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"Fairy Story" - Chapter 1


      (Beast, fantasy, F)

Susan is a twenty something woman. Up to now, her life has been spent in a learning environment followed by several years of self-abuse. Her qualifications were either too much or too little for serious employment, although, her efforts to establish a career hadn't really been earnest. The lure of nightclubs, music and drugs had developed a nocturnal aspect to her waking hours. Her chosen life style also brought her many affairs, some with disastrous consequences and potentially dangerous situations. After a particularly heavy binge of drink and drugs and falling asleep in a park, Susan found herself waking up in a strange world where everything was almost right, but different all the same. Serves her right.

"You cannot say you were not warned." The cat seemed to smile at her as it prowled around her head, coming on silent pads into her eye line as a ginger and white ball of fur and then, just as noiselessly, passing from view, its presence only noticeable by the continuous purring. It came into view again and sat with its tail around its front paws regarding her with the same smile. "You cannot say I didn't warn you and now look at you. All scrunched up like so much discarded paper. Well! Now your here and in big trouble I'd say." "Nobody asked you". She spat grit and dust out of her mouth. "If I had wanted your opinion, I'd have asked for it, but I didn't, so piss off and leave me alone". She rolled over to face away from her tormentor, but only succeeded to roll off of the pallet she had been on, to fall, bonelessly, on the hard packed dirt floor, driving the air from her lungs. "Aw shit!" It is my observation, that you ain't very good at this adventuring lark are you." It wasn't a question so much as an entrée to an argument. Susan could hate the ginger peril without any problems at all. "If I'd known the prophecy was meaning some otherworldly fruitcake, I wouldn't have volunteered." "VOLUNTEERED," She screamed back at the cat, "YOU WERE GIVEN NO CHOICE, YOU LITTLE... YOU LITTLE... SCUMBAG!" Invectives failed to really emphasise her frustration at the torment that was supposed to be her guide in this. Since her accidental portal into this realm of fantasy and myth, she had been tormented by the furry little shit. As a guide he sucked big time. It seemed that most of her tribulations all stemmed from some stupid error on the cat's part. One thing was for sure, if she ever got out of this mess and ever made it back to her own civilised and rational time plane, she would never go tripping on anything stronger than Aspirin. As it was, she wasn't entirely certain that this wasn't a bad trip from the concoction of drugs she had swallowed at the nightclub. She had experienced acid trips where rats crawled from the wallpaper and stuff like that, but this fantasy realm was all together, a different bag and one she could well do without.

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She grimaced at the various bruises and bumps as she picked herself up and spat out more of the dust. Sunlight steamed through the thin gaps of the bamboo poles that formed her prison. The light seemed to refract and bounce off of everything it touched, giving the hut an ethereal glow about it. Susan could have cared less, but it would have been difficult. Right now, all she wanted was a long soak in a hot tub with loads of bubbles and a glass of something long and cool. She wanted out of the bamboo prison and she wanted home. All of which seemed like a million miles away. "I was only making an observation, that's all." The cat tried to stop smiling, but the coloured bands on his face made it impossible. "Why don't you go outside and make some observations out there. See if there is a way out and find some water. Why don't you do something useful for a change instead of making snide remarks?"

The cat winked out, leaving her alone in the tiny room to contemplate her mission. Somehow, and Susan still wasn't sure about this, she had found herself in a, for want of a better description, adult fairy tale. Her only chance of returning to her own time and space was to find and steal the pearl of wisdom. The cat was right though, so far, she had not done very well in the 'adventuring lark'. Her first encounter after being given instructions in the 'Ice Palace' by the Green Queen, had been in the tunnels of Green Mountain. Some really seriously smelly Orc's with terminal halitosis had found her wandering around and captured her. They had buggered her and violated her body; inserting fingers into her snatch and making her suck them off. It seemed she was doomed to life among the miscreants until some passing mage heard her cries and banished the little bastards to the four corners of the globe, never to return. Her joy was short lived. The mage, at about three and a half million years old with skin that had more wrinkles than an unmade bed, decided that her liked the look of her and had enslaved the poor girl as a receptacle for his lusty emissions. The cat had saved her, the one useful thing it had done by fooling the mage into believing that it was a greater wizard and frightening him off. Susan had by now, been fucked semi-stupid in all holes and was ready to call it a day. That was only the start of her adventure. It seemed she had been here in this God forsaken shit hole for a couple of months and not the ten hours it really was.

Heavy footfalls sounded just outside the door to her prison. She heard the rattle of the chain and lock that secured the bamboo door. A loud creak of the leather hinges heralded a brilliant burst of sunlight that illuminated the door opening. A silhouetted head poked around the style and a deep basso voice invited her to come out. Susan struggled to a sitting position and waited for a moment until her senses stopped reeling. Then she painfully waddled to the door. The sunlight temporarily blinded her as she emerged into the heat of the day. Gradually, her eyes adjusted to the onslaught of light, she began to wish they hadn't.

Waiting for her was a blond Adonis. His head and face were framed in locks of curly hair that seemed bleached by the sun. Broad shoulders that were tanned to a bronze colour supported his beatific face that was also tanned to a deep colour. His massively muscled arms rippled with latent strength and downy blond hair covered his torso down to his belly button. All seemed okay until her gaze went passed his navel, from belly onwards, he was all horse, complete with four sturdy legs, a beautiful tail that swished at the flies plaguing his rump and a glossy chestnut coat that shone with health and vigour in the sun. "Oh shit! That's all I need, a fucking Centaur."

His golden locked head tilted to one side as he regarded her and a quizzical expression showed in his amber eyes. "You talk strangely young one. Yes I am a Centaur, but how you make reference to the physical act of love and defecation in the same sentence is baffling to me. Please explain?" Susan thought he was trying to make a joke. Her humour had left some time ago. "You trying to be funny?" She crossed her arms in defiance and stood as erectly as her battered frame would allow. "No, I merely came to relieve you of your enforced imprisonment. I thought you might like some water and exercise. I also wanted to know what you, as a foreigner, were doing wandering around in my domain. However, if you are content to stay in the enclosure provide, I am more than happy to place you back in confinement. You choose." He couched a long wooden bow over his shoulder and offered an animal skin with a stopper where the head should have been. Susan didn't want to think of what animal it was, but her thirst compelled her to take the skin and drink the water inside.

"So what are you doing in this land?" His voice softened a little and became even deeper, levelling at a susurration like waves on a shore. It had an oddly calming effect on Susan, who launched into her story, beginning at the beginning and eventually, after having to stop several times to explain what a nightclub and drugs were, she arrived at her current predicament. "... but I don't even know where to start looking." She concluded. "So you are to find and steal the 'Pearl of Wisdom'. Hmm... no small feat. It will be hard to reach your destination and harder still to steal the pearl." It was as if a light went off in his eyes. A blank expression overcame him and Susan thought he had gone to sleep while standing. She drank a little more of the sweet cool water and rubbed a little over her forehead, rearranging and smudging the dirt from being a general sheen of filth to streaks. Wishing for a shower, she coughed loudly to wake him up. "I might be able to help you there, sort of point you in the right direction." He seemed to galvanise into wakefulness. "A ride would be really helpful." "Well,... that would be payment for my services of course." "Sorry?" And then she caught on. "Oh for pity's sake, is that all you men think about?" "It may have escaped your notice, but I am most definitely not a man. I am a Centaur and as such, am the most intelligent of species here in Centauria." His chest puffed out and strained the leather strap of a quiver of arrows. She couldn't fail to notice. "Funny, the Orc's had another name for the place entirely, and they also seemed to think that theirs is a superior intellect. Personally, I think the jury is out on that". She had managed to piss him off with that jibe; his eyes clouded with frowning eyebrows and pursed lips.



"I am Che, mightiest, and most deadly of the Centaurs. I lead the herd; I protect the young and do everything else here. This is my kingdom and you, you insignificant wretch, are trespassing." His chest expanded to even greater proportions, Susan thought the leather strap was going to snap. She took stock of her rags, all torn, dusty and dishevelled, but her pride bore her up. "Not such an insignificant wretch that you suggest we jump in the hay though. Good enough for that aren't I." She puffed out her own chest and felt one of the clasps on her bra give way. She ignored it and continued with her own tirade. "Now listen, all I want is to get out of this fucking nightmare. I want to get back home and have a bath and change my clothes. I want to be back in normal civilisation with my hands around the neck of an ice cold Bud. So are you going to help me or are you going to fuck me or what?" "Both." "What!!!" "Both." He repeated. "What both?" She was getting more than a little annoyed with the verbal chess playing. "I am going to help you, I will carry you most of the way to the location of the Pearls of Wisdom, but first, I am going to fuck you. No objections are there." It wasn't a question, more a statement of fact and left no room for manoeuvre. "So, if you would be so kind as to go back into your small enclosure, we can get the first part of the bargain over with early." He pointed in a manner that brooked no argument, towards the bamboo hut she had recently got out of. "Oh! By the way, what is your name? It is a vital point of the tryst and names carry a lot of power in this world." "Susan". She answered flatly, resigned to getting rogered by the hulking brute just so she could get along with the quest. She had been fucked for less in the past, so it wasn't really any big deal, although she had concerns about being able to accommodate a horse's cock. Have to play it by ear, she thought to herself.

He tilted his head again in that quizzical manner of his and asked. "What does Susan mean?" "Nothing, it is just a name." She had re-entered the hut now and was removing what clothes she had on. "Well Che means mighty warrior, leader of the herd and all powerful one." His chest began to swell with pride again, but Her next retort completely deflated him. "For a monosyllabic word, it carries a lot of meanings don't it?" She sniffed derisively and shucked of her clothes into an untidy heap on the packed earth floor. Her nakedness caused her no embarrassment, she was rather proud of her upturned tits and trimmed curly blond pubes. Che was yet to see the tattoo of Pegasus on her shoulder, but it was one of the last things on her mind. "Let's get down to it then, big boy". And then she started to giggle as she wriggled into position under his belly. "What's so funny?" He bent at the waist and managed to turn at the same time so that his face was only a few inches away. About the total length of his cock which was the source of Susan's mirth. "Oh nothing, just the thought of me sucking a mighty Centaur. Who'd have ever imagined it eh?" She wanted his help; deriding his horsehood wouldn't be a wise move. Gently, Susan gripped his small penis and guided it to her mouth. The equine smell became pungent and overrode his human counterpart aroma. She began to suck slowly, managing to get the whole of his length into her mouth with room to spare. Privately, she was relieved and gave head like a pro. Her ministration seemed to be doing the trick, pretty shortly, Che's hind legs were stamping rhythmically and his haunches began to buck in powerful thrusts. She could manage all of the four inched, pencil thin cock without any problems at all. "You had better stop." Che's basso voice warned her. "Anymore of that and it will be all over." "Aw! It's okay Che", She mumbled around the side of his infantile dick. "Let's do this and see what happens later when you have recovered." "I really... OH! Fuck, too late." He snorted and thrust his haunches forward in a smooth and long arc. The movement gave Susan a bit of a surprise, but the next instant really screwed her. His four inches suddenly, and completely without warning, became a foot long and swelled to a girth that was bigger than her hand could encircle. Trouble was, she had him as deep as he would go at the time. The transformation from baby size to fucking huge took less that a blink in time. The sheer force threw her backwards onto her arse as gallons of cum shot all over her face, neck and shoulders, soaking her completely and matting her hair. Susan gagged and tried to spit out the first flood of semen that had crashed into the back of her throat and forced its way into her stomach. She couldn't help herself or breath until she had regurgitated it all on to the floor.

"Fucking hell!" She managed at last. "That's a fucking lethal weapon you've got there, you could do someone a real damage with that fucking missile. Che had a beatific smile on his face and his eyes were closed in ecstasy. "Oh! That was good. If only our mares would do that for us." I can see why they don't. Jesssuzz man, you nearly killed me." Her stomach still was trying to convulse. "I tried to warn you, but it was too late. What were you saying about later?" "No fucking way man, with a tool like that, you could have knocked the Berlin Wall down all by yourself." Her anachronism was lost on him completely.

When he had settled down, he allowed her to sit on his back with her hands around his waist. Slowly at first, they went around the rest of the village and collected food and water for the trip. Che evinced many admiring stares from other Centaurs as he paraded his charge around. He also got more than one withering look and cold shoulder from the mares, jealousy was rife, but he seemed to be ignorant of the stares as he imperiously did the circuit. He set off, leaving a silent herd of centaurs looking on.

Susan quickly became accustomed to the sway and movement of him, anticipating the rise of his withers and moving with him in unison. She also quickly discovered that she had left her panties in a heap were she had used them to wipe off some of his come. Her nether mouth soon started to get wet and swollen. Her clit felt like it would explode from the friction caused between their counterpoint movements. Oh! Fuck, she thought, I'm going to come all over his back in a minute. No sooner had she thought it, then a violent orgasm ripped through her and a torrent of girl juice slicked the stiff russet coloured hair on his back. The next two hours were torture for her. Held in a state of high sexual exhilaration, she had orgasmed over and over. Her fluids dripped off his underbelly were his coat could not absorb anymore. They at last stopped beside a lagoon of crystal clear water at the foot of a cascade. Susan gratefully dismounted and crumpled with nerveless legs all tangled up on the ground.

"I guess you enjoyed that." He remarked dryly as he sniffed at the wetness on his back. "I thought you were going to fall off for a while there, amazing strength in your legs Susan." He stepped into the clear water and began to wash her essences off of him. Later, after he had shot a rabbit and was cooking it on a spit over a small fire. They talked. She told him all about her life before this little adventure and he told her about his rise to be lead stallion. As they related their stories, a bond of sorts blossomed and they became firm friends. Susan finished the rabbit while Che ate some oatcakes he had brought in a satchel. Sated, Susan at last lay back and sighed her contentment. A canopy of stars illuminated the night sky. Che lay alongside her and soon fell into a deep sonorous sleep. Not long after, she cuddled up against his back and followed suit. Just as she was drifting off, the ginger cat winked back into view. "Happy now?" He purred. His smile still pasted on his face. "Hmm, go away eh?" He winked out again and Susan knew no more until the next morning.

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