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      by PurpleCat

      (MF MF MF MF interr)

Becky Adams wasn't a happy camper. She sat at the table alone and listened to the sounds the band called music. Her friend Doris was on the dance floor. She danced every dance since they came in. Doris was a pretty girl, she was slim and well built and the men flocked around her. Doris begged Becky to come with her after work. She knew she shouldn't have come, but she thought things might be different this time. They weren't. None of the men paid the slightest bit of attention to her. She was used to men ignoring her but it still hurt. When Doris came back to the table, she was excited.

"Those three guys at that table over there want us to join them," she whispered.

"Doris, I'm sorry, but I'm leaving, you go ahead and join them."

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Doris protested but in the end gave up and left to join the men. Becky sat in the cab watching the lights go by. They were blurred by the tears welling in her eyes. She paid the cabbie and slowly climbed the stairs to her two-room apartment, where she lived alone. She was used to being alone, it seemed like she had always been alone. Her mother died when she was two and her father was never around. She hadn't seen him but a half dozen times in her life. He left her with an uncle and aunt whom she loved dearly but she was just a burden to them. She quit school when she was sixteen and took a job. She worked hard and got her GED then she went to night school for five years studying accounting. Now she had a good job and was appreciated for her work skills if not her looks.

She slowly undressed; maybe a hot bath would make her feel better. When she entered the bathroom and saw herself in the mirror, she felt worse, her five foot four frame didn't carry her hundred and sixty pounds very well, she had thick flabby arms and legs and a pouch below her navel that hung down to her pubic hairs. Her face was pretty except for the double chin, and her skin was flawless it was smooth and snow white, she had no stretch marks. Her breast were almost non-existent, she wore a size "A" bra, but didn't come close to filling it.

As she looked at herself in the mirror she came to a realization. What she wanted was sex. She masturbated daily but she needed a man. She was a twenty-six year old virgin, with no prospects for anything other than a finger or a vibrator. She was determined to change that. She marched out of the bathroom and found her phone book; she found what she was looking for in the yellow pages. She dialed the number and a female voice said.

"Esquire Escort Service. How may I help you?"

"I need a man," Becky said.

"We charge a hundred dollars an hour, when do you want him?"

"Now, just as soon as he can get here." "Where do you want to go? I only ask that to determine what type of vehicle he will need."

"I don't want to go anywhere I just want him to come here."

"I see, we'll have someone there within the hour."

Harry Burns was thirty-five he had been fucking old, fat, ugly women for years. Young good looking women didn't call the escort service. When he rang Becky's doorbell he wasn't at all surprised by her appearance.

"Are you the lady that called for an escort?"

"Yes, but," Becky started.

Harry grabbed her and kissed her pushing his tongue into her mouth. He knew that ninety-nine percent of women would back out on their first try if they were allowed to. He pulled back and looked at her.

"Oh God," she moaned reaching for his lips again.

"Just give me a hundred bucks, baby, and I'll take care of everything," he said.

She already had the hundred dollar bill in her hand. She gave it to him and he kissed her again. Becky had never been kissed by a man or boy, she would have gladly given him a hundred for a kiss like that. Still kissing her, he began removing her clothes. All she had on was a robe and panties. He got her robe off then pushed her on to the couch and peeled her panties down over her fat hips, then grabbing her ankles spread her legs wide and drove his tongue deep into her pussy.

Oh my God, yes," she squealed "Eat me, oh yes eat meeeee."

Harry licked and slobbered on her pussy, this fat bitch had one fine cunt. While he ate he pulled his pants down and freed his hard cock. When he felt her cumming he straightened up and positioned his cock at he wet opening.

"Yes fuck me," she wailed. "Take my cherry, hurry put it in."

Harry wasn't surprised that she was a virgin, and it didn't bother him. He just pushed into her, sweeping away her hymen and unceremoniously began fucking her with long hard strokes. Her cunt clung to him like a tight wet glove; he looked down and saw he was pulling the inside of her cunt out about two inches with each outstroke. Becky screamed that she was cumming and beat her fist on his hard chest causing her tiny tits to bounce around on her chest. Harry kept fucking her, until she had her third orgasm, then he unloaded his balls into her tight hole.

He stood and wiped his sticky cock with her panties, then he removed all of his clothes so she could see his hard, muscular body.

"You've still got about forty-five minutes, if you want it again you'll have to suck me to get it hard."

She had never even touched a cock, and he was telling her to suck one, but her desire to be fucked like that again was overwhelming so she sat up and put her lips over it and began to suck. She liked the texture and knew that most of the taste was herself and his sperm. As it began to harden she decided she liked sucking cock, and would be glad to keep sucking until he shot her a mouth full of sperm. Harry had other ideas. He pushed her down on the couch and crawled between her legs, when she felt the head at her opening she pushed up taking in a few inches of his hard cock. He just started fucking her only this time he was going deeper and fucking her harder.

Oh SHIT, FUCK," she yelled "give it to me, fuck meeee."

Becky couldn't believe how good it was to be fucked, to have a hard cock, pounding deep in her belly, and cumming on the cock as it stroked in and out, then cumming again and again. The feel of his sperm shooting and his cock bucking inside of her almost made her pass out.

Harry sat up and looked at her ugly body.

"Lady you have some fine pussy there, If you would lose some of that fat you wouldn't be buying cock, you would have all you could handle."

"I don't know how to do that, I've been on diet after diet, and nothing seems to work," she complained.

'It takes more than diet, it takes determination and exercise, lots of exercise." Look at me he said standing and striking several weight lifter poses. "Five years ago I weighed two hundred and ninety-five. Now I weigh one-eighty."

"What did you do to get to where you are now?" she asked.

"I hired a personal trainer."

"My, isn't that expensive?"



"Not really. You can meet with them two or three times a week, they charge twenty to twenty-five for a half hour. They will lay out a regimen of exercise and diet, and all you have to do is follow what the trainer tells you."

"That sounds easy enough, I'll give it a try. Do we have time to fuck again?"

"I'm afraid not, I've got to be going, If you ever need to be fucked later on just call the agency and tell them you want Harry."

After Harry left she went into the bathroom again and looked in the mirror.

"OK fatso, we've got get rid of you. Starting tomorrow your fat ass is on the way out," she said, with determination.

Becky stood in the middle of the small room, Lori Buckley walked around her. Lori was a personal trainer and the owner of Buckley Gym.

"Would you mind removing you skirt and blouse? I want see what you really look like," Lori said.

Becky removed her clothes then waited. Lori walked around her again.

"Yes, you certainly do need a personal trainer. But unless you have some kind of motivation and a personal goal, we'll be wasting our time. What is your motivation?"

Becky knew this was a test and if she didn't pass it Lori wouldn't take her. She decided to tell the truth.

"Cock, I want cock and the only way I can get now is to pay for it."

"And your personal goal?" Lori asked.

"I want men to run after me, when I go into a bar I want every man there trying to get in my pants. My real goal is to be fucked anytime I want it."

"Becky I think I can help you. Do you want to start now?"

"Yes, right now, I don't want to put it off for another minute."

Lori started her off by enrolling her in the beginner aerobics class, she gave her a seven day diet, explaining that she would get a new one every week, the diet would change depending on her progress. Once she got into a little better shape she would begin weight lifting.

Becky went to the gym everyday, and worked out, when she got discouraged she stood in front of her mirror and repeated over and over "Cock, I want cock."

The first six weeks she lost thirty pounds. Becky was happy with the results so far. When she looked in the mirror now she was quite pleased. She was still overweight but all of the hanging flab was gone, her body was smooth and round. Her double chin was almost gone, and the beauty of her face was starting to come through, though her breast were still tiny.

The men at the office were starting to pay more attention to her, especially her boss. Jack Holmes was a widower. His wife died two years ago of breast cancer; he was in his late forties. Two years without a woman was taking its toll on him, he was masturbating more and more often. Becky was surprised when he asked her to dinner.

"Why yes Jack I would love to, but I go to the gym right after work and I'll be there until seven. You could pick me up there at say, seven-thirty," Becky said.

Becky had started wearing shorter skirts and dresses to work. She liked showing off the legs that she had been trying to hide her whole life. She pushed her chair back from her desk and saw him stare at her chubby but sexy legs.

"That's great Becky, I'll be there. While we're having dinner we can talk about what we'll do after."

Becky knew what she wanted to do, and by the bulge in his pants she thought he had the same thing in mind.

"Yes, its Friday, so we won't have to worry about time," she said smiling at him.

During dinner Jack turned the conversation in that direction.

"I guess we could go dancing, or maybe to a movie," he said. "It's your call."

"Jack did you really ask me out to go dancing or to a movie? Or did you have something else in mind?"

"I guess maybe it was something else," he stammered.

"If it was sex you had in mind. I just want you to know, I had the same thought."

"Really, you're not pulling my leg are you."

"No but if you'll take me to my apartment, I'll be pulling something else," she said grinning.

"I'm really surprised, I thought you were going to be a hard one to get to. I figured you to be a sort of reserved woman, but it seems you're not," he said grinning back at her.

"No I'm not, but I'm no woman of the world either. I've only had sex once before and I loved it. I intend to have it a lot more in the future."

When they entered her apartment, he sat on the couch.

"Can I make you a drink? I have some bourbon and some vodka," she said.

"Yes, bourbon would be nice. I'm a little nervous, to tell you the truth, maybe that will help."

"Nervous! My heart's beating ninety miles an hour; look at my hands shaking," she said holding her hands out.

She went to the kitchen and made them both a drink. When she returned she handed him his drink and sat next to him.

"Damn Becky, I'm sorry I'm acting like a little kid, but I've never had sex with anyone but my wife," he lied.

"Jack we need to just relax, we're letting this thing get the best of us. What did you and your wife do when you had sex?"

"We started out getting naked, of course, then we usually had oral sex, then we would have intercourse."

"OK let's do the same thing, only let's call it sucking and fucking," she said laughing.

"I want to. How do we start?"

"I'll take off my blouse and you take off you shirt, then I take off my skirt while you take off your pants, then it's your underwear and my panties."

"How about your bra?"

"That'll be a bonus, but I'm afraid you won't see much."

They stood and began to undress.

"Six weeks ago I wouldn't have dreamed of getting naked in front of you, but now I feel quite proud," she said.

"You should be. You're a beautiful woman."

"You ain't seen nothing yet buster, give me another six weeks, your eyes will be bugged out on stems and your tongue will get hard every time you look at me."

"I've got something that's hard already," he said as he pulled off his shorts.

"I'll say. I've sucked a cock before but only briefly, I want to suck yours and make you cum in my mouth. I want to taste your sperm. Those women in those x-rated magazines I buy make it look so delicious, I want to try it."

She sat on the couch and he stepped up to her his hard cock waving in her face. It was longer and thicker than Harry's; she grabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth. She sucked licked and gobbled it, he was already so excited by the turn of events he started cumming, he pumped stream after stream of thick cum into her mouth. She slurped it all down, then she pulled it out and smacked her lips.



"Umm, delicious," she said. "I don't think I'll be getting enough of that anytime soon." She put it back in her mouth and sucked some more, but it was already getting soft.

Jack pushed her back on the couch.

"Don't worry baby, it'll be right back again as soon as I get my tongue in that sweet little pussy of yours."

He sucked her through two orgasms, when he got up and sat beside her his cock was hard again. He started to push her back on the couch.

"No Jack. I want to go to bed," she whispered.

"Where is your bed?"

"We're sitting on it."

They stood and she pulled out the hide-a-bed, and crawled on it. She lay on her back and lifted and spread her legs.

Holding her arms up to him, she said,"Come on Jackie, fuck me."

He wasted no time getting between her legs. She grabbed his cock and positioned it at her opening. Jack kissed her as he slowly sank into her. She moaned into his mouth. He pumped her with slow long strokes, enjoying the feel of her tight cunt gripping his cock; she was meeting each stroke with a thrust of her own. He sent her into the spasms of another very powerful orgasm.

"Ohhhh, yesss! yessss!" she moaned.

Jack kept fucking her, he could feel his own orgasm building somewhere deep in his balls. He started fucking harder and faster, just as he felt his sperm rise up though his cock an squirt into her hole. She went wild, she pounded his back with her fist and twisted her head from side to side while making noises that no one could understand. He kept fucking her until she relaxed. His cock softened and slipped out of her, he rolled over on to his back, they lay side by side both breathing hard.

"God!!!! That was good," she breathed.

"Yes, wonderful," he agreed.

They were silent for almost five minutes she broke the silence.

"You are spending the night aren't you?" She asked.

"Do you want me too?"

She turned on her side facing him and took his soft cock in her hand.

"You know I do. I want to take a nap and then fuck some more."

He turned facing her and put his arm around her.

"OK, you talked me into it," he said and kissed her.

They fell asleep in each other's arms. They woke up some time later and fucked again. When she awoke the next morning she got on her hands and knees and sucked his soft cock. He woke up when he felt her wet mouth on him, she sucked him to a great cum. After he ate her pussy, they fucked again. They lay in bed relaxing and napping, Jack sat up.

"I'm afraid I have to be going," he said.

"Oh, no, do you have to? Please don't go," she begged, disappointed.

"Yeah I should go check my answering machine, my friends and relatives will be wondering what happened to me, and I must go feed my cat," he explained.

"Will you come back later? I was hoping we could fuck the whole weekend."

"I have an idea. Why don't we take a shower and go get something to eat? Then you can go with me to my house and spend the night with me. I have a king size waterbed. You ain't lived until you fuck on a waterbed."

After they showered she gave him another blowjob and they began to dress. She put on a pair of tight shorts and a loose fitting blouse, hoping to disguise the fact that she had no tits; the shorts enhanced her firm wide ass and showed off her plump but sexy legs. When she came out of the bathroom, Jack was dressed and waiting for her.

"You really look sexy," he said.

"Why thank you Jack, no one has ever said that to me bfore," she said blushing.

They spent the rest of the week in Jack's waterbed, only getting up to eat and get drinks. He took her home late Sunday night; she invited him up for a nightcap. Jack sat on the couch while she made them drinks, when she sat next to him she looked at him and smiled.

"I've really enjoyed my self this weekend, it's been the best I've ever had. Now I'm wondering if you would do me a favor?"

"Yes, how could I refuse you? After everything you've done for me this weekend."

"This may sound strange to you but I want you to tell everyone at the office how easy I am. Tell them how I sucked you cock, and what a slut I am. Tell them I'll fuck anyone and everyone, all they have to do is show a little interest."

"Will you really do that?"

"Yes, I will. I've been a virgin all my life and I missed out on a lot, now I want to make up for lost time. I want to just fuck a lot of people and enjoy myself. After the new wears off I'll ease off some, and will only fuck certain people, you can be one of those if you want too."

"OK I'll do it. I'll even send some friends of mine around if you want, but there is a condition. You must promise you will fuck me at least one night every weekend."

"Shit, that's easy. I planned on doing that anyway, I'll throw in a daily blowjob at the office. I planned on doing that too," she said laughing.

Jack had no problem sharing her with other men; he and his deceased wife had always been swingers. After her death he had no one to share with others, so he had just dropped out of that scene. But now that Becky had come along he was thinking about getting back in to it. He explained this to her.

"That's wonderful," she said. " I'd love to be your swing partner, when ever you need me just let me know."

The men at the office suddenly began paying more and more attention to her. She dated several men the next week, and always wound up at her apartment fucking them.

At the end of the next six weeks she weighed a hundred and seven pounds. When she looked in her mirror she saw a beautiful woman. Her body was smoothly muscled and her skin flawless. "Now if I only had some tits," she thought. She bought her a pair of plastic breast enhancers, which filled out her bra. But all of the men she knew were aware that she was wearing them. By now she had fucked almost every man at the office, most of them several times. There wasn't a day that went by that she wasn't fucked by somebody, and of course she gave Jack a blowjob every morning.

Her new wardrobe consisted of tight short skirts that showed off her shapely ass and legs and loose fitting blouses. The other women at the office looked down their noses at her, when they talked about her between themselves they referred to her as the slut. Becky knew this and was proud of it. She was just doing what they all wanted to do but were too chicken-shit to do it. However, Doris was still her friend and they still went out and picked up men occasionally; most of the time Becky had a date.

One afternoon she was having trouble balancing her books; they were only off a few dollars but she worried about it all through her exercise session. When she finished, she called and canceled her date for that evening and returned to the office. She was engrossed in the books. When she heard a noise, she looked up and saw Jeremy Saunders watching her. Jeremy was a young college student who was working his way through school by cleaning offices at night.

"Is that you, Miss Becky?" he asked.

"Yes it is," she said smiling.

"I thought that was you, I haven't seen you in a long time. I can't believe how different you look."

"Do you like?" she asked, standing and turning around for him.

"Yes very much. You're beautiful," he complimented.

Becky's eyes narrowed. She hadn't been fucked in almost twenty-four hours, and here was a perfectly good cock standing right in front of her.

"Jeremy, I was wondering. Is it true what they say about black men?"

"You mean about the size of there, ah, penis," he said grinning.

"Yes that's what I mean," she grinned back at him.

"Well I don't know about all black men but in my case it's true."

"Would you mind if I checked that out for myself?"

"No ma'am I sure wouldn't mind one little bit."

"Let's go into Jack's office, he has a couch in there and I want to be comfortable while I check it out.

She led him into the office and sat on the couch.

"You stand right in front of me so I can get a good view."

He was wearing sweat pants with no underwear. She untied the drawstring and pulled them down. His long thick hard cock sprang out at her.



"My God, you sure weren't lying. This thing is huge. It must be at least ten inches long and as thick as my arm," she said. As she took the head into her mouth and started sucking, Jeremy grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. She pushed him away and looked up at him.

"If I suck you off will you get hard again soon?"

He didn't say anything, he just shook his head, vigorously. She went back to sucking, she had become an expert at sucking cock; she let him push the long thing completely down her throat. He began thrusting in and out of her throat, bouncing his balls against her chin with each thrust. She felt him stiffen and knew he was about to cum. She pushed him back and grabbed his cock with both hands and let it fill her mouth. She drank it down. She continued to suck and felt his cock start to soften, but suddenly it started to harden again. She backed off and looked at it.

"Now let's see if I can fit this thing in my cunt," she said, laying back and stripping her panties over her hips and down her legs. She raised her legs and spread them wide. "Give it to me, stick that monster in and fuck me, hurry."

Jeremy dropped to his knees and she grabbed his cock and stuck the head in, he pushed it into her with some difficulty.

"Shit, you've got a tight cunt. I've never fucked a white pussy before."

"FUCK, it hurts. God the fucker is so fucking thick and long, it's killing me," she screamed.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked, concerned.

"STOP!!! Are you fucking crazy? If you stop I'll fucking kill you, give me all of it, fuck me harder. Oh God it's stretching me so fucking much, Ohhhhhhhh, I'm cumminggggg."

He was plunging his long black pole into her to his balls. He knew he couldn't last long. Her cunt was so tightly stretched around it, along with the contractions of her orgasm, were bringing him quickly to another cum. He felt his sperm boil up out of his balls and blast into her clinging pussy. There was no room for it, when he plunged in all the way it squirted out around his cock coating his balls and running down the crack of her ass.

"YES, YES, fill me with your cum, Oh God, it's so goooood."

He remained in her until he felt her contractions stop then he slowly pulled out. There was a loud "pop" when his cock came out. He stood up and sat next to her. Becky wasn't sure if she had cum once or ten times.

"God, what a fuck. I never realized pain could feel so fucking good. When you pushed that fucker in I thought you were going to rupture something and when you pulled back I thought you would pull my insides out," she panted.

"Yeah, You've got one tight pussy. I thought you would pull the hide off it."

"How long will it take you to get it up again? I want some more of that big fucker."

"Why don't you finish up what you were doing while I finish cleaning up the offices. I should be finished in about a half hour. I'll meet you back in here."

Thirty minutes later Becky went back to the office and removed her clothes. When he came in she was stretched out on the couch rubbing her clit. He kicked off his shoes and removed his t-shirt and sweat pants. she watch his long cock wave around as he took in her nude form.

"You've got one hell of a nice body, but I think somebody stole your tits," he said grinning.

Shut up and fuck me, smart ass," she grinned back at him.

After they fucked, they sat up and relaxed for a while.

"That was just as good as the first time, I think I'll be working late more often," she said.

"Fuck you can come by every night if you want to."

"I don't think so, a steady diet of that thing would have me all stretched out of shape. You'd spoil it for everybody else, I think once or twice a week will be enough."

The first thing she did when she woke up the next morning was to push a finger in her pussy; she was relieved when she found it was as tight as ever. She was surprised when she got to work that morning. There was a large glass jar with a sign taped to the inside and there was twenty-five dollars inside it. The sign said "Boob job for Becky." She laughed about it, but she let it sit there all day. At the end of the day there were several more fives and tens in it. Before she left, she locked it in a file drawer.

That evening as she was fucking her date, she noticed that he paid no attention to her breasts. Thinking back, she couldn't remember anyone who had. Maybe the jar was a good idea. She was sure it was Jeremy who put it there. He was the only one who ever teased her about the size of her tits. She would go by one evening and thank him properly.

The Jar gradually filled; the men were all contributing weekly. she even saw Doris put a five in one day. When it was full Becky emptied it onto her desk and counted the money, She had twenty-seven hundred and thirty-five dollars. She called and made an appointment for the next morning. The doctor was nice; she decided immediately that she was going to fuck him. He showed her some before and after pictures of other women he had done breast enhancement surgery on and explained the different techniques that they used. They could make an incision at the base of the pectoral muscle and insert the implant under the muscle, or they could cut around the areola and remove it and the nipple then insert the implant through the opening on top of the muscle. The areola would then be reattached. He recommended the latter because it took less time to heal and the scar was almost imperceptible. The size was limited by the size of the breast before surgery; he recommended she go with a size "C". Then if she wanted to go bigger later she could. She thought size "C" was fine. He went on to tell her that he had a patient cancel her appointment for the next day and he could do it then. This excited her she, never thought it would happen this quickly.

"How much will it cost?" she asked.

Twenty-eight hundred is my standard fee," he answered.

I only have twenty-five hundred," she lied. "Do you think I could pay the rest another way?"

"What did you have in mind."

"I thought you could come to my apartment on a house call three or four times. Would that cover it?" she said smiling.

"Yes I think that would cover it nicely," he said grinning. "How about tonight? Would that be convenient for the first call?"

"Tonight would be just fine, but I have to warn you I won't have big breasts tonight."

"Ms Adams, I'm a ass man, and from where I'm sitting it looks like you do just fine in that department.

A month later she was completely healed, she spent a lot of time looking in her mirror admiring her new tits. They were perfect, she loved them. As did all of the men that she dated. She changed her wardrobe, her blouses were now low cut and revealing, She was proud of the fact that her new tits never saw the inside of a bra. She went back to the office one evening and showed them to Jeremy. She thanked him several times for the jar.

She spent Saturday night and all day Sunday at Jack's. When he took her home late Sunday he sat on the couch while she made them a nightcap. When she came in and handed him his drink, he downed in one gulp.

"My, do you want another?" she asked.

"No I'm just trying to build up my courage. We've been screwing every weekend for over six months. I've come to realize that I love you very much. I want you to be my wife," he said taking a ring box from his pocket and handing it to her.

"Jack, I love you too, but you don't want to marry me. I'm a slut, just about all I think about when I'm not working is cock. I could never be faithful to you; I'd still be fucking anybody and everybody that comes along. Do you think you could live with that?" she said holding the box out to him.

"Yes, I know I could. My wife used to do the same thing. She was a slut too. After she fucked someone she always came home and told me all the details. I loved it; we always wound up in bed fucking each other's brains out. It really turned me on to hear about her screwing around. You don't have to do anything different then you do now, except tell me all about it when we're together."

"You mean I can just bring somebody home and fuck them with you right there?"

"That's what she did. If you'll let me know in advance, I'll stay out of the way."

"Tell me about the craziest thing she ever did."

"I don't know if the craziest but it's my favorite. I came home from playing golf one weekend and found her in bed with two black men. They delivered our new waterbed and after they got it set up she stripped off and told them she wanted to try it out. When I came in, they were both fucking her. One in her cunt and the other in her ass. She was screaming her lungs out. I got so horny that I pulled my cock out and stuck it in her mouth; she sucked it like a crazy woman. The two black men and I shot our loads at the same time. After they left, she dared me to lick their cum out of her holes. I was still so horny that I did it. From then on after she fucked someone, I would eat their cum out of her. She loved it.

"I bet she did. It sounds wonderful," she said as she opened the ring box. "Oh Jack it's beautiful," she said, smiling.

"How about it, Honey, will you marry me?"

"I will if you promise to eat me out every time I fuck somebody."

"I promise," he said, smiling as he slipped the ring on her finger.

"Jack, I've never been fucked in the ass I'm still a virgin there."

"Well fuck, let's remedy that right now."

- The End -

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