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Raping The Office Tease (part 2)

Erotic fiction by: NiteWriter
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

This story is copyrighted and may not be placed on any internet site without permission from the author.

John picked Sue up and postioned her on the floor on her knees again and stood behind her holding his massive hard cock. I spread her cheeks for John as he placed his cock between her crack. His big black tool was monstrous next to Sue's tiny little anal pucker. I figured there was no way it could possibly fit in. John pushed and then pushed harder making Sue whimper out loud, not so much from pain but from the extreme pressure on her backdoor. John pushed harder again and Sue's anus began stretching open. It was amazing that her tiny asshole could open up that much. Sue let out a cry and the head of John's cock slipped into her ass. Sue's tiny little anal hole was straining to accomodate the head of John's giant tool. Now that John had her asshole wide open, he just hunched over Sue's butt and leaned into her impaling her asshole completely, driving all fourteen inches up her ass. Sue let out an incredible continuous cry as her rectum became filled with John's giant black cock.

"Oh my God, Oh my God, it's so big." "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sue's ass had never been violated by anything so huge. John rested, while buried in her, letting Sue regain her composure and realize what had just happened. When Sue tried to look back over her shoulder realizing she had fourteen inches of black cock in her ass, John withdrew his tool completely. Sue's asshole remained stretched open from the massive intrusion. Then he spread her cheeks apart to admire the pink inside of her gaping asshole. John postioned himself again at Sue's open oriface and rammed her asshole fully again. He continued slamming all fourteen inches of his hot black meat repeatedly in and out of Sue's ass. Sue was going absolutely delirious from this rough anal fucking. She cried out over and over as John buttfucked her tiny anal hole.

"Oh God,....... please stop." "Take it out, please!!!!!!!" "It's so big,....... please take it out."

"But it feels so good in there, baby," John replied. "I can't stop now." "A white bitch like you needs a good assfuck every so often."

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"Yesssssss ma'am, I like fuckin' that white asshole" "Want it harder, baby" "C'mon, help me fuck your asshole with my big black cock." "I know you really like it and want more, don't you?"

"C'mon bitch, tell me how much you like it in your ass." "tell me to fuck your ass harder."

"C'mon bitch." "Tell me you want my cum."

"C'mon baby, let me hear you or I'll fuck your ass all night long."

Sue finally gave in and managed to get the words out although it didn't sound too sincere.

"I love your black cock in my ass." "Fuck my ass harder and give me your cum."

With that, John pulled out of Sue's ass and told her, "If you want my cum, you'll have to suck it out of me."

John pulled Sue up to kneeling and stood in front of her. "Oh!!! no!!!! Please don't make me do that." "Please." "It's just been in my ass." "I can't put it in my mouth." "Please don't make me."

John reached behind Sue untieing her hands. "You'd better suck it and you better do it good, bitch." "And your going to take all of it." "Either you can do it or I'll force it down you right now."

John gave Sue a little time to regain her composure once he backed out of her ass and stood before her dangling his huge black cock. Although the tears had stopped for now, she was out of breath trying her best to deal with the situation. Somehow cute little girl managed to take fourteen inches of cock in her asshole and now she had to take it in her mouth. She probably could have dealt with sucking John's black cock, but the thought of it just coming out of her ass made it something totally disgusting for her to do. She looked up at John, perhaps hoping he would change his mind about making her suck and lick the slime coated cock. But John just stared back waiting to feel his cock pushing through Sue's soft lips and to feel her tongue start licking him.

Sue had no choice, but to comply. John's massive hard black cock hung before her glistening from being in her ass. Sue obeyed by gripping John's cock with both hands and massaging it, trying to get up the courage to take him in her mouth. Then she brought it to her lips and licked the head with her tongue. Sue opened her mouth and started taking the head in. She didn't look to happy about tasting the slime from her own ass that was all over John's cock.

"C'mon bitch, clean it off." "Lick it clean." Slowly Sue licked and sucked in a couple inches of John's big black meat. With only two inches in her mouth it was monstrous next to her face. I couldn't imagine Sue taking this giant thing down her throat. She sucked it in and out, but John knew she wasn't going to take it in any further. So he pulled out of Sue's mouth and took her by the hand to the sofa. "What are you going to do to me," she cried with tears running down her cheeks. "Just shut up and lay down," he yelled at her. John propped a couple pillows on one end of the sofa and positioned Sue lying down on her back with her head hanging over the arm. As John walked around to the side of the sofa I could see that his cock was at the same level as Sue's head. I knew what John had in mind.

John held Sue's head and tilted it back putting his cock in her mouth. Still, his cock was tremendous next to Sue's darling little face. John slipped the head into her mouth and starting pushing forward. His cock plunged deeper into Sue's mouth than she had taken it before. Sue's mouth and lips were wide open and full of black cock. He pushed deeper until I could see John experiencing some resistence as he obviously had hit the back of her throat. John massaged Sue's stretched out neck with his fingers and at the same time gave a quick little push. About another two inches of his cock quickly disappeared. It was unbelievable. John's fourteen inch giant black schlong was going down Sue's tiny throat. John pushed steadily as inch by inch of black meat was being forced into Sue's tight throat. I could see Sue's throat expand as the giant tool stretched her. Sue's lips worked around John's black meat as if she were helping to swallow the cock. Finally, John's long prick was gone, buried inside Sue's throat. John backed off a bit removing about four inches from her and then pushed back in. Then John slowly withdrew his tool giving Sue a chance to breathe. The giant thing glistened from Sue's saliva. Sue was completely out of breath from the deep throat fuck John gave her.

As Sue caught her breath, John grabbed his tool and raised it up pushing his balls into Sue's face. She knew what John wanted. Sue began licking his big black sack hanging from his groin. "Suck em, you white bitch," John ordered.

Sue obeyed without hesitating. She sucked his black balls into her mouth one at a time. John tilted his head back in pleasure moaning from the feeling. Then John slid forward forcing Sue's mouth under his balls making her lick between his legs into his crotch. My cock was really hard from watching this little office tease pleasuring the biggest cock she's ever seen and a black one at that. Sue took a couple more deep breaths and John told her to open wide so he could implant his black tool down her throat again. John impaled her mouth in one long motion and again Sue swallowed his big black cockmeat.

I moved up between Sue's wide open legs and fingered her cunt some more while John repeatedly stuffed her throat. Her cunt was getting real juicy again coating my fingers. Then I slipped a finger into her asshole pushing it all the way in. How easy it penetrated her bottom. But then again after taking John's big meat in there, my finger was nothing. I slid in a second finger and then a third. Her ass was so loose it was like she didn't even know I was there playing with it. I had three fingers as far in her asshole as I could get them. I pulled them out and tried for four fingers. They were going in, but it was getting tight. Sue started reacting as her asshole was being stretched wider and wider. I was in up to my knuckles and trying to force them deeper. John pulled his cock from her mouth for a moment and Sue let out a scream as I continued forcing into her ass.

"Oh!!!! God!!!!!!! NOoooooo!!!!!!!!!!" Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "It hurts..."

Her screams actually turned me on more. The pain I was causing her aroused me, making me want to keep reaming her tiny asshole with my hand. I pulled from her ass and immediately pushed in again with all five fingers. I was going to fist her ass and I didn't care how much she screamed. I forced hard into her anus stretching it wider and wider. The closer my knuckles got to her asshole the wider it stretched. I maintained a hard forward thrust against her anal hole as it slowly stretched opened to take me in. Sue was screaming wildly as John held her tight until I finished penetrating her butt. I kept going deeper pushing harder and finally my hand passed through her sphincter. I was in her ass as her hole wrapped around my wrist. Was she ever hot inside. Her screams had stopped and were replaced by a grunting and moaning. I looked up and saw John pushing his meat down her throat again. I opened and closed my hand feeling her insides making her twitch from the discomfort I was causing while John started pistoning in and out of her throat.

My cock was growing harder and harder from the extreme pleasue I was deriving from violating Sue's ass. It was time to bury my cock in her too. Sue twisted and bucked wildly when I pulled my fist from her ass stretching her asshole again. I slipped between Sue's legs and and buried my hard cock in her wet pussy. I easily slid in and started fucking her hard right away. Then I pulled out and sunk my cock up Sue's ass, fucking her anal hole awhile. It was easy getting in her backdoor, since I had already loosened her up. I alternated between holes, a few jabs in her cunt then a few up her ass. I doubt Sue care very much where I put my cock. She was too preoccupied with trying to handle John's giant tool constantly going down her throat.

John was really giving her a workout with that monster black cock. He drove that thing back and forth in and out of Sue's throat until he finally let out a moan, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." John was completely buried in Sue's throat. I reached up putting my hands on Sue's neck. I could feel the hardness of John's cock engorged in her throat. Then suddenly I felt the throbbing begin and I knew John was pumping his hot cum deep in Sue's throat. John quickly pulled his long throbbing meat out and once his black cock head emerged the cum poured from him. Sue choked a little from the heavy stream of jism John left in her throat as he extracted his cock. She coughed a couple times and the thick cream bubbled over her lips. I never saw so much as John spurted more all over Sue's face covering her mouth and lips causing it to start running down her cheeks. Then another giant spurt shot right in her mouth coating her tongue as it pour from his cock. And again, another thick gusher all over her face. John held his massive black cock directly over Sue's opened mouth and milked it as his hot thick cock cream continued to pour out. Sue had no choice but to swallow it or choke from the quantity of sperm. She began gulping down his gooey black cum, but there was no way she could keep up with tremendous quantity erupting from John's throbbing cock. Even John I think was amazed at how much sperm he dumped in Sue's mouth and on her face. Sue's face was almost completely covered in sticky jism. She held her mouth opened showing John another mouthful of his sperm and the movement of her tongue made some dribble over her lip. "Swallow all of it," John barked out. Then she closed her mouth swallowing the load in one gulp. Then using her tongue, she tried licking as much as possible from her lips and face. John helped her by smearing his cum around with his cock pushing most of it into Sue's mouth for her to eat. Sue ate it all and licked John's shrinking cock clean.

"How 's it taste," John said smartly. "I'll bet you never had so much to swallow before." Her face was still drenched in sperm and dripping down her cheeks.

As I watched Sue's face getting saturated with cum, it made my cock begin to throb and I started cumming inside her hot cunt. I quickly pulled out and John pushed Sue up to my spurting cock to catch my sperm in her mouth. She wrapped her sweet lips around the head of my cock as I emptied the rest of my cum in her mouth. Each time my cock throbbed and shot a stream of hot jism, she swallowed it down. She gulped down everything I gave her without loosing a drop. I was crazy with lust watching her suck me dry. I wanted to keep cumming and fill her with my sperm. I grabbed her head pulling it hard to me sinking my cock down her throat. My last two spurts of cum I deposited deep in her throat. Then I pulled my drained cock from her mouth and watched Sue lick her lips removing the remains of my load.

I pulled out of her mouth and Sue just fell back stretching out on the sofa. John still stood next to her with his half hard cock playing with he splattered cum still over Sue's face. I grabbed my camera as I had earlier and took a few more shots of Sue drenched in sperm. I had plenty of photos of Sue with a cock in her mouth, down her throat, in her ass, my fist up her cunt and ass and sperm all over her.

"Well I guess that's it for today Sue." "We sure enjoyed ourselves." "Just remember, I've got alot of pictures of you, so I suggest that today becomes our little secret." "I'm sure you wouldn't us to spread them around showing everyone how much of a slut you really are."

Sue layed there for awhile, then got up and started cleaning herself up. She got dressed and was ready to go. We watched her leave, get in her car and that was the last time we saw Sue. She never showed up at work again.


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