, Mmmed and ran her hands through his hair and down his back, pulling him against her lithe body.

He raised and cupped his head while his free hand travelled in achingly slow swirls, ever towards the prized of her sex. A thumb hooked the elasticated band of her panties and eased them over her thighs, working alternate sides, gradually exposing her blonde haired mons. Her hips raised and the panties also became airborne as they sailed across the room like a discarded sweet wrapper. He was taking his time now, savouring each moment and movement as it developed. It was a form of foreplay that had not occurred to me and the effect it had on my wife was duly noted and logged.

He kissed the nearest nipple to him, gripping the hardening nub between his teeth and pulling and drawing it upwards. It looked painful, but obviously wasn't, instead, she squealed and gasped as he suddenly released the trapped nerve ending and flicked his tongue over the sensitive nub. It was the only contact he had with her body, just his tongue and mouth. His hands were either supporting his head, or lying impassively along his length. I had to admit, her choice was good to look at, even though he was a man.

He nuzzled her neck, one of Jenni's erogenous zones and always bound to produce a result. She responded as I thought she would, grasping his head and shoulders in what looked like a desperate attempt to hurry him along. He had his own agenda and was not to be hurried now that he had her under his control.

He kissed her throat and planted small kisses between her breasts, then slightly lower, pausing at her navel and spreading a slick of saliva on her skin and a trail of goose bumps. She shivered and writhed as his tongue and lips traversed her skin, always heading towards her sex, but in his own time. Even I was getting a little impatient with his performance, until, in a sudden surge of sinuous movement, he swung a leg over hers, parting her knees and planting his mouth against her silken mons. She groaned as his tongue flicked out, parting her lips and seeking her desirable centre. He then began sucking and licking her clit and labia, bringing her to a brink and then halting in a sensual tease, just keeping her shy of release. I watched and learned every nuance of his technique and marvelled at the way he played her nerves and body as a virtuoso might a grand piano. His fingers joined his mouth, prising open her lips and gently pushing into her, looking for that magical "G" spot. He knew just where and how to manipulate and caress her, keeping her on the edge of orgasm, but just far enough away for it not to spill over. She had been to the threshold several times and each withdrawal raised the need and desperation until she cried out for release. The combination of tongue, teeth and finger tips combined to drive her almost delirious with want until he relented and took her to the brink and then beyond. In amazement, I watched as a stream of come sprayed from Jenni while she screamed, raised her shoulders and shuddered. Unable to take any more, she pushed him away in a defensive action, but already too late. I had never got her to this point, but could hardly be surprised. I was watching a master at work and the results of his practiced art splashed against his face and soaked into the duvet.



Jenni was coming down in receding shudders and quivers of uncontrolled nervous energy. Over the initial amalgamation of overly stimulated nerves, she collapsed back to laying flat. She had the back of her hand clenched between her teeth and her breath rasped in a ragged staccato between her lips whiles her legs spasmed in uncontrolled twitches. She was obviously experiencing a total climax, a shattering of her normal aplomb and equilibrium. The invasion of her body had driven her to a point of incapacitation that, to the observer, looked like the effects of an electric shock.

He allowed her to calm. Laying beside her and gently massaging her stomach and ribs as if helping her breath. Jenni was gasping, but managed to say in a gruff voice that it had been fantastic. She clasped his neck, locking her fingers together and drew him to her lips. She kissed him and took the occasional gasp from the side of her mouth. In a much less frenetic pace, his hands took her breast once again and teased her nipples to erection. Once again, her breathing became rapid and she squirmed under his ministrations. His mouth left hers and suckled on her engorged nubs.

As if in slow motion, her parted her knees with his own knee and slid between her opened legs. Carefully and deliberately slowly, he positioned his cock at her entrance and agonisingly slowly, pushed the head past her outer muscles to rest just inside her. In the ultimate tease to Jenni and the voyeur, he ceased the push and just stayed inside while he kissed her tits and kneaded her flesh, finding erogenous zones under her arm pits and the inside of her elbows. She hardly moved, looking transfixed like a rabbit in the head lamps of an onrushing car.

He was playing her again, plucking at the taut strings of her nerves and raising her already heightened condition. He maintained the position and manipulations, bringing her to a crescendo and teasing her with the promise of fulfilment. He kept it up until, the waiting and desire overcame her and she cried out in readiness. He waited until her cries became desperate, then, when he judged her to be ready, plunged his rigid shaft into her in one fluid motion that made her scream in pleasure and release from the waiting. Her knees instinctively rose up and she gripped him with her ankles crossed behind him and with her own lower body strength, pulled him even further into her body.

He set a rhythm that was uncompromising and insistent, but unhurried. His cock drove into her in long strokes. His mouth found her neck, one of the most productive erogenous places, with the added stimulation, Jenni took over the pace and forced him even deeper into her by raising her hips and rotating her hips a little to accommodate his angle. Her free hand found her clit and massaged in time to their thrusting.

She wouldn't last too long I knew, not fully recovered from her last climax. Watching them fucking was a fantastic experience. I watched and learned his technique, how he played with her and kept her on the brink of orgasm. He looked impassioned, but knew he must be loving every second of this beautiful woman and her body.

Jenni was crying, tears slipping down her cheeks and sobs wracking her body. She was rapidly reaching another shattering climax. Her breathing rapid and her movements becoming jerky and uncoordinated and then it hit her like a tsunami, a tidal wave of emotion and nervous energy. Her come sprayed under pressure from between her and his pubic meeting point. Jenni screamed and her legs thrashed as it washed over her, soaking her tits and stomach. It sprayed in a fountain of liquid and acted as his signal. His pace increased and he adjusted slightly and buried himself to a depth he had not been before. In rapid and savage thrusts, his cock drove into her in repeated thrusts until he yelled himself and emptied his sacs of sperm into Jenni's womb.

Statuesque, he remained motionless as spurt after spurt liberally coated her insides. Then he pulled himself upright and knelt at her face for her to take him in her mouth and clean him of their combined juices. He lay along side her as she twitched and jumped in small charges of nervous tics, holding her as if she might jump off the bed from the energy being expended.

Dumfounded by the action and Jenni's reaction to his ministrations and with a hardest cock I had ever had, I crept away from the doorway and noiselessly went downstairs to the front door and opened it. Then I slammed it shut and called up the stairs, as if just coming home, then went into the kitchen and rattled the kettle. I heard his hurried escape, and saw his retreating back as he comically was trying to put on his Jeans and shirt while carrying his jacket and shoes. The door shut behind him quietly and Jenni came to the kitchen, her knees unsteady and flushed. She collapsed into my arms and I carried her to the front room to lay her on the sofa.

She was soaked and the smell of sex and sweat exuded from her. We didn't make love then, she was far too exhausted, but, when we did the next day or whenever it was, my own performance was all the better for his master class. I had a much better understanding of how her body worked and so did Jenni. We had both learned from the experience and it was the start of our satisfying and beautiful sex life. Neither of us needed to use another in our play and fortunately for me, Jenni never wished to revisit sex with another man.

That was over thirty years ago, but the memory remains as vivid as if were still playing before my eyes. Remembering has been a wonderful reminder of how beautiful my wife is and both she and I had gone to our bed to remember the feelings of lust and love.

- The End -

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