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"Fairy Story" - Chapter 3


      (Beast, fantasy, F)

 ...continues from "Fairy Story Chapter 2" - click here to start there... 

Their trek through the mountain took the best part of the day. Progress might have been quicker, but Cerberus insisted on stopping every so often and lifting a leg against outcrops of rock as if marking the way back with his scent.

Progress might have also been quicker if they didn't have a lengthy stop to give Susan another good seeing to. Cerberus, still quite satisfied from their previous, was content to lick her pussy until she creamed herself and made a mess of his middle snout. It would have gone on to full sex, but the three heads couldn't decide between them, quite how to do it. Susan thought she might be spared the ignominy of having the two dog dicks empty inside her and was pleased at the reprise. The little grey men had other ideas though. Seeing that her clothing had once again hit the floor, they took the opportunity to have their own way with her. Susan was spread eagled on her back with her womanly charms open to investigation. Her rapid and disabling orgasm was just beginning to subside when she suddenly felt something invade her sopping wet fuck hole. Surprised and thinking Cerberus had changed his mind; she lifted her head to find one of the little guys with his fist and arm firmly shoved up her twat. "What the fu..." Her mouth was clamped shut by a small hand, while other little grey hands grabbed her swinging tits. " uummph?" She finished.

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It was relentless, something like twenty of the little fellas had accompanied Cerberus and her, and all of them were going to take a turn at her. Their little cocks couldn't do much for her, but the fisting did, especially when they started to double team her with one fist in the ass and another in her cunt. Pretty soon, she was rushing towards a violent come and was tipped over the edge when another of the small goblins started to slap her clit with the flat of his grey hand having given up rubbing it. The little smacks devastated her and she was sure that, at least one of the little guys drowned in her juices. She almost drowned in their collective come they insisted should be swallowed. The guys might have been small, but they could come for their world and twenty or so of them made quite an amount of man essence.

When they had all sated them selves in her throat, Susan re-dressed and wordlessly pointed the direction she was going to go in and started to walk. She didn't trust her vocal cords to be able to articulate anything more than a grunt or moan. Her legs weren't in much better shape, quivering as they did from the prolonged high of her last orgasm. Somehow, she managed to make headway. What seemed like hours past and with each step, Susan's temper bloomed until. After the umpteenth time of Cerberus pissing against the wall, Susan's patience gave out and she rounded on the huge animal.

"Can't you ever stop the fucking pissing every few steps?" She put her fists on her hips in the classic you're in for a fight matey, pose. "We could be miles further on if you didn't keep stopping to slash all over the place." "Two things come to mind, actually, three. First, this is my domain and I do as I please." "Two." The second head took over. "It makes no difference to the journey. Time and space are all relative here." "And three." The third head chimed in. "Fuck you." "And forth, if you weren't such a horny bitch and kept stopping to fuck our brains out, we might have got there last week." She was sure the three heads were laughing and got really angry, but held it in for the moment. "You want to learn to count, you stupid fuckwit." She commented. "What do you mean, time and space are all relative? Do you mean that we aren't really moving? Just sort of making the actions?" "That's about the strength of it. We are moving, but nothing is really moving at all, just the scenery. Still, won't be long now, my nose tells me the end is quite close." "Thank fuck for that." She shrugged her shoulders angrily and started forward. Only a few minutes later, the quality of light noticeably began to change. Instead of the phosphorous green half-light, shadows started to become more defined and the air seemed cooler.

Then, suddenly, they were on a ledge overlooking a green and verdant valley. Sunlight streamed from the western end from a cloudless sky. Afternoon was clearly well entered into and the coolness of evening caused her to goose pimple. "Well here you are then." Cerberus stayed in the shadow of the opening as if the light would burn him. The little grey men were almost invisible, shuffling around in the neck of the cave mouth. "This is where we stop and leave you to continue your travels. You will soon come to a path that leads up to the top. Follow it until your guide finds you. Goodbye and um... thanks for the screw, it was nice." He turned to re-enter the cave.

"Nice! Fucking hell, what did you expect? No, don't tell me. Well go on then, fuck off back to your lonely life, talking to yourself." She also turned to leave and nearly walked straight over the precipice, but managed to stop and tried to make it look as if she had done it purposely, not wanting the animal to see she was utterly devastated by the parting if truth be told. "I meant it was something special, but no matter. Take care Susan and good luck in your quest." He stepped back and winked out of sight. "I fucking hate this place." She muttered to herself and then, to add to her general feeling of misery, the cat suddenly appeared at her feet in a small cloud of green smoke. "Nice special effects." She remarked dryly. "Thought I would cheer you up with some colour after all that grey." He managed to form a scowl, not easy when a smile is painted on your face.

"What did that three headed idiot mean about time and space being relative? Susan felt the need to ask, because if she weren't actually moving, just the scenery, then a quick fast forward would be nice. The cat's face split into a huge grin as he said. "You've heard the phrase, two heads are better than one? Yes? Well three heads are one too many and only screw up the stew." His answer couldn't have been more obtuse if he sat and thought about it for a whole week." The cat paused to clean a paw. "Anyway, as your guide, I suggest you step back from the edge and start walking up that path. Just a suggestion mind." He winked out, leaving Susan alone again.

Utterly forlorn, she looked in the direction indicated by the cat before his disappearing act. To her amazement, a yellow-bricked road led away and upwards until it was obscured by the curve of the mountain. "Oh great!" She said to herself. "And I am supposed to be Dorothy I guess?" The question was rhetorical and directed at the space recently vacated by the cat. "If the cap fits, you won't need a condom and pessories." It was just as well the cat had winked out, because she would have kicked him to death. Susan stepped onto the ochre coloured roadway and noticed that she now had red sparkling shoes on her feet and a gingham dress. All that was missing was the tin man, Cowardly lion, Toto and the scarecrow. She shrugged again, something that was becoming habitual, and started to walk.

Idly, she wondered what would happen if she actually stopped walking, would the scenery still move? Or would the cat wink into view again to hurry her along. She stopped and a split second later, the scenery stopped as well. The cat's voice cut into her thoughts, sounding like it was on her shoulder. "You're getting too good at this, best play along though, because the power that is, will get the needle and you just might be stuck for good and all." "Last thing I need is to be stuck with you, you little prick." Susan spat the last words out as if they dripped in venom. "As a matter of fact, you have been stuck with me. Who do you think Cerberus was really?" He let the moment sink in, and then continued. "I ain't just a cat you know, in fact, I can be anyone or anything I choose, like say, centaur maybe or an Orc. Neat eh?" "You dirty little fucker. So you have been screwing with me all this time?" Susan's incredulity rose by several notches. "Can you blame me? You are a very sexy woman and getting jiggy with you is the most natural thing in this whole realm. Anyway, you still have a quest to finish and I guess, one or two more tight situations before you get out of here." "What? Like you want to screw me in other guises before I eventually get free of this nightmare? You perverted little fucker, I ought to cut your balls off and feed them to your throat." The cat stayed out of vision while he laughed. "Oh! Fuck you." Susan's patience ran out and she stomped off up the path. Pretty soon, her stomping brought her to another cave mouth. An evil smell was emanating from the dark depths and a faint smell, like bitumen was carried on a foetid breeze coming from inside. Susan felt rather than heard, a deep resonant rumble that came from no human throat. She steeled herself and stepped into the gloom.



A wall of heat hit her, almost knocking the breath from her lungs. Somehow, she managed to place one foot in front of the other and advance down a sloping tunnel towards the source of the heat and stench. The sight, when she eventually arrived at a huge subterranean amphitheatre, was overwhelming. The horseshoe shaped cavern, had a high domed ceiling that had to be all of thirty feet high. In the centre of the arena was a huge pile of jewels surrounded by brilliantly glowing braziers of dark metal. She could see rubies, emeralds, diamonds and gold glinting all over the pile. Sat on top of it was a giant green dragon, complete with the scales and barbels under its jaw, just like the Chinese mythical Wyrme. Glittering composite eyes regarded Susan with no apparent interest. Small curlicues of grey smoke wisped from enormous nostrils that topped a wickedly curled mouth full of teeth that resembled scimitars and looked just as sharp and dangerous. Susan was unsure what to do. She had a feeling that if she made any sudden movement, she might end up as a light snack or fried on the spot. She froze to the spot and hoped that the dragon would ignore her. She was unlucky. AT LAST! YOU HAVE ARRIVED; I WAS GIVING UP ON YOU. The monster hadn't spoken, it words appeared in Susan's minds eye like front-page headlines. " I was um... unavoidably delayed." Susan answered lamely and felt very small in doing it. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TO DO? "Um... I think so. HOW DO YOU INTEND TO STEAL THE PEARL? " I haven't thought that far ahead. Besides, I don't know where it is yet. I guessed I would make something up when I found it." IT'S RIGHT THERE. The dragon pointed with its smoking snout towards a pedestal on the opposite side of the cavern to Susan. "I guess you won't just let me take it will you?" Susan knew the answer before she asked the question, but decided it was worth a shot. NO, I WILL NOT GIVE IT TO YOU. YOU MUST STEAL IT. "How the hell am I supposed to steal something, when you know that I am here and my intentions before I start?" YOU COULD TRY COERCION OR USE SOME SUBTLE ART. YOU MIGHT TRY TRICKERY OR A CLEVER PLAN TO GET ME TO LEAVE MY NEST, OR YOU COULD TRY AND DISTRACT ME. "Would sex work?" NO. "Would any of those work?" NO. "Fat lot of good that advice was then. Hang on. Are you really the cat? Because if you are, I am getting tired of this game now and really would like to go home." "She isn't me." The cat winked into existence on a ledge, just out of her reach. HELLO FELINUS. "Hi Draco, how's it going?" OKAY I GUESS. THE LITTLE ONES SHOULD BE HATCHING IN A FEW DECADES NOW, SO THAT WILL BE NICE. MAKE A CHANGE TO HAVE SOME COMPANY HERE. "How long's it been, hundred and fifty years?" SOMETHING LIKE THAT. "Sorry to bust up the reunion, but I want to go home and could use a suggestion or something here." Susan raised her voice to overcome the echoed reverberations of the dragon's voice. I SEE YOU ARE STILL MESSING AROUND WITH ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES. WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS PEARL THAT ATTRACTS YOU SO MUCH? "Hello. Is anyone listening to me?" Susan's voice went up an octave. SHUT UP! "Shut up!"

The stereophonic order hit her like a hammer and knocked her onto her arse. The gingham dress flew up over her head, revealing that she had no underwear on. She unravelled herself and smoothed the voluminous fabric down. Stunned, Susan sat there and listened, as the two re-acquainted them selves like long lost friends. The conversation went on and on, it occurred to Susan that she had been forgotten. Slowly, so she didn't remind them of her presence, Susan got up and sidled around the pile of jewels and gold. After several minutes, she reached the pedestal and in a moment of pure genius, replaced the pearl with a white stone. She edged her way back to the entrance and was about to start back up the sloping tunnel, when she was pole axed. OH! THAT WAS SLICK; NOW STAY QUITE STILL.

Susan was compelled to stop. Her senses reeled from the mental onslaught. WELL, YOU MANAGED TO STEAL THE PEARL, BUT DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHY YOU HAVE? HAS IT BEEN EXPLAINED TO YOU WHAT THE PEARL MEANS? YOU MAY ANSWER. "N... no, it hasn't, just that it is my release from this world." Susan's mind tried to shrink and hide somewhere near her feet. IS THAT WHAT THE LITTLE WEASEL TOLD YOU? DIDN'T YOU KNOW, ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS SAY HOME THREE TIMES AND YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN TRANSPORTED STRAIGHT BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROM? "Obviously not." Susan's sarcasm was returning. "Do you honestly think I would have stayed one second more than I had to if I had known?" She was livid and began looking for the cat; she had a few choice words for the tricky feline. "So what is this pearl then?" She felt she should find out what she had been dragged into. WELL, IF FELINUS MANAGES TO EVER GET IT OUT OF HERE, HE WILL RULE THE WORLD. ALL WORLDS, IT IS THE PEARL OF ULTIMATE WISDOM. WITH IT, HE WILL KNOW EVERYTHING, PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE; CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THE LITTLE FUCKER WOULD DO ARMED WITH THAT KIND OF KNOWLEDGE? "Where is he? I want a word with him." Susan's voice took on a dangerous quietitude. Anyone who knew her would stay right out of her way. "Right behind you ducks, and you had better hand over the pearl." Susan spun on her heel and was amazed to see her old Math Tutor standing nonchalantly just a few feet away. "Hand it over." The figure was right, but the voice was definitely wrong. "Comes from your memories Honey. You're like an open book. Always seeking love and recognition. Never quite cutting it. By the way, you're a passable screw and suck very well. Did you learn that in college too?" The Cheshire style grin spread across his face, mimicking the cat for a second.

"So, you used me to get this eh?" She proffered the pearl, cupped in her palms. "All so you could be the lord of all? Well catch!" She hefted the precious jewel into the air and waited for it to reach the top of its parabolic flight before stepping forward and planting a full-bloodied kick to his nuts. Her foot met with satisfying resistance and she almost laughed at the comic way his eyes crossed, just before he grasped his balls and sunk to the floor, groaning. "If you had bothered to read further into my memory, you would have found that I owed him that and, for all the fucking around, have this too." She swung her foot again and connected with his jaw. The lights went out in his eyes and he slumped bonelessly in a heap.

The pearl reached the stone floor and shattered into dust, which surprised Susan a little. IT WAS A FALSE PEARL. THE REAL ONE IS UNDER MY EGGS. I COULDN'T RUN THE RISK OF HIM MANAGING TO GET IT. IS HE ALRIGHT BY THE WAY? "Who cares?" Susan didn't look at her tormentor again, instead she approached the huge dragon and prepared to say goodbye. TAKE THIS BY WAY OF THANKS. GOODBYE SUSAN AND BE HAPPY. Susan took what was offered without looking at it and bade the dragon goodbye. It was the only creature that hadn't wanted to screw her. "Home. Home. Home". All went very black. She didn't awake so much as just become conscious of a crowd of people surrounding her. The park bench had cut lines into her back where she had lain on it and her head was throbbing. The crowd, seeing she was alive and stirring, gave out a collective sigh, whether in disappointment that she was alive, or because she was alive, Susan didn't know. "What?" She yelled as loudly as her head would allow. "Fuck off you lot, go on, fuck off." She groaned from the effort of raising and yelling.

The crowd, seeing that the spectacle was over, did as she advised and dissipated in different directions, leaving one guy by himself. Eventually, she married him; having seen an iridescent green glint in his eye reminded her of something that she couldn't quite remember. She also found in her palm, an emerald the size of a hens egg.

- The End -

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