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"Mandy"     (Part III of IV)

      by PurpleCat       (incest toys ped group)

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After the boys left Timmy went in to the kitchen to make a sandwich for Amanda and him. Amanda followed him.

"Lets watch another tape while were having lunch."

"Another tape? You mean there's more?"

"Yeah, there's a whole bunch of em."

"O.K., Ill get lunch and you go get another tape. We'll eat in the living room."

"Oh goody." Amanda squealed and ran from the room.

Amanda returned to the living room with the tape and put it into the V.C.R. Then she sat on the couch holding the remote, waiting for Timmy to come in with the sandwiches. Impatiently she switched on the T.V. And flipped through the channels.

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"Hey Mandy come out and help me carry this stuff in." Timmy called from the kitchen. Amanda hurried to the kitchen and they were soon sitting on the couch with their food.

Amanda pushed the play button and the tape started. Andrea, Jim and Jerry were sitting on the couch talking when aunt Cindy came in from the foyer with four people, a man a woman and two kids.

"Andrea, Jim, I would like for you to meet our new neighbors, this is Liza and Jake Thompson and their two children JJ and Sandy. JJ is fourteen and Sandy is thirteen."

They all shook hands with Andrea and Jim. Jim and Jerry stood and all but JJ sat on the couch with Andrea sitting between Jake and Liza and Sandy was on the end next to her father. Jim and Jerry sat on the arms of the couch with Jim next to the girl and Jerry next to Liza.

"How come we haven't met your neighbors before?" Andrea asked.

"Well, they just moved in last Saturday and we didn't meet them until after you guys left on Sunday." Aunt Cindy explained. "But we have become very close in a short period of time. Jerry tell them how we met." She continued.

Uncle Jerry looked around smiling "It was after you guys left on Sunday I was out in the back yard doing a little gardening when I happen to see Liza sunbathing in the backyard so I went over and introduced myself. I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful tits which were half hanging out of her skimpy little bikini top. She gave me a big smile.

"Like what you see Jerry?" she asked me. I told her I certainly did. She invited me in for a cold drink, I followed her in, she was in a thong bikini and watching her ass cheeks jiggle caused my cock to get rock hard before we reached the kitchen. She turned around and asked what I wanted, staring directly at the tent in my shorts, I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Why Jerry I think I know what you want." She said and before I knew what was happening she was in my arms with her hand in my shorts stroking my cock.

We rushed up the stairs with her leading the way; we were both naked when we hit the bed. She took my cock in her mouth and I stuck my tongue in her cunt. That's the way Sandy found us, I heard a little gasp and looked up there stood Sandy Smiling "Don't mind me mister go right on eating I'll join you in a sec." She said starting to strip off her clothes. I wound up fucking both of them. I was just getting dressed when Jake and JJ came in. Liza introduced us, then started telling them everything we had done.

"Well, Jerry it looks like you had yourself a great time. I guess you know JJ and I will have to have equal time with that pretty wife of yours." Jake said smiling.

"I tell you what Jake you and JJ go next door and tell Cindy my wife what happened I think she will take care of any equal time you have coming. In the mean time I'll stay here and build up some more debt."

Jake and JJ left in a hurry and Liza, Sandy and I went back to bed." Jerry finished his story. Aunt Cindy picked up the story.

"I was cleaning up a bit when the doorbell rang, I was a little surprised when I opened the door and found this very handsome man and boy. They introduced themselves and explained why they were there. So I did what any loyal wife would do I invited them in and started stripping off my clothes, we fucked and fucked, I don't think JJ's cock ever gets soft. I must have sucked him off a half dozen times and it was still hard as a rock. Anyway we all wound up having Pizza together at about midnight. Jerry spent the night with Liza and Sandy, Jake and JJ slept in my bed, what little sleeping we did. We've been fucking all week. Come on JJ lets give them a demo."

She pulled JJ from his chair and he helped her remove her clothes then she was on the floor stripping his shorts off she had his cock in her throat before JJ had his shirt off. Amanda was watching her father; Sandy was rubbing her palm across the big bulge in his pants.

"Can I see it Mr. Blake." She asked looking up at Jim.

"I don't see why not, Go ahead take it out."

Sandy started fumbling with the zipper of his pants, she was so excited she couldn't get it down, Jim unbuckled his belt and slid the zipper down then lifting his ass off the chair arm slid his pants and under shorts down onto his thighs. Sandy grabbed his hard cock and holding it upright stared at it,

"Oh my, It's so big, hey Mom look at this."

Liza looked over at her daughter. "My God, what a cock, what are you going to do with that thing baby?"

"I'm going to suck it a little then I'm going to fuck it." Sandy said taking the head of Jim's cock into her hungry mouth.

"Are you sure you can fuck that thing baby, it must be a foot long."

"Nah Its only about ten inches." Jim said. "I'm going to fuck the whole thing even if it kills me." Sandy said taking her sucking mouth off Jim's cock for a second.

"Honey be careful and go slow I don't want you to be hurt." Liza said. Sandy nodded her head while slurping and sucking like she had a big candy stick in her mouth.

The rest of them began striping off their clothes. Soon everyone except Sandy and Jim was naked. Liza was sucking Uncle Jerry's cock and Andrea was on her knees in front of Jake with his cock buried in her throat. Sandy looked up at Jim. "I would really like to suck your cum out and eat it but I want your big fat cock in my cunt more." She said, standing she began removing her clothes Jim stripped off his own clothes and they stood naked facing each other the girl grabbed his cock and stroked it.

"Why don't I sit on the couch and you can sit on it, that way you can get as much if it as you want. I'll let you know when I'm going to cum so you can eat it if you want." Jim said.

"Yeah that really sounds good, let's do it?" Jim sat sliding forward so his ass was barely on the couch. Amanda watched carefully as the girl pushed her daddy's cock head into her pussy and started sliding down on his long pole.

"Look Timmy, daddy's fucking that little girl. I want to fuck him too. Do you think he would fuck me?"

"I don't think so Mandy, you're his daughter."

"But look her daddy is getting a blow job right next to her while she's fucking Dad. Look now her daddy is playing with her tits." Amanda said.

Sandy had all but about two inches of Jim's cock buried in her belly. "I'm going to get it all if it kills me." She said, pressing down as hard as she could. Slowly a little at a time she worked her way down until her ass was pressing against Jim's balls.

"God I'm stuffed, look Mom I've got the whole thing in my cunt."

Liza looked over at her daughter. "I didn't think it was possible, save some of that thing for me Sandy."

"There's plenty to go around Mom, I'm going to be cumming in a second." Sandy said, bouncing up and down on Jim's cock.

"That tight little pussy of yours is strangling my cock, I'm not going to last long. You better cum as quick as you can." Jim groaned. Sandy threw back her hear and howled.

"I'm fucking cumming, here it cummmmm's." Sandy sped up her fucking, her ass rising and falling on Jim's cock like a pile driver.

Jim looked over and saw that Jake was fucking Andrea Matching his daughter's strokes, Jerry was stroking in and out of Liza's cunt and she was already screaming out an orgasm. Cindy was on her hands and knees; JJ was fucking her asshole, even though Cindy had just sucked a load of cum from his cock. Jim held out longer than he thought he could, Sandy came on about every tenth stroke, screaming loudly with each orgasm.

"OK baby I'm ready, you better hurry and get it in your mouth if you want to eat some cum." He yelled.

Sandy wasted no time; she jumped off and grabbed Jim's cock and shoved it into her mouth. She tried to get it in her throat but she was unaccustomed to the size and couldn't quite make it. Jim shot stream after stream of stringy cum and Sandy swallowed and swallowed. There were sounds of people cumming all over the room. Sandy slurped and licked at Jim's cock until she had eaten every drop of sperm that she could milk from his still hard cock. When she was sure she had it all she climbed back on Jim's lap and kissed him pushing her tongue into his mouth.

They kissed for a long time, when they finally broke it off, they looked around the room. Andrea and Liza were on the floor sucking at each other's cunts. Licking up all the cum they could find. Jerry and Jake were sitting on the floor watching them. Both men's cocks were soft. JJ was standing over them pulling at their tits his cock still as hard as ever.

"Come on Mom I want to fuck Ms. Blake's pussy."

He said. Andrea sat up and grabbed his cock. JJ pushed it at her face and she sucked it down her throat. Sandy saw Her Mom lying alone.

"Hey Mom, look what I've got, holding Jim's cock straight up. "And it's still hard as a rock." Liza slid over to the couch and Jim pulled her up beside him.

"Put that big thing in me Jim and fuck the shit out of me." Liza said. Jim pushed her back on the couch and crawled between her pretty legs and began stuffing his cock into her hot cunt.

Sandy watched them for a while. JJ was fucking in and out of Andrea's pussy.

"I forgot how hard boy cocks are, fuck it good JJ, fuck my cunt, fuck it really hard. Yeah like that, do it baby."

Sandy crawled over to her Dad; she pushed him onto his back and began sucking his soft cock. Jim was stroking in and out of Liza's cunt with long powerful strokes.

"Hey Jake, how long you been fucking your daughter." he asked.

"About a year now Jim. I couldn't get it in before. Tried several times before that. She was eleven the first time we tried, that's when she started sucking my cock and fucking JJ"

" I've got a daughter that's the prettiest thing you've ever saw. I've been dying to fuck her but Andrea says I have to wait till she's thirteen. Say's I might hurt her." Jim panted.

"She's probably right Jim, with a cock the size of yours you may not be able to do it even then. Sandy has had a lot experience fucking me and JJ, I figure that's why she could take you." Jake answered.

"I don't know how she ever took this thing, I've never been stuffed this full of cock in my life. Fuckkk, I'm cumming againnnn." Liza screamed.

"Well she may be right and she's agreed not to fuck our son Timmy until after I fuck Mandy."

"Timmy, did you hear that, Daddy wants to fuck me and Mom wants to fuck you." Amanda squealed.

"Yeah, I heard it but we have to wait three years." "I bet I don't wait three years, you just wait and see." Amanda said.

"There's no way you can fuck Dad's big cock, it would probably kill you." Timmy replied.

"I'll do it some way, just wait." Amanda said with determination. The kids saw their Dad ram his cock into Liza balls deep and let out a loud groan; they knew he was filling her cunt with his cum. Then the screen went black.

Amanda picked up the remote and pushed fast forward, stopping it when she saw people on the screen. The scene was much like the other tape, people fucking all over the place. The cum eating lady was there and so was the piss drinking lady. Amanda did see one thing that was new; one lady was fucking another with a rubber cock. She had it strapped on with a thing just like the one in her Mothers drawer, now she knew what that thing was for. When the tape ended Amanda looked up at Timmy.

"Let's fuck Timmy." She said.

Mandy and Timmy were all cleaned up and dressed when the doorbell rang. Amanda was wearing a pretty yellow dress with nothing under it. And Timmy had slipped on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Timmy went to the door and let them in. "Hi Mandy" Marsha and Polly said almost together as they entered the living room. "Hi You guys." Mandy returned with a big smile. Marsha, Polly, Greg and Timmy sat on the couch with the girls in the middle with Timmy next to Polly and Greg next to Marsha. Marty sat in a chair opposite the couch and Mandy sat on the floor in front of him. There was silence for what seemed an eternity to Amanda who was anxious to get things started. She decided to get the ball rolling herself.

"Greg and Marty tell us you've been doing naughty stuff with them." She said. The two girls were aware that Amanda and Timmy knew about them fucking their brothers but they both still blushed and Marsha giggled; neither of them said anything.

Amanda looked at Marty "Hey Marty let's get things going, would you like a blow job?"

Marty stood and pushed his shorts and underwear down to his knees. Amanda grabbed his stiff cock and started stroking it.

"A blow job? Nobody does that." Marsha exclaimed with disbelief. Amanda looked over at her and smiled.

"Just watch." She said. Then she stuffed Marty's cock in her mouth to his balls. Polly and Marsha couldn't believe it.

"God, she's got the whole thing in her mouth where the hell is it going?" Polly asked.

"She's got it down her throat, just watch." Timmy whispered to the girls.

"Shit Mandy you know I can't last thirty seconds fucking your throat." Amanda backed off and looked up at him smiling.

"I know, shoot me a mouth full of your sweet cum." Then she went back to sucking him. In a very short time Marty yelled.

"I told you Mandy, I'm going shoot you a flood."



Mandy did the same thing she saw her Mother do with her uncle. She pulled back and held his cock just outside of her open mouth, still stroking it with her hand. She wanted the girls to see the cum squirting from his cock into her mouth. It had been several hours since Marty had cum so he shot her mouth full. Amanda turned her head toward the girls showing them her mouth filled with cum. Then she closed her lips and swallowed it.

"Um good." She said, going back to get what dregs that were left on his cock.

"I didn't think anyone did that." Marsha said.

"I think almost everybody does, girls anyway." Greg said.

"I don't know about that, but I think I'd like to try it." Polly said, reaching over and rubbing Timmy's bulge through his shorts. Timmy stood and stripped off his shorts, standing with his hard cock waving in her face.

"Try it on this." He said. Polly gripped his cock and slowly wrapped her lips around his cock head and started sucking. After a few sucks she backed off looking at it.

"I like it, taste good." She said and went back to sucking.

"You want me to cum in your mouth Polly?" "Yeah, can't let a ten year old show me up."

Greg stripped off his pants and stood in front of Marsha. Marsha looked at Mandy still slurping on Marty's cock like it was ice cream and then at Polly who was trying to get Timmy's stiff rod down her throat.

"Shit I guess it must not be so bad, I might as well try it to." She thought. As she slipped Greg's fat cock head into her mouth, Greg grabbed her head and let out a loud moan. This encouraged her and she started sucking harder.

God this is really a turn on, my panties are flooding. I'm going to suck the cum right out of his balls." She thought, as she pulled her wet panties aside and started rubbing her clit.

Across the room Mandy stood and pushed Marty into the chair then crawled onto his lap. Marty started squeezing her tits as they watched Polly and Marsha give their first blowjob. From the looks of things it wouldn't be their last.

" I think your sister likes sucking cock a lot, look how she's rubbing her clit" Amanda whispered.

"Yeah and Polly too, look I think she's about to swallow Timmy's cock."

"Yeah, look, there it goes right down her throat. Marsha hasn't made yet but I bet she does before she's finished." Amanda said.

"I've been tying to get her to eat my cock for over a year with no luck and you've got her going after it in less than half an hour."

"Monkey see, monkey do." Amanda giggled.

By the time both boys were about to cum Marsha had managed to work Greg's big cock head into her throat. When she first felt it slip in she had a great feeling of accomplishment and was feeling very proud of herself. When Greg's first squirt of cum hit the roof of her mouth., she started swallowing in self defense but by the time the last filled her mouth she was drinking with gusto. Even though she tried to get it all some escaped and ran down her chin. Polly however didn't lose a drop of Timmy's cum.

When Amanda saw the cum running down Marsha's chin she jumped from Marty's lap and ran to her and began licking the cum from her face. Marsha let Greg's cock slip from her mouth and felt Amanda's tongue probing at her lips then inside her mouth searching for cum. Marsha sucked her tongue like it was another cock. Amanda reached down and slid a finger into Marsha's wet cunt. Marsha pulled her mouth away.

"Yes finger fuck me, make me cum."

"Mandy started pulling at her clothes. "Let's get these clothes off. I wanna suck your pussy."

"Suck my pussy?"

" Yeah. Hey Timmy help Polly get her clothes off, I wanna suck her pussy too."

Amanda pulled her dress over her head and threw it on the floor. Marsha stripped off her blouse and bra letting her large tits spring free, then she stood and pushed her shorts and panties down to her ankles and kicked them away. She was so excited by the thought of Amanda sucking her pussy she completely lost all modesty and sat on the couch with her legs spread wide.

"Yes, suck my pussy."

Amanda didn't hesitate, she was on her knees with her tongue in Marsha's cunt in an instant. Even though she had never sucked a pussy before, she knew just what to do. She licked her slit up to her clit then she placed her lips over the little morsel and sucked. Marsha was already near orgasm and Amanda's lashing tongue sent her over the edge. She grabbed Amanda's head and bucked her cunt up against her face.

"Oh God, I'm cumming." Amanda kept licking and sucking until her orgasm subsided, then she looked up and smiled. "Ya liked that huh, want me to do it again?"

"Yes do it again, it was so good."

"I liked it too, I like eating pussy almost as much as sucking cock.."

Then looking over at Polly who was sitting next to Marsha watching while Timmy sucked on one of her big tits.

"I want to suck your pussy too."

Polly spread her legs wide. " Yeah do it like you did Marsha." Amanda started to move over when she remembered the women on the tape.

"Wait, I know, let's all three do it to each other." She said clapping her hands. "Come on." She grabbed the two girls by the hand and pulled them to their feet and into the middle of the room." "

Now here's what we'll do, I'll suck Polly and Polly you suck Marsha And Marsha can suck me." Neither girl had ever sucked a pussy before but after what they had just seen Amanda do they were both willing to try. Both girls nodded their heads in agreement.

"How do we go about this?" Polly asked.

"We just lay on the floor with our heads between somebody's legs and start suckin." Amanda giggled.

They all got on the floor and moved into position. Amanda started sucking on Polly first. When Polly felt her tongue on her clit and saw Marsha's pretty cunt just inches from her lips, she stuck out her tongue and licked it. She decided immediately that she liked sucking pussy. Soon all three girls were licking and sucking, loud slurping sounds and cries of ecstasy filled the room and the three boys were stroking their hard cocks.

After their second orgasm the three of them separated and lay on their backs with their legs splayed apart and their pussy's and faces glistening. Timmy dropped down between Polly's legs and covered her mouth with his. He prodded his hard cock at her cunt, got the head lodged in her pussy and pushed it in to his balls. Polly pulled her mouth away.

"Yes, I need cock, fuck me Timmy fuck me good." She screamed.

"I need some cock too, come on Greg fuck me." Marsha cried.

Greg crawled on top of her and she helped him get it in her wet pussy. Marty tried to push Amanda back so he could fuck her but she pushed him away.

"No wait, I want to watch, when they're through you can fuck my ass."

By the time the boys shot their cum into the girls cunts. Amanda was ready to be fucked. She had been rubbing her clit all the time they were fucking. Timmy and Greg both stood and sat on the couch. Amanda lay on her back.

"Polly put your pussy over my mouth so I can eat Timmy's cum."

"You're going to lick his cum from my cunt?"

"Yeah, just let it run out then I'll lick out the rest." Even though Polly couldn't believe that Amanda would do such a thing, she slid over to Amanda and rolled over with a knee on either side of her head.. A big blob of cum slid out of Polly's pussy and plopped in to Amanda's mouth, then she lifted her head licked until Polly's pussy was clean inside and out.

"Ummm, that was good." She said smiling. "OK Marsha it's your turn." Marsha had watched what Amanda had done to Polly and she couldn't wait to get Amanda's tongue back in her pussy. When Polly rolled off she was right there to take her place. Amanda cleaned her cunt just as she had Polly's but when Amanda was finished, Marsha wasn't, she sat down on Amanda's face

"Suck it Mandy, make me cum again." Amanda continued to lick and suck until Marsha screamed that she was cumming and her body stopped bucking and jerking in orgasm.

Marsha rolled off of her and lay on her back.

"Mandy, you are the sexiest, nastiest little girl I've ever seen and I love you."

"I agree with that and I love you too Mandy." Polly added.

"I'm a cum slut bitch." Amanda giggled. "But you girls haven't seen anything yet, Marty's going to fuck my asshole now, and after that all three guys are going to fuck me at same time, one in my mouth, one in my cunt and one in my asshole."

While Marty was fucking Amanda's ass, Polly leaned over and whispered to Marsha.

"You can't get pregnant fucking like that."

"Yeah, and you can even do it when you have your period, it must really be fun, look how much Mandy likes it." Marsha whispered back.

Polly got up and sat on the couch next to Timmy pushing her tits against his arm she whispered in his ear. "When they finish, I want my ass fucked too. OK?"

Timmy squeezed her tit and mouthed. "OK." Then covered her mouth with his.

By the time all the girls were ass fucked and had all three boys fuck them at the same time, it was getting late. Polly started getting dressed.

"I don't want to break this up, I wish we could do it all night, but it's almost dinner time and we have to go."

"Us to, Mom will kill us if were late for dinner." Marsha added.

Amanda was quiet for a spell, her mind forming a plan. "I know, the next time our Mom and Dad are away for the weekend let's do it all day. You can tell your Mom's that were having a picnic and bring your own lunch." All the kids agreed. The girls kissed all the boys and Amanda goodbye.

Before the kid, left plans were made for the next day. Marty and Marsha was going with their Parents to visit their Grandmother. But Greg and Polly were going to be home, their parents were going on a trip with their church Sunday school group. So they invited Timmy and Amanda to their house. Timmy accepted immediately but Amanda shook her head no.

"Timmy will come but I can't, my best friend Janie is coming home late tonight and I want to be with her tomorrow." Polly and Greg were disappointed but Timmy knew what Amanda had in mind.

"I think Mandy is going to surprise Janie with a little sucking and dildo fucking." He said. The kids laughed.

"Janie is in for a treat." Polly said.

After the kids left Timmy heated some TV dinners and they ate. Afterwards Timmy was too tired to fuck, so they took a shower together and crawled into Mandy's bed. Timmy went right to sleep but Amanda was too excited about seeing Janie the next day. She went over in her mind everything that had happened the last two days and she started making a list of the people she was going to fuck. She knew lots of boys her own age but she wanted boys that could shoot cum and Timmy told her he didn't shoot until he was twelve. She finally drifted off to sleep and dreamed about fucking her Daddy's big hard cock.

When Amanda awoke she heard the shower running and looked at the clock, it was 8:35. She remembered that Timmy was supposed to be at Greg's house at 9:00, he must have overslept. She knew she wouldn't get fucked before he left. She picked up her phone and dialed Janie's number; Janie had her own private number so she knew she wouldn't disturb her parents or Carol.

"Hullo." Janie said sleepily.

"Did I wake you girl?" Amanda asked. "Ya, Man you woke me and I was having a great dream about kissing Bobby."

Amanda knew Janie had a big crush on Bobby Taylor. Amanda used to think he was cool too but that was before she found out about cocks shooting cum.

"Oh Janie he's too young."

"He's the same age as you and me." Amanda ignored her.

"Janie you have to come over right away, I've got so much to tell you and show you."

"I don't think Mom will let me come until after breakfast. Hey Man you really sound excited, tell me what it's about."

"Janie you wouldn't believe me if I told you, you have to come over so I can show you too. Tell your Mom Your having breakfast at my house."

"Hold on Man." Amanda heard her yell to her mother and then some murmurs in the background, then she was back.

"I'll be there in fifteen minutes."

Amanda hung up the phone just as Timmy walked in.

"Janie coming?" He asked.

"Not yet, but she will be as soon as she gets here." Amanda giggled.

Timmy grinned. "I bet she will you horny little slut."

"Cum slut to you big brother." She said jumping into his arms and putting her tongue in his mouth. Timmy broke away.

"Don't you little bitch, you get me started and I'll never get over to Greg's." Timmy was fully clothed, ready to go. Amanda grabbed his bulging cock through his pants.

"Gave you a hard-on didn't I big prick?" Timmy grinned and pushed her away.

"I'm saving this for Polly to suck on, you pretty cunt." He said as he walked to the door. "Get your self a Pop Tart and a glass of milk, I'll see you around noon.



Amanda slipped on the same yellow dress she had wore when the kids came yesterday and went down to wait for Janie. She put two Pop Tarts in the toaster and sat at the table, thinking of how she was going to get her tongue into Janie's little pussy. Janie and her had fooled around a little before. Although she had never touched Janie's cunt she had seen it many times when they played "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours." In the past they had always giggled and giggled while looking at each other's pussies. Amanda was sure Janie would go along with anything she wanted to do. So she decided just to tell her about everything except the tapes.

While sitting there thinking she heard the backdoor rattle then a knock. Amanda ran to the door and threw it open. She grabbed Janie and hugged her Janie was almost a head shorter than Amanda and her little girls body had not started to mature yet, unlike Amanda who had started sprouting breast almost a year earlier and who's hips were already beginning to widen. Janie was slim with no hips and her little chest was flat.

"Wow Man you're really excited about something, hurry and tell me about it." Janie said. Amanda pulled her into the kitchen.

"First let's get us something to eat and I'll tell you while were eating. You get the Pop Tarts from the toaster and I'll get the milk."

After they were seated at the table munching on Pop Tarts and drinking milk from large glasses, Amanda begun.

"I found out all about fucking and it is so neat." "Fucking, How did you find out?" Janie asked. Amanda ignored her question.

"Boys things are called cocks or pricks, and our things are pussies or cunts, I like pussy better. Anyway a boy puts his cock in a girl's pussy and fucks her. He just keeps pushing it in and out until you cum and that's the best feeling in the world. Then the boy cums and squirts this white sticky stuff out of his cock right up the girls pussy."

"Man are you sure?" Janie always called Amanda Man.

"Yeah I'm sure, me and Timmy do it all the time. The first time you do it the cock pops your cherry and it stings a little but then it really feels good."

"Did Timmy Pop your cherry?"

"No I did it myself with a rubber cock. It felt so good I made Timmy fuck me after that. There's lots of things you can do with boys besides just letting them stick their cock up your pussy."

"That sounds really neat what else can you do? Janie asked excitedly.

"You can suck on their cocks and let them shoot their cum in your mouth so you can eat it. It taste really good, I love it, Timmy calls me cum slut and you can let them stick their cock up your butt, grown ups call it ass."

"Man, I'm not sure if I want something stuck up my butt, er ass." Janie said.

"I love it and I bet you will too when you try it. But that ain't all you can let boys suck your pussy and that really makes you cum." "I don't understand. What's cum."

"I know Janie, why don't I suck your pussy and make you cum then you'll understand." Janie was silent for a minute. "You mean you would really suck my pussy."

"Yeah I want to real bad. Can I?" Janie smiled and shook her head yes.

In Amanda's bedroom she peeled her dress over her head and helped Janie out of her shorts and tee shirt. "Just lie down and spread your legs and I'll do the rest." She said. Janie lay down flat on the bed with her legs spread. Amanda crawled between her legs and looked down at her pretty little hairless pussy. She spread Janie's cunt with her fingers and buried her tongue in her hole. Then she started to lick and suck every part of her, she found her clit and started sucking.

"Oooooooooooh Mandyyyyyyyyyy. That feels so gooood." Janie moaned.

Amanda raised her head and smiled. "You like it huh?"

"Man don't stop, do it some more." Amanda went back to sucking. In less than a minute Janie raised up on her elbows so she could watch what Amanda was doing to her.

"Man I feel strange, something's happening to me, AAAGGGGGGGG." Amanda was holding on for dear life as Janie's body started to gyrate and her hips stabbed upward against Amanda's mouth. Finally Janie relaxed but Amanda didn't stop sucking, she kept right on going,until Janie screamed out another orgasm.

Amanda lay next to her with her arms around her licking her little nipples. "Man, that was the best feeling I ever felt. I can't believe how good it was. Can I do it to you now?"

"We can do it to each other at the same time." Amanda showed her how to lie so they could suck each other and the for next twenty minutes the room was filled with slurping and licking sounds as well as their moans and screams of orgasms.

Afterwards they lay facing each other; Amanda had her knee between Janie's thigh's and her finger in her pussy. Janie had found Amanda's tits and was pulling and tweaking her nipples.

"You like them. Huh?" Amanda giggled. "Yeah, they're neat, we're the same age I wonder why I don't have boobies yet?"

"Mom says I'm a early bloomer. She say's my period will probably start soon. But don't worry Janie you will have nice tits, big tit's run in your family, just look at your Mom and Carol."

"Yeah your right my Grandma has really big boobs too." Amanda leaned and kissed her lips when she pushed her tongue into her mouth, Janie pulled away.

"Mandy!" she said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "That's gross."

"Janie You just had your tongue in my pussy, a little tongue sucking shouldn't gross you out. Besides, that's the way grown ups kiss. Come on let's do it again."

"Janie Let Amanda kiss her again, this time when she pushed her tongue in Janie started sucking it after Amanda backed away Janie giggled.

"I like it, I think I could taste my pussy on your tongue. You suck on mine now." Soon the girls were kissing open mouthed and licking all around inside each other's mouth. Suddenly Janie pulled away "OH Mandy your making me cum again." Mandy had not stopped finger fucking her and rubbing her clit she sent Janie into an orgasm she wouldn't forget for sometime.

After the contractions wore off and Janie was relaxed she turned to Amanda smiling. "I didn't know you could do it with your finger too." "Yeah, you can even do it to yourself, that's call jacking-off, I do it all the time and so does Timmy."

"Janie do you want to pop your cherry now? You can use that rubber cock that I popped mine with, if you want to." Amanda said.

"Yeah I do, I want to find out how it feels to have a cock in my pussy to get fucked."

"It's not as fun as having a real cock but it's fun. I'll be right back." Amanda said jumping from the bed and running from the room. When she returned she handed the dildo to Janie, then she went to the bathroom for a towel, she remembered what a mess she had made on the sheet. She spread the towel out on the bed and told Janie to lie on it.

"You're probably going to bleed a little, I did but it's nothing to worry about."

"Is this what a real cock looks like?" Janie asked. "No but its shaped the same as a real cock when it's hard."

"You mean real cocks aren't always hard?"

"No Janie, just when they get a hard-on. When Timmy gets home I'll make him show you his cock, I'll even get him to fuck you if you want, and I'll teach you how to suck cock.."

"How soon will he be here?" "Around noon."

"Goody, I can't wait to see his cock."

"Lay on your back and lift your knees as high as you can and spread your legs as wide as you can. Then you just but the cock in your pussy and fuck yourself with it." Amanda explained. Janie did as she said; when she had about two inches in she hit her hymen.

"I think I found my cherry Man but I'm afraid to do it, you do it for me."

"Are you sure?" Amanda asked "Yes I'm sure, just push it in and fuck me, please." Amanda grabbed the end of the dildo.

"It's going to hurt a little." She said and pushed hard on the dildo, it sank into Janie.

"Ohhhh It stings, but I like having a cock in me, just hold it still for a little while." Janie moaned. After a moment Janie lifted her head and looked at the dildo deep in her pussy.

"It don't hurt any more Man you can move it around some now." Amanda started stroking it slowly in and out of her clinging pussy.

"Oh yes, do it faster Man go deeper. Oh it feels so good. Fuck me Man, fuck me." She squealed. Amanda fucked her; it only took about ten strokes to bring on her first orgasm. Amanda let go and watched as Janie pumped her cunt high in the air and screamed. Then Janie grabbed the dildo herself and began stroking it in and out as fast as she could. Amanda watched, caressing Janie's body everywhere she could reach, she thought about sticking her finger in Janie's ass but decided to save that for later.

When Janie was exhausted she stopped and stretched out with the dildo still buried in her tight little cunt.

"Was it good girl." Amanda asked. "It was a lot better than good, I loved it."

"Wait until you get a real cock, you wouldn't believe how good they feel. I had three real cocks in me at one time, that's what I like the best of all." Amanda bragged.

"Three at once how do you do that." Amanda explained it to her in detail.

"Wow, I don't know if I could get a cock in my ass or not."

"Sure you can, it's easy once you know how."

Janie thought Amanda might try to stick the dildo up her ass so she quickly changed the subject.

"You know what I wish Man?"

"No what do you wish sweetie?"

"I wish I could suck Carol's pussy."

"Hey yeah that would really be neat. I'd like to suck her big tits too."

"Yeah me too, her tits are really nice I've see them a bunch of times, she has these really long nipples, I bet it would be fun to suck them." Amanda was silent for a moment.

"I have an idea, why don't you call her up and get her to come over."

"Yeah but when she gets here how are we going to get her to let us suck her?" Janie asked with a frown.

"I'll think of something don't worry. Tell her I'll leave the front door open and she should just come up to my bedroom."

Janie made the call, at first Carol didn't want to come she didn't want to fool with the two younger girls, but Janie begged her and told her it was a big surprise. Her curiosity got the best of her and she agreed to come. After Janie hung up, Amanda told her what her plan was and then ran down stairs to unlock the door.

When Carol arrived she started up the stairs when she heard a little squeal come from the second floor. "I wonder what these kids are up to. I know they're up to something, I hope it's not some silly little trick." She thought. Amanda's bedroom door was open; she cautiously stuck her head through the doorway and looked toward the bed. She couldn't believe her eyes; Amanda was lying on her back, with Janie on top of her. Each of the girls had their head between the others legs and both were making sucking and slurping sounds. "God, they're eating each others cunts." She stepped into the room, Janie's head was closest to her she had Amanda's cunt lips spread and was pushing her tongue in and out of her fuck hole then she sucked her clit. Carol silently moved along the side of the bed and saw that Amanda was not only sucking and tongue fucking Janie's cunt but her little pink asshole as well. After watching a little while. Carol couldn't stand it any longer. She cleared her throat; the girls just kept on sucking, so she did it again, louder. Janie's head came up.

"Hi Sis." She said and went back to eating Amanda's pussy.

Carol sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her shorts and wet panties aside and began rubbing her clit. The two little girls eating each other's cunt really turned her on. Janie was watching her out of the corner of her eye.

"Sis, I'll suck it for you if you want."

Amanda rolled Janie off and sat up.

"Yeah me too." She said.

Carol looked it the two smiling girls; but she didn't stop rubbing her clit.

Janie got off of the bed and went to her knees between Carol's legs and licked the fingers she was rubbing herself with as well as her pussy lips. Carol moved her fingers and gave Janie's tongue access to her clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh." Carol moaned.

Amanda still on the bed moved to Carol's side on her knees and kissed her and fondled one of her large tits.

"Let's get your clothes off, I want to suck your tits." She said.

Carol helped Amanda remove her blouse and bra while Janie stripped off her shorts and panties. Amanda pushed her back on the bed ad took a long hard nipple in her mouth and sucked it. Janie had her face buried in her cunt. The two girls made her cum twice then they switched and made her cum two more times. When she couldn't take any more Carol stopped them and the two girls lay next to her each with a nipple in their mouth.

"Where did you two learn to do that?" she asked.

"Mandy taught me." Janie said.

Amanda didn't answer her, but she told her about her and Timmy fucking.

"You're fucking Timmy?"

"Yeah and his two friends, Greg and Marty too. I not only fucked them but I sucked their cocks and ate their cum. I sucked their sister's cunts, Marsha was the first one I ever sucked." Amanda said.

"Amanda's going to make Timmy fuck me, when he gets home." Janie said.

"When is Timmy coming home?" Carol asked. She always had a crush on Timmy; she thought he was a hunk.

"Around noon."

"Do you think he would fuck me too? She asked.

"Sure he would." Amanda said.

"Mandy's going to teach me to suck his cock and wants me to let him fuck my ass, but I don't know about that." Janie said.

Amanda held up the dildo.

"Janie and I popped our cherries with this. Do you want us to pop yours?" she asked.

"No I think I want Timmy to have mine." Carol said smiling. Just thinking about fucking Timmy was turning her on; she was ready to have her pussy sucked again. She told the girls what she wanted, and Amanda suggested they all do each other and showed them how to do it.

When Timmy came home they were still at it. When he walked into the Amanda's bedroom he expected to see Amanda and Janie, but he did not expect to see Carol with them. Carol was the prettiest girl in his class, and she certainly had the biggest tits. The older guys were always hanging around her, so he never thought he would have a chance with her. When he saw her naked in his sisters bed, eating his sister pussy, His cock got hard enough to cut diamonds. They neither heard nor saw him enter the room, he quickly removed his clothes and stood next to the bed.

"Mandy." he said.

The three girls sat up, Carol quickly covered her tits with her hands, but when she saw Timmy standing there nude with his cock sticking straight up she let go of them. Carol and Janie, had never seen a cock before, they both stared at it. Timmy was staring at Carol's big tits. Amanda sat on the edge of the bed and stroked it.



"Come on you two come over and touch it." Amanda said.

The girls sat on either side of her and Janie reached out and touched it. Amanda released it and let Janie wrap her fingers around.

"Neat-o, It's bigger than that rubber one." she said.

Then Janie let Carol have it. After a while, Amanda said.

"Let me show you something." She took it in her mouth and down her throat.

"She's sucking the whole thing." Janie squealed.

Amanda backed it out of her mouth. "Now you try it, you don't have to swallow the whole thing, that takes a little practice, just take it your mouth and suck." Amanda told Janie.

Janie tentatively put it in her mouth and sucked a little, Her eyes got wide and she started sucking in earnest. Amanda pulled her away . "We don't want to make him cum to soon. Besides it's Carol's turn now."

"I like it a lot." Janie said.

Carol tested it by just giving the head a lick, then she licked it again, then she put it in her mouth and started sucking just like Janie had. Amanda had a harder time pulling her off Timmy's cock, when she finally did. Janie patted her on the back. Amanda turned and looked at her.

"You promised Man." she whispered.

Amanda told Timmy abut telling the two girls he would fuck them when he came home and about Carol saving her cherry for him. Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear, he held out his hand to Carol.

"No, Timmy, you have to do Janie first, I promised her first."

Janie flopped on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. "Yeah, me first." She breathed.

Timmy wasted no time climbing between her legs; Amanda helped him get it started by lodging his cock in the opening of Janie's little hairless pussy. He sank it in to his balls in one long stroke; her pussy was the tightest thing he ever had his cock in. He knew he wouldn't last long but he started pumping away. Timmy kissed her to dampen her screams; he did manage to give her two strong orgasms before he pumped his cum into her little tight hole. He rolled off of her panting. Janie ran her fingers through the mess between her legs and licked them.

"You're right Man, cum does taste good, and fucking is the most fun thing in the world, I love it. Thank you Timmy, after this you can fuck me any time you want." She said, putting her arms around Timmy's neck and kissing him.

Timmy got up and went to the bathroom to clean his cock, and Amanda licked his cum from Janie's pussy. When Timmy came back he took Carol by the hand.

"Come on let's go to my bedroom." he said.

Amanda and Janie objected, saying they wanted to watch.

"No girls, Carol is about to lose her cherry, I want it to be special, I want her to always love me for taking it. After this first time you can watch us if you want but not this time." He said, leading Carol out of the room.

It was two hours before they came back in, they were hanging all over each other, they never got an inch apart, they sat on the bed kissing and fondling each other. Amanda had to pry her fingers from around his cock so she could suck it. And Janie had to pull his fingers from Carol's cunt so she could lick it. After the girls gave them each a good cum, they both stood and started dressing.

"Where you going?" Amanda asked.

"We're going for a walk in the park then I'm going to walk Carol home." Timmy said. They left with their arms around each other's waist.

At a little after four Jim and Andrea came home, they were not surprised to find Amanda, and Janie watching TV in the living room They would have been surprised if they heard what the were saying about the gymnast, they were watching, things like "Look at the bulge on that guy" and "wouldn't you just love to suck her cunt."

Timmy came in just a few minutes before they arrived. When he came down he was dressed to go out.

"Where are you going son?" Andrea asked.

"Carol and I want to go to an early movie and have Pizza after. Will it be OK? I'll be home by nine." He said.

Andrea knew Timmy had a big crush on Carol, she was glad he was finally getting a chance to take her out.

"What about money? Do you have any?" she asked.

"I've been saving my allowance." He said.

Andrea went to her purse and took out a bill, when she handed it to him he saw it was a twenty.

"Here, this is for baby sitting you sister all weekend." She said smiling.

After dinner Jim was sitting on the couch watching TV, and Andrea was sitting across from him reading the Sunday paper. Amanda went to her room and changed into her baby-doll pajamas. The little pajama panties were very thin and she didn't wear any panties under them. She came down and crawled into her father's lap, which was something she always did in the evening. But this time it was different; she knew exactly what she was sitting on. She occasionally squirmed her pussy around on his lap until she felt his cock start to grow.

"Tickle me Daddy." She giggled.

Jim tickled her a little. Then he stopped, their game was, he tickled her a little then stop, and when she was least expecting it tickle her again. Each time He tickled her she squirmed her pussy hard against his by now rock hard cock. The last time he done it she came, her screams and moans, Jim thought to be caused by the tickling. Once her orgasm subsided she stood and kissed him.

"Night Daddy I'm going to bed now." She said.

She kissed her Mom good night and went up the stairs. In her room she ripped off her pajama bottoms and jumped on the bed and frantically finger fucked herself.

Jim sat looking at his bulging pants, he didn't know if the big wet spot was from him or her. Andrea was watching him.

"Honey, I think our little daughter. Just got off on your big cock." She said laughing.

"Do you think so? I thought she was going to make me cum in my pants, she stopped just in time."

"Yes I think so, I think the little bitch is upstairs jacking off right now. I didn't know she was into Jacking off already but it looks like she is. There's no harm done, let her do it whenever she likes. Maybe you should start wearing a rubber after dinner, sooner or later she's going to make you shoot your pants full." Andrea said still laughing.

Andrea worked as a waitress in a family owned Italian restaurant, she had been working there for over ten years. The pay was poor but the tips were good. She worked from six to six with a two-hour break both in the morning and the afternoon. Jim was a truck driver; he delivered goods from the truck terminal to stores and business's in the area. He worked long hours for the overtime; he was seldom home before six thirty and most of the time it was seven. Even though they worked hard the money was always tight. The big two story house they lived in belonged to a good friend of Jim's and needed a lot of repairs, He gave them a five year lease at a very low rent with the stipulation that Jim would make repairs on the house, his friend was to furnish the material and Jim the know-how and the labor. They had lived there for two years, and didn't know what was going to happen when their lease ran out. The whole family loved the house and the kids had made friends at school. They tried not to think about having to move. Their only recreation was going to swing parties on a weekend. They usually only went once a month, sometimes twice. This month was unusual in that, Jim and Jerry made some new friends over the past weekend and were invited to another party this coming weekend. Andrea loved going to fuck parties where she didn't know anybody; she loved sucking and fucking strange cocks and pussies.

The next morning Andrea told the kids her and Jim would be gone the next weekend. Timmy started to make plans for their own little party he included Janie and Carol in his plans.

As Andrea drove to work she remembered that on Friday her new boss asked her to have a drink with him when she got off that evening. She couldn't, she told him because she was meeting her husband. Her boss of ten years was pretty old and sickly; he passed away a week earlier. His son Bill took over the management of the restaurant; she liked Bill's looks and would have gone with him if she didn't have other plans. Bill was married and had three children, but when he asked her out, she realized he would cheat on his wife. She loved to fuck men who cheated, they were always so excited during sex, and usually gave her an especially good fuck.

On her morning break, she went to the employee's locker room and removed her bra and panties. She walked from the locker room to Bill's office door and before she entered she unbuttoned three buttons at the top and four at the bottom of her waitress uniform, which buttoned up the front. She knocked softly on the door; she entered and sat on the chair across from his desk showing most all of her legs and a good bit of her tits. Bill looked up at her and she saw him swallow hard.

"Yes, Andrea what can I do for you?" he asked.

"I've been thinking all weekend about your asking me out on Friday, I was wondering what you hoped to gain by taking me out, the only thing I could think of was sex. Is that why you wanted to go out with me Mr. Ferantine?"

"He smiled. "I guess that was in the back of my mind."

"I thought so, It's not necessary for you to take me out to have sex with me, I'll be happy to oblige without that." She said as she unbuttoned the last few buttons of her uniform. Standing she slipped the dress off and stood before him nude. She was right he did give her an especially good fuck, several times. She went back to his office on her afternoon break.

Amanda sat in her front row desk and watched Mr. Jennings trying to hide his hard-on; He was always sneaking looks at her little white panties. She didn't know before this past weekend that she was giving him a hard-on, but this morning she was spreading her legs a little wider, giving him a much better view. He was holding a book in front of his pants hiding his big bulge; finally he sat down at his desk. Amanda almost giggled as she spread her legs a little wider. During the morning recess she went to the girls room and masturbated, she did it again during the lunch break and again during the afternoon recess. The third time she removed her panties and put them in her backpack, they were soaked anyway. She returned to her desk and kept her legs close together; when she saw Mr. Jennings look at her she smiled at him and slowly spread her legs. His face turned red and his adams apple jumped up and down, Amanda put her hand over her mouth to cover a giggle. When school was out she met Janie at the door and told her not to wait for her, she would see her later. When the classroom was empty, she locked the door and went to Mr. Jennings desk.

"What can I help you with Amanda?" He asked

"I want to see your thing." She said smiling.

"Amanda! You know I can't let you do that."

"It's not fair, you've been looking at my thing all afternoon, now I want to see yours."

Jennings pushed his chair back and swiveled around until he was facing her the he slid down in the chair until his ass was just on the edge of the seat, but he said nothing. Amanda looked at the bulge in his pants, then she reached out and squeezed it. Mr. Jennings moaned, she took that to mean he liked it so she squeezed it some more. She unfastened his belt and pulled his zipper down, and then she grabbed his pants and shorts at his waist and tried to pull them down. Jennings raised his ass off the chair and she pulled them down to his ankles. She grabbed his hard cock and stroked it, it was longer than Marty's and thicker than Greg's.

"Ohhhh, nice one Mr. Jennings." She cooed.

She leaned over and took the head in her mouth. Then looking directly into his eyes she slid it down her throat. When she slid it back and sucked the head, Jennings quietly filled her mouth with his cum. She drained his balls and his cock immediately went soft. She took it out of her mouth.

"Now I'm going to suck it until it's hard again, then you can fuck me." She said and sucked it back into her mouth.

Jennings pushed her away.

"No, Amanda we have to stop now." He said.

Amanda pulled her self up and sat on his desk right in front of him. She spread her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart with her fingers.

"Look at this, that should get you hard in no time."

"I'm sorry honey but it won't get hard again for at least an hour or more."

"But I need to be fucked sooo bad." She said and began crying.

"If you'll stop crying and leave, I promise I'll fuck you tomorrow."

Amanda wiped her eyes and grabbed her backpack and started out of the room. She turned at the door.

"OK, you promised." She said, then unlocked the door and left.

Jennings sat there with his cock hanging between his legs and his pants down around his ankles; He was already looking forward to tomorrow. He had been a latent pedophile all of his adult life. He had always been able to fight off his urges, he was afraid if he molested a child they would tell, and he would go to jail. But this little girl was different; she was begging him to fuck her. He could tell by the way she sucked his cock that she had been fucked before, and he was certainly going to fuck her tomorrow.

On her way out of the school she remembered, Carol told her and Janie that Mr. Hess at the Ice cream store, fucked a thirteen-year-old friend of hers, in his back room on a cot. Amanda liked Mr. Hess, he was always nice to her, he was about the same age as her father and he was handsome. As she entered the store she noticed there were only a few kids there. She waved at Teddy behind the counter. Teddy was a college student who worked for Mr. Hess in the afternoons; Amanda thought Teddy was a hunk. She leaned over the counter and whispered to Mr. Hess.

"I have a tummy ache. Could I lie down on your cot in back?"

Hess nodded.

"Maybe you could comeback and check on me in a little while." She whispered.

She went down the hall in the back and found the door to the back room; sure enough there was a cot. She stretched out on the cot on her back and waited. She didn't have long to wait, the door opened and Hess came in, he pulled a chair up and sat next to her.

"Where does it hurt Mandy?" he asked.

"Right here." She said, putting her hand on her lower abdomen. "I think it would feel better if you would rub it for me."

Hess put his hand where hers had been and gently rubbed her.

"No, I think it's lower." She said

Hess saw her game, he was into fucking little girls, but he had never fucked one this young.

"You mean here?" and placed his hand on her pussy mound.

"Yes that's it, but I think it's inside, up in my tummy." She said spreading her legs and pulling her dress up. Hess pushed a finger into her wet hole.

"Is it here."

"Yes that's it, but I don't think your finger is long enough to rub it. Do you have something longer?" she asked innocently.

"I think, I might have just the thing." He said standing and taking his hard cock out of his pants.

"Oh yes, I think that will work just fine, but first I better take my dress off I don't want to wrinkle it." she said, standing and stripping her dress and bra.

Hess kicked off his shoes and was out of his pants in a flash. Amanda thought his cock was about the same size as Mr. Jennings cock, she wanted to suck it, but remembering what happened with Jennings, she lay back down on the cot and pulled her knees up. Hess crawled between her legs; she grabbed his cock and positioned it at her cunt hole.

"Fuck me Mr. Hess, fuck me as hard as you can." She screamed.

Hess slammed into her. And fucked her hard. She came when his first thrust hit the bottom of her cunt, then again shortly after that. The third time was when he filled her pussy with his cream. He lay panting on top of her; he couldn't remember when he had had such a satisfying fuck. She nuzzled her face against his neck.

"That was one fine fuck." She murmured.

"I wish I could fuck you again, but I'm afraid I'm finished for a while." He panted.

"Mr. Hess, would you send Teddy in to fuck me?"

"I don't know about that, I'm paying him to work, not to fuck."

"Please, tomorrow I'll give you the best blowjob ever, if you will." She begged.

"A blow job huh. That's tempting, very tempting, OK I'll do It." he said.

"Tell him that I'm waiting for him to fuck me, I don't want to waste any time, I need to be fucked again. Tell him to hurry."

...concludes in part four, click here...

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