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"Raping The New Cheerleader"- part 4

      by NiteWriter

      (rape interr anal oral fist ws)

WARNING: The following is a fictional story about a teenage cheerleader getting brutally gangraped. This interracial story involves oral and anal sex as well as intense fisting, pissing and object insertion scenes. If any of these types of sex acts offends you or you may think it too bizarre for you tastes, then read no further.

Sharon lay on the cold locker room floor shaking from the tremendous orgasm she just experienced. Her cunt lips were still spread wide for all to see and her sore asshole was bright red as it gaped open slightly. Her face was coated in slime and the brown cum mixture was pasted across her lips. As her orgasm subsided she felt the pain return in her cunt and ass from the brutal fisting. Then the realization of what she just did hit her. The taste of the foul mixture on her lips hit her brain and she realized the cum she had eaten was soiled by her own excrement. It was like a bad dream. Did it really happen? While I was in the midst of my orgasm did I really suck the scum from the fist that was in my ass? And did I willingly eat what they extracted from my rectum and allow them to cum in my mouth. "My God," she thought. I ate it and I acted like I enjoyed it. What's happening to me. For a moment I had forgotten I was being raped. What have they done to me? What have they turned me into?

For the first time she felt like she really was a whore. She began spitting, trying to rid her mouth of the filthy taste. With her bare arm she wiped her lips removing the remains of the tainted jizz. She hoped this nightmare would be over soon. How much more could she take. What other filthy things were they going to do to her.

Then suddenly she felt a warmth hit her chest like someone turned a shower on her. She looked up from the floor seeing one of the black team members standing over her pissing onto her ravished body. Then a second piss stream hit on her head splashing all over and drenching her hair. "My God," she thought. How much more were they going to do to her. She was too tired and in too much pain to fight. So she sat up bending her head to her chest, crying in humiliation and allowed them to piss all over her precious body. Their urine ran down her slender figure as they showered her in piss. It dripped off her pert nipples as it ran down her chest. When it flowed across her belly and between her thighs it burned her sore swollen cunt.

"Put your head back slut." "And open that mouth."

"Oh my God no," she cried to herself ignoring their request. A pair of strong hands grabbed her head from behind bending it backwards and forcing her to obey. "Now, open that mouth." Sharon wished she would die. Was he really going to piss in her mouth? How disgusting. How vile. "I'm going to be sick," she thought. "No, please, not in my mouth," she begged. The strong black hands held her head back waiting for her to obey. He slapped her across the back of her head demanding, "Open your fucking mouth you little whore." Sharon hesitantly parted her lips slightly, opening her mouth to the man behind her. Then his black cock appeared directly over her face as he straddled her head aiming at her mouth. Sharon closed her eyes waiting for him to do to her the most disgusting thing she could imagine. She waited for the ultimate humiliation.

The piss started to flow from his black cock. A little trickled into her mouth covering her tongue. It was warm and kind of salty. The urine stopped coming out of his black cock. "Swallow it," he ordered. Sharon's thoughts raced through her mind of what was happening to her. """My God he did it. He really did it. He pissed in my mouth. I have a black man's piss in my mouth and he wants me to swallow it.""" How humiliated she felt. Her insides were crying out in shame of what was happening to her, what they were doing to her. "Hey, bitch." "Swallow it." The order came again bringing her thoughts back to reality. Sharon closed her mouth and gingerly released the warm urine down her throat. "Ohhhhhh!!God!!!!! No more, please." "It's terrible," she gasped out in utter distaste of the vile act she just performed. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Open it up, slut." "You ain't done yet." "My balls are ready to burst and you're gettin' it all." At first Sharon thought he was just being cute by making her swallow a mouthful of his urine. She didn't think anyone could be so nasty as to actually make her drink from his cock. But now she knew different. She knew he was going to empty his bladder in her mouth expecting her to drink it and surely he would not be the only one wanting that pleasure. She was going to be their human urinal and the thought of it made Sharon wish she would pass out while they had their way with her.

Sharon opened her mouth again. The urine poured from his black cock into her mouth. "Swallow it," he demanded. "Drink my piss." The piss overflowed her mouth running down her cheeks. Sharon still couldn't believe he wanted her to swallow it. "Damn it you fuckin' whore, I said swallow it," he swore at her. Instinctively from hearing his loud abusive tone, Sharon began gulping and his hot salty urine gushed down her throat. Her whole body shuddered from the disgusting taste. "Open back up, bitch," "Keep swallowing it." Again she was ordered to allow him to piss in her mouth and again, "Gulp," another mouthful flushed down her throat.

"Good girl," he complimeted. "I knew you'd be a great piss drinking slut."

"How do you like using your mouth as a toilet." "Tastes pretty good, huh?" "We're gonna fill your little slut belly up with our hot black piss, baby."

The humiliation continued ripping through Sharon hearing him commend her performance for swallowing a black man's piss. And as she suspected she was far from through with drinking their urine.

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When he finished emptying his balls another black cock was in front of her and his hot urine stream began hitting Sharon in the face. She knew what the routine was going to be. How many of them were going to do this to her? Then the order came to open her mouth again.

"Drink it."

She wondered how much she would have to drink before she got sick. Or maybe she would get lucky and would pass out to end this filthy ordeal. Sharon opened her mouth and drank mouthful after mouthful from the gushing cock. She gulped it down as fast as he urinated into her wide open mouth, until finally he too was drained. But before he finished with Sharon, he stuck his cock in her mouth so she could lick up the last few drops of piss as it dribbled out.

Sharon clutched her stomach in pain. The hot acidy urine was making her sick. Her stomach was churning. She could feel the nausea overcoming her. Then she leaned to the side expelling a huge amount of vomit on the floor. Sharon heaved up what seemed to be a gallon of yellow slimy mucous. Her already full stomach of the black men's cum obviously didn't mix well with their hot piss. When finally she expelled all she could, she sat back up with some of the yellow sperm vomit dribbling down her chin. Tears ran from her eyes as she coughed up more of the yellow slime from her throat.

"I thought you'd be a better piss drinker than that," the next black man remarked. "Maybe mine will taste better, bitch."

She saw they weren't going to quit, even though Sharon was ready to pass out from puking her guts up. She felt dizzy, but sat there waiting for the next flood of piss to hit her. She spit a couple times trying to rid her mouth of the thick regurgatated cum that remained in her mouth.

The next man stood right in front of Sharon's face only a couple inches away and aimed his black cock at Sharon's slime covered face. The piss hit her directly on the lips splattering all over. "No more, please." "No more," she begged talking and choking through the stream of urine hitting her in the face and pouring into her mouth as she spoke.

"Please, please......................."

He paid no attention to her pleas, but rather grabbed her head in his hands pulling her to his urinating cock. "Open it, you filthy bitch." He forced his pissing cock into Sharon's mouth. "Start drinking, you little cunt." He pushed his cock deeper as her mouth filled with piss. Sharon had no strength left to fight. She immediately started swallowing trying to keep up with the flow of hot urine. She was afraid that he might force his urinating black cock down her throat and drowned her in his piss. She drank from his black meat swallowing over and over, sucking his urine directly from his bladder. Loud gulping noises came from her throat and echoed through the locker room as the hot fluid poured down her throat. It burned as gushed down her and burned even more upon entering her belly. It seem to go on forever. Nearly a minute past before he finished relieving himself in her mouth. Sharon's stomach felt full again and that sick feeling was rapidly returning.

But the urination ritual continued. Everyone wanted to piss into the cute teen whore's mouth. Six more lined up waiting their turn to relieve themselves in Sharon's mouth and watch her swallow the contents of their bladders. By the time she finsihed the sixth black man's urine, her belly was bulged out, engorged with piss. She couldn't take anymore. And again she clutched her stomach and puked an incredible amount all over the floor. She became so flushed, she was nearly ready to pass out.

Then yet another of the black men walked up to Sharon. "Couldn't hold it any longer for ya' honey." "So here's mine." He handed to Sharon a champagne bottle. Sharon looked up at him somewhat confused.

"It's my piss." "A bottle of hot yellow champagne piss just for you, my hot piss drinkin' slut." "I saved it for you."

Sharon set the bottle on the floor trying to avoid what he wanted her to do. "No, I can't." "No more." She was already sick from drinking their vile body fluids and heaving it up. "Listen bitch, your're gonna drink the whole bottle." "Cause if you don't, I swear I'll shove that bottle up your cunt and pour it in your little fuckhole." "Got it, you little whore."

Sharon hesitated a moment too long. He became furious with her.

"You fuckin' little bastard whore, I'll show you."

He grabbed the bottle in one hand then headlocked her head in his arm forcing the end of the bottle to her lips. Savagely he forced the tip of the bottle into her mouth and tilted it upward. His piss started emptying from the bottle as he force fed Sharon the bottle of his urine. "Drink up bitch." "Drink my fuckin' piss." Sharon had no choice for the bottle was way back in her mouth at the entrance to her throat. She gulped his piss as it poured rapidly into her mouth and flushed down her throat. After five large gulps he pulled the bottle out. It was still about half full. "Think you're getting brave, huh, cunt." "I'll show you." He pushed Sharon back onto the floor on her back. "Grab her legs," he commanded his friends. Two black hands each grabbed a leg pulling them apart and upwards so her body was nearly upside down. "I told you what I would do, you bitch." Sharon screamed, trying to break free. "Noooooo!!!!!!!" "Noooooooo!!!!!!!!" "Don't...................."

He took the half full champagne bottle and inserted the neck of it into Sharon's gaping cunt. He pushed it in and tilted it up. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" She screamed again. The piss started flowing into Sharon's sore pussy. Her young hole already hurt from the brutal fisting and now it burned as her raw cunt filled up with the black man's salty piss. The urine dribbled in slowly as he wiggled and fucked the neck of the bottle around in her hole allowing the hot fluid to escape from it. Sharon kept fighting trying to break free from her discomfort as the bottle emptied into her cunt. "There you go, honey." "You got a cunt full of my piss." "How's it feel?"

It burned like hell. It was torture having his piss poured inside her raped hole.

"Too bad I couldn't hold it for ya'," he remarked. "Would have been nice sticking my big black cock up your hole and piss right in your cunt." "Bet a whore like you'd have gotten off like that."

"You know what, bitch?" "I know how to get you off." "How's about I give you the whole fuckin' bottle." Grabbing the now empty bottle, he began pushing it further into her slit, twisting it around in her hole and shoving the neck deeper into Sharon's cunt. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!," Sharon screamed out. He kept pushing and twisting until the fat end of the bottle started to spread open her fuckhole wider as it penetrated her cunt. Piss began squirting from Sharon's hole as the champagne bottle sunk deeper into her body. Actually, Sharon's hole opened rather easily having been fist fucked earlier. Now as he pushed, the neck had completely disappeared inside her. Half of the bottle was in her hole. Piss continued to squirt from around it and still he pushed. "Gonna shove it all in honey." "Hope you can handle it." He shoved it more until three quarters was inside her cunt and the big end had opened her hole wide, lodging itself in her. Sharon felt the small neck of the bottle way up inside her pushing deep into her womb. This was nothing like having a big cock stuffed in her. The bottle was big and rigid, more than any cock would be. He could seriously damage her insides and judging from the lust in his eyes, she was sure he didn't care.



"Please stop,...please, more." Sharon begged hoping he would stop. But he paid no attention to her pleas. He gave another strong push jamming another couple inches in, making her cunt stretch to take in more of the bottle. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She let out a long bellowed scream as the neck of the champagne bottle jammed deep inside her body. "Ohhhhh!!!!, God..... Please your're hurting me,....Please Stop," she begged hysterically. Then he placed the palm of his hand on the bottom that still protruded from her hole. "Here it goes, bitch." "All the the way up your fuckin hole." With only about three inches remaining, he gave it a quick jam with his hand shoving it all the way in her cunt. Sharon screamed at the top of her lungs as her cunt felt like it was ripping apart. The large bottom of the bottle disappeared leaving only a small portion showing slightly, as the folds of her cunt closed up around it. The whole bottle was buried way up in her cunt. It pushed painfully on her delicate tissues and stretched her insides to the extreme further up in her petite body. Sharon panted nad groaned aloud as she felt her body stuffed with this immense object. He closed her legs to keep it in place with only a small portion of the bottle remaining visible through her stretched cunt lips. The pain caused by the large object buried inside her compounded by the burning sensation of the piss was unbearable. And now, by squeeezing her legs together, he was forcing her to hold the bottle inside her cunt. "Now, keep it in there till we're done with you, you fuckin' whore." Her whole body was filled with pain as her tortured cunt tightened around the bottle expecting that any moment, the huge object jammed deep inside her, would break through her delicate cunt walls. And they wanted her to keep it stuffed inside her body while they continued her rape and humiliation of her. She slumped back on the floor doubled up in pain moaning from the brutal and sadistic attack on her body.

She clutched at her churning belly with one hand and could actually feel the hard bottle stuffed up inside her through her skin. She reached down between her legs with the other feeling her stretched tortured cunt and the small portion of exposed bottle. She looked up at her black attackers. About ten of them were huddled around her in a circle holding their cocks. While she moaned in pain and discomfort , she was about to get a piss shower. Suddenly, all of them began urinating over her. Sharon took piss in her face, on her head, in her hair, across her tits, between her legs hitting her cunt, down her back. Her eyes burned from the piss bath she was getting. She sat there on the floor in an ocean of urine as they emptied their bladders on her. Then finally it stopped. She felt no more urine hitting her, no more hands touching her, no more fingers or cocks probing her body. She lay back in the stench of piss watching them dress and leave one by one. It was over. Finally she was alone.

Sharon lay there for what seemed like hours, yet only minutes passed. Carefully, she used both hands to spread her cunt open attempting to remove the bottle. She managed to spread open her cunt lips and then only by pushing, like giving birth to a baby, was she able to start expelling the huge object from her body. As her cunt expelled the large bottle, she cried as she watched the object that violated her slowly appear through the folds of her slit and finally roll onto the floor. She got up hobbling to the showers. She hurt everywhere. Her cunt was sore, her ass felt like it was ripped open and her belly ached from puking up so much cum and urine. Her throat burned from swallowing their salty piss after having been forced to deep throat all of their cocks. As the shower washed the remnants of the evening off her body she wondered who would ever believe her if she told what had happened. She almost couldn't believe it herself. It seemed like a dream. Sharon dressed and slowly left for home. She knew no one would ever believe her. Besides, she was too embarressed to say she was raped by the whole black football team.

-- The End --

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