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This story contains graphic descriptions of a female oral and anal rape & brutal piercings through delicate parts of her body. This fantasy story is for those who enjoy reading about brutal rapes, torture and humiliation . If any of these types of sex acts offends you or you may think it too bizarre for you tastes, then read no further.

The Sadistic Rape Of Michelle

Erotic fiction by: NiteWriter
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

This story is copyrighted and may not be placed on any internet site without permission from the author.

Michelle had been working part time at the gym for the past six months and had recently been given the responsibility of locking up in the evenings. She enjoyed working there, since it gave her the opportunity to use the gym equipment. Tonight was a typical night as she had just changed into her street clothes was now making her rounds making sure everything was in order. She locked the front door, then checked that all the machines were turned off and that everyone was gone before leaving.

Michelle was an extremely beautiful five foot five inch twenty year old girl with long sandy blonde hair that she let flow loosely around her face and down to her shoulders. She has an incredible body with long slim legs and a narrow waist. She always wore make-up with deep red lipstick to accent that gorgeous face. If there was any part of her that was lacking, it would be her small petite bust. But despite her small top measurements her figure was extremely alluring, especially when she wore her tight fitting tops that allowed the contour of her nipples to show through.

As she continued her rounds she checked in the men's locker room and to her surprise found herself face to face with three black men. She was startled, not expecting to see anyone. And now she was embarrassed at finding someone in the men's locker room. But she was quickly to find out it was not by accident.

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"We've been waiting for you, honey," one of the men replied. A bit of a scare came over Michelle. "It's closing time," she responded. "I'm locking up, you'll have to leave."

"You don't understand," he replied back. "My name is George and my friends and I have been waiting for you to lock up so we can have some time alone. Know what I mean." "We've been wantin' a piece of your ass for a long time now."

One of the men blocked the exit back out of the room and now Michelle found herself in an impossible situation. George demanded, "let's see what you look like, honey." "Get them things off."

"Fuck you," Michelle swore at him. "I will not."

George walked up to her speaking, "you got a pretty shitty attitude for someone about to get fucked." "I know how to treat white bitches like you." "You need to be taught who's boss." George quickly raised his hand and walloped Michelle across the face causing her to lose her balance. She grabbed her cheek surprised that he struck her and it hurt.

"Now let's try again." "Get them clothes off."

Michelle being extremely frightened slowly began stripping for them. She got down to her bra and panties and stopped. "Keep goin'" George demanded again and motioned pointing to her underwear. She slipped out of her bra and then pulled her panties down to her ankles leaving herself naked in front of them. She tried hiding her nakedness folding her arms over her breasts and closing her legs tight.

"Nice body, babe."

"Take your arms down." Michelle unfolded her arms allowing them to see her petite breasts and nipples. "Not very big, but real cute," he commented. "Sit down and spread your legs." "Let's see that cunt." Hesitantly, Michelle sat on the locker room bench and opened her legs a bit. "Wider, spread 'em wide." Michelle opened her herself fully as she sat there exposing her pussy to the three black men.

"Please don't do this," she begged of them really becoming scared.

"Just shut up and do as I say." "Now, spread it open, nice and wide." "Let's see inside that cute juicy fuckhole."

Totally humiliated, Michelle reached between her legs and began pulling her cunt lips apart opening her slit to the black men. "Wider, c'mon pull it open, bitch." Michelle pulled harder spreading herself wide open to her audience.

"Real nice hole, baby." "Real nice." "I got something nice 'n hard to fill it." "But first, give us a little show." "Stick a couple fingers in your slit. Get yourself warmed up."

Blushing in front of them Michelle rubbed her cunt with her hand slowly at first. She felt her emotions begin to respond as she touched her clit over and over. Then she buried a finger in her hole fucking herself as she became turned on. A soft moan escaped from her lips as she closed her eyes and shoved a second finger in her slit continuing her masturbating in front of her black audience. A couple minutes later when she opened her eyes, the three black men were naked stroking three of the largest cocks Michelle had ever seen. One was a good ten inches long and the other two were a least a foot long if not more.

"Your making us hot, honey," George commented as he approached Michelle. He leaned down to Michelle grabbing her head in both hands, then kissed her full on her lips probing his tongue into her mouth for nearly a minute as he tasted Michelle's sweet mouth while she struggled to pull away. Then he broke the kiss and told her what they were going to do to her.

"My friends and I have been wanting you for a long time. Every time we see you we talk about getting some of that pretty white pussy of yours'. And tonight's the night. My buddies can't wait for you to suck their cocks so they can blow their loads in your mouth. You'll enjoy that. As for me, I want to fuck that juicy pussy awhile and then I'm gonna fuck that gorgeous ass." "But first, why don't you suck me, get me nice and hard." He stood with is big black cock right in front of Michelle's face.

"I'm not sucking that filthy thing," Michelle replied. Angrily, George grabbed her head in both hands forcing her face to his black tool. "Go ahead, take it, you fucking whore." "You'll do exactly what I tell you." His cock was pressing right against her lips. She was afraid he might hit her again so she closed her eyes and slowly parted her lips. His big black tool pushed into her mouth. She could feel his hot black shaft slide across her tongue. Then she sucked his cock in and out until he became rock hard in her mouth while George played with her tits.

"Damn, honey, you got a nice hot mouth and I really love those cute titties you got." "Only problem though is, I'd like to see them prettied up some. He pulled his cock from her mouth and told her what he had in mind. See, my girlfriend's got these nipple rings in her tits. They really make her look hot. Bet they'd make you one hot looking bitch too." "Then when I fuck her in the ass I tug on the rings. It makes her crazy and she cums right away."

"How about you sweetheart?" "Ever been fucked in the ass?"

"No you fuckin' bastard," Michelle angrily replied.

"Damn!, a virgin asshole and still with an attitude." "I'm gonna like that." "That ass is gonna be nice and tight." "But, first of all I'm gonna get rid of that nasty mouth of yours and teach you some respect. And like I said, I know just what to do with a white bitch like you. In a little while you'll do anything I ask you to."

"How about I put some rings in those cute little titties before I assfuck you?"

"No!, No! please, don't." "I'm sorry," Michelle replied.

"Sure would like to see a white cunt like you squirm when I stick those cute tits."

"Please don't, please," she begged realizing he was extremely angry with her and imagining what it might feel like having her nipples pierced.

"See, already you're attitude is changing." "But, it's a little late." "Just hold on a second, let me see what I can find for you."

He left for awhile then returned a few minutes later. Michelle saw him carrying a needle still with thread in it and a couple other shiny objects which she couldn't make out. But she knew what he was about to do. He was going to insert whatever he had in her nipples. Michelle quickly tried to get away, but the other two black men quickly grabbed her by the arms. "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" She screamed as George approached carrying the sharp needle. The two black men had her restrained as she struggled and fought to break away.

Then George was right in front of her touching her right breast. "This should teach you to be a little more obedient." The other black men stuffed a towel to her mouth. "This will only hurt a bit,.....I think." And he laughed. He pulled on her tit pinching her soft nipple until it became rock hard protruding from her small breast. Then while pulling her nipple taut away from her, he placed the sharp needle on her hardened flesh. She could feel the sharpness as it touched her. Then from out of nowhere, """PAINNNNNNN!!!!!!""" shot through her body as George pushed the needle into her tit. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!""AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The muffled screaming echoed through the whole locker room as George enjoyed seeing Michelle's body bounce around ravaged in pain. He poked the needle into her nipple, not trying to immediately penetrate her flesh, but only to inflict pain and continue the pain as long as possible. She screamed and gasped begging for him to stop, but George poked, and gouged her tender tit flesh, wiggling the point of the needle in her sensitive nipple meat. Michelle thought sure she would pass out and hoped that she would as he continued his torture of her delicate nipple. Her cries and tears were in vain as he pulled the needle out and reinserted it again piercing deeper into her tit flesh literally digging a hole through her nipple as she twitched and squirmed on the bench. She began breaking out in a sweat as blood tricked down her breast until finally it broke through. The needle had fully punctured her nipple.

He withdrew the needle and then showed Michele what he had for her to wear. "Couldn't find any rings, honey." "Maybe these will do." He showed her two large paper clips which he retrieved from the gym office. He spread open the clip showing Michelle the thickness of it. Then slowly wedged the blunt end into the tiny gouged out pinhole he had just made in her nipple. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Michelle wailed out in a nearly blood curdling scream while she twisted her body bouncing on the bench in pain like she's never experienced before. But the two black men held her tight while George held her nipple and jabbed the metal through it. The large clip forcing into her sore but tender nipple skin enlarged the hole and scraped its way through her tiny tit sending a constant wave of pain through her. Michelle's whole body convulsed and spasmed as he slowly poked and rammed and gouged the blunt metal through her bleeding tender nipple. Then finally it came through the other side and he squeezed the clip closed on her flesh.

Michelle sucked in a noisy deep breath recovering from the excruciating pain that lingered in her breast as he wiped the blood from her chest. Michelle looked down seeing her delicate nipple pierced with a large metal paper clip hanging from it.

"There we go," he stated with a lust in his voice. "Not bad." He gave a little tug on the clip pulling on Michelle's nipple making her wince in more pain.

"Now lets do the other one. The anxiety swelled up in Michelle instantly. And again she was ravaged with pain as he punctured her other nipple the same way with the needle and inserted the other metal clip.

"Okay, baby." "Now we're ready." Michelle was utterly exhausted from the screaming and the pain her body was enduring. She was literally limp in their arms.

"You sure look hot, bitch." "Just wait till I get my cock up your ass and start yanking on those clips." "I'll have you screaming and begging for me to cum in your ass."

"Now, tell me how much you want our black cocks." "And how much you want to get fucked like a whore." "And I want to hear you beg for our cum like a dirty cocksuckin' slut." He reached to Michelle's breasts flicking the clips with his fingers. Michelle bellowed out first with screams of pain, but the words he wanted quickly followed.

"Yes, yes.... fuck me with your black cock." "Fuck my cunt," Michelle reluctantly replied.

"Doesn't sound like you mean it." George flicked the clips again.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" "Oh, God." "Oh, God." "I want your cum.".......... "I want your cum in my mouth." "Cum in my mouth." "Cum in my ass too," she cried out.

"What about on your face?" He asked giving another slight tug on the clips.

"Oh!!! Yes..Yes....." "cum all over my face too."

"You're a whore,...Aren't you?" George asked.

"Yess"....."Yesss"...."I'm a whore."

"Should I treat you like a dirty whore?" He yanked the clips again.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!...... "Yesss"........Tears formed in her eyes. "Fuck me like filthy dirty whore." "Cum on me,....shoot your black cum all over me." "Make me eat it."

"And what about that asshole?" "Don't you want it there too?"

"Yessss"....."Oh, yesssss"....."Fuck my ass too."

"Aren't you a whore that likes it up the ass," he asked as he grabbed the clips and pulled on them causing her nipples to extend from her chest.

"Yessss............" "Yesssss...." "Oh, God yes." "Fuck my asshole too." "Fuck me deep up my asshole with your big black cock. I'm a dirty whore.......... so fuck me up the ass." "Just please do it......., shove it in my asshole and stop hurting me, please.......please......." And she sobbed out loud, tears running from her eyes as she kept softly begging. "I'm a whore.....I'm a whore......fuck me......fuck my ass,....... please.....please just fuck me in the ass."

They turned Michelle around and helped her kneel on the locker room bench. One of them moved in front of her to hold her up and began slapping her face with his cock while the other waited his turn. George, in the meantime, was getting ready to plug Michelle's asshole with his black meat. First he rammed his hard cock all the way in Michelle's cunt. He fucked her awhile getting his cock lubricated up from Michelle's cunt juices. Then he pulled out.

"Alright, bitch." "Here we go." "A nice slow assfuck." He placed his big twelve inch dick on her anus and quickly popped the head inside her hole. She gave out a little whimper feeling the big tool penetrate her poop chute. "Like it honey?" Then he slowly pushed forward. "Ohhhh......ohhhhh.........ohhhhhhh......ohhhhhhhhh," she managed a few soft whimpers. His twelve inch cock traveled all the way up her asshole in one motion, becoming fully buried in her rectum. George let out a deep moan once he was all the way in. "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" "Fuckin' tight baby." "You white bitches sure got real nice tight assholes."

Then he began long strokes in and out of her ass, fucking her tight anal hole while her mouth sucked on another black cock. It seemed like hours went by while her mouth and ass serviced the black cocks. Then suddenly she felt the cock in her mouth spasm and her mouth began filling with cum. She was so exhausted from the pain, all she heard in the distance was, "Eat my cum, bitch." "Swallow it." She was so out of breath she instinctively obeyed swallowing from his ejaculating cock, realizing afterwards what she did. Then he quickly pulled out and shot twice more all over Michelle's face. The sticky cum dripped from her pretty lips and down her chin as Michelle got a face full of sperm and her first taste of a black man's jizz.

Then the pace of her assfucker picked up. He was sliding in and out of her ass pretty fast ramroding her bunghole. She felt his hands reach around to her breasts and latch onto the clips. He yanked them and she nearly jumped from the bench, but was held by the weight of his body. He yanked again and again as he fucked her asshole, stretching her nipples away from her tits. It felt like he was going to rip her tits right off.

"C'mon bitch, cum with me, cum with me." He fucked harder jamming her asshole and pulling the clips again making her breasts pull away from her chest and her nipples become deformed as he yanked on them. She screamed and screamed as he fucked and yanked, "cum with me, bitch." "C'mon." "You're a great assfuck,.... c'mon cum." He pounded his cock completely up Michelle's asshole at least forty or fifty times as she screamed while he inflicted pain on her tits trying to get her to orgasm. Then he couldn't hold out any longer as he yelled, " she felt a throbbing in her ass begin as his cock began pumping her rectum with his black jizz. After what seemed like minutes of feeling his hot sperm splashing into her ass, he withdrew from Michelle's rectum.

"Damn,...what a great assfuck." "You're one fuckin' tight bitch." "Wasn't it good?" Michelle just knelt there feeling her tits ache and cum drip from her sore asshole.

They then turned Michelle around sitting her down on the bench. "Okay, sweetcheeks, my buddy hasn't cum yet." "We got a real nice treat for you." "You're gonna swallow his cock so he can cum right down your throat." The third black man stood in front of her with his incredibly thick ten inch rod dangling in front of her face. His cock was so thick and fat, Michelle didn't think it possible to even get it in her mouth.

"Suck me." "And all the way down too," he bellowed out. "I want to stuff that sweet throat of yours." Too weak to resist very much, Michelle softly mumbled,

"I..... don't think..... I can,... it's..... too......too big."

Michelle opened her mouth wide and tried to take his massive black cock in her mouth. With her mouth stretched wide open she managed to get the big cockhead in and started sucking his big black knob.

"Deep throat me, bitch," he demanded again. Michelle kept sucking on his cockhead, but there was no way she was going to get it down.

"I'll get her to suck you down her throat, just watch," George commented. George reached to her tits grabbing both paper clips and began yanking them hard stretching her already sore nipples so much Michelle thought surely he would tear them from her breasts. Then he twisted the clips making her nipples contort and deform causing even more pain that was so intense she became woozy and nearly passed out. The black man seeing Michelle in so much pain and obviously distracted and not thinking about swallowing his cock, grabbed her head and pulled it into his groin. His immense black cock disappeared slowly through her lips as he forced it down Michelle's throat making her gag in between the screams until she became engorged with cock. Her throat swelled up, expanding to accommodate the huge monster dick as it inched down her throat. She fought hopelessly trying to avoid George's torturing of her tits and the invasion of the huge cock, but she was forced to eat his whole black shaft while enduring the incredible pain.

Once she had swallowed his whole length, they didn't stop. They face fucked and tortured her so she would never forget this night. George's buddy stood up on the bench over Michelle and fucked her mouth and throat over and over jamming his groin into her face, making her deep throat all ten fat inches countless times, while George continued sending waves of pain through her by jerking her nipples from her chest.

Then George got down between Michelle's legs and began playing with her cunt. He shoved a couple fingers in her using both hands. Then he grabbed her cunt lips pulling on them spreading her slit wide open to expose her insides. "Real nice cunt, bitch." "I got something for it too." Michelle couldn't see it, but George had a third clip which he quickly pried open. Then as he pulled on one side of her cunt stretching her cunt lip out, he placed the dull blunt end of the clip on her sensitive flesh and tried to push it through. He had to twist it a couple times to work it through her pink flesh until he eventually penetrated her cunt lip. Michelle, still impaled down throat with the massive cock, clutched her rapist around the waist in reaction to the extreme pain she felt between her legs. What was happening to her now, she thought? Her action actually forced the cock further down her throat. Her lips were plastered into his groin as waves and waves of pain ripped through her body. When the initial shock of having her cunt pierced subsided, Michelle let go of the black man's waist and he resumed fucking her throat.

"That's it man, fuck the whore's mouth." "Ram your fat black cock down her throat."

"Fuck her, ....Fuck her.....Fuck the bitch."

George pulled on the clip in her cunt while at the same time twisting the clips in her nipples one at a time almost a full turn making Michelle jump from the agonizing pain again and again while his friend crammed his cock down her throat.

"Make her suck the jizz out you." "Cum down the cocksuckin' whore's throat."

As George watched his friend fucking his massive cock down Michelle's throat, his savage lust made him want to inflict more and more pain on her already bruatlly ravaged body. George yanked even harder on the cunt clip pulling her soft pink flesh far out of her hole. Michelle bounced uncontrollably on the bench while still contending with her throat full of black cock. She began bleeding. He had torn her flesh a little, enlarging the pierced hole he had made in her cunt. "You better make him cum soon, bitch, before I rip your fuckin' cunt apart." Michelle heard him and knew what he was doing to her and how much he was enjoying sodomizing her body. She instantly began helping his friend fuck her mouth. She was gulping his giant cock down her throat trying to get him off. George now moved up to her breasts and twisted the nipple clips again and again as Michelle sucked harder and harder. The more furiously she sucked the more pain he inflicted on her. "Better hurry you little whore." "Make him cum down your throat." "Don't want me rip those tits off, do you?"

George put her through unending pain as he tortured her body continually, while his friend fucked her mouth. And he constantly threatened to mutilate her beautiful body more if she didn't help his buddy reach a climax and cum down her throat. Michelle prayed to herself that he would cum soon, even though she didn't look forward to this giant cock exploding inside her throat. All she want now was to save her own body from any further pain and any more sadistic acts George may have in mind.

After nearly fives minutes of throat fucking and cunt and nipple torture, he did exactly that. Michelle felt the black cock spurt gobs of thick heavy cum into her throat. His orgasming cock was so intense as it throbbed, expanding and contracting, pumping hot black juice into her gullet, she thought her engorged throat would burst. But then she felt the throbbing subside and eventually stop, and he pulled out letting her head go. George let go of her tits and Michelle fell to the floor clutching her throat with one hand as she coughed and gagged up sperm. She clutched with the other hand her ravaged and mutilated blood covered breasts feeling the metallic objects still penetrated through her nipples. "Thanks, bitch," they yelled to her as they walked away. "Great fuck." "You're better than any whore."

Michelle lay there a while waiting to be sure they were gone. She pushed her raped body up onto the bench and rested again. She could still taste the last man's sperm in her mouth. Her throat was so sore from being stretched so much and she could feel sperm still seeping from her asshole. She touched the clips in her breasts. It hurt so much she didn't know how she could remove them without inflicting more pain to herself. But she quickly bent the clip and slipped it back through her nipple while she whimpered to herself. Then she slipped the other clip from her other breast. A small hole remained in each nipple with blood trickling from them. Then she slowly pushed the clip out of her bloody cunt flesh. She sat there in a daze, mentally reliving the horror she had just gone through.

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