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"Raping The New Cheerleader"- part 1

      by NiteWriter

      (rape interr anal oral fist ws)

WARNING: The following is a fictional story about a teenage cheerleader getting brutally gangraped. This interracial story involves oral and anal sex as well as intense fisting, pissing and object insertion scenes. If any of these types of sex acts offends you or you may think it too bizarre for you tastes, then read no further.

The football game had just ended and Sharon the newest cheerleader was headed back to the locker room. She was the last one off the field having spent allot of time talking with some of her new friends in the stands. On her way to change and shower she passed by the team's locker room. Allot of noise was going in there, cheering and celebrating from today's victory.

Sharon had just transferred into Central High two weeks ago. Her father was recently transferred with his job and now Sharon, having lived her whole life in the country had to get used to a city life. She was the newest cheerleader and by far the prettiest. She had the cutest face with long curly sandy blonde hair. Her 5'5" tall, 110 pound body had blossomed nicely the past seventeen years. She had an incredible figure with still developing 34 inch breasts, smooth curvy legs and such a nice slim waist. No wonder nearly half of the male senior class had already tried to get a date with her.

Sharon was still on the shy side, being a country girl. She had lived in a small midwest town all her life. She only started to date a nice boy she met at school before she had to move. She had liked him allot. After a few dates they were just beginning to learn about touching each other's bodies and the pleasure it gave them. Some of Sharon's girlfriend's were already having sex with their boyfriends and kept coaxing her along on good it feels. But Sharon didn't want to go too fast. Besides, he was so gentle with her and what they were doing did feel nice. Even though they hadn't progressed to having actual intercourse yet, they had masturbated each other twice so far. It felt so wonderful when he touched her between her legs. And she remembered her surprise when the white cream spurted all over her when she jerked his cock the first time. That was the first time she'd seen a man orgasm.

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The school she had attended out west didn't offer much to the students. There were not many after school activities or sports for them to participate. Now she was excited to be in a big high school and win a spot on the football team's cheerleading squad. Already in two weeks she made allot of new friends.

The noise in the locker room caught Sharon's attention and being curious she stopped momentarily outside the entrance. She looked around and seeing no one in the hallway allowed her to eavesdrop on the team's celebration. It couldn't have been a minute outside the locker room door when suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her on the shoulders. Sharon was startled and embarrassed at being caught listening in. She looked over her shoulders seeing a big black man still in his football uniform, obviously, one of the players just coming in from the field.

"What you listening for honey," he asked.

"Nothing," was the only thing to come out of Sharon's mouth, still frightened from being caught.

"Maybe you want to come in," he asked. "Sure would like a pretty thing like you inside with us." Sharon felt like she turned to stone with that remark. She was already embarrassed at being caught eavesdropping. What was he thinking saying that? She immediately realized she had better get out of here. "C'mon honey, let's go in, seems like that's what you wanted anyway." Before Sharon could start walking away, he pushed her into the entrance and forced her down the hallway toward the locker room. "No please, I don't want to," she muttered in a scared voice as he kept pushing her shoulders forcing her further down the hall.

The big black player then put his arm around her shoulders and dragged Sharon the last ten feet into the locker room. As they turned the corner into the room she came face to face with 15 or maybe 20 black men in various stages of dress. Some were completely naked ready for a shower or having just finished one. Most of them were guzzling down bottles of champagne in celebration of the victory. With all of them drunked up, Sharon knew she was in big trouble. And funny she had never realized it before, but the whole team was black. There wasn't one white face, no one that could possibly help out of this situation.

"Hey guys, looky here." "She was hangin' out by the door listenin' in on us." "I think she wants to celebrate with us." "I'm sure we can show her how to have a good time." "She can join our victory party."

"No please," Sharon begged. " Let me go." For the first time it dawned on Sharon what was about to happen. There was going to be a party alright, and she was it. She thought for sure she was going to be raped, gangraped. She froze where she stood, literally petrified at the thought.

The black team huddled around Sharon, as Ben, the man bringing her in to the room, began pulling at her clothes. "Let's see what you got under there." First he pulled her sweater up over her head then he tugged her short skirt down to her ankles leaving her there in bra and panties. "Very cute," Ben commented.

"Oh God, no," Sharon pleaded feeling totally embarrassed half naked in front of all these men. "Please let me go."

Ben grabbed her breasts through her bra giving them a squeeze. "They sure are nice 'n soft." "Let's get a look at those titties, honey." He ripped the bra off exposing her petite 34 inch breasts. Sharon quickly covered herself with her arms. Then, Ben put his hand on her rear end feeling her tiny well rounded bottom. "Fuckin' nice ass," he exclaimed. Then he slipped a finger inside the top of the waistband and tugged her panties down her silky soft legs. She was naked in front of the whole black football team.

"Damn nice, honey." "You're a great lookin' piece of ass."

Sharon was petrified in front of them. The fright going through her was actually making her dizzy. Then she looked around and noticed a change taking place in the naked black men. Their cocks were growing bigger. Some were so huge hanging between their legs it scared Sharon even more, having never realized that a man's cock could be that large. "Please, Please let me go," she begged mercifully.

"Honey, we ain't ever had the pleasure of a white woman before and you're just too damn nice to pass up." "Know what I mean?" Unfortunately, Sharon knew exactly what he meant. "I know I'm gonna have a lot of fun with that sweet young beautiful body of yours."



In her wildest dreams did she ever believe that she would be raped by a black man. Now there was twenty of them and they were about to have their way with her. It seemed like instantly hands were all over her touching her legs, thighs and ass. Her breasts were squeezed over and over and her soft puffed out nipples pinched until they stiffened to their touch. Fingers were probing between her legs trying to get a feel of her young cunt and several of the big black men grabbed her head and planted a big open mouth kiss on her delicate lips. She was so scared she was shaking in front of them, afraid to move, speechless to say anything fearing what they were going to do next.

Ben grabbed her by the arm forcing her to sit down on one of the benches. Sharon closed her eyes knowing it was about to begin. "Please don't hurt me," she begged of him. "Don't you worry dear, we're just goin' have a little fun." Little did she know that she would never ever forget this night.

"Let me see that pussy," Ben ordered Sharon. Ben motioned to two of his friends and they each grabbed one of her legs spreading her open for Ben. Sharon squirmed violently, but Ben knelt down in front of her exposed cunt and began fingering her tight young slit.

"No." "No, please." "No," Sharon bellowed out.

With both hands he spread her young cunt open and tasted her sweet fuckhole. Sharon felt his tongue lapping all over her pussy and darting in and out of her delicate hole. There was nothing she could do to stop him.

After Ben got a good taste of Sharon, he stood up looking down at her. "Damn, you sure taste good." "Mighty good." Ben then began stripping off his uniform. When he got down to just his underwear Sharon could see the big bulge straining to break free. Down he yanked them and stood in front of Sharon with his 10 inch black cock dangling in front of Sharon's face. "Now it's your turn to taste me." He rubbed his big black tool across and around Sharon's face letting her feel his hardness. She turned her head back and forth trying to avoid the touch of his hot black cock.

"No, please."

"I can't."

"Please let me go."

"What's the matter," he asked. "you afraid of a black dick?" "I think you know what to do with it bitch, c,mon suck it."

The blood seem to drain from Sharon's body as Ben ordered her to take his shiny black shaft in her mouth. It seemed so disgusting to put that black penis in her mouth, Sharon thought. His whole body was sweaty after the game. He hadn't even showered yet. What a filthy vile thing he wanted me to do.

"C,mon suck it, you fuckin' white bitch," Ben demanded becoming angry. Still Sharon attempted to avoid the hard black shaft rubbing across her face as he tried getting it in her mouth. Then suddenly Ben lashed out, "Smackkkkkk!!!!!" striking Sharon across the face with the back of his hand. "I'm not going to say it again." "Tonight you're our whore, and will do whatever we say, got it?" Then he reached with both hands to Sharon's soft young breasts grabbing her nipples between two fingers. Slowly he began applying pressure to her sensitive flesh, pinching them. Sharon squirmed with the discomfort. He pinched harder and then harder. Sharon winced in pain. "Ahh!!" "Ahhh!!!" "Ouchhhh!!!," she yelled out. He squeezed harder yet mashing her delicate nipples in his fingers sending waves of agonizing pain through her breasts, making her scream. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He let go releasing her soft tender flesh. Ben grabbed her head pulling her to his cock. His hot hard cock touched her lips. "Now, c'mon cunt, suck it," he ordered again. Sharon slowly and reluctantly with tears forming in her eyes parted her lips so Ben could enter her mouth. Ben guided his cock though her soft lips and using his big hands moved her head back and forth slipping his black cockhead in and out of her pretty lips. "Oh baby," he muttered. "You got a real hot mouth, honey." He fastened the pace using her head like a rag doll pushing her face on and off his cock. "Let me feel that tongue, bitch." "C'mon lick it," he yelled out as he fucked his shaft in and out. Sharon started moving her tongue around in her mouth as the big black cock pistoned in and out. His hardness touched her tongue. She wanted to die. She felt the stiffness of his manhood as it seemed to grow larger and harder in her mouth. A little sticky substance touched her tongue from the tip of his black penis. It was his precum and it was in her mouth. "Oh my God," she thought. "He's going to cum in mouth."

Then Ben pulled harder on Sharon's head forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. His cockhead hit the back of her throat. "Here we go, sweetheart. Ready to swallow my black dick?" Fear rushed through Sharon as she heard his words. Sharon was unable to stop his force as he pulled yet harder and Ben's big black cock head squeezed into her virgin throat. Sharon gagged, or at least tried to with the black shaft lodged in the entrance to her throat.

She struggled to get free, she couldn't breathe. Sharon never experienced anything like this. She knew about deep throating from talking with her girlfriends and also knew she never wanted to do such a thing. The mere thought of taking a man's penis in her mouth and letting him push it into her throat was utterly disgusting. Besides, surely she would choke on trying to swallow such a big thing like a cock. But like it or not, it was happening to her and she was scared. She fought her attacker trying to break free, but he had her head held tightly as he forced his prick into her mouth. The cock pushed in further and she felt it sliding down her throat, deeper and deeper. Extreme panic swept through Sharon's body, as her attempts to free herself of this monster black cock choking her were of no avail. The gag reflex continued, her throat muscles gripping and clutching the black cock as it traveled down her oral passageway. A gurgling sound came from her throat, but it only resulted in her throat muscles tightening more around his hot black meat that was stuffing her.

Ben moaned from the terrific feeling. "Ohhhhh, Fuck." "What a tight throat." "This bitch is good, guys." "You all gotta try her out." Tears began running from Sharon's eyes as she knew her situation was hopeless. They were all going to have her.

Finally she felt Ben's balls against her chin and his pubic hair on her lips. His cock was buried inside her throat. He had made her deep throat his entire big black cock. Then holding her head tightly, he fucked her face with his stiff meat. Ben pistoned her head back and forth ramming his cock repeatedly in and out of her throat. The gagging sounds continued coming from Sharon. In her frightened state she tried keeping his cock from entering her by tightening up her throat muscles. But Ben simply continued forcing himself down, and the sounds of Sharon's discomfort only excited him that much more. The gurgling and gagging sounds coming from Sharon made Ben crazier with his lustful fucking of her throat. Faster and faster he fucked her mouth planting his ten inches of hot meat repeatedly down her virgin throat. Sharon felt his cock get harder and actually seem to grow larger as his frenzy increased. Her fear intensified as now she needed to breathe, but her attacker was really enjoying himself getting off on fucking her face.

"Take it bitch." That's it, take it." "All of it."

"Swallow,...... swallow my cock, whore."

"Arggg"..........Ahrgggg"..........Aghrrrr".........Gagging noises increased from Sharon's throat as she tried to breathe, but his rapid thrusts down her throat were too fast and deep.

"I've always wanted to throatfuck a white cunt like this."

"Ahrggggg!!!!!"......."Ahhhrrrrgggggg!!!!!"........Sharon continued gagging as he fucked her throat as if it were a cunt.

"Damn,..... this bitch's throat's gonna make me cum."


"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! "I'm cumming, bitch."

I'm gonna cum down you fuckin throat, you little white cunt."

Then suddenly Ben pulled Sharon's head quickly into his groin and let out another low deep groan. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Sharon felt his immense cock deep inside her throat suddenly throb. It began pulsating over and over and Sharon could feel something warm running down deep within her throat. She realized Ben was cumming, cumming inside her throat. It was his thick hot black sperm she felt running down her throat into her belly. "How could this be happening to me," she thought. She was being forced to eat a black man's sperm. Her throat spasmed around his ejaculating cock trying to reject the thick fluid, but she only succeeded in prolonging his orgasm and increasing the amount of black semen erupting from his cock.

Ben began extracting his spasming cock from Sharon's mouth. As it slipped from her throat, another blast of cum shot into her mouth onto her tongue. Sharon gasp for breath. More sperm hit Sharon in the face as she coughed, spitting up some of the thick jism just deposited in her throat. It dribbled from her mouth and she felt some running down her cheeks. His cock continued to erupt dumping more thick spunk into her mouth. It was warm and slimy and then the taste registered in her brain, it was disgusting. It was kind of salty and felt so sticky and gooey as she move it around with her tongue, not quite sure what to do with it. The whole team cheered at the first conquest of this cute young cheerleader.

"C'mon whore, eat it." "Swallow my black cum," Ben demanded.

"Don't you dare spit it out."

Sharon tongued the thick slimy sperm in her mouth some more. She couldn't believe how much there was of the stuff. Ben grabbed her by the cheeks demanding, "Swallow my fuckin' cum, you little whore." "NOW!!!!!!!"

Sharon became even more frightened as he yelled at her. She closed her eyes, closed her mouth, and swallowed the mouthful of his hot jism. "Good," Ben replied. "Now, lick the rest off." He jerked his cock a few times squeezing out one last big glob on the end of it. "C,mon, stick out your tongue." Sharon opened her mouth reaching her tongue to his black cock. Ben could see strands of his sperm still hanging from the roof of her mouth as he wiped the glob of cum on her tongue and shoved his cock in one last time. "Now you'll do the same for everyone else." "You'll learn to like eating cum before the day is over."

 ...continues in part two - click here to continue... 

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