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      by PurpleCat

      (rape interracial MMMMFF FF cuckold)

Lori Litton rushed through the door of the ladies room. That idiot Jerry Wilkins had just asked her out to dinner. She told him in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't go anywhere with him or any other man. She heard several of the men that were listening to Jerry laugh as she rushed away. They all knew she hated men and the only reason Jerry asked her was to upset her. All of the men in the office teased her about it, but Jerry was the worse, she was almost in tears and she was trembling. The door opened and Tina, a co-worker, came in.

"You should tell those fuckers to fuck off," she said. "I don't understand why they upset you so much."

"It just scares the hell out of me to think about being near one of the bastards," Lori said.

"Well, maybe someday you'll tell me about it. You'd better get back in there and finish that typing. The boss is going to be pissed if you don't have it done before you go home."

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Lori returned to her desk and started typing. Her mind flashed back to her childhood. When she was a child her mother was the light of her life. Her father was a brute, he came home drunk three or four nights a week. He beat her mother senseless for the least little thing. Maybe he didn't like what she made for dinner or it might be the way she was dressed, any excuse to beat her was what he looked for. When she was ten he came home one night and found her mother asleep on the couch. She was recuperating from the beating he gave her the night before. For some reason this enraged him, he pulled her up and hit her square in the face, then he threw her across the room. Her head hit the corner of the brick hearth with a loud cracking sound and blood flew everywhere. This enraged him even more. He started beating her unconscious body with his hands and kicking her with his feet. Lori was sitting there crying watching the whole thing. She picked up the phone and dialed 911. When the police arrived her father was still punching and kicking her mother's lifeless body. Her father was sent to prison for life. She was the chief witness for the prosecution. She lived with an aunt that was divorced from an abusive husband. Until she was old enough to get a job and move out on her own, the aunt preached to her about men and how evil they were. Lori believed every word.

Lori always tried to hide her sexuality, she wore loose fitting clothes and no makeup, she wore her hair pulled back into a matron's bun, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't hide the fact that she was beautiful. Her forty-inch D sized breasts, twenty-two inch waist and thirty-six inch hips on her five foot six inch frame was impossible to hide, and the lack of make up made the natural beauty of her face come through. Men looked at her poorly disguised body and drooled; everyone thought she was a lesbian, but nothing could be further from the truth. She had never had sex; she was a virgin and had never even had an orgasm.

After work Lori went home and did her normal routine things. She made herself dinner, washed the dishes and curled up in front of the TV with a book. She liked science fiction stories and books with female heroines; her favorite was a story of a female assassin that killed twenty-two men during the course of the book. She got sleepy and turned off the TV and the lights and went to bed.

During the night she was shocked from a deep sleep by something covering her mouth, her hands went to her face and grasped a thick wrist. Then a large hand seized her wrists, she tried to kick out with her feet but they became tangled in the covers. The man straddled her and she was completely immobilized.

"OK sweet thing, I'm going to fuck you, and nothing you do can change that. I don't want to hurt you but I will if I have too. I'm going to take my hand from your mouth. If you scream I'll punch you out and fuck you while you're unconscious," he whispered.

He lifted the hand covering her mouth.

"Please don't hurt me. I'll do anything, just don't hurt me," she pleaded, fearing for her life.

"OK, first we're going to get this nightgown off, then I'm going to suck your pussy, then I'm going to fuck you," he said.

"Suck my pussy? You mean, with your mouth," she asked.

"That's exactly what I mean, but before I get started on that I'm going to suck on them big tits of yours. While I'm doing that you take my cock in your hands and stroke it.

He moved her hands down to his cock and released them. She grasped his cock and stroked it. Her hands barely fit around it and it was very long.

"Oh God, you're going to fuck me with this. It will kill me," she moaned.

"No baby it won't kill you, it'll just send you to heaven," he laughed.

The room was totally dark she could see nothing except a vague outline of the man. She just knew she was a dead woman. She knew when he finished with her he would kill her. She would do everything he said, she would do anything to keep from angering him. If he liked fucking her maybe he wouldn't kill her, she thought. That was her only chance.

"I'm going to take my weight off of you so you can pull your gown off. I don't want to hear any shit, just take it off."

She pulled her gown off and he sat back on her. He leaned forward and took her mounds in his hands and began sucking and licking them. After some time he raised his head to say, "I'm going to kiss you now; I want you to put your tongue in my mouth." When his lips met hers she pushed her tongue in and licked his tongue feverishly, hoping he liked it that way. He then forced his own tongue into her mouth and she sucked like it was the most delicious thing she ever had in her mouth. He pulled his mouth away.

"I'm going to slowly work my way down your body to your pussy, sucking and licking all the way. When I get there I'm going to eat it and you're going to cum. If you don't cum, you'll piss me off and I don't think you want that," he whispered.

Cum? Lori knew this was having an orgasm. But she had never had one before and didn't know if she could. As the man sucked and licked his way down her body she realized that he was not hurting her. He was being very gentle with her, he had not hurt her from the beginning. He threatened her but that was all. The fear started to ebb from her brain and was replaced by desire, desire for him to continue caressing her body so gently. She had her legs clamped tightly together; he spread her pubic hairs and the top of her cut lips that covered her clitoris. When she felt his tongue lick it she couldn't help moaning.

"Spread your legs," he said, "Spread them wide."

Without thinking she spread her legs as wide as she could and lifted her knees. The man licked her cunt inside and out; then he sucked her clit while tonguing it. Lori felt something happening, it started somewhere deep in her belly and focused on the walls of her vagina. When the first contraction hit her she couldn't keep still, she drove her pussy up at his face.

"Ohhhhh God. Ummm, Yes," she groaned.

When the contractions subsided her ass dropped back on the bed and her legs splayed even wider. The man kept licking.

"Yes, again, I want it again. Please," she begged.

The man never let up until she had another very strong orgasm. Then he moved over her and took her mounds in his hands and covered her mouth with his. He pulled his tongue from her sucking mouth.

"Now I'm going to fuck you, reach down and put it in," he commanded.

"I'm a virgin," she said.

"Great, I'm proud to be your first. If you thought me eating you was good wait until you get my big cock in you, your going to cum so much you'll pass out," he bragged.

"You mean I'll cum some more?" she asked.

"Sure several times, now put it in."

She reached down between them and positioned his cock in her opening; he pushed in a little ways and stopped when he felt her hymen.

"Now I'm at your cherry, you push your cunt up on my cock and break it yourself," he said.

"Why? Why can't you do it?" she asked.

"Because it's going to hurt, you'll always remember I hurt you. But if you do it yourself the pain will be your fault."

At that point she realized he was not going to hurt her at all. He wouldn't even cause the pain of her first fuck. She knew that if she could see him she would hate him because he was a man, but it was different, here in the dark with just the feel of his body and his hard cock lodged just inside her yearning pussy. And the memory of the orgasms she had experienced just minutes ago still fresh in her mind. She felt attached to him; she wanted his cock deep in her pussy. She rammed her hips up at him taking about half his cock.

"Oh God. It does hurt," she moaned.



The man pushed into her until his cock was all buried in her fully; then he was still.

"When you're ready, start fucking up at it," he said backing off a couple of inches.

Lori lay still, biting her lip, to hold back the tears. The feeling of his big cock packing her tight pussy so fully was beautiful. At that moment she would have killed to keep it right where it was. The pain slowly went away and she pushed up at him feeling his balls hit her ass. He began fucking her with long slow strokes, pulling out until just the head was still in then back in all the way. She let out a long low moan.

"Yess, do just like that, fuck me. Don't ever stop fucking me," she groaned.

She felt an orgasm coming almost immediately. He fucked her right through it. Then she had another, then he started pounding into her with all his might. He slammed into her up to his balls and held it. She felt his cock jerk and squirt inside of her just as her third and strongest orgasm hit her.

They lay still panting, his hands were still filled by her big tits and his softening cock was still in her pussy.

"God that was good, I never thought anything like this happened between men and women. I knew they fucked but I didn't know about the cumming, I never imagined it would be this good," she panted.

He rolled off of her and pulled her to him kissing her.

"Yes it was good. Your pussy was so tight I came quicker than I wanted too, I can usually fuck a lot longer than that," he said.

"I think you fucked plenty long, I'm glad you raped me tonight, maybe next time you'll last longer."

"Next time? You mean you want it again?" he asked, surprised.

"Of course, I want it again. Could you come back tomorrow night?"

"Yeah I can come again tomorrow. When you're ready just turn out the lights and go to bed," he said

"That's just the way I want it, I don't want to ever see you."

"That's good, that suits me just fine."

"My name's Lori, What can I call you?" she asked.

"Just call me Cock, that's all I am to you anyway," he said with a dry laugh.

"OK Cock, I have a question. Are you black?"

"Yes. How did you know? Does it matter?"

"No it doesn't. I felt your hair while we were fucking, it's stiff and kinky, so I just guessed," she said. "In the dark it makes little, if any difference."

"I guess you're right. But I know exactly what you look like I've been watching you for a long time. You try to cover up what you look like but you can't cover that sexy body of yours well enough to hide it."

"Do I know you?" she asked.

"No I don't think so. I just see you around the neighborhood."

"Good I don't want to know you."

"I know you don't want to see me but I'm dying to see you. Could you leave your drapes open and strip off so I can see your body," he whispered.

"We could make that kind of a signal, I'll do it every time I want to get fucked, just before I go to bed," she said.

"Hey feel this, just thinking of seeing you naked has made my cock hard again," he said placing her hand on his hard cock."

Lori rolled onto her back and spread her legs, "Fuck me," she said.

He fucked her longer this time, she lost count of her orgasms. When they finished she fell asleep and when she awoke a few hours later he was gone. She put her hand between her legs and felt the gooey mess there; tomorrow she would go to the doctor and get on the pill.

The next morning she asked Tina to have lunch with her. Although Tina thought Lori was a dyke, she agreed to have lunch with her. She had been known to have sex with women on occasion. After they ordered, Lori started the conversation.

Tina I have a problem that maybe you can help me with. I'm not sure, but here goes," she said.

She told Tina all about her childhood, her father, and her aunt. She told her everything.

"So, that's why you hate men. I wondered about that. I can see why you would," Tina said.

"Well now I have something added to it. Last night I got laid for the first time, and I love cock. I hate men and love cock. You can't have cock without men. I'm sure I can keep getting it like I did last night, but I want more."

She told Tina about getting raped in the dark and how she liked it and how he was coming back and rape her again, but from now on it wouldn't be rape. She wondered about Tina's husband and how her life was.

"Lori, my husband and I have been married for fifteen years and he has never laid a hand on me in anger. He loves me very much. I'm no angel I've been unfaithful to him dozens of times. He kids me about it, he says I'm a loose woman in more ways than one. Any way, what I'm getting at, most men are good and wouldn't hurt you for anything. Think about it, how many men do you think are in prison for beating and killing their wives. A very low percentage, your letting your experience with one man ruin your life. My advice is to play the field; you don't have to marry a man because you fuck him. Fuck lots of men and if any of them give you a hard time, drop him," Tina said.

"I know it sounds easy, but I really am scared to death of them."

"I know you are, but your going to have to beat this fear on your own. Get yourself into a situation that you have control over and experiment."

That evening she changed her routine; her usual thing was to read until ten, then go to bed. But at nine thirty she opened her drapes and turned on all of her lights, then she slowly disrobed. She let her long black hair down and she walked about the room being sure to present all sides of her beautiful body to the window. She hoped Cock was watching. She was really excited by the thought of him sitting out there with a hard-on, staring at her nude body.

At ten, she turned out the lights and went to bed. In less than ten minutes she heard her bedroom door open and close, she heard his clothes rustling as he removed them.

"How do you get into my apartment?" she asked.

"You remember a week or so ago when some guy snatched you purse and in less than two hours another guy returned it to you?"

"Yes I remember. How did you know about that?"

"Those two guys are friends of mine. I had a key to your apartment made while we had you purse."

"I see, I guess there's nothing I can do about that. I sure don't want to lock you out now."

"Those two guy's are dying to fuck you."

"But I've seen them both."

"Yeah but you don't know them and besides you won't know which one you're fucking," he said.

"I guess your right. I'll think about it."

"I enjoyed your show tonight. My friends watched with me. You are really something, you gave us all rock hard cocks."

"Don't just stand there, bring that rock hard cock over here and fuck me," she moaned.

After they fucked and rested for a while, Cock raised up on his elbow.

"Listen baby since I'm raping you I guess I can make you do anything I want. I want a blow-job."

"A blow job? You want me to suck on your cock?"

"Yes I want you to suck it and I want to shoot you a mouthful of thick cum, and if you don't swallow every drop I'll beat the shit out of you," he said.

"Well in that case, bring it on, I sure don't want the shit beat out of me," she said.



He moved up on the bed and she found his cock and put it in her mouth. She kind of liked the velvety head. She licked all around it, and took as much of the shaft in her mouth as she could and sucked it like a fat soda straw.

"Yeah baby just like that, you ain't bad for a beginner. After I coat your tonsils with ball juice you just keep sucking until you get it good and hard again, then I'm going to fuck that pretty ass of yours.

Lori backed his cock out of her mouth.

"You're what?"

"You heard me, I'm going to fuck you in the ass."

"Are you sure you can do that? She asked.

"Sure I'm sure, I've done it many times. It's the only cherry you have now baby and I'm getting that one too."

Lori shrugged her shoulders and went back to sucking. After all, he hadn't done anything to her yet that hurt her or that she didn't like. When his cock started bucking and shooting in her mouth she swallowed it all down just like he said, she liked the taste and would look forward to doing it again. She kept sucking until she felt it grow hard again then he pulled her head off of his cock.

"It's time baby, I brought some lubricant so just lay back and let me get you ready."

Lori lay back and he spread her legs and pushed her knees to her shoulders. He left the bed for a moment, then he was back. She felt him apply something cold to her asshole then he pushed his finger in.

"Yess goood," she moaned.

He worked his finger in and out then added another, when he had three fingers in her to his knuckles he pulled out.

"No don't stop," she whimpered.

"Ok Baby it's time, I'm going to lay down on my back and you straddle me and put my cock in your ass, It's going to hurt a little at first but then it will feel good, just like when you busted your cherry."

Lori knew why he wouldn't do it, it was going to hurt and she would be hurting herself. She did as he told her and when she grabbed his cock it was all greasy and she knew he had lubricated himself as well. She positioned the head at her asshole and sat down, when the head popped in it hurt like hell, she gritted her teeth and waited for the pain to stop. Then she eased down on it, when her ass cheeks pressed against his balls, she wished for the first time that his cock was longer, she wanted more. She began to rise and fall on his hard cock. He pushed two fingers into her wet cunt and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

"Oh fuck yes. I can't believe how good this is. Oh god, fuck me," she wailed.

He fucked up at her ass each time she descended. She fucked him furiously. Her orgasms were the best she ever had. She loved having her ass fucked. She was disappointed when she felt his cock buck and shoot into her bowels, she wanted it to last forever. She fell forward, her big tits digging into his chest.

"Goddamn what a fuck," she moaned.

He fucked her ass again before he left, this time he fucked her from behind while she was on her hands and knees.

"Please come back tomorrow," she begged as he was getting dressed.

"I'll be here. Don't forget the strip show."

She heard her door open and close and knew he was gone. She lay there and thought about what he said about his friends. He was right. She wouldn't know which one was fucking her, the idea of fucking three cocks one right after the other appealed to her. Tomorrow she would tell him she would do it.

The following evening she gave the watchers a little extra, she put on a record and danced around the room shaking her tits and ass cheeks at them. She had her self pretty worked up by the time she was ready for bed.

She lay in the dark waiting for Cock to show up She heard noises in the next room and supposed he was getting undressed in there. Her door opened and she saw dark shadows all around her, she felt hands grab her wrist and ankles.

"What's going on, Cock?" she asked.

"I brought my friends. We're all going to fuck you," he said.

"Good, I decided last night that you all could fuck me one at a time," she breathed excitedly.

"Look bitch. We're the rapers and you're the rapee. We decide how we're going to fuck you. Do you understand?"

"Yes I understand. If I don't do it your way you'll beat the fuck out of me. Right?" she said happily.

"Yes that's right cunt and don't you forget it."

"OK quit talking about it and fuck me. Who's first?"

"Look you big titted mother-fucker. Were all going to fuck you at the same time, were all going to chose a hole and fuck it until you beg for mercy."

"Shit, I never thought of that, a cock in each hole all at once, yes I like that. Let's do it."

"You ain't going to like this shit, we ain't fucking no broad we can't see, were turning the fucking lights on."

With that the ceiling lights came on, blinding her momentarily. When she could see, the first thing that caught her attention was the three hard cocks sticking out rigidly from their groins and their big hanging ball sacks. She had never seen a cock before, she never realized how beautiful they were, her mouth watered and her cunt flowed like a squeezed orange. The three men stood side-by-side next to the bed. She raised her eyes to their faces. She saw three handsome smiling faces.

"Which one is Cock?" she asked.

"Look at our cocks and see if you can guess." one said.

The one in the middle was huge, the one to the right was much longer put thinner and the one to the left was shorter but a lot thicker.

"I think this one is Cock," she said pointing to the middle one.

"You guessed it baby, but my name is Ervin, everyone calls me Erv. This is Will and James. They're the two friends I told you about."

"I don't understand why I'm not scared to death but I'm not. All I can think of is getting your three beautiful cocks in me some where. Don't torture me any longer. Do something to me, please," she begged.

The three men all crawled onto the bed, Erv pushed her legs wide and started sucking her wet cunt. James grabbed her tits and began licking and sucking her nipples. Will closed his mouth over hers. Her hands found Will and James's cocks and stroked them. After she came they switched, James sucked her cunt Will her tits and Erv her tongue, when she had her second cum thy switched again, after her third the started discussing who was going to fuck her where.

"Hey guys let me choose OK," she said.

"OK. You choose." Erv said.

"I know how much Erv likes a blow-job so he gets my mouth, I want that long fucker in my ass," she said pointing at Will, "and the fat one in my cunt."

She thought one cock fucking her was wonderful, now she found that three was heavenly. She came so strongly and so often she was almost delirious when they bucked and shot into her, she had presense if mind enough to gulp down all of Erv's thick cum. The men all collapsed around her. After a while Erv stirred.

"We put a couple of bottles of wine in your fridge. Let's all go out and have a glass," he said.

They all filed into the living room. Erv poured them all a glass and they sat around talking. The men all sat with their legs splayed apart and their large cocks and balls hanging. Lori wanted to fuck.

"Hey guys what if I put on some music and give you another dance, maybe I can get those things standing again."

She had no problem getting them hard again. After they all had fucked her in all of her holes they had another glass of wine.

"Lori why were you so afraid of men? I would really like to know," Erv said.

She told them all about her father and her aunt.



"Damn, I can understand why you would hate and fear men," Will said.

"Well you don't have to be afraid any longer. If any fucker gives you a hard time, you just call us and we'll put the son-of-a-bitch in the hospital," Erv said.

"Or maybe the morgue," James piped in.

"You three have taught me a lot. Now I know that all men aren't going to beat me if given the chance. I know that you three are kind and gentle. I suppose I should give some other men a try," Lori said softly.

"Now you're talking baby. But we have to do something about the way you dress. No more of hiding that beautiful body of yours. We'd better be going but we'll be back in the morning and we'll all go shopping for you a new wardrobe. Do you guys think we can scrape up enough money to buy her some new clothes?" Erv said.

"Hold on guys I don't need your money. I have plenty of my own. After I pay my rent and buy food I stash the rest in the bank. And I don't want you to leave. Spend the night. I want to fuck some more tonight and in the morning too. Tomorrow's Saturday. so we can sleep late and after you fuck me, I'll make a nice breakfast then we'll go shopping."

"I guess the only way you can keep from getting your ass whipped is to get on your knee's and suck our cocks," Erv said.

"Erv you are one bad ass nigger," she laughed, and dropped to her knees.

"You're right and don't you forget it," Erv laughed with her.

The next day they drove to the mall in Erv's car. When they entered the ladies shop the men started rummaging through the racks of skirts dresses and blouses. When they accumulated several pieces, they all filed into the changing room. The sales ladies were flabbergasted and one of them called the manager.

"If they're not stealing anything, leave them alone," he told her.

The three men changed her from one outfit to the other, making two piles of clothes; one accepted and the other rejected. By the time they put the last outfit on her they all had hard cocks. They stripped it off and fucked her. Her cries could be heard throughout the store. When they came out they piled the accepted bunch of clothes on the counter. Then they started going through the bras and panties. The lady behind the counter looked at Lori and smiled.

"You really know how to go shopping," she said.

"Yes, they are quite fun to go shopping with."

"I might like to have them take me on a shopping spree," The lady said smiling.

"Would you like them to take you to the changing room and try you on?"

"Yes I think so, today's my last day anyway. I'm getting married tomorrow. This might be my last fling and from the way you were screaming, I can't imagine a better last fling."

"Hey Guys! This lady wants to go to the changing room with you. Why don't you try her on and see if she fits," Lori said smiling.

Erv took the lady's hand and led he away.

Lori stood by the counter and waited. The screams and sighs coming from the changing room made her pussy wet. The other sales ladies just stood there and stared at her wide-eyed. When they came out the lady started ringing up Lori's purchases.

"Well how was the fit? Lorie asked.

"Perfect, just perfect," The lady said.

They left the ladies shop and went to a cosmetic store, where they insisted the saleslady show Lori the proper way to apply make up. Then they took her back to her apartment and dressed her in one of her new outfits and sat her in a chair. Will let her hair down and brushed it. When they had her just right they drug her into the bathroom in front of the mirror.

"From now on this is your look. If we catch you out in those drab clothes again, we'll whip your ass," Erv said.

Lori stared at herself. The low cut blouse barely covered her nipples and the skirt was so short it came just below the tops of the stocking she was wearing. She had to admit she looked very sexy. They spent the rest of the weekend dressing her in different outfits and having her parade around in front of them while they hooted and whistled. On Sunday night they gave her a good fucking and left. Lori stared at herself in the mirror. She never felt more self confident in her life.

The next day she looked forward to getting to work, when she entered the office every man there stared at her. She knew they were drooling. Just as she was about to sit down at her desk, that wimp Jerry Wilkins came up to her.

"Well what have we here? What are you doing, dyke? Trying to lure some pussy into your lair," he giggled.

"No you fucking wimp. I'm trying to lure some cock into my pussy. You know anybody that has one?" she said loudly.

"I have one," he stammered.

"Oh you do, do you? Well come on let me see it," she said as she stripped off her panties and sat on the desk spreading her legs wide. "Come on take the shriveled thing out and put it to good use. I bet you can't even get it up. Come on Jerry, take it out," she said.

Jerry turned on his heel and retreated.

"Hey wimp. If you can't fuck it the least you could do is suck on it a little," she called after him.

Several of the men watching broke up and several more applauded. Lori picked up her panties and shoved them in her purse then she sat down and went to work. Tina came up and patted her on the shoulder.

"Good girl, Lori. I think you've come out of your shell."

Gene Jacobs brought her a cup of coffee and sat on the edge of her desk. They made a date for dinner the next evening. Jim Swartz came over and showed her two tickets for a show, and asked if she would go with him. Of course she accepted. She was swamped with invitations the whole day. At four thirty Angie Baxter, the bosses secretary, came up to her desk and told her the boss wanted to see her. Lori was sure she was fired for the way she had behaved that morning. She went into his big office and sat in one of the chairs around his desk.

"Miss Litton, I've been watching you for some time. The way you handled yourself this morning with Wilkins made up my mind. I'm a man that has been married for a good part of his life. My wife and I have never had a good sexual relationship. Our marriage was more a joining of two families rather than two people. My wife has cheated on me since the beginning and I've cheated on her, but mostly with call girls. I'm looking for a more meaningful relationship; I'm looking for a Mistress. Does that interest you?"

"Exactly what would it entail?" she asked.

I would rent you a nice big apartment, and buy all the food and clothes you need. I would come and visit two nights a week, most of the time for all night. You would make dinner for me and sleep with me. I would expect you to do what ever I wanted within reason."

Lori thought for a moment, he was a handsome enough man, she thought he was in his late fifties, his hair was gray and slightly thinning, had a little bit of a pot belly, but she would have no problem fucking him.

"What about the other five nights of the week?" she asked.

"You can do what ever you want, you can have anybody visit you anytime except on my nights."

"I only have one thing bothering me. In a few years your going to be retiring, and in a few more years you're going to be getting old and may not have the desire to have sex. I need some sort of guarantee that I won't be turned out in the cold," she said, smiling.

He looked at her pretty face and her large breasts, and smiled back at her.

"OK, I tell you what. We'll draw up a twenty-year contract, you'll have your job here with a seven percent raise each year, part of the contract will be the apartment. Then we'll give you a monthly apartment allowance that will cover your utilities and food. The company will buy you a new car each year. Of course it will be a company car and we will pay for the gas and the insurance. How does all this sound, Miss Litton?"

"It sounds wonderful, make it for thirty years and it's a deal," she grinned.



"OK, but all of this is contingent," he said.

"Contingent on what," she asked, frowning.

"On what you do in the next thirty seconds," he said grinning.

Lori stood and unbuttoned her blouse. She threw it on the chair then she unhooked her bra. She heard him gasp when she slid it down her arms. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She was naked except for her hose; her panties were still in her purse.

"Is this what you had in mind, Mr. Fairchild?" she asked.

"Yes exactly. You're a mind reader," he said red faced.

"Let me read your mind a little more," she said taking his hand and pulling him to his feet. "Come over to the couch and let's see what I can figure out."

She sat on the couch and went to work on his pants; she soon had them and his boxers down around his ankles. His long thick cock sprang out in her face.

"Ooh Mr. Fairchild, I think I'm going to like this new arrangement."

She examined his cock carefully, it was the first circumcised as well as the first white cock she'd seen, it was snow white and had little blue veins running through it and the big head was a dark purple. His big hairy balls hung limply in their sack she hefted them in her palm as she stroked her hand up and down his cock. She licked all around the head then she took it in her mouth and sucked it. Fairchild threw back his head and groaned. She backed off and looked up at him.

"My mind reading ability is waning, do you want me to keep sucking until I get a mouth full of goodies or do you want to fuck me?"

Fairchild pushed her back on the couch and dropped to his knees between her wide spread legs, she grabbed his cock and guided it to her wet hole. He pushed into her and groaned.

"God what a tight cunt, I think I'm going to like these new arrangements too, baby."

He gave her two very strong orgasms before he emptied his balls and fell forward onto her large cushiony tits.

"That was wonderful, Mr. Fairchild," she whispered.

"Call me Teddy, Everyone calls me Ted except my wife, she calls me Theodore, I want you to call me Teddy."

"OK Teddy bear," she giggled.

Teddy just smiled at her. After they put their clothes back on and he sat at his desk she took the chair she'd been sitting in before.

"Tomorrow morning, I'll draw up the contract and we'll sign it, then we'll go to lunch. After lunch I have an apartment lined up that we'll go look at, If you like it we'll get you moved the day after. How does that sound?"

"It sounds great. I can't believe this is happening to me. It's like a fairy tale."

"After we get you moved in we'll go pick out a car for you, then you'll be all set."

Lori went around the desk and sat on his lap and kissed him.

"I guess I'd better get back to work, we have a pretty tough boss here," she said grinning at him.

"Tough as nails and meaner than a mad dog," he laughed.

As she returned to her desk she was walking on air, she couldn't wait to tell Erv. As soon as she entered her apartment she picked up the phone and called him. She excitedly told him all about it.

"That's great baby. We'll still be able to fuck about as often as we want. I'm really proud of you."

"I owe it all to you, if you hadn't raped me that night I would still be that little scared girl. Come over tonight and let's celebrate," she said, bubbling with excitement.

"I don' think I can tonight baby, but you do the strip show anyway just in case."

"So there is a chance you can come?"

"Yes, a chance," he said.

She did her strip show and went to bed at her regular time; she lay there hopefully listening for him. She heard him enter the apartment and a little later she heard her bedroom door open and close.

"Erv?" she said.

"No it's not Erv." a voice said. "It's Ned, Erv said to tell you he sent me in his place, he said he wanted you to have an extra special treat for tonight."

"An extra special treat, what did he mean?" she asked.

Lori felt his hands on her, he found her hand and placed it on his hard cock.

"I think this is what he meant."

"Oh My God, it feels like a fucking baseball bat. Turn on the lights so I can se it."

"You turn it on I don't know where it is."

She turned on the lamp on her nightstand.

"Oh fuck, it looks even bigger than it feels. I didn't know they made cocks this big. Shit, won't it kill me?"

"I've fucked a lot of pussies with it and I've never killed anyone yet. I suppose I could kill a woman with it but I'm real careful, I've never had one single complaint."

"Well come on let's do it?" she said.

"Maybe I should suck your pussy and get it good and wet first."

"Shit, its already running like a fountain, just lay down and let me sit on it."

He was right. It didn't kill her; not even when he stuck it in her ass. She loved his big cock and was thankful Erv had sent him around.

The next day everything went off like clock work. The apartment was fantastic. She loved the big airy rooms and the bath was beautiful with a sunken tub and mirrors everywhere.

She called Erv. Will and James to help her move. After they moved all of her belongings, she took all three of them to bed.

The next day Teddy took her looking for a car. She almost shit when he pulled into a Porsche dealer. She drove away in a shiny new sports car. That evening was her and Teddy's first evening together. She made him dinner and they talked. They went to bed early and made love. Teddy was a kind, gentle man and she could tell he loved her by the way he touched her. No man had ever touched her like that before. She was proud to be his mistress. Teddy never tried to hide the fact that she was his mistress; he always introduced her as such. Everyone knew it, all the people at the office and even his wife.

One Saturday afternoon her doorbell rang. When she answered the door it was a beautiful lady.

"Lori, I'm Emma Fairchild. Theodore's wife, I just wanted to stop by and meet you," She walked in past Lori.

"My what a nice place. You must enjoy this place very much. It's beautiful."

"Yes I do enjoy it," Lori said, nervously.

"I'm glad that Theodore picked such a beautiful young lady for his mistress."

"Thank you Ms. Fairchild," Lori said feeling a little better.

"Oh honey, call me Emma. And don't be so nervous, I'm not going to bite you, unless I get a chance that is," she said laughing.

"I was afraid you might be angry." Lori said.

"Heavens no, I'm glad that he's out on specific nights. It gives me a chance to catch up on some my own extra curricular activities," she laughed.

"Can I make you a drink?" Lori asked.

"Why yes I'd love a Martini."

"I'm afraid I don't know how to make a Martini," Lori said.

"Well I do. I'll teach you to make them just the way Theodore likes them," she said, going to the bar.



She showed Lori, explaining in detail. When they were poured they sat on the couch and sipped them. By the time they had their third and Lorie was pouring a fourth she was tipsy and Emma was slurring her words.

"Do you have any young men with big hard cocks to take care of you on your nights off?" she asked.

"Yes, I do," Lori aid

"I just adore young men with big hard cocks. That's my favorite thing in the world. My second is pretty young ladies with big tits," Emma said.

"You like ladies?" Lori couldn't believe it.

"Of course. I've been eating pussy since I was in high school. I have a weakness for girls with big tits, like yours."

"Are you saying you want to eat my pussy?" Lori asked.

"Yes that's exactly what I'm saying. Are you game?"

"I've never had my pussy ate by a woman." Lori said smiling at her.

"Honey you haven't lived until you do, a woman knows all the right places to lick and suck," Emma said grinning.

"How do we go about this?" Lori asked.

"Let's get naked and I'll eat you alive." Emma said.

They got undressed and Emma dove into Lori's cunt. She didn't stop until she brought her through two orgasms. She brought herself through two with her fingers. Then she pulled herself up and sat on the couch. Lori poured them another martini and they sipped it.

"God I'm horny, I need a hard cock. Cumming is great, but nothing beats cumming on a hard cock. Why don't I call some friends of mine and have them come over and fuck us," Emma said.

"How big is the biggest cock you've ever had?" Lori asked.

"About like this." Emma said holding her hands about eight inches apart.

"Emma, what if I told you I know these four guys that the smallest is at least an inch longer than that. I won't even tell you about the biggest. You wouldn't believe it." Lori said.

"You're kidding. Four cocks that big?"

"Yes four cocks that big, I suppose I should tell you they're black."

"Black? I've never had a black cock before, let's go for it, Call them now."

Lori dialed Erv's number.

"Hello," he said.

"Erv, I need some hard cock, and I've got this beautiful lady here with me that needs a hard cock too, do you think you could get Will, James and Ned and come over."

"Baby it's only five o'clock in the afternoon. You usually don't get fucked until bedtime. How did you get so horny?"

"The bitch has been sucking my cunt. We're both drunk and we need some big hard cocks. Can't you just hurry?"

"Ok baby we'll be there as soon as I can get the guys together."

She hung up and called Teddy.

"Fairchild," he said.

"Teddy, Emma came over and we've been talking, we're both drunk as lords, I think she should spend the night here. She's in no condition to drive."

"I think she's sucked your cunt. The bitch just can't keep her tongue out of pretty big titted ladies, don't worry about it baby, just as long as your ready for me Tuesday."

When the four men came in the women were still naked and even drunker.

Hi guys this is Emma," Lori said.

The men all introduced themselves to Emma.

"Take your clothes off and show Emma your cocks," Lori slurred.

As the men undressed Emma's eyes got bigger and bigger, when Ned bared his cock she gasped.

"My god Lori, you're right. I wouldn't have believed you. I don't believe it now and I'm looking right at it, the damn thing looks like it should be on a horse."

"Just wait until you get it in you, you wouldn't believe how good it feels to cum on that thing. It hurts a little, but it's worth it. Let's split them up. You take Ned and Will, you can use my bedroom, Erv, James and I will take the guest room," Lori said.

"Let's just do it right here, I love to see other people fuck and I would love to see those two big black cocks fucking your pretty ass," Emma said.

Ned and Erv lay on the floor and the two women mounted them, Lori watched as Emma wiggled down and took about half of Ned's monster cock in her. Lori sat on Erv's cock taking it to his balls. The women were still until the other two men's cocks were buried in their asses.

After they fucked, the women had another martini, then Emma sucked Lori's cum filled cunt to another orgasm, This got the men hard again so they switched partners and fucked again, then the women had another martini. By ten o'clock, Lori and Emma both were passed out on the floor. The men carried them into the bedroom and lay them on the bed. Then they dressed and left.

They both woke up with a hangover. Emma woke up first and brought Lori from a deep sleep by sucking her nipples.

"God, I feel like shit," Lori said.

"Me too babe, what we need is some hair off the dog." Emma said, as she got out of bed and headed for the living room, she returned a few minutes later with two martini's.

"Here drink this. It'll make you feel better," she said.

They drank their drinks in silence.

"Let's go take a bath. Maybe that'll bring me back to life," Lori moaned.

The bath did make her feel better. She wound up lying on her back with her feet in the tub with Emma sucking her cunt.

By noon they decided they were going to live. They dressed and went out to lunch. They ordered and sat there, waiting to be served.

"Emma I really feel bad, you have gave me so much pleasure with your mouth and tongue and I haven't done anything for you," Lori said.

"Don't be silly darling. It gives me great pleasure sucking your pussy and making you cum. It may sound funny, but I don't get off on another woman eating me. I love it when men do because I know I'm going to get fucked right after, but with women I don't have that to look forward to. What I need is one of those hermaphrodites, you know with a cock and a pussy both," Emma laughed.

After lunch they went back to Lori's apartment and made love for the rest of the afternoon. Lori found that Emma did get off having Lori's fingers probing deep in her cunt. At around six Emma said she had to go. She had a date at eight and wanted to go home and get ready for it. They had a long tongue-sucking kiss and said goodbye. They had already made plans to get together on Wednesday, and Friday they were going to spend the night with Erv and the boys. Lori was supposed to set that up during the week.

Over the next year Lori grew to love both Teddy and Emma. Teddy was like a father to her except when they were in bed. And Emma was like the big sister Lori never had. Emma was closer to Lori's age than Teddy's. He was fifteen years older than Emma. Lori had many men friends that came around and she and Emma still fucked Erv and his friends.

One night after they fucked and the six of them were having a drink, Erv made an announcement. He was planning on getting married in a month. As they talked it came out that all four of them were planning weddings over the next six months. Lori and Emma were devastated, both were almost in tears, Erv saw this.

"Don't look so glum girls, we're not going to forget you two. The four of us is going to have a poker game on Friday nights, and guess who we're going to be poking," Erv said smiling.

Each of the four men had a big bachelor party before they were married. Lori and Emma were the entertainment at each.

Ten years after they first got together Teddy had a sudden heart attack and died. He had been careful to make sure that if anything ever happened to him, Lori's contract would still be in effect. Besides that, he left her a large sum of money in his will. She wouldn't have to worry about a thing for the rest of her life. After his death Lori and Emma became even closer. Even though they each still had their own place one of them was almost always visiting the other. The only time they weren't together was when one of them had a date. Lori thought of Teddy often, it was funny how she had hated and feared men for most of her life, and one of them had seen to it that she would always be taken care of.

- The End -

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