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Angie - Her First Foursome (part 2)

Erotic fiction by: NiteWriter
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

This story is copyrighted and may not be placed on any internet site without permission from the author.

This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don't read this or download it. If this is illegal where ever you are reading this stop now.

by NiteWriter

Angie - Her First Foursome (part 2)

Mike undressed and returned to his postion between Marcia's legs. Since Marcia was blindfolded, she couldn't see the twelve inch rubber dildo Mike took from the dresser. He placed it at her wet cunt entrance and worked in the big head on it. She groaned with pleasure that finally she had something big and hard in her cunthole.

"How's that feel?" "It's a big one my dear." "How much of it do you want? Mike asked.

"Just fuck me with that thing," she replied. "It feels so good."

"Okay, then I'll give it all to you."

Slowly and methodically Mike pushed and pushed and pushed. When he got to about 8 inches in I could see Marcia's pleasure turn to fear. He was going to shove that whole thing up her. Angie stopped sucking my cock to watch Mike impale his wife with this giant dildo.

"Oh my God," "How big is it?" Marcia cried out. "Wait, please. It's so big." "No More."

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But Mike chose not listen to her pleas. He still pushed, shoving in nine inches, ten inches.

"Oh!!! God, no more, please." "Please, please, no more. It's too big." Marcia made a futile attempt trying to free wrists and legs to stop Mike from inserting anymore of the hard rubber cock. She sqirmed on the bed trying desparately to avoid taking the remaining length of dildo.

I could see Mike hit some resistance inside her cunt as he continued pushing. I know he must have hit the deepest part of her hot cunt and any further would stretch the inner walls of her. Still two inches remained sticking out of Marcia. Then, eleven inches, twelve inches, it was all in. Only a little piece stuck out for Mike to hold. Marcia was going wild against her restraints, bucking and twisting, but she was helpless to do anything to relieve the pressure of the giant dildo shoved up inside her. I know her cunt had to be stretched beyond its limits and nothing probably had been in her that deep before. Marcia was in obvious discomfort as the dildo stretched the inner walls of her cunt making her beg Mike to remove it.

"Take it out, please. It's too big. Please."

He did take it out, but only for a moment before ramming it back in. The force at which he shoved it back in caused Marcia to pull wildly at her bonds to get free. But, still she was helpless. He rammed her cunt several more times making Marcia scream out to stop.

"Ohhhhh, God." "Please........ stop." "Don't fuck me like this." "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mike did stop, but leaving the foot long dildo fully inserted inside his wife.

She tried begging nicely. "Please, baby. Take it out. I'll do anything you ask."

"I know you will," he replied. "In fact, you're going to do something for me right now."

While he held the giant dildo in her, he turned around and postion hinself over her face. He reached to untie her blindfold. The first thing Marcia saw as the blindfold fell away was her husband's ten inch cock in front of her face.

"If you want this out of your cunt, then swallow my cock. All of it"

"I can't. Not in this position," she replied. "Take that thing out and then I can take it down, okay?"

With that he pulled the monster dildo from her and jammed it back in again. "Do I have to tell you again what I want?". She immediately put his cock in her mouth. She sucked and sucked taking more and more in her mouth, but she just couldn't get it past her throat entrance. I know she wanted to, but lying flat on her back wasn't the easiest postion for her to swallow such a big cock. It looked like she was trying real hard. She didn't want Mike to ram her cunthole anymore. "Let me help, Mike said looking down at his helpless wife. She really didn't have any choice in the matter when Mike simply sat down on her face impaling her throat with his ten inch cock. His cock quickly disappeared as he slipped it past her throat entrance and squeezed down, down, down until his balls were on her face.

My cock was so stiff from watching Mike literally raping and torturing his wife I thought I'd cum right then. Angie had hold of my cock and decided she needed something hard in her too. She moved over to the bed to get a closer look at Mike throating fucking his wife. Angie knelt between Marcia's wide open legs and took over holding the dildo in Marcia's hole so Mike could concentrate on his wife's mouth. I went up to Angie and slipped my hard cock in her cunt from behind.

Mike stood up withdrawing his cock from Marcia's throat, but only to untie her ankles, since now he had help giving his wife a workout. Then he postioning himself back over her face and sat back down stuffing her throat again. With his cock deep in her throat, Mike pulled her legs up high so he could see her cunt and ass while he sat on her face. Angie pulled the big dildo from her cunt and Marcia relaxed a bit. Relaxing was just what Mike wanted her to do. Marcia looked at ease, now that the giant dildo was removed from the depths of her cunt, even though she had her husband's cock in her throat. Then, Mike motioned to Angie and with one quick motion Angie shoved the big rubber prick up Marcia's asshole completely with one thrust, causing her whole body to tighten up. I couldn't believe how brutally Angie rammed that thing up her ass. The pain must have been incredible for Marcia. Mike's cock being crammed down her gullet did a good job of muffling her scream. I could hear the faint sounds as Marcia tried to voice the pain of the giant dildo forcing her asshole open.

Angie was excited and enjoying playing with another girls cunt and asshole. She leaned down and took a lick of Marcia's wet slit. She must have liked what she did because my Angie went down for more. Seeing that excited me more so I started fucking Angie harder as I watched.

Again Mike stood up slightly to give his wife some air, but then he immediately forced his cock back in her throat again. Over and over he fucked her throat while Angie fucked her ass with the dildo and ate her cunt.

Marcia's tight throat was really getting to Mike. He was going into a frenzy jamming his hard cock in and out of her throat. Then Angie slowly removed the dildo and started spreading her captive's ass open with her hands. We had a perfect view as Marcia's anus opened up wide for all of us to see inside. The giant rubber dildo did a good job of stretching her asshole. What a beautiful sight seeing her gaping bunghole with the pinkish brown tender flesh inside for us to view. Angie couldn't resist playing with her open hole feeling inside with her finger and scraping around inside Marcia's rectum. And she was helpless to stop Angie. Angie had complete control over Marcia's asshole and was hers to play with and fuck.

She put the dildo back at her anal opening and rammed it in again. Marcia had become relaxed a bit and this sudden attack obviously caught her off guard. In and out Angie rammed it some more fucking her ass as hard as she could.

Marcia's whimpering, as Angie butt-fucked her with the dildo, started Mike's cock throbbing. He sank down straddling her head, his cock buried deep in her mouth. "I'm cumming," he yelled out. Sperm erupted from his cock flooding her throat with his hot sticky cum. Over and over Mike repeated, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," as his cock pulsated depositing thick gobs deep inside Marcia coating the inner walls of her throat. He stood, slowly extracting his cum covered shaft from her mouth with it still dripping spunk, as Marcia choked and coughed from the heavy load still stuck in her throat. The last few drops dripped on her cheeks and lips as Mike dismounted her face.

I couldn't take anymore myself. Angie was pumping Marcia's asshole and I was slamming Angie's cunt pretty hard while watching Mike cum all over Marcia. I grabbed Angie around the waist pulling her back to me keeping my cock buried deep in her cunt. I just held her tight as my cock exploded in her. I started throbbing shooting my cum inside Angie. Feeling my hot sperm must have been just enough to set off Angie into her orgasm as she leaned back to me letting the dildo slide out of Marcia's ass. Angie kissed me, while we both enjoyed cumming together. As our orgasm subsided our attentions returned to Mike and Marcia.

"That's was great, you fucking slut." Mike complimented his obedient wife. "Do you like having your throat and ass fucked at the same time?"

"How's my cum, Marcia?" "Taste good?"

She did't respond. Mike looked down seeing her face with drops of his sperm and Marcia still trying to catch her breath. Her asshole was red from the pounding it took with the twelve inch dildo. Then he realized that she hadn't cum yet. He untied Marcia's wrists, turned her to her knees with her ass in the air and retied her wrists again to the bed.

"Do you want me to make you cum now?" "Are you ready for me to get you off?" he asked.

He grabbed the riding crop again and gently slapped it across her ass. The short snapping sound made Marcia jump although it wasn't hard enough to bring her any pain. Then, again he stroked her ass with it, only harder making her twitch from the sting.

"Why don't you answer me?" Mike barked out. "I asked if you want me to make you cum."

"Yes, please." "Make me cum." "Fuck me, please." Marcia answered.

"I think I'd like to hear you beg me." Mike demanded. "I want my slutty wife to beg me to get her off." "C'mon." "Beg."

"Whack!!" He whipped the crop hitting her ass again leaving a small red line and sending a sharp sting through her. He spread her legs apart slightly and "Smackkkk!!!!", He whipped the crop on the soft flesh of her inner thigh. She winced in pain as it struck the sensitive skin between her legs.

"Beg, slut." "Beg for me." "Whackkk!!" Another ripple of pain went through her as the crop stung on her ass again, her body beginning to tremble"

Mike repeated. "I said beg me, cunt." "What will you do for me if I make you cum?"

"Anything, please. I'll do anything," Marcia whimpered in a crying tone.

"Well, you're going to have to suck me again to get me hard."

He moved around in front of her on the bed so she could take him in her mouth again. Hungrily she sucked him making his shaft hard again.

Mike continued to whip her ass gain. "Whackkkkk!!!!!" "Whackkkkkk!!!!!!" Twice in succession his crop burned into the soft flesh of Marcia's ass. She pulled on her restraints to avoid any more pain, but it was hopeless. She was unable to free herself. Again a muffled whimpering came from Marcia even with his cock in her mouth. "Whackkkkkk!!!!!!!" "Whackkkkkk!!!!!!!" The pain must have been getting stronger as he ripped into her harder leaving more marks on her ass cheeks. I was surprised that as Mike whipped her harder with the crop, she got more turned on sucking him deeper and harder like a fucking slut. Marcia was loving this beating. She was turned on from the pain.

His crop tore into her bottom again and again. "Whackkkkkkk!!!!!!!!" "Whackkkkkk!!!! "Whackkkkkk!!!!" Her ass was getting red from the punishment Mike was inflicting, but Marcia kept sucking and swallowing his cock like a cum hungry whore, even with the tears running from her eyes. The pain was there, but she was overwhelmed by the excitement and helplessness of her situation. I couldn't believe a nice young lady like Marcia became so consumed with lust while being painfully whipped. Every time Mike struck her ass sending the sting through her, she sucked him down her throat while letting out a whimpering cry. "It feels so good, Mike said, "I could beat you all night long and you would let me." Wouldn't you?"

"Whackkkkkk!!!!! "Whackkkkkk!!!!! The tears poured from her eyes, but she kept sucking and sucking engulfing his cock with every stroke. Mike reached down pulling her ass cheek to one side exposing her crack.

"Whackkkkkkkk!!!!!!! I couldn't believe he did that. He smacked the hard crop right across her open ass crack slapping and stinging her already red asshole. Quickly he dropped the crop and squeezed her ass cheeks together. The pain must have been unbearable as he clenched her cheeks together. I could see the shaking and trembling in Marcia's bottom. And she swallowed his cock so deep her teeth were pressing into his groin. I knew Marcia tried to let out an incredible scream but all sound was muffled deep inside her by Mike's cock.

"You're really good with that mouth, cunt." "You sure know how to suck cock." Mike complimented her.

Mike pulled his stiff cock from her throat as the pain subsided. Marcia begged, "Fuck me.....please!!!......Fuck my cunt......please fuck my cunt." All this time and Marcia still had not cum.

"If you want me to fuck you, then you have to suck my asshole too." "I want a good rim job." Mike demanded.

Mike turned around putting his ass in front of her face. He bent down slightly reaching behind himself to spread his asscheeks.

"Start licking," you fucking whore. "I want to feel your tongue in my crack and your lips suck my asshole." "And if you don't do it good, I'll leave you tied all night and you'll remember my crop well."

As an obedient slave barely recovered from her flogging, Marcia moved her mouth onto Mike's ass as she started licking his cheeks working closer and closer to his crack. Mike's whipping of her ass had put her into a lust crazed frenzy as she slid her tongue hungrily up and down his asscrack going deeper and deeper. Mike pushed back on her face at the same time she probed with her tongue. Her tongue contacted his asshole. What a great feeling that must have been. I was excited just watching it. Angie was too. She was licking my cock again and I had my hand in her asscrack fingering her asshole.

"Lick it," Mike demanded. Marcia's tongue started fluttering on his anus going harder and harder as she became more aroused while eating his asshole. Her tongue circled around the rim of his anus as she tasted the flavor of his ass. She pushed her face deeper in Mike eating and licking every inch of his ass. I could see her lips touch inside Mike's crack and press deeper into his asshole while her tongue furiously lapped at his anal hole. "Oh!!, it feels so nice." Mike exclaimed. Her soft lips pushed onto his anus and she began sucking his asshole.

"That's it, baby. Suck my asshole." "You'll do anything I say, won't you Marcia?"

"Yes"...... "Yes I will" ........ "I'll do anything for you," she replied.

"Lick my balls now" "Be a nasty girl and wash my balls in your mouth."

Like a good girl her face slipped between his legs so she could start lapping at his nuts. Her tongue kept licking across his ball sack.

"Suck them in your mouth." Suck my balls like you did my cock."

First she sucked in one of them and then let it slip out. Then she did the other. Then again she sucked them in keeping one in at a time, licking with her tongue washing them clean, slurping up all the saltiness from his balls. Then she somehow sucked both of his balls in together. Mike looked down to see his wife's mouth full with his nut sack. She kept his balls in her warm mouth for minutes before releasing them so she could lick her way through his sweaty crotch back to his asshole.

"Stick your finger in my ass, now." Mike ordered.

Marcia immediately probed into Mike's asshole first with her fingertip and then pushing in deep to the knuckle. She fucked him with her finger twisting it in his ass as she licked him at the same time.

"Take it out and taste it," Mike commanded.

It was amazing what Mike was making her do. And Marcia obeyed his every wish and seemed to enjoy it.

Marcia willingly complied taking her finger from her husband's asshole, placing it in her mouth and then probed his ass for another taste. "Do it again." Mike ordered. And again Marcia sunk her finger deep into Mike's ass tasting the musty aroma from within him.

Mike got up and swung around behind Marcia and finally shoved his cock into her dripping cunt. He started fucking her wildly slamming his cock over and over into her hot fuckhole.

"Is this what you wanted?" "Do like my cock in your hot wet cunt?"

"Oh, Yes, Mike" "Fuck me" "Fuck me hard"

Angie and I became incredibly horny watching the continued brutal fucking of Marcia. Angie slid up under Marcia's legs getting a perfect view of Mike ramming her cunt from behind. Then I spread Angie's legs and fucked her again.

Mike gazed down at Marcia's ass and Angie's face looking so inviting as he fucked his wife from behind. Her anal hole was all red from the prior dildo fuck, but that didn't stop Mike. He shoved two fingers in his wife's ass while he continued to slam her cunt. Simultaneously, he fucked both of her holes. Marcia was almost hysterical from the pleasure of the cunt fucking and the pain of his fingers in her sore ass. As Mike fucked in and out, Angie extended her tongue getting a taste of Mike's shaft as it slid by her face. Then, Mike shoved a third finger in Marcia's ass, then a fourth. He pushed harder and harder into her ass. Marcia let out a scream.

"Oh! God, no." It hurts. Take them out."

Still he pushed, forcing his fingers deeper and deeper into her rectum.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Please, Please, Please"

Her begging turned Mike on even more. He fucked her cunt even harder yet, slamming every inch of his hard cock in her to the hilt. His four fingers were forced in Marcia's ass all the way too, as her bunghole stretched open wide again. He twisted and fucked his fingers in her feeling how tight her asshole was around them. I thought I would hear her cry out in pain as he fucked her holes with all his might. But instead, Marcia wanted more to bring her to orgasm.

"Ohhh!! Yes." "Fuck me" "Fuck me hard." "Fuck my cunt." "Fuck my ass" "Harder" "Harder, baby" "Deeper, Deeper" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She was delirious with waves of pain, then pleasure and more pain and pleasure as her cunt and asshole were fucked, reamed and stuffed by Mike's cock and fingers.

"Ohhhhhh!!!!" "God!!!!!!" "Fuckkkkk!!!! Me!!!!!" "Harder, Baby" "Harder" "Shove them in my ass deeper" "Deeeeeeper"................ "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was going crazy watching Marcia get so brutally ravaged. I pushed Angie's legs up high until they were against Mike's back. I went right for her asshole. I love fucking Angie up the ass and she likes taking it up her butt. I plunged right into her and started fucking her ass. Meanwhile Mike started giving Angie what she wanted. He alternated between slamming his cock in his wife's cunt then pulling out and inserting it in Angie's mouth. Angie would suck it clean of cunt juice and Mike dipped into his wife's hole again. Angie was getting cock in her mouth and cock in her ass. Then I grabbed the giant dildo that had reamed Marcia's asshole so nicely. I decided to give it to Angie in both holes at once. I put the rubber prick on Angie's slit and pushed the head in. Angie let out a little whimper. She knew what I was doing. From between Mike's legs I heard Angie, "go ahead, do it." I started pushing and pushing until the 12 inch dildo disappeared up Angie's cunt. I pulled it out and reinserted it once again and held it in her while I shoved my cock all the way in her asshole. Simultaneously, I pumped my cock and the dildo in and out of Angie's fuckholes. Angie was going nearly insane with my cock in her ass, the dildo up her cunt and Mike's cock slipping in and out her mouth. It wouldn't be long before she would cum at this rate.

Marcia's screams and Angie's moaning were beginning to drive Mike and me out of our minds. Mike's cock was rock hard pounding in and out of his wife's cunt in between getting licked clean, and I'm sure he was ready to flood her hot burning hole with his cum to put out the fiery lust and passion about to explode inside his wife. I was getting pretty close myself as my cock slid in and out of my lovely Angie's hot asshole and enjoying dildofucking her cunt.

Then Mike buried his cock deep in Marcia's cunt and kept it there as she gripped him hard and her asshole clenched on his hand. Marcia's orgasm started ripping violently through her. Her body twitched and convulsed from the pleasure of this long awaited orgasm. Her body was out of control as the waves of electric pleasure took over. Her body shook uncontrollably with both of her holes filled. Marcia yanked and pulled at her bonds desparately, shaking the whole bed as she cried out releasing the deep seated lust stored in every inch of her body. Her movements looked like she was milking Mike's stiff cock with her fuckhole. Mike started pouring wads of cum inside her coating the inside of her dripping wet cunt. Her screams of ecstasy prolonged his orgasm as he filled her hot cunt hole with his creamy love juice.

Seeing their orgasms aroused me enough to cum inside Angie's ass. I quickly pulled the giant rubber cock from Angie's cunt. Then sunk my cock all the way up her ass feeling Angie tense up as her orgasm began. I shot some hot spunk inside her rectum and the rest when I pulled out all over her thighs and asscheeks. My cum ran down her thighs and into her crack leaving Angie's cunt and ass covered with my jizz. Our orgasms finally subsided together. Mike's cock slipped out of Marcia glistening from her hot cunt juices and his fresh white spunk started oozing out of Marcia's slit. Angie opened her mouth and let it drip onto her tongue. When the cum dripping stopped, she swallowed it down and reached up with her tongue to lick up the rest from Marcia's cunt.

Mike untied Marcia's hands and they embraced smoothering each other with passionate kisses. I did the same with Angie. Our tongues probing each others mouths as the heat of the passion remained within all of us. I could see Mike reach between Marcia's legs feeling for more of his sperm. Still they kissed as he shoved three fingers inside her cunt and pulled them out coated with his fresh hot juices. He brought his hand to Marcia's mouth to smear his hot cum across her lucious lips. I scraped up some of mine from Angie's behind and fed it to her. Again we kissed tasting together the hot creamy result of our passion. We all lay in each others arms for what seemed like hours just enjoying the pleasure of our bodies. I thought Angie and I were adventuresome with our lovemaking, but what we experienced tonight made us look like amateurs.

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Author, NiteWriter

copyright 1999

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