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      by PurpleCat

      (MF incest beastiality (dogs & horse) prostitute)

Ellie Hunter padded down the hall her bare feet slapping on the wood floor. She entered the living room and sat in a chair. She spread her legs wide and leaned back and waited. Her father, Jeb Hunter, sat on the couch across from her with his nose stuck in the newspaper. He was so engrossed in the article he was reading, he didn't even noticed her entrance. Jeb didn't read well and it took all of his concentration to grasp what the author was trying to convey. Ellie sat there for some time, when she couldn't stand it any longer she cleared her throat.

"Pa," she said.

Jeb lowered the paper and looked at her. His eyes widened.

"My god child, what are yea running around naked for?"

"It's hot Pa. Don't you like how I look," she said pushing her large tits out at him.

"Daughter, you're a grown woman. You're the same age as your Ma was when we married. You shouldn't be going around naked in front of grown men."

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Ellie saw his long cock crawling down the leg of his overalls like a snake.

"I'm horny. I need some pleasuring," she said rubbing her bare pussy.

"Ellie I'm your Pa, you know I'm not supposed to be pleasuring you. Why don't you go screw that yeller mutt, like you always do when you get horny?"

"Pa I'm tired of screwing that mutt his dick is to small, he's just a little mutt and he's not even big enough to get hung up anymore, he was OK when I was younger, But now that I'm thirteen I want a big dick like yours," she whined.

"How do you know if I have a big dick?" he asked.

"I saw you fucking the Widder Stone in the barn yesterday. I peeped through a knothole when I seen y'all go in. When I seen her sucking on it I knew I had to get me some too, and when you started fucking her I started rubbing off. Boy she squealed like a pig when you shoved that long monster in her."

Jeb laughed "She always squeals like that, that woman has got some mighty fine pussy on her."

"Well you've got some mighty fine cock on you, and I want some of it."

"Your Ma might be back any minute, we ought not to start anything now."

"Ma will be gone for quite a while. Her and Buddy went to town for groceries and I'll bet they pull over and fuck, both when their going and when their coming home."

Jeb was only a little surprised that his wife was fucking their son.

"So your Ma and brother are fucking huh. How long has this been going on," he asked.

"I ain't sure, but I caught them about a year ago. I made Buddy fuck me right after that. He's got a pretty nice cock, but it's only about half the size of yours. Come on Pa. Let me suck it and then give me a good hard fucking."

Jeb studied her, it had been some time since he had seen her without clothes. She was a beautiful girl. She was tall and slim and her tits would take a size D cup bra if she ever wore one.

"Come over here and sit on Pa's lap, daughter," he said.

Ellie scrambled out of her chair and straddled his legs facing him. She started pulling at his overalls.

"Let's get you naked too, Pa."

Before he knew it Jeb was naked and she was on her knees between his legs holding and staring at has hard cock.

"God, it's even bigger than it looked when I saw it yesterday," she said stuffing the big head in her mouth, and lifting his huge balls. She pulled her mouth off.

"Shit you've got a big set of nuts, I bet you would drown a girl with cum, they're almost as big as Old Blue's," she said, referring to her Ma's horse. She went back to sucking him.

Jeb said nothing. Her tongue lashing his cock made him speechless his head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. He felt her mouth release him and raised his head to protest, he looked down just in time to see his cock head disappear into her pussy. She eased herself down on it taking in about half, then she started rising and falling on it taking a little more on each down stroke. Jeb couldn't stand it any longer he stood with her still impaled on his hard cock then he lay her on the couch and fell between her legs, he slammed into her with all his might and felt her pussy start to spasm. He fucked her hard through her first orgasm and then through another. Her screams and cries were loud and incomprehensible. He felt the sperm bubbling up from his balls and the first squirt leave his cock. He pushed in hard and held it, just as he felt her have a third. He collapsed on top of her, she just relaxed, he looked at her pretty face. She looked just like her mother when she was her age. Jeb's mind wandered back to the day he proposed to Maud.

They had gone into her family's barn and up into the loft to fuck, where he had fucked her many times before. Today he tried to make it special. She was lying under him half conscious just like Ellie was now. He raised his head.

"Maud, I want us to get married. I know I'm twice your age, but I promise to be a good husband," he whispered.

Her eyes flew open and she grinned, then she frowned.

"Jeb, yes I'll marry you but before we do, I want to give you a chance to change your mind. Don't say nothing just come with me I want to show you something."

She led the way down the ladder and went into a horse stall; she led a large horse into the center of the barn. She reached under the horse and started rubbing his sheath.

"Jeb, you know how I love to fuck, but you don't know everything, I fuck anybody, I fuck my Pa and my two brothers and every stranger that comes along. I fuck that big black dog of mine and this horse too."

Jeb stared at the horses rapidly growing cock in disbelief.

"I don't believe it," he said.

"Well I'm going to show you."

She spat on the big cock head and bent over and scooted back placing the big cock at her opening then she pushed hard and in it slid, she fucked back and forth an the cock moaning and groaning. Jeb could tell the horse was well trained, he hardly moved except when he started to cum then he only danced his back hooves around.

"Oh fuck he's cumming, and so am I," she moaned.

She pulled off the big cock and let it shoot on her ass. Her ass was covered and cum ran out of hole and coated her thighs. She straightened and smiled at him.

"Don't go round thinking you're something special because you have that big cock between your legs, compared to this you're a midget. If you still want to marry me you'll have to promise that we'll have a horse and a dog, and I'll still be fucking who ever I want whenever I want. If you agree we can get married next week."

Jeb's cock was as hard as a rock, they went back to the loft and he fucked her horse cum filled cunt.

They were married a week later. He had been true to his word, he bought her a horse and a big dog. The dog was killed a few years ago by a pack of wild dogs, and they adopted this little yellow stray. That was sixteen years ago, now their kids were grown. Buddy was fifteen and Ellie was thirteen. Jeb couldn't be sure if either of them were his. His son looked nothing like him or his mother, and he was a runt he was no taller than Ellie. He raised them as his own and loved them both.

Jeb's cock was still lodged in Ellie's tight pussy, he felt himself start to stiffen. Ellie stirred.

"Fuck me again, Pa," she whispered and pushed her pussy up at him.

Jeb stroked her with long easy strokes, enjoying the feel of her tight cunt squeezing his cock. She had three more orgasms before he pumped her another cunt full of his cum.

Maud and Buddy were at the grocery store. Mr. Jenkins was adding up her bill, he was about ready to make an entry in her credit book.

"Hold on Jake. I want to pay for this with trade, like I always do," she said and headed for the back room.

"Watch the store, Jim," he said to his helper, following her.



A half hour later she came out. And gathered as many of the bags as she could. Buddy picked up the rest and they went to their truck.

"Did he fuck you good, Ma?" he asked as they pulled away.

"I ain't ever been fucked when it wasn't good boy, Jake Jenkins has a tiny little cock, but it got me off just the same," she said smiling at him.

I got horny as hell while you were in there. Look at this," he said, pulling his cock from his pants.

Maud took it in her hand and stroked it.

"I'll pull over in the shade of that big oak tree we stopped at on the way in. I'll take care of this thing for you baby."

She pulled under the tree and waited for Buddy to open the door and get out she slid across the seat and lay back, then she put one foot on each side of the door opening. Buddy stepped between her legs and entered her.

"That's it baby, give it to me. Jake was just an appetizer. One little fuck is never enough for your Ma. Make sure you keep it up long enough to cum at least twice before you're done."

Buddy came three times before his cock softened, that's what Maud liked about fucking him. He stayed hard, sometimes he would shoot off four or five times before he couldn't get it up again. Her husband Jeb was the best fuck around but one good fuck was about all he could muster, when he fucked her she would wait until he fell asleep. Then she would go to Buddy's room and have him fuck her three or four times. It was getting harder and harder for her and Buddy to get together. That little bitch of a daughter was always after his cock. Just last night she went to Buddy's room and there she was humping up and down on his cock. Maud swatted her ass.

"Get the fuck out of here you little slut, go find your own cock. This is mine. Don't let me catch it in that tight little whore hole of yours again," she hollered at her.

Ellie scooted out of the room but Maud knew she would be back for more; she was too much like her mother. She guessed she would have to get the child a big dog; that little yellow mutt wasn't getting it any more. She wouldn't mind having another big dog around herself; it had been several years since she had a good dog fucking. Maud read somewhere the a woman's sexuality peaked at around thirty, she was twenty-nine and the last couple of years she was getting hornier and hornier. She used to fuck Old Blue once a week. Now she was doing it three or four times, a couple of times she fucked him twice in one day. She liked fucking Old Blue but nothing could compare with a dog's jackhammer-like fucking. She made up her mind she would go looking for a dog tomorrow.

Jeb got off of Ellie his long cock making a slurping sound as he pulled it from her tight hole. He stood and pulled on his overalls.

"That was some fine pussy, baby daughter," he said.

"I just love your big cock Pa. Can't we do it again?" Ellie begged.

"Nope, not right now, I won't be able to get it up anytime soon. Besides the rains been stopped for a long time, I need to go check on the crops."

"Oh Pa, I'm still so horny, I need fucking some more."

"I guess you'll have to settle for the yeller mutt or your hand baby, but I'll make it up to you, next time I'll fuck that little tight ass of yours."

"Oh goodie, I can't wait to get that monster in my asshole."

Jeb left her laying there rubbing her pussy.

When Maud and Buddy came home she was still laying there. Maud saw cum running out of her cunt.

"I see you've been fucking your Pa. I wondered how long it would take him before he noticed you was growed up. What did you think about that monster cock of his?"

"I loved it Ma, only thing is it didn't last long enough. I'm still horny, can Buddy fuck me now?"

"Yeah Ma. Can I fuck her?" Buddy said, pulling out his hard cock.

"I swear son your going to kill yourself fucking. Ellie tomorrow you and me is going to find us a big dog, with a cock as big as your Pa's. Between the two of us we'll kill these men."

When Jeb came back in he looked dejected, he sat on the couch with his shoulders drooped and his head down. Maud sat beside him and kissed his cheek.

"What's the matter, the crops look bad?" she asked.

"They're ruined, that damn three month drought and now right at harvest time it's been raining for three weeks. I doubt if we'll make a tenth of what we owe the bank, were sure to lose the farm. The note comes due next week and there's no way we can meet it."

The note on their farm was five hundred dollars. They had a hundred acres and Jeb wondered if they could even sell it for five hundred. Farmland was going for about five dollars an acre. The bank had over-extended itself as a favor to Jeb because Maud promised to fuck John Baxter the bank owner and president. She had to several times. Now Jeb didn't know what to do.

"Tomorrow Ellie and I will go see John. Maybe we can talk him in to an extension. If we had another couple of months maybe we could figure something out," Maud suggested.

The next morning Maud made Ellie take a bath and dressed her in her best skirt and blouse. Ellie was excited, she didn't get to go to town too often, her Ma always took Buddy with her so they could stop on the side of the road and fuck. This time Buddy stayed to help Jeb get as much of their crop harvested as they could.

When they entered the bank, Maud led her to John Baxter's office. Maud opened the door without knocking. John looked up a little perturbed that someone would walk in like that, but when he saw Maud he broke into a big grin.

"Maud, It's good to see you. God it must be months since I saw you last, come in and shut the door. Don't tell me that's Ellie. I haven't seen her since she was a little thing, she sure has grown up," John said staring at Ellie's nipples that were hard and tenting up her blouse.

"Yep that's her, Maud said grinning. "We come by to see if we could talk you into an extension on our note."

"An extension? I don't know about that. How long are you talking about?"

"I think we need two months, if you could allow that, of course were willing to pay you for it. Take off you blouse, Ellie," Maud said.

With out hesitation Ellie unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, her firm tits pointed right at John.

"How's that for payment? Of course there is an added feature. Drop your skirt dear."

Ellie unbuttoned the side of the skirt and let it fall. She was completely naked. John's cock grew harder than it had been in a long time.

"Yes I think that would be fair payment. I'll take the first installment today, and she'll have to make another payment every week throughout the extension period," he said.

"Done," Maud said.

John left the office and about five minutes later came back with a contract, He signed it and handed it to Maud.

"Hey this is for three months. I guess you like that payment plan huh."

"Yes, very much," he said grinning.

Maud left the office and waited in the truck. When Ellie came out she was smiling and her face was glowing.

"Did you have fun, baby?" Maude asked as she climbed in.

"Yeah Ma, he sucked my pussy. I never had anybody do that before."

"John loves to suck pussy, he's sucked mine several times."

"After he sucked me off then he fucked me. I like fucking people I don't know. It was so exciting I cum three more times. I can't wait until next week," Ellie said enthusiastically.

Maud pulled over and stopped at the grocery.

"Why you stopping here Ma?"

"Wait here, I want to see if Jake knows somebody with a big dog for sale," Maud said as she left the truck.



A few minutes later she came out and climbed back in the drivers seat.

"Did he know somebody Ma?"

"Yeah, he said he heard that old man Johnson had one. He lives about five miles out on highway T. Jake says we can't miss it, it's a big white house with a big red barn."

Ellie was enjoying the scenery as they went down highway T.

"Ma what's that place there?"

"That's the Roadhouse."

"What's a Roadhouse?"

"That's a place where people go to dance and drink and have a good time." Maud explained.

"What are those smaller buildings?"

"If a man wants to fuck a women he meets there he can rent one of those for a couple of hours. I hear they're pretty nice. They have running water and everything," Maude explained.

Maud pulled into the Johnson place and stopped in front of the house. Mr. Johnson came out of the barn and over to them. He was a big man, Maud thought he was in his middle sixties.

"Howdy, What can I do for y'all?" he asked.

"We heard you might have a big male dog for sale." Maud said.

"Yep I sure do, I'm afraid he ain't no good for anything. I don't believe in keeping animals that don't work."

"Can we see him?"

"Come on through the barn, he's in a pen out back."

He led them into the barn and out the back door. The dog ran over and jumped on the fence with his front paws. Maud looked down at his sheath and balls.

"Open the gate. I want to see him close up," she said.

Johnson opened the gate and she went in. The dog came up to her, wagging his tail. She knelt beside him and petted him. His coat was white and his hair short, Maud guessed he would weigh over a hundred pounds. She rubbed his belly then closed her hand over his sheath and stroked it, the dogs cock started to grow. She didn't stop until she had him full hard. The dog's cock was huge; Maud let go of him and stood up.

"I think he'll be just right for our purposes. How much do you want for him," she asked.

Johnson had watched her jerk the dogs cock. He couldn't believe his eyes. Her question startled him, He stammered a little then said "I traded two bushels of sweet corn for him. I guess two dollars would be about right."

"I don't have two dollars, but my daughter here has some mighty fine pussy. Would you trade him for two dollars worth of that."

"What all would I get?"

"Anything you want and as much as you want, we'll let you be the judge of when you've got your two dollars worth."

"Will she suck, she'll have to suck it to get me hard."

"She'll suck it so hard you'll think your balls are gonna come out the end of your dick."

Johnson never dreamed he would ever get to fuck a nice young cunt again; this was an opportunity he wasn't about to pass up. His wife was in the house but she sprained her ankle the day before and was in bed most of the time. She wouldn't be coming out to the barn.

"It's a deal, we'll do it right here in the barn," he said, red faced.

Ellie took his hand and led him into the barn. Once inside she took off her blouse and skirt and walked up to him letting her nipples touch the bib of his overalls. He had never seen a woman as pretty as her, much less fucked one. His big rough calloused hands found her tits and his mouth found hers. She pushed her tongue in his mouth and almost giggled when she felt his dentures wobble. She unhooked the clips that held his bib up then she unbuttoned the side buttons and pushed his overalls down. They fell around his feet. She broke away from him and dropped to her knees. Johnson was wrong about needing to be sucked to get it hard; it was already as hard as a rock. Ellie decided to suck it anyway.

"Nice cock mister, It's almost as big as my Pa's," she said stuffing the fat thing into her mouth.

Johnson threw back his head and groaned; he knew he couldn't take much of this if she kept this up he would be filling her mouth in no time. What he wanted was to get in her tight little pussy. He pushed her away, Ellie stood then bending at the waist. She wrapped her arms around a post right next to her, then wiggled her ass at him.

"Fuck me mister, hurry," she cried.

Maud paid no attention to cries and moans coming from the barn She was in the dog pen jerking on the big dog's cock. She lifted her dress up around her waist and got on her hands and knees. The dog came up behind her and licked her ass and cunt, he licked and licked. Just when she thought she was about to cum the dog mounted her. She found his cock and steered it to her wet hole.

Johnson couldn't believe the fucking he was getting from this little girl. He lasted longer than he thought he would and managed to give her two delicious cums, before he grunted and blasted his cum into her. Ellie begged for more but he knew he wouldn't get another hard-on for a week. They both got dressed.

When they came out of the barn, Johnson couldn't believe his eyes.

"Shit mister, they're hung up." Ellie shouted.

The dog and Maud were asshole to asshole, and she was in the middle of her fourth orgasm. Johnson went into the pen, grabbed the dog's water bowl and threw the water on the dog. They separated immediately, Maud stood up grinning.

"Yes sir, this dog is going to be just fine for our purposes," she said.

"I can see that, ma'am, he seems to fit you just fine."

"Did you get your two dollars worth?"

"Yes ma'am I feel like I owe her some change. Why don't you bring her back again. Maybe I can come up with something else to trade."

"Well Mr. Johnson we might just take you up on that."

Johnson got a rope and tied the dog in the back of their truck. As they drove back to town. Ellie was surprised when Maud slowed the truck and pulled into the Roadhouse parking lot.

"Why are we stopping here Ma?" she asked.

"I want to have a word with Joe, come in with me." Maud said getting out of the truck.

Joe Sawyer was the owner and bartender of the place. When they came in Joe was behind the bar.

"Maud, where have you been, it's been ages since I seen you. Who's that with you?"

"This is my daughter Ellie."

Joe reached over the bar and shook hands with Ellie, staring at her tits.

"Joe I want to rent one of you rooms." Maud said. "How long do you want to rent it for? He asked.

"I want it for all night Friday and Saturday, how much do you charge."

"I never have rented one for all night, I usually rent them for two-bits an hour. I guess if you took it for all night it would be about a buck-fifty."

"That would be three dollars for both nights, right?"

"Yeah, that's right. Where you gonna get three bucks?" Joe said.

"I don't have three dollars, but I got something just as good. Ellie, show Joe your tits." Ellie unbuttoned her blouse and held it open, smiling at him.

"Them's mighty fine tits all right, are you offering her for the rooms. Three bucks is a lot for one fuck."

"Why don't you take her out and show her the room? I'll bring her back tomorrow to finish off the debt."

"OK, will you watch the bar while I'm gone?"



They were gone almost an hour. Maud brought the dog in out of the hot sun and gave him some water. When they returned Joe looked beat.

"I swear Maud, this girl has got some fine pussy. You be sure to bring her back tomorrow and the room is yours."

As they drove on down the road, Ellie was puzzled.

"Why do we need a room for Friday and Saturday nights, Ma?"

"Hon, you know Pa and me are about to lose the farm. We only got three months to make enough to pay off that note."

"Yeah I know but what's that got to do with the room?"

"I had this idea when we went past the Roadhouse the first time, I'm going to put you in that room and sell your pussy. At two dollars a fuck we should make forty or fifty dollars a night, we can pay off that note in no time.

"You mean I'm going to be fucked by a bunch of men one right after the other?"

"That's what it means, baby. Do you think you'll like that?"

"Yeah Ma, I ain't ever been fucked til I was completely satisfied. I can't wait for Friday to get here."

The next day Maud took Ellie back to the Roadhouse, when Ellie and Joe came back from the room Joe handed Maud the key.

"The room is yours Maud. What do you want with it anyway?"

"I'm going to be selling Ellie's pussy out of it. You need to spread the word, tell everyone how good she is. I'm sure this will help your business too, so get the word out to all your customers."

At first Jeb didn't like the idea, but when Maud explained how much money they would make he changed his mind.

When Friday came Maud spent the day getting Ellie ready, she packed a small overnight bag with a douche bag and perfume along with a sheer nightgown and a timer. Ellie was to greet every customer in the nightgown, take a douche after each customer and take a quick bath and apply fresh perfume after every fifth customer. Maud shaved her pussy saying, "This'll make you look even younger."

They arrived at the roadhouse early; Ellie removed her clothes and put on the gown. Maud brushed her hair. They waited until the parking lot filled up then Maud led her across the lot and into the Roadhouse. All heads turned their way when they entered. The room was filled with men as Maude led her around the room the men started whistling and hollering. Ellie smiled at all of them. When she thought she had shown them enough Maud led her to the door where she stopped and raised her hand; the noise stopped.

"She's going to be in room three, the cost is two dollars for thirty minutes. I'll be selling tickets. You won't get in unless you shove a ticket under the door. If you want more than thirty minutes, you'll have to buy two tickets. If you stay longer than thirty minutes, Joe will send his bouncer in to throw you out. She has a timer that she will set when you go in. She'll do anything you want. All you have to do is ask.

Maud gave Ellie the key and sent her out, then she sat at a table in the corner and pulled out a pad and pencil. Three men came up to the table each with two dollars in their hand. Maude signed her name and put a big number one on the pad and tore the sheet out and handed it to the first man.

"Just shove this under the door, and enjoy yourself," she said smiling.

She told number two to wait until she called his number before going over. Maude made a list of the numbers and checked them off as she called them. By closing time she had sold twenty-six tickets and the last man had returned. When she knocked on the door Ellie asked who it was then opened the door when she heard her Ma's voice.

"Oh Ma, it was so good, I just cum and cum."

"So you finally got satisfied huh?"

"No I still want more. Do we have to go already?"

As they drove home Maud asked her to tell her about it.

"Most of them just climbed on and fucked me. When they started getting drunk, it took them longer and longer to cum. One man was so drunk he couldn't get it up, so I sucked him off. He never got it hard but he shot me a mouth full anyway. One young man came as soon as he got it in, but I sucked him back up and he fucked me again. There wasn't but one or two that took the whole thirty minutes. Some of them only took ten."

"Yeah I noticed, that just means more money for us. Was five minutes between fucks enough to get ready for the next one?"

"Yeah I think you could shorten it to three, except when I need to take a bath then five is fine. How much money did we make ma?"

"Fifty-two dollars, which ain't bad for a few hours work."

"Work! That wasn't work it was fun. I can't wait for tomorrow night to get here."

The next evening they didn't wait until the place filled up. Maud got Ellie ready and set up shop at the same table as the evening before. She had just called number ten when Jessie Roach walked in. He was the County Sheriff. He looked around the room and smiled when he saw Maud. He walked over and sat at her table.

"Hi Jess, haven't seen since you pulled me over and fucked me in my truck a couple of months ago," she said smiling.

"I've been busy. I understand you're selling Ellie's pussy out in one of the rooms," he said seriously.

"That's right, you want to buy a ticket?" Maud asked.

"You know that's against the law. What am I going to do with you?"

Maud wrote her name on the pad and pulled the page off and handed it to him.

"Just shove this under the door of room three, I'll tell you when to go, you're next," she said.

When Jess came back he sat at her table again.

"That daughter of yours is one fine piece of ass. How much are you charging?"

"Two dollars."

"She's worth every penny of that and more. I tell you what, things can get pretty rough around her when these men start getting drunk. I'll stop back by every hour or so to make sure you're OK and I'll come back at closing time and make sure you get away safely."

"Why thanks Jess. We appreciate that."

"To be honest I feel a little guilty for taking some of that fine pussy and not paying for it, so this is my way of paying."

"Jess you're sweet, we'll be here next weekend too so come by and Ellie will give you some more."

The last number Maud called that evening was thirty-two. Jess was true to his word and saw them off. On the way home Ellie said she still wanted to fuck some more but she probably wouldn't really need it until morning.

"Ma let me sleep with Pa tonight. You can sleep with Buddy. I know they'll be asleep when we get home but they can fuck us first thing in the morning."

Maud thought that was a fine idea.

They were coming up on their fourth weekend at the Roadhouse. After that, Maud was sure they would have enough to pay off the note. They would go a fifth time to earn enough to get them by until next harvest. She missed Ellie and looked out on the porch. Ellie and Billy Pritchard were sitting in the porch swing. Billy was a steady customer at the Roadhouse and had been hanging around Ellie since that first night. He was twenty- two and his family was better off than most folks around. Maud opened the screen door and went out.

"Billy I hope you ain't here trying to get some of Ellie's pussy without paying for it," she said.

Ellie giggled.

"No Ma'am, my intentions are honorable."

"Well I'm telling you the only ones who get free pussy from her is her Pa and brother. If you want free pussy around here you have to get it from me."

"Miss Maud, I been wanting some of your pussy since I was twelve. Do you mean it, I can really fuck you."

Maud took him by the hand and led him into the house, leaving Ellie in the swing giggling.

Sunday morning after the fifth weekend Billy dropped by to see Ellie, he was surprised to find her sitting in the swing crying.

"What's the matter Ellie?" he asked

"Ma says we ain't going back to the Roadhouse again, she says we got all the money we need. But I like being fucked by all those men. I don't care about the money. Now the only ones I'll have to fuck is Pa, buddy, you and the dog," she said crying harder.

"She said you could fuck me?"

"Yeah she said since she wasn't selling it anymore I could give it to who ever I wanted too."

"Ellie I want to marry you. If you'll marry me, I'll sell your pussy every weekend, just like your Ma did."

"You will? Yes I'll marry you," she said throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him. "Lets go tell Ma and Pa."

They were married the following Sunday. Billy sold her pussy every weekend until she was twenty. He heard about a big dam that was being built out west. He knew there would be thousands of men there without their families, so they moved near the construction site. Ellie was fucked all night every night of the week, and several times everyday, she was finally satisfied.

- The End -

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