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Angie - Her First Foursome (part 1)

Erotic fiction by: NiteWriter
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

This story is copyrighted and may not be placed on any internet site without permission from the author.

This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don't read this or download it. If this is illegal where ever you are reading this stop now.

by NiteWriter

Angie - Her First Foursome (part 1)

It was the night of the company party and Angie and I arrived a half hour late. I wasn't all that excited about going in the first place but at least it gave me the opportunity to show off Angie. She really looked spectular in her outfit tonight. She wore the shortest skin tight skirt I've ever seen and a low cut blouse that really emphasized her 36 " breasts. When she bent down you could get a great view down her cleavage. Her skirt rode half way up her thighs showing off her perfectly formed legs. She had her beautiful brown hair arranged very sexy around her face and bright red lipstick to accent those gorgeous full lips. I've really enjoyed this past month with Angie, she's become so hot, sexy and actually slutty in bed, and now she was almost dressing the part. As we waited in line for drinks I remember all eyes seemed to be fixed on her, which made feel great that she belonged to me. Yes, she definitely had become an outgoing and outspoken young lady.

We got our drinks and sat down at table. I told Angie again how great she looked tonight, that she was making me hot just looking at her. I could only imagine what all the other guys at the party thought. For once in her life, she said, it felt nice to be the center of attraction.

As the evening progressed we danced a bit and mingled with the rest of the crowd. One couple, Mike and Marcia, seemed to be very friendly and we chatted with them for some time. Both of them had very dynamic and forward personalities. Mike made comment on several occasions how attractive Angie was. His wife, Marcia, was certainly something to look too. She was a very attractive slender brunette about 5'7" tall with long dark brown hair that hung down her back almost to her waist. Marcia had a great figure. We all were enjoying each others company so I guess that's why Mike asked me if we would like to go back to his place to continue the party there. I thought I knew what he had in mind. Once at his place I was sure he was looking to get a piece of Angie. Actually I didn't mind the thought of that prospect because that meant I'd get Marcia alone.

I didn't know if Angie would like the idea of leaving for a private party with just the four of us. I told her what Mike had in mind. "Sounds like fun," she said. The four of us left and arrived at Mike and Marcia's house twenty minutes later.

Once inside Angie and I were both a little astonished at some of the decor. This was definitely a strange place. Mike and Marcia gave us a tour around the house and as we glanced into the bedroom we could see various bondage pictures on the wall, an assortment of whips, ropes, chains, handcuffs, all sizes of dildos and vibrators and various other sexual toys, some of which we had no idea what they were. What did we get ourselves into we wondered.

"That's our playroom," Mike responded. "Don't let that get up uptight."

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A little more relaxed from Mike's reassurance we all returned to the living room. Mike served some drinks as we became more aquainted with each other. After a few drinks Mike started kissing Marcia, his hands roaming all over her body. We took the cue from them and Angie and I started making out on the couch. Angie, and I, Mike and Marcia, continued with some hot and heavy kissing until Mike got up carrying Marcia off to the bedroom. We followed behind figuring they wanted us to join them.

Once in the bedroom Angie and I resumed our loveplay on the loveseat on the far side of the bedroom. Mike sat Marcia on the edge of the bed as he stood back admiring her. It was like he almost did't know what to do first. Then he approached Marcia giving her a long passionate kiss with tongues roaming in each others mouths. It looked like she really want it pretty bad. Marcia was really getting hot. When their lips broke apart, Mike said, "from this point on you will do what I say without question." "Is that understood?"

He instructed Marcia to strip to her bra and panties. She complied immediately. We watched lustfully as she removed everything as Mike instructed. Then, he layed her on the bed on her back and proceeded to tie her wrists to the headboard and ankles to the end posts with some silk strips from their dresser drawer. Mike made sure her bonds were tight, so she couldn't get loose.

"What are you going to do to me?" Marcia asked in a playful tone. She must have had similar episodes like this before. She didn't seem to worried about her husband's demands.

"Just lay there and be quiet," Mike responded. "And don't ask any more questions."

Angie was getting pretty hot herself and seeing the show that was going on for us was getting both of us more aroused. I helped Angie off with her sexy blouse and pulled her tight skirt down her shapely legs. Then I removed my clothes and we settled back down on the loveseat to watch Mike and Marcia while we fondled each other.

Mike stood there admiring Marcia's bound outstretched body. His hands caressed her lovely flesh feeling the fullness of her breasts, traveling across her smooth belly down to her gorgeous legs and thighs. He gently touched her pussy feeling the moistness through her panties as she already was becoming excited. Mike grabbed a pair of scissors from the night table and ran the cold steel down her chest, between her breasts, across her flat tummy stopping just above her panties. He make a cutting sound with the scissors and quickly cut her bra straps pulling the cups from her breasts. He cupped her exposed tits in his hands touching Marcia's soft nipples. As he fondled them they began to harden to his touch. He pulled slightly on her left nipple making it become stiff and rigid. Again he pulled and pinched her nipple and did the same to the other. She wince quickly from the slight pain. Then Mike pinched them again and again making her flinch each time he did. Her nipples become rock hard between his fingertips as he continued squeezing them inflicting a little pain to her tits.

Angie and I were both quite excited watching Mike play with his helpless lover. I already had Angie's bra off and my hand in her panties stuffing my fingers in her slit. And Angie had my cock out of my underwear stroking me as we both watched on.

Mike then grabbed the riding crop hanging from the wall and began slowly tracing it up Marcia's legs, to her inner thighs. He tapped it lightly on her inner thighs as he questioned her.

"Should I punish you with this crop, Marcia? Is that what you would like me to do with this? Does my pretty little girl want to be spanked and whipped?..................."

"Would you like to feel the sting as I bring it across your legs? Or how about on your ass? How would you like this crop stinging that beautiful ass of yours?"

I wasn't sure if Marcia was a little scared that he might hurt her or just excited at what he proposed. Mike continued stroking the crop up her legs bringing it between her thighs stroking her pussy through her panties. I could see her start responding to his play. And that's exactly what this was. Mike and Marcia apparently enjoyed acting out some wild sexual fantasies. Gently he used the crop to push her panties into her cunt. Over and over he stuffed more of her panties into her slit with the end of the crop. She squirmed on the bed from his probing, but was to restrained to avoid the crop penetrating and shoving the silky material up her hole. By now Marcia's panties were stretched tight through her crotch and ass with most of them stuffed up her slit.

"How's that feel, Marcia?" Mike gruffly spoke to her. "Does that turn you on?" "Are your panties getting nice and wet in there?"

Marcia was breathing a little heavy, obviously turned on, so Mike crawled up to her pulling on her panties until he broke the elastic. Now they hung loosely around her thighs dangling from her pussy. With two fingers he pushed more of the satiny material inside Marcia's hole. She sqirmed more against her bindings as Mike stuffed the last bit of her panties up her cunt.

"How do you like that." "How's it feel with your panties stuffed inside you?" "Do I make you feel like a slut, Marcia, like a common whore?

Marcia's breathing grew rapid from Mike's probing into her. He spread her cunt lips with his hands and he could see some of the white material just inside her. He pulled her cunt open wider as he got closer to grab her panties with his teeth. He pushed his mouth onto her cunt. Marcia shuddered from the anticipation. Mike grabbed just a piece between his teeth and slowly start pulling. Her panties began emerging from her fuckhole as he gradually pulled on them dragging the material across her hardening clit. It was a shame she didn't cum before he finished pulling them out. Marcia was going crazy as Mike slowly extracted her soaked panties from deep within her cunt. I know she desparately wanted to. Then Mike showed her how wet they were, dragging them across her face letting her feel and smell the juices from inside her.

"Can you smell your hot cunt?" he asked. "Lick them." he ordered. "Taste your delicious cunt juice on your underwear."

As her tongue started licking the moistness from her panties he began stuffing them in her mouth. She fought Mike, trying keep them from her mouth, but he forced them in. His fingers kept pushing the soft wet panties into her open mouth.

"Can you taste it?" "Do you like the taste of your fucking cunt?" Mike yelled.

Confident that she had a good taste, Mike pulled them out, then made her lick and suck them in and out getting the full taste of her cunt soaked panties. Afterwards he used her soaked underwear and washed her face with them.

Mike then left the room for a few minutes telling Marcia he would return in a moment.

Mike returned a couple minutes later and sat on the bed next to Marcia. "I took a few ice cubes from the freezer," he commented, as he held them up for her to see. Then he used one on her soft breasts, circling around and around her sensitive flesh. It began to melt from the heat inside Marcia. Then he ran it on her nipples causing them to grow taut and hard. The coldness must have felt uncomfortable, as she attempted to pull her body away. She pulled harder on her restraints, but she was unable to stop Mike from administering the cold to her delicate tits. Still, the ice remained melting on her nipples, freezing them, sending the cold pain through the delicate tissue. He circled her breasts again and again making them colder and colder and then returned back to her already frozen nipples. She fought harder to get free, pulling and twisting, twitching her upper body trying to get the ice cold off her body.

"No more." "No more, please" "Stop....stop" Marcia cied out in obvious pain.

Her helplessness was exciting Mike. Seeing her at his mercy seemed to be an unbelievable turn on for him. I was extremely excited myself as I finger fucked Angie harder and harder in her wet hole. Angie had already slouched down to take my cock in her mouth. When I glanced back to Mike and Marcia, he had removed the ice fom her and immediately sucked one tit into his mouth and then the other. Marcia's nipples were cold on his tongue, but he felt them warm as his tongue licked across them. He sucked them harder into his mouth, then squeezed her breasts in his hands so his mouth sucked only her hard nipples. Then Mike softly took her stiff nipples between his teeth, gently biting them. She sighed as the warmth returned to her and moaned from the sensation of his hard teeth pinching her sensitive tips.

Mike returned to her pussy with the crop again. He played with her inserting the tip of the crop into her cunt. He stroked down her thighs with end of it, then slipped it under her and through her asscrack. Marcia arched her back pulling on her restraints as the hard crop scraped over her asshole. Mike climbed up closer to her showing her the probing instrument. Gently, he poked at her breasts allowing her to feel the hardness on her delicate flesh. Then he flicked her nipples with the end of the crop making them grow hard again.

Mike went back to her cunt and started fucking her with the end of the crop until she start moaning from the feeling. he use the end of the crop on her clit, playing with it and pushing on it, probing her cunt in and out making her fight against her bonds while she moaned enjoying the sensation.

"Ohh! Ohh! That feels good." Ahh!!!! Ohhhh!!!

Mike stopped to crawl up to her face again. He saw the look of disappointment on her face. "Don't stop." "That feels so good," she remarked. "That was just to warm you up," Mike replied. Then, he began tieing another silk strip around Marcia's head, blindfolding her, telling her he had a surprise for her.

She kept asking as he tightly tied on the her blindfold, "What are going to do to me?" "What are you doing?"

Mike didn't answer, leaving her anticipating his next move, wondering what he would do to her next.

end (part 1) Comments welcome

Author, NiteWriter

copyright 1999

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