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"Raping The New Cheerleader"- part 2

      by NiteWriter

      (rape interr anal oral fist ws)

They laid Sharon down on her back on the locker room bench. Another black team member straddled her face and lowered himself so his cock stuffed Sharon's mouth. Without even hesitating he sat on Sharon's face impaling her throat again with his 9 inches. At the same time, he pulled Sharon's legs up tucking them under his arms, thereby exposing her sweet cunt and asshole.

"There's two more holes here, who wants in," he announced to the others.

Sharon again felt pawing all over her body. Hands were stroking her creamy white thighs. Her soft ass was being squeezed and fingers probing her cunt and brushing though her crack across her asshole. Her breasts were being mauled, pulled, squeezed and her nipples were pinched until they ached, making them rock hard, sticking out from her tits. And she was helpless to do anything about it.

Then Sharon felt a black cock brush across her cunt. She couldn't see anything but the black ass in front of her as the assailant above her kept humping her throat. But she knew what was happening when suddenly she felt her cunt lips spread apart and something hot push up inside her hole. Now she had a second black cock fucking her cunt. His hard shaft seemed to be endless going deeper and deeper pushing into the inner depths of her, forcing her cunt walls to stretch back deep into her body. "How big was this cock," she thought. Still his meat was entering her, going deeper and her cunt hole stretched even more to accommodate it. Sharon had no idea she now had 13 inches of black cock inside her. Then she felt it begin sliding in and out fucking her hole, raping her cunt. She lay there helpless on the bench with a black cock fucking her mouth and a black cock fucking her young sweet cunt.

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Her attention drifted back to the cock in her mouth. He had pulled out and began depositing a tremendous load in her open mouth. Spasm after spasm flooded her tongue filling her oral cavity to capacity with heavy thick gobs of cum.

"I'm gonna fill your mouth with my load, honey." "A mouthful of hot black cum." And he did. He came in her mouth until some dribbled over her lips. His black cock spewed torrents of thick cream directly into her open mouth. Then she heard, "swallow it,............. swallow it." "C'mon whore, swallow it down."

Sharon got another good taste of sticky hot cum as she closed her mouth and gulped the thick sperm down to their cheers. She shuddered getting goosebumps as the big globs of the slimy black love juice flowed like lava down her young throat. It was a heavier consistency than the last load she ate. It was so thick and so much of it, she choked when she swallowed it. The inside of her mouth remained coated with a residue of his slime, sticking to the inside of her mouth, letting her taste the sperm over and over. As she thought of what she was doing, sucking off a black man and eating his filthy cum, it nearly made her sick. She realized the night was far from over and that she was certain they would be making her eat allot more of their disgusting black seed.

Before Sharon had time to think, another cock appeared above her face. He moved forward a bit letting his balls rub across Sharon's face until they were resting on her lips. "Lick em," he ordered. It was so gross seeing his black crotch right in front of her face. And now he wanted her to lick his nuts. Sharon stuck her tongue out and began delicately licking his ball sack. They were sweaty and smelled disgusting. "Atta girl." "Clean my balls for me," he remarked to Sharon. Total humiliation filled Sharon as she was forced to suck clean the black man's scrotum by sucking his balls in and out of her mouth. Then he raised himself slightly moving himself forward again. "Now, do my asshole, slut." "Get that tongue all the way in my crack and lick me clean." Then he lowered himself on Sharon's face as he reached back spreading his asscheeks. He rested his ass right on Sharon's mouth waiting to feel her tonguing begin.

"C'mon, you bitch."

"Lick my asshole."

Sharon couldn't bring herself to do an even more vile thing. Wasn't it enough that she sucked on his balls. "Better start lickin' or I'll shit right on your face." Hearing those words brought an immediate response from Sharon. She was afraid he might actually do it. She brought her tongue up to his asshole and started lightly licking his black puckered anus. "Harder," you fuckin' slut." "Get that tongue goin'." Sharon immediately began a harder, slurping with her tongue through his asscrack, licking his hairy ass and probing the rough pucker of his anal hole. The stench and foul taste of his black crevice was incredibly sickening, but Sharon kept eating from his ass cleaning up his black butt.

"That's it, that's it."

"Damn she's good," he moaned out loud.

"The bitch has got a great tongue."

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" "yesssss........." "Lick that asshole, honey."

He lifted himself slightly and pulled harder on his asscheeks spreading them further apart allowing Sharon better access to his black asshole. Sharon watched as he pulled harder and harder on his butt until the tight pucker of his anal hole began opening in front of her eyes. He pulled even harder and she could see the dark brown flesh on the inside of his asshole become exposed. "Dig in, bitch." "Stick your tongue in my ass and tongue fuck me." He sat back down on Sharon's face waiting for her to service his exposed anus. As she reluctantly extended her tongue she felt it slid across the warm slimy flesh of his anus and enter his asshole . "Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!," he moaned out loud. "Ohhhhh!!! yessss..., you filthy slut, tongue it." With her face buried in his black ass, Sharon began sticking her tongue in and out of his anal hole hoping to quickly get this over with. Her tongued squeezed into the warm black flesh over and over. The taste entering her mouth made her want to puke, but she continued licking and swirling her tongue around the inside of his ass.

"That's it baby, eat out of my ass."

"Deeper,"........ "Deeper." "Ohhhhhh!!!!!!....."You fuckin' nasty whore."

"Lick me clean." "That's it lick it, lick my asshole."

And to her dismay, after several minutes of licking and eating from his asshole the slimy coating on his anal chute was gone and the once foul taste lingered but was fading. She really had licked him clean.

Then he dismounted her face and moved back quickly to enter her mouth with his now stiff cock and again her throat was being fucked.

By now, the man in her cunt was really turned on by watching her tongue fuck his friend's asshole and was now fucking Sharon pretty hard when suddenly he pulled out commenting,

"I've always wanted to assfuck a white bitch." "Think she can take me." "How about it honey, want my big black cock up your ass?" Sharon couldn't utter a word with her mouth stuffed. He pulled his hard 13 inch piece of meat out of Sharon's cunt. Then he pushed her legs up higher letting his buddy working her mouth hold them. He placed a finger on Sharon's tiny anal pucker pushing on it testing the tightness of her hole.

"Damn, she's got a tight ass."

He pushed his finger into Sharon's asshole up to his knuckle. She wiggled her butt on the bench trying to avoid his probing. "My big cock is probably gonna hurt some squeezin' up that tiny little poop chute, sweetheart. So hold on." Sharon heard his remarks and tried to kick free, but her legs were held tight and her mouth was still stuffed with cock. He slapped her buttocks a few times as Sharon squirmed on the bench, then told her, "Alright sweetcheeks, ready to get assfucked?"

Without waiting any longer he removed his finger, spit in his hand and wiped his spit on her anus. He placed his big 13" black cock head on Sharon's tiny anal pucker wiping the cockhead around smearing the saliva and the cunt juices still coating his shaft. Then she felt the pressure on her anus. It grew stronger and stronger as he pushed trying to insert his immense tool. Sharon had heard about anal sex and that allot of lubrication was needed. But he didn't do anything to prepare Sharon's tiny ass for his giant cock, other than a little of his spit and some of her cunt juice. Instead this giant black cock was pushing on her nearly dry anus trying to get inside her rectum. And it was hurting, hurting like hell.



It felt like her ass was being split open. And he was enjoying Sharon's pain. "This must be your first assfuck, huh! baby?" "Once I get it all in you'll love it." He shoved harder on Sharon's tiny pucker. Then just as the pain neared unbearable she felt her asshole give way and the black cockhead penetrated her slipping through her anal opening. Some gurgling sounds and whining came from Sharon's throat. That's all she could manage while having her throat fucked. But she now knew she had a black cock in her ass. It felt so big. She could actually feel the giant cockhead being gripped by her tiny behind. Then Sharon felt it begin traveling slowly up her anal chute into her rectum going deeper and deeper. She could feel the big knob of his cockhead scraping through her anal channel and then hit bottom deep inside her bowels. She couldn't see it, but the 13 inch prick hadn't fully penetrated her yet. And her black rapist was determined to get every inch inside Sharon's cute little butt. It was hurting her insides now as he pushed in deeper forcing her soft tissue to expand to accommodate his whole length. Her insides felt like they were being ripped apart as he grunted trying to force his cock deep up inside her body. She was scared feeling the massive hot piece of meat penetrating deep into her. It felt like it pushed far up into her belly and was ripping through her insides. Then just when Sharon thought she couldn't handle any more, she felt his balls on her ass, he was all the way in.

"What a tight asshole." "I won't last long in this ass," he exclaimed.

"Okay, he we go, baby." "Time for your first assfucking."

Then he began, withdrawing his cock almost all the way then plunging back in. Sharon felt every inch as the 13 inch black meat buried itself in her ass over and over and over. It hurt severely on every entry. She screamed over and over, but the cock in her throat only muffled the sounds of her discomfort. Her anal ring hugged his cock letting her feel every bump and vein on his massive tool as it passed through her back hole into the depths of her bowels.

Then as she was dealing with the anal pain, she realized her mouth was filling up with black sperm again. And again she swallowed the hot gooey load and another took it's place in her mouth. They barely allowed her time to breathe. Cock after cock fucked Sharon's mouth leaving behind their hot creamy loads. Sharon's whole face had become a mess covered in sticky spunk that was now running down her cheeks and neck and onto her breasts.

Now Sharon's asshole felt like it was on fire as the pistoning continued faster and faster up her rectum. His cock actually felt like it had become harder as it kept ramming up her asshole.

"This ass fucking whore's incredible. She's so fuckin' tight."

He rammed his cock savagely up Sharon's asshole again slapping his balls against her soft buttocks as his frenzy grew and he neared cumming.

"Take it you fuckin' slut, take it up your ass."

Again he withdrew and replanted his hard black meat brutally in Sharon's ass.

Sharon screamed even with a cock fucking her throat as the tremendous pain ripped through her ass from the friction of his huge black cock rapidly penetrating her tiny teenage asshole.

Over and over he buttfucked Sharon as hard as he could. "I'm gonna assfuck the shit out of this little white slut."

"Yess......Yess.......Yesss........" He grunted his pleasure with every stroke up her ass.


"Take it, you assfuckin' whore," he bellowed, as he slammed up her tiny anal orifice again.


Sharon squirmed in pain hoping to dislodge the big cock, but it was impossible. He rammed faster and faster ravaging her asshole like a madman.


"Gonna..... cummmmm... in.... your ass, you fuckin' slut."



"I'm cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She felt him bury his cock deep up her ass as the throbbing began. Hot cream started splattering deep inside her. His hard hot cock throbbed for what seemed like a minute and literally flooded her rectum with his black cum. Her virgin ass was now violated by black seed. It didn't seem to matter very much to Sharon, though. She had already lost track of how many loads of sperm she swallowed. And her face and hair was covered with a massive amount of cum too. What difference did it make now to have black spunk in her ass. She felt his cock stop throbbing and he eventually pulled out of her ass. "Thank God his cock is out of my asshole," she thought. It hurt so badly. As he withdrew she felt some of his sperm dribbled from her back hole and down her asscrack.

Sharon got a quick sense of relief that it was finally over. But that feeling rapidly vanished when Sharon felt her ass being invaded again and another cock began assfucking her tiny little anal orifice. Fortunately, the cum seeping from her asshole made the next entry easier. He slipped right in burying himself all the way up her ass. He fucked her anal hole for a few minutes, withdrew, and then sunk his dirty cock in Sharon's cunt. He went between both of her holes fucking her hard up the cunt, then ramming back up her ass until he filled her rectum with his load.

It seemed to go on forever. Black cocks continually filled her throat, cumming in her mouth and all over her face. They fucked her cunt repeatedly too, and deposited their hot sperm in her rectum after reaming her once virgin asshole. She was forced to lick their balls and some made her suck their black nuts into her mouth. She licked their crotches and tongued their filthy assholes cleaning the sweat and dirt from them.

Hours past and Sharon became limp, unable to do anything more than lie there, cry, and be their fuck toy. It was a hopeless situation. She couldn't even resist when the black man with largest cock was ready to fuck her throat. He had a fifteen inch cock that was so massive that Sharon had no idea how he could possibly make her swallow it. And as if to make Sharon more humiliated he remarked how only a half hour ago he had fucked her ass with his giant tool.

Sharon remembered that one. A couple of the black guys picked her up and sat her down on the monster cock. Once they positioned her over the giant black dick and got the cockhead in her asshole, they let the full weight of her body drive it deep up into her ass until she was seated on his lap. It hurt so much penetrating her anal hole so quickly. Her ass felt so full as it kept going deeper and deeper pushing farther inside her bowels, stretching and deforming the soft delicate tissues on the inside of her rectum until it was fully buried up in her body. It was like a snake traveling up inside her pushing up into her belly. And when they started picking her up and down ramming it in her ass harder and harder making her feel all 15 inches of his stiff meat fucking her hole, Sharon thought she would pass out from the pain. Thank God he came quickly.

Now, this cock was going down her throat. She could smell the musty filthy scent of her own ass on the cock. "How disgusting," she thought, "to think this big cock was in the deepest part of her ass and now I'm tasting it. She opened her mouth wide taking his scum covered fucktool in. The giant knob on the end of his cock filled her mouth. Then it hit the entrance to her throat. Her jaw was stretched wide as she felt this giant knot pushing against the back of her mouth. He was merciless as he didn't allow her anytime to get used to his big black schlong of a dick. He simply shoved it passed the point of no return and started his journey down, down Sharon's sweet throat. He pushed inch by inch deeper and deeper. Sharon felt her throat expand and tighten more than with any of the other cocks as it snaked along inside her. Deeper it went. She knew she would take it all. She had no choice. He would never allow her not to. He pushed deeper forcing it down. Then finally the familiar slap of the balls on her chin, fifteen inches of black cock swallowed. Sharon thought surely his fat cockhead was in her stomach.

He was so overwhelmed by planting his tool so deep in this cute young teenager that he was nearly ready to cum. Sharon felt him move ever so slightly in her throat and the throbbing began. She couldn't feel the sperm spurting from his cock but she knew he was cumming. A warmness grew in her chest. It was from the sperm being deposited deep within her. Then the pulsating stopped and slowly the extraction began, pulling the shrinking black cock from her mouth and throat.

"God damn, your a good cocksucker baby," he commended. "I'll bet after today you'll only want black cock from now on."

Finally she was able to rest for a moment. Sharon didn't realize it, but all twenty team members had fucked her both in the ass and down her throat. Sharon rolled down to the floor, the bench had become really uncomfortable. Now on her hands and knees she rested on her elbows and with head on the floor she felt the cum still oozing from her asshole. She wiped her face trying to clean the cum from her eyes. Her legs and thighs were sticky with black jizz too, and there was a pool of sperm on the bench dripping onto the floor where she had been pinned down for the past couple hours. She was exhausted and needed to rest.

 ...continues in part three - click here to continue... 

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