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"A Visit To The Adult Book Store"

      by Patricia's XTC ... part 1 of 2

      (F mmmmm oral voy)

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Patricia flashing in the car Back when I was dating my husband, I pretty much was open to anything that gave me the opportunity to try something different and had the possibility of a new sexual adventure. I had been dating my guy for a few weeks and so far it had been a tame relationship in as far as what we did for sexual excitement.

Patricia finger fucking herself in the car We had talked about our sexual desires and exchanged stories of some of our sexual adventures. My boyfriend was a little surprised when he heard what types of things I have done. He was about to find out more about my erotic taste.

Patricia looking for cock at the club One night my boyfriend called me and asked me what I'd like to do that night. I told him that I'd like to go to to Hollywood and go to some of the clubs and see just see what cums up. A few hours later my boyfriend came to pick me up. When I opened the door his mouth about drooped ot the floor. I was wearing an outfit that, if I was in Hollywood, would get me propositioned or arrested. I was wearing a black short see-thru dress with thigh high nylons and my favorite cum fuck me pumps. He smiled and asked me if had something particularly planned for the night. I smiled, took his hand, and headed out the door.

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Patricia flashing bar patrons When he opened the car door for me to get in and I sat down, I knew by the look on his face that what I chose to wear was going to do the trick for what I had planned for the night. My skirt climbed up to my exposed puusy. I slid my legs in so he could get a good look. He let out an, "Oh Man" as he shut the door. As we drove to Hollywood, my boyfriend did his best to find out what I had in store for him. I put my hand on his inner thigh and as I rubbed his cock through his pants, I told him to relax and not ruin the surprise.

Patricia flashing her cunt I moved my other hand to my legs and I ran my hands over them slowly. I inched my fingers up to my pussy and I began to finger myself. I continued to rub his now hard cock in his pants. He moved his hand over and he began moving his hand over my nylons and then to the bare skin of my legs. As he moved his hand toward my hot pussy. I stopped him and told him to keep his eye on the road. He looked like a poor puppy dog, but I assured him that he wouldn't be disappointed later. I continued to play with myself bringing me to orgasm as he watched me out of the corner of his eye.

Patricia spreading on pinball machines When we arrived, I was hot, horny, wet and ready to play. We first went to the Rainbow Room and relaxed with a few drinks. It was a wild crowd and I loved to check out what everyone was wearing. I am a big people watcher and a big time voyeur. I felt right at home in this setting. There were several ladies there who were putting on a great skin show. We danced for awhile and I was doing my best to keep up with the rest of the crowd. I caught a guy checking me out at the bar while I was dancing with my boyfriend. He saw the guy too and I thought that this was going to be the test of his not being a crazy jealous controlling boyfriend. So far we really hadn't come to this area yet and I had no idea of how he was going to act.

Patricia sucking cock at the strip club We continued to dance with the guy smiling at me. After the song was over we went back to our seats. I took this opportunity to test the waters so I excused my self to go to the bathroom. I purposely walked by the guy giving him a smile. When I returned he stopped me and asked me what my name was. He gave me line #8 "So, did it hurt?" I played along with him and I asked him did what hurt? He replied "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Even though I'd heard it before, it still made me smile. He asked me if the guy I was with was anyone special. I told him that he was my boyfriend. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him when I was free.

Patricia at the adult bookstore I sat down with my boyfriend and I waited for his response. It didn't take long for him to bend over and whisper to me asking what the guy wanted. I told him everything the guy said to me including his giving me his number. I was surpised that he handled it well. He told me that he could understand why the guy found me attractive. I asked him if he was ok with that. My boyfriend told me that as long as he knew that at the end of the evening I was going home with him, he was all right with it. My boyfriend sat close to me and he began playing with my pussy. I noticed that he was fingering me in a way that left my pussy hair clearly visible. I knew that he was doing it so the guy at the bar could see. This excited me because he didn't care who was watching. I looked over at the guy at the bar and he had this great big smile on his face. I asked my boyfriend if he'd like to go up this little room upstairs called the "Vampires Lair". He had a puzzled look on his face as I took him by the hand. I walked up the stairs first so he could get a good look up my dress. I looked back at the guy at the bar he got up and followed. I had my man sit down in a dark, tiny room. I bent down and unzipped his pants and I pulled out his cock. I turned around and sat down on his hard cock. I looked forward seeing that the other guy was sitting at a table upstairs watching intently. There was another couple sitting close by and they were giving me a look of approval. I wanted so bad for the other man to cum over to me so I could suck his cock. My man didn't take long to fill my pussy with his cum and as I climbed off of him I deliberately held my dress up so the other man could see my dripping pussy and his cum covered cock. As we striaghtened up I put a finger into my wet pussy and licked it off all of his goo. We went down stairs and as I walked past the guy I gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Patricia flashing at the adult bookstore It was time to check out some other clubs and I thought my guy would like going to the club Seven Vails where he could enjoy beautiful naked women dancing for him (well yah, I wanted to watch to but he didn't need to know that). When we walked into the Seven Vails he was surprised that I wanted to sit at the dance stage close to the girls. I watched my boyfriend to see how he would act around another naked woman with me watching. Bless his heart he tried to hold back his excitment, but I could tell by the rise in his pants that he was loving every minute of it. He especially loved one girl who came out in a nurses outfit that was busting out all over. She was a great dancer and she had a great body.

Patricia exposing her cunt at the adult bookstore I asked him if he'd ever been in a strip club before. He said that he had, but it had been awhile. I told him that he should tip the dancers. I gave him a dollar to give to her and the look on his face was priceless. He was all smiles when she danced up to him and put on a great show for him. He politely put the tip out on the bar for her. His mouth dropped when she turned around and took it in her tight ass cheeks. I told him that he needed to do it with style. I took out a dollar bill and I stuck it in my mouth. She came over to me and she gave me a big kiss taking the dollar from my lips. She whispered into my ear telling me how nice it was to have another woman there who loves to have fun. I told her it was our first time together at a club and I wanted to do something special for him. She said sure, I took out a $5 dollar bill and stood up. I turned around and faced away from the stage. I saw several men watching us and I smiled at them knowing that they were about to get a surprise show.

Patricia examining butt plugs and dildos I sat up on the outer stage and I placed the money in my mouth. I then bent all the way back so she could take the money from me. I knew that the guys could see my exposed pussy and it totally excited me. It excited me more knowing that my boyfriend knew I was spread open for all to see. I could still feel a small dribble of cum ouzing out of my pussy. The dancer knew just what to do. She came up to me and squated over my face. From the view of the patrons it looked like I was licking her pussy. She went down to my face. I could feel her pussy lips on my nose. I immediately came when I felt her wet pussy within a lick away. I was drunk with the beautiful fragrance of her pussy. I was brought back to reality when I heard the audiance go wild with cheers. She slowly took the money from my waiting mouth with her pussy and velvet thighs. She stood up and I felt like I melted back in my seat.

Patricia squatting by the porn mags I asked my boyfriend if he was ok with what I did. He asked me if I was crazy. He said that he loved it. It was totally exciting. He told me that it made him feel fortunate to be with such an openly sexually minded woman.

It didn't take long for some guys to cum up to me and ask me if I'd tip their favorite dancers with their money. I got a kick out of this and I gladly took their money. The girls loved it because they got tips and the managment must not have minded because it kept the customers there spending more. I loved it because I got to be close to a lot of sexy women. I tipped the dancers in different ways like putting it in my mouth and in their asses, in between my legs and their bending over to take it, but their favorite was when I repeated my sitting on the stage and their sitting on my face. The place went crazy every time. I had a favorite lady as well. I asked her if she would do a lap dance for me. She happily agreed and we went over to a corner and this exotic little blond began dancing for me. Patricia bent over showing her assShe rubbed her perfect breasts in my face while I inhaled deeply. I loved her perfume. She straddled me and I could feel her soft thighs over mine. I rubbed her outer legs. It took everything I had to restrain myself from touching her more. I knew there were restrictions, but I couldn't help but rub her ass and inner thighs. She reacted to it by rubbing against me harder. I told her that I had to have her, but I knew it would only be in my dreams. She smiled at me and gave me a deep kiss. She turned around and sat on me. She ground her hips and ass into me. My pussy let loose when she simulated fucking me. After the private dance I thanked her with a wet tongue kiss. The customers and I were all disappointed when we had to leave.

Patricia bottomless by a booth door I told my boyfriend that we had one more stop. I knew that after all of that, we were so horny that we were ready to fuck right in front of Gramons Chinese Theater. I told him where to drive and he blindly followed my directions.

I directed him to an Adult Bookstore (you were probably wondering when we were going to get to this, right?). He had a puzzled look on his face at my choice of locations, but I had always wanted to check one out. I explained this to him and he told me that he had been to a few before. He told me that there were sometimes some interesting people inside them. He told me to expect the unexpected. I told him that he better or our being there would be pointless.

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