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Tiffany - Raped In Jail

Erotic fiction by: NiteWriter
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

This story is copyrighted and may not be placed on any internet site without permission from the author.

I first met Tiffany about six months ago. I would go into a local store for lunch everyday and happened to notice this new girl working there. She had an incredible body, the type you can't help but notice and stare at. Everyday she would be there and I would pause for awhile just to look at her. Tiffany is 22 years old, 5' 8" tall with long slender legs and she weighs only 120 pounds. She has blonde hair to her shoulders which she wears loosely around her beautiful face. But the most amazing part of her is her 38D bust. Whenever you see her your eyes automatically wind up focusing on her breasts. They are not too large for her body, but just big enough that you can't help noticing them. Her tits stand straight out and don't sag one bit. All I could think about every day is Tiffany's gorgeous hooters.

As the weeks went by, every now and then we would exchange a pleasant hello since she began to recognize me from shopping there everyday. Sometimes we even had a short conversation. Eventually as time passed we talked more and more until our talks were getting longer and longer and about more personal things than just idle chit chat. Finally I realized that she enjoyed our talks and wondered if she might be interested in getting together after work someday.

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The next day I decided to ask her to meet me after work for a few drinks. When I went for lunch, we talked as usual and she accepted my invitation to meet afterwards quite eagerly. I couldn't wait for the end of the day to get together her.

After work, I picked Tiffany up at her store and we went to a local bar. We proceeded to spend the next four hours enjoying each others company talking about everything and anything as we both put away quite a few beers. Actually, we were both feeling no pain and decided it was about time to leave. Tiffany asked if I would like to go back to her apartment to continue where we left off and have a little more fun. How could I refuse that offer?

We headed off to Tiffany's apartment and on the way she told me how much she enjoyed my company and was looking forward to our evening together and hoped that I felt the same. I told her I did and that I would be hers just for the asking. I think that was all she needed to hear because she then told me that she fantasizes about sex all the time and lately it involved me. Also, that she enjoyed new experiences and was willing to do almost anything. In fact, she said she tended to get pretty wild in bed once she got started, and that didn't take her long. Tiffany also said that she hopes I will enjoy tonight as much as she is going to. That made me wonder what she had in store for me, but I was game and anxious to find out. I've never met anyone so anxious, willing and uninhibited sexually. All the women I've ever been out with were on the shy side of.

I was so preoccupied listening to Tiffany and fantasizing what the rest of the evening would be like, that I didn't realize how fast I was driving. Suddenly I realized there was a police car behind us flashing his lights. I pulled off into a store parking lot and waited for the officer. He approached the car, I rolled down my window giving him my license and registration. He asked where we going and that I was going a bit fast. I guess my answer wasn't to good because he then asked if we were drinking. Tiffany and I did have quite a bit. The officer peered into the car looking at Tiffany who was pretty tipsy herself. "You'll have to leave your car here," he ordered. "Get in the squad car, we're going down to the station." We did as we were told and ten minutes later were at the police station.

It was nearly 11:00 pm by that time and the police station was quiet except for the officer that bought us in and the sargent at the desk. When we enterd the sargent eyed Tiffany up and down, obviously liking the way she looked. We were placed in separate cells in the back. About ten minutes later the arresting officer, who was about 40 years old and little overweight, and the sargent, a 6" tall black man of about 45 or so, both return to our cells.

The officer spoke to Tiffany who was now just sitting on the cot in the cell. "You know you two shouldn't be out driving in the condition you're in. But I have to say, you sure are the best looking thing we've had in here in a long time. The sargent agreed. "You sure are right about that Dan, she's a hot little number alright." I didn't like the sound of what they were saying and implying and Tiffany sensed the same thing.

They unlocked her cell and opened the steel door. "Now listen up there sweetheart,if you're a good girl, we'll let you and your friend go." They entered her cell and the black sargent grabbed Tiffany by the arms while Dan, the officer, pulled off her slacks and pulled her blouse over her head. Her bra and panties quickly followed as she struggled to break loose to no avail. "Wow!!, look at those tits," the sargent remarked. Tiffany struggled with the big black sargent, but his grip was too tight. Tired of her fighting, he threw Tiffany on the cot handcuffing her hands to the steel frame above her head. Then they both mauled her beautiful breasts squeezing them and pinching her nipples while she winced in pain. Her soft nipples grew hard as they continued pulling on them, sucking them and biting on them with their teeth. Tiffany was helpless to stop them. They obviously were going to have their way with Tiffany's lovely body.

I sat there in the neighboring cell helpless to do anything for her. Both men quickly undressed and I could see their two big cocks were already hard and ready to begin raping Tiffany. The officer had a ten inch shaft already at full attention and the black sargent had a tremendously big thick cock almost a foot long. It was so thick that it had to be six or seven inches around. Tiffany was yelling at them to stop but they paid no attention to her.

"I suggest you just shut up or we can make this extremely unpleasant for you." Officer Dan said. "Now be a good girl and show us what a nice young thing like you can do."

"I'll bet she's real tight," the sargent remarked. He slid his hands down from Tiffany's tits between her legs. He probed in her slit with his fingers making Tiffany twist on the cot to move away from his touch. "God, I knew it, this bitch is tight." Then the officer, Dan, moved up on the cot between Tiffany's legs. Both men forced her legs apart and Dan slid his hard tool right in her cunt. Tiffany let out scream, but Dan shoved his cock all the way in and started pumping her hole and wasn't about to stop. He repeatedly buried all ten inches in her, fucking her hard shaking the cot.

Meanwhile, the sargent moved up to Tiffany's face rubbing his fat black cock across her cheeks and lips and on her forehead. She yanked her head from side to side trying to avoid his disgusting hot black shaft. "C'mon sweetie, take me in. I hear white bitches like to suck black cock." He kept rubbing it across her lips trying to get her to open her mouth. "Open bitch," he yelled at her. "Open your fuckin' mouth." Tiffany's lips parted only slightly and the sargent forced himself in making her lips open wider to take in his big tool. He knelt over her face and fed her more of his black meat until her mouth was stretched wide taking about 6 inches inside. The black sargent began fucking her mouth making her take his black cock as deep as she could handle. I think if he could have shoved it down her throat he would have, but it was just too big around for her to swallow. When he pulled out there was a bead of precum on the head of his cock. "Stick your tongue out, you little cunt." Tiffany opened her mouth and slowly pushed out her tongue. The sargent held his cock and wiped it across her wet tongue leaving the small glob of precum in Tiffany's mouth.

"Hey, Sarg, she's never going to get all of that big thing you got in her mouth, let me try, switch places." The men switched places, the sargent went between Tiffany's wide spread legs and the officer now was squatting over her face. The Sarg pushed his fat black cock up Tiffany's cunt using a lot of effort. Her hole really had to stretch wide to accomodate his big shaft. The other officer shoved his tool in her mouth. He made sure Tiffany knew that he was going to make her deep throat him. "Maybe you couldn't get the Sarg's all the way in, but you're going to feel every inch of mine." He was brutal to Tiffany. Squatting over her face he lowered himself to a kneeling postion impaling Tiffany's throat with his ten inch cock. Tiffany struggled, but there was nothing she could do. He was sitting on her face completely buried in her throat, his balls resting on her face. He lifted himself up momentarily, withdrawing partially and sat down again driving into her throat again. Afer five times making Tiffany swallow ten inches of his hot cockmeat the officer couldn't restrain himself.

"I'm cumming, Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He didn't pull out of Tiffany. He left his throbbing, ejaculating cock buried deep inside Tiffany's throat while he emptied his himself of his hot sperm. I could hear Tiffany's attempts to scream as the muffled sounds echoed from deep within her throat as the officer's hot cream spurted deep down inside her. Dan was loving the feel of exploding his jizz deep in Tiffany's throat. I was getting afraid that from his excitement he wouldn't pull out and Tiffany would pass out.

"That's it, bitch. Take my cum down your throat, ahhh!!!....ahhh!!!!....yess... yess.... swallow it, cunt."

When he finished he extracted his cock leaving Tiffany gasping to breathe and coughing up some of the white sticky sperm. I could see some of the coughed up gooey jism as she tried spitting it out of her mouth. Officer Dan laughed at her as she choked, "what's the matter, don't like the taste?" "That's okay, before the night's over we'll turn you into real cum-eatin' slut." "Or maybe you'd rather taste my ass." Still squatting, Dan moved up slightly postioning his ass over Tiffany's mouth. "Rim me, bitch." He yelled out, and lowered his rear onto her mouth. Tiffany's tongue came out of her mouth going between the officers' ass cheeks. He lowered himself more nearly sitting right on her face and started moaning his satisfaction. "Oh God Sarg, she's got a great tongue." "This cunt knows how to lick an asshole alright." For five minutes Tiffany had to rim the officers dirty asshole while he told her how good she was at it and that she was better than any whore he's ever had. Dan finally got off of her, but only to be replaced by the Sarg. "Okay, babe, I'm next." "Do my asshole good too." Tiffany could not have felt more humiliated or cheap as right now. It was bad enough she had to suck the sargent's big black cock earlier, but now to rim him, to put her tongue in his disgusting ass and lick his asshole. She already had a foul taste in her mouth from Dan's musty ass. The Sarg lowered himself over Tiffany's face and in seconds started moaning his pleasure with feeling his asshole being serviced by Tiffany's wet tongue. "Oh yes, baby." "This bitch is a pro." Again minutes passed as she rimmed the sargent until he finally he had enough.

Sarg got off Tiffany's face and turned her body over to her stomach. "Let me see how tight of an ass she's got." The sargent pushed Tiffany up onto her knees. "Spread her ass for for me Dan," he ordered the other officer. Tiffany wasn't recovered yet from Dan's throat fuck and from the foul taste she had in her mouth from eating their assholes. She still had cum on her face and some dribbled from her mouth each time she coughed. She quickly realized what was going to happen next when Sarg started pushing on her asshole. She started crying out to them,

"Please, please stop." "Don't please........." "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She screamed at the top of lungs as Sarg's cock forced her asshole open. The pain must have been incredible taking that huge fat black cock in her tiny anal hole. The sargent had managed to force the head of his cock in Tiffany's rear, and he was grunting, trying to ram all of it the rest of the way in. Slowly it disappeared, inch by inch inside Tiffany's ass. She screamed the entire time as it passed through her tiny asshole, painfully stretching her tight sphincter until Sarg's fat black foot long cock was completely buried inside her rectum. Tiffany was moaning, grunting in a hysterical panic from being so savagely stuffed up the ass by this massive piece of cockmeat.

The sargent rested just a moment, then began fucking her asshole. Again Tiffany's screams resumed. The sargent was ramming her ass unmercifully. His cock would slide out and he would quickly force it back in all the way slapping his balls on Tiffany's asscheeks. No matter how much Tiffany yelled and screamed he wouldn't stop. Over and over I watched Tiffany's ass swallow up Sarg's giant twelve inch black prick. Finally he pulled out spewing cum all over her ass. His cum shot all over Tiffany's crack and cheeks running down covering her red asshole. Once Sarg finished creaming all over Tiffany, he shoved his half hard cock up Tiffany's ass one last time pushing the last drops of his sperm inside her anus. He dismounted Tiffany and they both started to leave. I could hear Sarg remarking to Dan, "that was the best ass I've ever had." "God is she tight."

The two left Tiffany laying on cot in tears with cum running from her ass and cum drying on her face. She just lay there sobbing while they went off to the next room. I could hear them talking about how much fun they had and every so often stuck their heads in to take another look at her and their handywork. I could hear them partying drinking beer and having a good time.

After about an hour they returned to Tiffany's cell. Tiffany had fallen asleep from the ordeal she'd just been through. I couldn't imagine what they wanted with her now. "Wake up bitch," they yelled to her. They must have had a lot to drink, they were pretty drunk. "Get up cunt," again yelling to her. Tiffany woke up in a daze and sat up on the edge of the cot still handcuffed to the railing.

Tiffany sat there hurting from what they'd done to her and wondering what would happen to her next. Then the officer, Dan, walked up to her, took a couple of deep breaths and his piss erupted from his cock hitting Tiffany in the face. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As I watched she tried pulling away but he kept directing his hot piss at her splashing all over her face and running down her chest off her big lovely tits like a waterfall. She bent her head slightly to avoid the stream and his piss splattered on to her head soaking her beautiful blonde hair thoroughly. The yellow shower was dripping off her saturated hair and down her shoulders.

"Look at me and open up," he ordered her.

"Take my piss, slut."

Tiffany didn't move. "Do it now, or I'll beat you till you do," Sarg added in." I couldn't believe they were going to make her do such a vile thing. "Open your fuckin' mouth," the Sarg screamed. Then Tiffany looked up at him and opened her mouth for Dan's steamy hot stuff. His hot piss filled her mouth almost instantly and began splashing down her chin. As it gushed from his cock, the hot urine made a bubbly foam in Tiffany's mouth as it struck the large quantity of piss held within her wide open lips. "C'mon you piss slut, swallow it." He yelled......... "SWALLOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!" Again yelling at her. Tiffany slowly closed her mouth............ and swallowed it down. It was unbelievable watching her being forced to gulp down the hot fluid pouring from the officers cock. She opened her mouth again getting another mouthful and was forced to swallow it again.

I can't believe what Tiffany had to do next. He moved closer to her mouth forcing her to take his urinating cock inside. He held her head on his cock making her wrap her lips tight around it and drink his hot piss as it flowed from his overfilled bladder. He kept his hands placed on her sweet blonde head keeping her in place as she had to swallow the continuous flow of his urine. I could see some of his hot piss escape from around his cock and drip down Tiffany's chin as her mouth filled up and then emptied as it gushed down her throat with each swallow. I could hear the sound of her gulp as each mouthful flushed down her throat. Tiffany swallowed five times before he allowed her to back off letting the remainder of his piss splatter over her face until finally he ran dry. Tiffany sat there totally drenched in what seemed like a gallon of smelly hot piss. The Sarg was really turned on watching her like this. He was actually getting excited watching his buddy violating this gorgeous young thing in this manner.

The Sarg moved up to Tiffany's soaked face. "Still thirsty, cunt?" "Open up, let's see if you like a black man's piss too."

Tiffany pleaded with him,..... begged of him.

" No more, please!!!!!" "No!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!"

"Don't make me do this." Her tears started again.

Sarg paid no attention to her. He took his half hard cock, grabbed Tiffany's head amd pulled her mouth to his shaft. He forced himself between Tiffany's lips until she started gagging from feeling the cock hitting the back of her throat. Sarg held it there and stood there breathing deeply. Suddenly Tiffany's eyes grew wide and fright appeared on her face. Sarg was urinating right down her throat. I could see Tiffany's throat gulping trying to keep up with the heavy flow of fluid draining from his black cock. Not a drop came from her mouth. She was swallowing everything. Sarg's bladder must have been overflowing, for at least a minute went by and still Tiffany was force fed Sarg's hot pee. Finally, he finished, pulling out of her mouth, letting her fall back on the cot holding her gut, overfilled with their steamy urine.

They left and everything was quite. I guess they fell asleep in the other room. Tiffany layed there awhile moaning with cramps from swallowing so much urine. Eventually, she leaned over behind the cot and threw up on the floor. Then she layed down again and finally fell asleep. I just lay there admiring Tiffany's fantastic body. How I wished this night happened differently. We could have had such a nice evening together, just the two of us. Instead, she lay there, in jail, brutally raped and made to do some of the most disgusting things imaginable. She was lying with her back towards me giving me a view of her perfect ass which only hours earlier was brutally fucked. I wish it had me in her ass. How I would have loved feeling my cock penetrating her with love rather than rape. I could see her 38" breasts still firmly jutting out from her chest. Only now they were drenched with the urine of her captors. I wish I could touch and caress them for her, make her feel loved. Several hours passed as I lay there awake wondering when we would get out of here.

Then I heard some movement in the next room and the Sarg wandered in going to Tiffany's cell again. Tiffany was sound asleep. As he walked into her cell he saw I was awake. His cock was rock hard sticking out from him.

"Your little lady here's one hot bitch. I need her again. You see I got this tremendous piss hardon."

He was going to violate her precious body again. God, would her torture ever end. While she slept, Sarg knelt over her butt, spread her soft ass cheeks and put his rock hard cock on her anal entrance. Her ass was so soft and relaxed while she slept that he easily pushed into her asshole. But his movements on her already sore anus brought her out of the deep sleep. He pushed his cock deeper into her ass and easily shoved it all the way up her asshole. Once he was in, she was awake enough to realize what was happening. His piss hard cock must have felt like a steel rod rammed up inside her ass.

Tiffany sleepily uttered, "No please, no more"

He layed down on her body keeping his cock up her ass, then started pissing. It caught her by surprise but she had to just lay there, Sarg had her pinned to the cot with the weight of his body. Too tired to even struggle, she lay there letting him have his way with her.

"That's it baby, relax and enjoy it." he said. "Your're turning into a real piss slut afterall."

He urinated for over 30 seconds up her ass. "Hey baby, I can feel your ass filling up with my steamy piss" "It's getting pretty hot and wet in there." The whole time she quietly cried to herself.

Sarg was getting off pissing up her ass. He was enjoying humiliating Tiffany in this way. As he emptied his bladder inside Tiffany's ass he spoke to her making her feel like a dirty whore, like a piss hungry slut.

"It's so hot, baby" "Doesn't that feel good?"

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!" "Yesss........!!! Baby." "That's it."

"Take my piss in your ass."

"I'm gonna fill your ass up with my hot fucking piss."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! "Yesss, Yesss"

"Take it, piss slut." "Take it all."

He finished urinating in her bunghole and pulled out. He rolled her over to her back and he began jerking off. He was turned on again from violating Tiffany again. It was easy for him to get hard looking at her phenomenol tits and knowing that he just pissed in her ass. He straddled her face and continued masturbating himself. He rubbed his stiff prick across her face and within minutes he was ready to cum.

"Open up, baby" "Here's another load for you."

Tiffany took his cock between her lips just in time to catch the first spurt of jism. Tiffany didn't struggle this time, it was no use, she just sucked down his hot cream as it spewed from his cock. A couple times she quickly opened her mouth to get a breath and I could see the heavy load of sperm on her tongue before she swallowed it down. He kept cumming and she kept swallowing until she finished eating his load.

The Sarg got up and went back to the other room. Tiffany sat up on the edge of the cot opened her legs let go an incredible stream of piss from her ass. I was amazed how much Sarg had urinated in her. Tiffany's ass seemed out of control releasing hot piss all over herself and her cot. And the whole time she whimpered in pain as the salty urine burned on her sore asshole. Finally the anal flow slowed and then just dripped out. Tiffany was drained mentally and physically. She had no more to give. Her body had been put through the most humiliating and brutal rape she could ever have imagined. Getting raped anally and orally was bad enough, but to be violated by being urinated on and in and to be forced to drink their vile fluids will be something she will live with forever. What could she do about it? What could we do about it? Go to the police. They were the police. Who would believe us.

The next moring the Sarg came in and unlocked the cells. "You can go," he told both of us. He never mentioned anything of what happened the night before. I helped Tiffany put her clothes back on over her sticky piss soaked body. She still had dried cum on her face and on her rear end. Her hair was all matted and she smelled pretty bad from laying all night cover in urine. We left and I took Tiffany home helping her clean up. I still see her everyday, but we both never mentioned her experience.



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