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Raping The Office Tease (part 1)

Erotic fiction by: NiteWriter
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

This story is copyrighted and may not be placed on any internet site without permission from the author.

Sue was a girl in my office who always bragged about her sexual escapades. I didn't know real well, only enough to say hello to her in passing. Every day at work, she would have a number of girls huddled around her, listening to her stories. With the constant flow of her stories around the office, I often wondered how many of them were true. This girl had some attitude about her, not caring who knew what she did in bed. But yet she turned down every guy in the office that asked her for a date. I was beginning to think that she was just a big tease and all talk and no action.

Sue always dressed very sexy for work. Her outfits always accented her features. Dresses she wore were short, skirts would be skin tight, her blouses and tops always were snug to show off her large bust and thin waist. Today she had on a cute low cut frilly blouse that showed off her deep cleavage and pair of slacks that fit tight up her thighs accenting her firm rear end. As usual, she was gorgeous, a knockout in every sense of the word.

One day in the lunchroom, Sue and some of her friends sat in a booth directly behind where I was seated. As I enjoyed my lunch, I couldn't help overhearing Sue's latest sex story. It seems she has this fantasy about being forced to have sex. She wondered what it would be like to be raped. She told the other girls how exciting it would be to have several men forced themselves on her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was probably concocting this fantastic story just for the attention of the others. Someday, I thought, someone is going to teach her a lesson and take her up on her big talk.

That night at home I thought about Sue's bragging and fantasies. I sure would like to be the one show her what sex is really like. If she has a fantasy, I'd love to make it come true like she would never expect. I found myself daydreaming about what I would do to that gorgeous redhead. I sure could have a lot of fun with her petite 5' 5", 105 pound body. I thought about her cute face and long red hair. I wondered what her tits looked like under the blouses and sweaters she wore. I figured her bust had to be a nice 38" pair as they always stood big and firm from her petite framed chest. She had smooth slender legs you couldn't help staring at when she wore a skirt and her rear end was so tight and compact that wiggled so nicely as she walked through the office. So many times I thought about what it would be like to grab those tiny soft delectable buns. And such a tiny waist to go along with her big bust. She definitely was a hot, top heavy babe. I just had to have her and teach her a lesson at the same time. The more I thought about it the more I knew exactly what I was going to do.

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The next day after work I followed Sue to her car. Once she got in I knocked on the window and asked for for a ride to the closest service station. I told her I had some car trouble. She agreed and I walked around to get in the passenger side. I directed Sue to the location of the service station I needed. Little did she know that I arranged a friend of mine, John, who owned the station, to help me out and join in with the fun I had planned. We arrived at the station and I asked Sue to come in for a second to be sure I wouldn't be stranded at the station. Unaware of what was about to happen, she followed me into the service station. John had a nice little room in back of his place where he was waiting for us. We walked right in and I closed the door behind us.

"Well Sue, we have a little surprise for you." I said. "We're going to have a little fun for the rest of the afternoon." The fright came over her face almost instantly. John was a 6'5" black man and I knew he had equipment down below to match his size. Sue looked at John and immediately headed for the door with a panic in her voice. "Oh, God No!!! Please!!!! Please!!! Don't do this to me."

I was standing at the door so she wasn't about to get away that easily. "What are you going to do to me?" The panic was still in her voice as she knew there was no way for her to escape.

"You may as well accept the fact that you will do anything we say. You don't have a choice. You're always bragging a lot about your incredible sexual adventures, so this should be nothing to you. I overheard you yesterday saying you wanted to be raped, forced to have sex. Your wish is my command. Your body is now ours." "Whether you still want it or not, your're going to get it. And your body, I'm sure, is going to have a few new experiences too, strictly for our enjoyment."

I moved closer to Sue reaching out grabbing at her clothes ripping her blouse off. John came up from behind holding her by the arms thus allowing me to pull on her slacks and get them off her slim legs. She tried to break loose from John kicking with her arms and legs, but he easily held her small petit body as I stripped all of her clothing from her struggling body. She was really scared, half crying and half yelling for us to let her go. When I grasped her bra tearing it from her, I had to stop and admire her gorgeous tits when they tumbled free from their lacey bra cups. What a beautiful sight. Her tits were massive on her tiny frame of a body and her nipples were large and dark. I grabbed one of her giant melons in my hands and brought it to my lips. I kissed and sucked on her nipple while John grabbed a handful of the other one.

"Are you ready my dear, I asked?" I wasn't expecting an answer so we just pushed her down to the floor and positioning her on her knees and head down to the floor. Again, John restrained her making her helpless to move by tieing her hands together behind her back with some rope. Still Sue struggled, but John just held her in that postion while I began my turn with her. I had to just stand and admire her ass as it faced me up in the air. I was certainly going to enjoy playing with that. I slipped a finger into her pussy and she let out a moan. Then I pushed another finger inside her and started finger fucking her with my two fingers. After a few minutes, Sue began getting wet as I kept shoving my fingers in her cunt deeper and deeper. Then I put a third finger in her. I continued fucking her with three fingers until she eventually stopped fighting John, realizing her hopeless situation, and started responding, half accepting the pleasurable feeling. John was able to stop holding her now, so he came around behind her to watch me finger fuck her.

It seemed like Sue was really beginning to enjoy what I was doing to her. Her breathing picked up and so did the moaning, even through the half hearted pleas for me to stop and let her go. Sue was getting real wet. My fingers were coated with her slippery cunt juices. I worked a fourth finger in managing to slowly force most of them inside her wet cunt. Her pussy juices were really flowing now and her breathing became faster. It was getting easier and easier to shove my four fingers in and out of her cunt. I pushed a little harder, making Sue whimper from the pressure I exerted on her, and I managed to force my knuckles and half of my hand in her hot wet hole. I was amazed that this small framed girl could take so much inside her. "You got a pretty loose cunt there, baby." I remarked to her. "I guess you've had some experience." "How much can you take in there?" "Can you take in my whole hand?"

That brought a quick response from Sue. She begged me not to do that.

"Oh no, please!!!!, no!!!!!" "Don't do that." " Please!!!!!, please!!!!!!."

"Sorry, you hot little bitch." "But I'm having too much fun." "I want to fill that cunt for you."

Before Sue could plead anymore, I pulled my fingers out and curled my thumb into my palm and started pushing back into her hot wet slit. Slowly my fingers disappeared inside her up to my knuckles. Then the heel of my hand started to stretch the opening of her cunt. I could feel the tightness around my hand as I forced her hole open wider and wider. At first I didn't think I could get it in, her cunt was stretched so taut around my hand, I was afraid I'd tear her apart. But I gave my hand a little twist and pushed in further. Sue was moaning and sobbing at the same time realizing what I was doing to her precious little hole. I twisted my hand once more and my whole hand slipped into Sue's hot wet fuckhole. She moaned out of control as her cunt lips wrapped around my wrist. I wiggled my fingers inside her letting her know I was in all the way. With my other hand I couldn't resist that beautiful ass. I stuck a finger in her asshole and finger fucked her butt. I made a fist inside her and slowly worked it back and forth in her cunt. That sent her over the edge. She had an orgasm immediately. I felt her cunt juices gush all over my hand inside her. Once her orgasm subsided I slowly eased my hand from her stretched open slit. My hand was glistening from her fresh cunt juices. I showed Sue my hand and how wet she was inside and then pushed it all the way back in her cunt again. It went in so much easier this time. She was so wet and so hot. I pulled out again and back in fucking her repeatedly with my whole hand as she knelt before me. I got to the point I didn't want to stop. I was really getting into fisting this darling little cunt. But I eventually pulled out and made her lick her own juices off my hand.

"How was that for a warm up, Sue?" "Are you ready for a real good fucking, now?" "John's going to take over for awhile." "Ever have black cock before?" I asked.

"No," Sue replied completely out of breath. "This will be the first time."

Sue looked at the bulge in John's pants. John began to undress and as he finally slipped off his underwear, out sprang the biggest cock Sue had ever seen. Sue sat there in amazement, or maybe it was fright at seeing John stroked himself making his cock grow larger and larger. Sue eyes became fixated on John's cock as he kept stroking himself making his tool grow. Finally John asked, "Well Sue, what do you think?" "Fourteen inches just for you, baby." "And you sure are a small little thing, it's going to be a tight fit no matter what hole I pick.

"And just what do you mean by that," Sue asked really scared at what John was proposing.

John's answer frightened Sue to the point she began crying, begging again for us to let her go.

"Ain't no use in you cryin." "You're gonna take care of me real good, baby. Cryin' or not." "Cause I plan on putting my fourteen inches of hard black cock in your cunt. And after a good fuckin', then I'm going to shove all fourteen inches up your asshole. I sure hope I can get it all in there. Then I'm savin' the best for last. I'm gonna make you swallow all fourteen inches of my black meat. I'm gonna love stuffin' it down that sweet throat of yours."

With that Sue got up to try to get away. But I grabbed her, dragging her over to the sofa and pinning her down on her back. I held her tight while motioning for John to start using that massive tool of his. Sue saw him walking over holding his thick black cock in hand and she started struggling to get loose. I held Sue's shoulders and John spread her legs. John's cock was immense next to Sue's tiny slit. John put the head right on her cunt and it dissappeared with a quick little push. Sue twitched as the giant cock spread open her cunt lips. John pushed a little more inserting about 6 inches. Sue whimpered and then relaxed and stopped fighting it. I grabbed her legs and pulled them back toward her head allowing more access to her cunt. Sue's ass was up off the sofa a bit now. John grabbed her ass and just leaned into her. Sue's cunt took in inch after inch of John's hard black meat until all fourteen inches was buried in her. The whole time Sue let out a long deep moan as her cunt was impaled like never before. John stayed buried deep in Sue's hot fuckhole for a couple minutes before starting his fuck of this sweet juicy cunt. And when he did, I thought Sue was going to go crazy as John's giant black meat pistoned in and out of her tight hole.

After fucking her for what seemed like hours, John pulled out. "I want your ass now, baby." Sue was in no postion to argue. She seemed worn down and almost willing to oblige anything John said. Sue was exhausted from fighting and struggling try to keep her body from being ravished. But all her attempts were futile. All her begging and resisting didn't stop us, and she knew there was nothing she could do to keep us from continuing the violation of her body. She just layed there limp, waiting to see what we would do to her next.

end (part 1)

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