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"A Visit To The Adult Book Store"

      by Patricia's XTC ... part 2 of 2

      (MF interr voy oral gloryhole)

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Patricia showing her pussy by a booth doorWhen he walked into the booth he asked me if I was for real. I told him that I just felt like doing it. I asked him if he was mad. He shook his head and said no, he was just surprised that I would do that. I told him that there were a lot of things he would be surprised that I would do. Tonight was supposed to be an introduction to just that. He told me that so far he had learned more about me than he ever knew or thought he'd know. I asked him if he was ready for more. He told me that he was, but the look on his face was unsure.

Patricia offering sex in a booth I asked him for some quarters and we put them in the movie arcade. We went through the selections and I asked him to find one he liked. He came to a gang bang tape and watched it for a minute or two before moving on. I asked him if he liked that one. He said that he did. I reached down and felt his firm cock. I told him to go back to it. He paged through them and stopped at the gang bang and watched intently.

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Patricia showing her cunt to a patron I continued to rub his cock as he watched the scene in front of him. I unzipped his pants and took his hard cock out. I stroked him as I asked if he'd like me to be that girl getting fucked by all of those guys. He let out a slow yes. I put my mouth on his cock and bathed it with my tongue. His breathing increased as I licked the side of his shaft. He didn't know it, but as I stroked his cock in my hand I could smell and taste the other man's still sticky cum in my hand. This drove me even hotter; tasting another man's seed with the smell of my man's aroma. I engulfed his cock into my hot mouth and went to work on him. He had to grab the wall to steady himself as I sucked hard on him. I made loud slurping sounds and I sucked so hard that I had to release him to catch my breath. When I did I let out a gasp for air. He laughed and said, "Sshhhhh your gonna get us busted." I didn't care who heard us.

Patricia rubbing her pussy I used my free hand and opened up the booth door half way. I continued to suck hard on his pole as I caught two men outside watching us. One of them I recognized as the stranger I had let cum on my hand. The other one was a cute younger guy. I looked directly at them and moved the door open more so they would know it was ok for them to watch and allowed them a better view. I could taste his pre-cum and I knew that his great tasting load was not far away. I looked up as he was watching both me and the movie. It excited me to know that I was in competition with a gang bang flick. I was wondering if he was fantasizing the girl in the movie was me. I stroked his wet cock as I rolled my tongue around its head.

Patricia letting a man rub her cunt I know from past experience that this usually does it for him. Every man has his spot; this was his. He breathed heavily and gave out a muffled groan as he jerked forward letting his load shoot out into my waiting mouth. I made sure that I got every drop so it wouldn't mess up my makeup or get on my dress because the night wasn't over yet. I cleaned his cock off and licked the excess cum off my hand so my audience could see his glistening cum on my hand. It intermingled with the other man's cum and it gave it a tangy taste. I looked over to them and smiled. They gave me a smile back in return as I closed the door. I replaced his semi-hard cock into his pants and stood up. I gave him a big kiss and I asked him if he enjoyed the movie. He laughed and said, "What movie?"

Patricia with cock in hand As we stood in the booth watching the movie and trying to compose ourselves, I heard the sound of someone in the booth next to us obviously working on getting off. I then had the biggest surprise when I heard the man say suck it and suddenly I saw a cock poke through a hole in the booth wall. I had to laugh as this long pole stuck through this small hole. I wondered how long he'd been there. Had he been watching me or was he the younger guy who had been outside watching me. He was definitely not the older guy because his fat cock head wouldn't have fit through the hole.

Patricia sucking cock Well, my boyfriend didn't know this yet, but I have a hard time saying no to sex. Before I could ask him if he minded, he gave me a nod of approval. I bent down and put my mouth on the head of the mystery cock. It jerked back from my mouth in obvious surprise, but it quickly returned to my waiting mouth. I wrapped my lips around it but before I could start to suck it down the cock pulsated hard on my lips and a hot stream of cum squirted out and down my throat. It shot so hard and fast I didn't have any warning and I started to gag on it. I swallowed quickly, but some of the salty fluid came out the corner of my mouth. The cock slid out of my mouth and out of the hole. I had to know who my mystery man was so I looked through the hole. I was pleased to see it was the young man who had been watching me earlier.

Patricia stroking a black cock He quickly zipped up his pants and left the booth. I looked at my man as I licked my lips cleaning up any excess cum. We finished up the time on the movie and composed our selves as we opened the door.

Patricia sucking a black cock We walked through the arcade as some new faces greeted us with a smile. There were more guys in there now than before. I laughed to myself and wondered if word traveled around about some woman giving out free sex at the local arcade had went out to all the horny men in a mile radius. The look on their faces told me someone told them something, which added to the nasty moment. I held my boyfriends arm tightly confirming to him and everyone else that I may be a slut, but I am his slut.

Patricia sucking a black cock We made it out to the magazine racks and we started checking out the different selections. I picked up a copy of a three females in a bisexual magazine. As I looked through it I looked over and saw the clerk behind the counter smiling at me. I figured that my being there was refreshing to him as well. He probably also knew that I had just been playing in the arcade area or at least I hoped he knew. There were more guys in the book store now. I tried to make eye contact with all of them, but most of them looked shy and looked down except for a black man whose eyes were burning thru me like he had x-ray vision. I finished browsing through the magazine and I saw another magazine that caught my eye. It was of two black men and a white woman. I've always been curious about being taken by two black men. I looked through the magazine checking, out each photo. It depicted a woman in a auto shop having her car worked on by two black men and eventually her as well.

Patricia licking a black cock I was so caught up with the pictures that I didn't notice that a black man was kneeling down below me looking at a magazine. He was about two feet away and when I looked back at him I caught him looking up my dress. He must have known that I didn't care because I didn't move, but instead I took one step toward him, spreading my legs open for him to get a clearer view of my pussy. First he was pretending to look at the magazine, but now he was openly checking out my pussy.

My boyfriend came over and saw what was taking place. The black man stood up and asked if we were together. He told the black man that they were. The black man told him that he just wanted to say how attractive I was and he couldn't help checking me out. He said that he saw what magazine I was looking at and he thought he had a chance to talk to me. My boyfriend surprised me by telling him that he understood and he asked him if he wanted to see more of me. The guy and I were at a loss for words, but he quickly said yes. They both turned to me and I smiled and turned toward the video arcade with them both following close behind me.

Patricia with a black cock in her mouth I stopped at one of the booths and I asked him his name. He told me it was Bill. I introduced myself and I asked him if he wanted to go and check a movie out with me. He gladly excepted and we walked into the booth. Now mind you, this was all done in front of several men who intently listening in on our conversation. The booth could only hold the 2 of us comfortably so my boyfriend had to stay outside. I told him to put some coins in the machine so he could relax a little. He appropriately chose an interracial movie with a big breasted blond and a well endowed black man. He put his hand under my dress and he began fingering me hard. His finger went in and out of my wet pussy as I put my hand on his crotch and I felt him swelling up. I unzipped his pants and he turned his look away from the screen. He gave me a deep kiss as I pulled his black meat out. His cock was a dark coal color like his skin and it was thick and uncircumcised.

His finger felt great in me as I began to moan out loud. I wanted everyone outside to hear me. He pulled his finger out and took his hand and put it on my shoulder motioning me down. I sat down in front of him and gazed at his beautiful cock. I pulled his semi hard cock and I put it in my mouth. I rolled my tongue around his uncircumcised meat. I played with it with my lips pulling on it and licking the inner hole. He jerked his body as I did this. His cock smelled strong and musty. I began to stroke it with my hand. It didn't take long for his cock to grow in my mouth and hand. I continued to suck and stroke him until he was completely hard. He began to fuck my mouth as he held the back of my head. I felt as if I was being taken in a way which made it even more nasty. I began to gag on his fat meat. I knew by the sound I was making the men out there, including my boyfriend, had to be going crazy.

Patricia deepthroating a black cock I knew that he probably couldn't hold out much longer so I pulled his thick cock out of my mouth and stood up. I gave him a wet kiss and turned around and stood with my legs spread. He didn't need any more hints. He pulled my dress up and quickly shoved his cock into my hot pussy. He began fucking me with deep slow strokes. I immediately began to cry out in ecstacy every time his shaft dove into my dripping wet pussy. I knew that my cum was covering his beautiful black pole. I was torn between my wanting to taste it and having him fuck me to unconsciousness. He picked up the pace and began fucking me faster and harder. All I could do was hold on as every plunge into my pussy felt as if I was going to be knocked into the next booth. My pussy was stuffed with his meat and it didn't want to let go. I constricted my pussy muscles around his shaft so I could feel every inch of him. I began to moan more louder as he fucked me harder. I felt his body stiffening up and I knew he was about shoot his load. I wanted it in me, but I also wanted to taste it. I told him to cum baby, shoot your load in me. I heard him growl in my ear as he slammed his cock deep into me and let loose a powerful load of black seed inside me. I felt it hit my pussy walls with a hard force. I quickly pulled him out and turned around and shoved his black tool in front of my face just in time to catch another stream of hot cum in my mouth. As it splashed on my tongue he jerked his pole into my face and let loose another spray on my face. I felt it hit my nose, lips and chin. I could feel it run down my face as I greedily licked it up. My boyfriend opened up the door to see if I was ok and he saw that my face was drenched in the black man's cum. I looked past him and saw several guys looking at me. They all had big grins on their face with looks of approval.

The black man gave me a kiss on my cheek and he thanked my man as he left. I stepped out of the booth and my man asked me if I was ok. I told him that I was great. He stared at my face with disbelief as my chin dripped with cum. There were about 4 guys standing there checking me out. I took my guys hand and put it under my dress. I heard him give out a sigh when he felt my pussy filled with his cum. I walked over to the other men and I lifted up my dress so they could see and feel for themselves. Two of the guys put their fingers in me as the other two watched on. I let them long enough to get a taste of me.

Patricia with a black cock cuming on her cunt I turned to my man and escorted him into the booth. I turned around, raised my dress for him and looked back with a look that he couldn't mistake for anything else but to cum fuck me now. He didn't hesitate. He took his cock out and rubbed the head of his dick against my slippery pussy lips. I wondered what he thought about doing sloppy seconds after a black man. He must not have minded because he slid his hard cock into me with ease. As he began fucking me harder and faster, I could hear a slurping squishing noise made by both of my cum and the other man's goo. My man tightened up and squirted his own mix into the cocktail party. He kept his warm cock in me as he breathed heavily on my back. I reached back and took hold of his melting cock and pulled it out. I turned toward him and cleaned it all up. I savored the taste of all of our mixed potion. We pulled ourselves together and I thanked my audience for their approval.

I told my guy that I wanted to buy a toy to play with later. I picked out a nice 9" Doc Johnson vibrator. I took it up to the check out counter and I looked at the clerk and gave him a wink. He smiled and told me to cum back soon. I told him that he could count on it as we left.

On the drive home I asked my guy if he enjoyed himself. He told me that this had to be one of the biggest sexual nights of his life and he thanked me for showing him my "Dark Side" and that if I wanted to bring him over to the "Dark Side" he would be happy to cum over anytime. My guy played with my soaking wet pussy all the way home as he went over every detail of the night getting excited at the points he enjoyed the most. I promised him that this wouldn't be the last time. He passed the jealousy test with flying colors.

-- The End --

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