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"The Bachelor Party" part three of three

      by NiteWriter

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Kelly laid down on the floor taking her well deserved rest. Barbara got up making a trip to the kitchen. When she return it was apparent she was still horny as hell and looking for more crude nasty things to do. Barbara returned with a pint of chocolate milk and a small plastic funnel. She helped Kelly back up on her knees, even though she wasn't quite ready for more yet. Barbara took the funnel and inserted the end into Kelly's asshole. She inserted the whole shaft portion in Kelly's ass, first slipping in the tip, then shoving the rest of the plastic funnel shaft deep up inside her rectum. Once fully inserted with the flared out portion of the funnel resting on Kelly's butt cheeks, she started pouring the container of chocolate milk into the funnel. It gurgled around slowly pouring into Kelly's rectum. Barbara had to shake and wiggle the funnel a bit in order to get all the milk inside her. Kelly knew what Barbara was up to, and like before, she attracted everyone to watch. Kelly even wiggled her cute butt around shaking the milk inside her. With her ass so high up in the air and moving around, she could feel the milk seeping deeper inside her body.

Next, Barbara took the clear plastic tube she used earlier, and as before shoved that up Kelly's ass. Again she pushed it deep inside Kelly until it stopped deep up inside her rectum. Then using it as a straw, Barbara starting drinking the chocolate milk from Kelly's ass. Everyone was crowding around closer to Kelly and Barbara to watch the ass sucking performance. The clear tube turned brown from the chocolate milk as it flowed through into Barbara's mouth and down her throat. She kept sucking on the tube drinking all the milk from Kelly's ass. At the third mouthful some darker brown chunks floated through the tube flowing into Barbara's slut mouth and she swallowed it. Then more and more of the darker particles started appearing in the clear tube. Apparently, all the fluid that had been in Kelly's ass tonight obviously was doing a good job loosening up Kelly's bowels and cleaning out her rectum. But Barbara had no problem eating the anal treats, as she referred to them. A couple times the tube clogged up making Barbara suck harder. But she managed to suck the thicker chocolate milk filled with anal chunks through the tube.

Barbara finally got to the end of her snack as her big straw emptied. She gave a couple more pushes on the tube, wiggling it around, and actually was able to shove it deeper inside Kelly. Kelly squirmed a little as it must have moved further up her anal channel traveling deeper inside her body. Barbara sucked a couple more times again and got out a little more thick brown stuff. Barbara was finished. When she backed away showing her mouth was full of a dark brown paste. Then she let some dribble from her mouth for everyone to see. She sure knew how to show off her slutty talents. Barbara was getting all the guys aroused again watching her give Kelly her second anal cleaning of the night and eating it.

"She's got to be the filthiest whore alive," was the first comment.

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"Damn right." another agreed. "She'll do anything." "What a fuckin' slut."

The comments continued, and Barbara was loving it.

"You're such a slut whore, baby." "Nasty cunt."

"She makes me so horny, I want to piss on her again."

"Go ahead do it." Barbara replied. "Piss on me, then fuck me."

A few seconds later piss was splashing all over Barbara. The horny guy showered Barbara with his full bladder washing off her face. Barbara grabbed a couple quick mouthfuls to wash down the heavy paste in her mouth. And by the time he finished urinating on her, all evidence of her anal meal was gone. Her face, hair, and chest were all wet glistening from her golden shower. But that didn't matter, she was ready to fuck now.

Barbara took the top position making one of the guys lay down while she sat on his stiff cock. The single black man was back again. He was going to take Barbara's backdoor. He stood over Barbara's ass and guided his black meat in Barbara's anal hole pushing all the way in. "Yes, that's it, two at once." Barbara exclaimed. Both men fucked her hard, bucking wildly, driving their cocks over and over in both holes at the same time. Barbara screamed in pleasure from the double penetration. She loved it in both holes at once. Their cocks felt so hard stabbing in and out of her body. She was going to cum as she always did when she got double teamed. A few moments later two cocks were spurting inside Barbara while she enjoyed a body wrenching orgasm making her shiver in delight as her body filled with more cum.

"I want more."

"I want everybody to fuck me."

"Fuck my cunt." "Fuck my asshole."

"Ram it in me hard."

Two more men took their turns fucking Barbara, one in her cunt and one in her asshole. And again she had two cocks at once pumping her, fucking her and filling her. It became a savage fucking of her body, both men brutally ramming her fuckholes until they came. Then two more men took their places and the animalistic fucking continued. Barbara screamed as they literally sodomized her, not in pain, but in the ecstasy she felt from it. "Oh yes," "God yes".....deeper in my asshole." "Fuck my ass deeper." For anybody else this would have been rape. But for Barbara, this was her pleasure, to be fucked nearly senseless. She demanded a brutal fucking, especially in her ass. Then more cum filled her and two more cocks penetrated her.

It took nearly an hour for Barbara to get double fucked ten times. Her asshole felt like it was on fire and both her cunt and rectum were full of sperm dripping with cum. During the session she came three times herself, each one more intense than the one before. When they finally finished her, it was definitely time for a little rest. Barbara sat back stuffing her fingers in her cunt pulling out some of the cream and eating it. "God I love cum, it's so good." Then she returned in for more. "Mmmmmmmmm, so good." When she finished all she could from her slit, then Barbara stuffed a couple fingers in her asshole doing the same, eating the cum deposited in body. "Tastes so good." And back in her ass again this time offering some to Kelly who licked it from her fingers. Finally it was her time for a little rest.

For a half hour they all merely chatted, mostly about Barbara and Kelly and how incredibly great they were. It was nearly 3 A.M. now, and everybody was pretty spent.

After about a half hour Barbara and Kelly both resumed work on their hands and knees slowly sucking a semi hard cock, trying to bring it back to life. Bill was just coming back in from outside after letting his dog out that had been in the kitchen all evening. When Bill's German Shepherd came in and saw two butts up in the air, he couldn't help but to wander over and investigate. Rusty approached Barbara's butt first sniffing her behind. Then he gave a few licks on her ass. Barbara looked over her shoulder, wondering about the strange new feeling. It felt a lot different from all the men who had licked her this evening. Seeing Rusty there didn't phase at all. She just went back down on the cock she was servicing to finish the job.

Once she finished with Bill's friend, she turned her attentions to Rusty. The dog's cock was starting to protrude from it's sheath. It was a deep dark red and growing and growing longer and longer. That gave Barbara an idea to wake up this group of guys.

"Want to watch me suck the dog?" She asked the crowd.

The room was silent. No one said a word. Barbara didn't need them to answer, she was going to suck Rusty off. She knew it would make them go nuts watching her suck on a dog cock. How much more filthy could she be for them? Barbara reached underneath Rusty, touching his cock, feeling it grow in her hand. Finally it reached almost eight inches long. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing to watch Barbara. Kelly stopped sucking too, to see Barbara's next nasty demonstration.

Barbara stroked Rusty's hard red cock in her hand. Then she laid down sliding on her back under the dog's hind legs until her mouth was inches from Rusty's dark veiny meat. Barbara took the tip to her lips and gingerly licked the end of the cock. Then a couple inches disappeared inside her mouth with her lips wrapped around it. She jerked it a few times in and out of her mouth. Barbara felt how slippery and slimy the dog cock was passing through her lips. She took a couple more inches in her mouth. Rusty didn't move. He let Barbara suck him. At the base of his shaft a large knot was beginning to grow larger and larger. Rusty was getting quite aroused as Barbara sucked on his meat.

Kelly decided since Barbara was getting all the attention now, that she would help her out. So, Kelly quickly went to find her purse and pulled out her favorite ten inch dildo. It was a huge rubber cock with a giant fat cock head on the end. Over the past few weeks, Barbara had learned to love the way it felt when Kelly would stuff it up her cunt. Once she would get it inside her slit, how wonderful it felt penetrating deep up her cunthole. Kelly crawled up between Barbara's spread open legs and as Barbara sucked the dog cock, Kelly inserted the dildo up Barbara's cunt. She teased Barbara awhile, slowly wiggling the fat rubber cockhead in, then pulling it out, reinserting it, and reinserting it again. The huge balled tip drove Barbara nuts as it stretched her slit open over and over. Then Kelly drove it deeper and deeper fucking Barbara hard with the rubber cock. Barbara was loving it too. The giant head traveled deeper inside Barbara as Kelly forced it all the way in until she felt it hit bottom in the deepest part of Barbara cunt. Kelly drove Barbara crazy when she kept jabbing it harder and harder against the back walls of her womb. The harder Kelly fucked her deep cunthole the harder Barbara sucked Rusty's growing animal meat hanging between his hind legs.

Now about six inches of dog cock was sliding in and out of Barbara's mouth. She backed off for a moment to get a few breaths and comment on her new experience.

"I like dog cock, it tastes good."

"Can't wait to taste the dog cum."



Then she swallowed it back in her mouth, this time all eight inches up to the giant knob that had grown almost to the size of a tennis ball. Rusty's cock was down Barbara's throat and her lips were pressed against the dog's hard knot in his shaft. Again, Barbara pulled out and swallowed it back down her throat. She fucked her face with Rusty's cock over and over, swallowing the slimy red shaft countless times down her throat. Rusty was helping her too. He was fucking with his hind end helping impale Barbara's throat. Then Barbara held it in down her gullet by actually pulling on Rusty's hind end with her hands, holding him in place down her throat. By this time Kelly's dildo fucking was really making Barbara insane. It wouldn't be long before she came. She starting working her lips opening them wider trying to take more dog cock. But there was no more, all of Rusty's cock was down her throat. She pulled harder on Rusty's hind end. Her lips began stretching up over the shaft's big bulging knot. Everyone was astonished watching what she was trying to do. Was Barbara trying to swallow the whole big knot? Was Barbara so vile that she would swallow and engorge her throat entirely with a big hard dog cock. Could she open her mouth and throat enough to take the whole thing in?

She pulled harder and her lips wrapped around more of the red knob inching it's way in her mouth. Kelly rammed the dildo up her hole. Barbara pulled on Rusty again and a little more cock disappeared. Barbara felt the dildo again ram up her, hitting bottom deep inside her. Then, she made a quick pull on Rusty's hind end and she went over the half way mark, her lips slipping over the back half engulfing the whole knot. Rusty's cock had penetrated deeper down Barbara's throat as the cum engorged knot filled Barbara's mouth. The whole eight inches of dog cock were in Barbara's throat and her mouth was stuffed full with the giant knot. It seemed like it would have been impossible to do. But she swallowed the whole thing. Everyone couldn't believe she did it. And still Kelly ram her hole determined to make Barbara cum while she had the dog cock in her mouth.

"This cunt's just too much."

"What a whore." "Sucking off a dog."

"And she likes it too."

Rusty was whimpering trying fuck for all he was worth, but his cock was lodged in Barbara's mouth. Rusty continued trying to fuck Barbara's mouth and his wining increased. Barbara knew he would cum soon and didn't want him to shoot it down her throat. She wanted to get a good taste of the dog's hot jizz. Besides, she was ready to cum herself any second. She slowly backed off the knot allowing it to slip through her lips and then began sucking hard on Rusty's cock. In a few moments she just held the stiff dog prick in place with the cockhead just inside her mouth. Rusty was cumming. Everyone knew it too. Then Barbara came, her body twitching and convulsing on the floor with Kelly keeping the dildo pushed deep inside Barbara and Rusty unloading his animal sperm into her mouth. Barbara drained Rusty of every drop of his dog sperm without ever taking it from her mouth. She felt the thick strands of cum hitting her tongue and splashing off the roof of her mouth. The bottom of her mouth was filling up with Rusty's hot cream forming a heavy, thick, slimy pool of dog cum covering her tongue.

Then, once the dog finished, she pulled Rusty's cock out, sucking off the red shiny meat and held her head back. Her own orgasm was dying down and Kelly pulled the dildo out. But the tremendous feeling lingered on. Barbara opened her mouth wide showing everyone in the room her full mouth of the fresh hot dog sperm. When most of the guys got a look, she closed her mouth, looked over to Kelly, then crawled over to her. Then before Kelly knew what Barbara was up to, Barbara planted a kiss on Kelly's lips giving her a giant opened mouth liplock. It caught Kelly by surprise as Barbara transferred some of Rusty's hot dog cream into Kelly's mouth. Barbara wanted Kelly to share in the taste of it too. Once Kelly got a taste of it, she joined in willingly, sharing the creamy load. The slimy white jizz dripped down their faces from their mouths as they slobbered in it while they kissed each other. They pressed their lips together and shared the hot dog cum licking it from each others faces until they had eaten it all.

Barbara and Kelly were rolling around for quite awhile on the floor locked in an embrace, kissing each other, hungrily sharing Rusty's sperm. At one point Kelly was on top of Barbara and the teenagers tiny ass was sticking up in the air. Rusty became curious again and still being horny, jumped up and mounted Kelly. Quickly, Rusty wrapped onto Kelly's back locking his legs around Kelly's waist. He started fucking his cock on Kelly's soft behind. Then as his cock grew, it found Kelly's cunt. Rusty drove into Kelly fucking her furiously. Kelly peeled her lips from Barbara. "The dog's fucking me," she whispered to Barbara. "It must feel great," Barbara replied. "His cock is so big and so hot" Kelly answered back obviously enjoying it. Kelly then went back to kissing Barbara and tasting the remnants of Rusty's cum while he plunged away in her hot cunt.

Kelly was really getting into being a total slut. She was acting like a complete whore. She didn't care that a dog was fucking her cunt. In fact, she was liking it. Rusty's hard slimy cock felt good pistoning in and out of her and put Kelly on the verge of cumming. The thoughts rushed through her mind that it was a dog making her feel this good. A dog cock was going to make her cum. And at any moment her cunt was going to be filled with thick dog sperm. Rusty fucked harder, jamming Kelly's fuckhole over and over making Kelly lose all sense of control. It felt so good. Kelly kissed Barbara harder smothering her with kisses, moaning louder how good it felt.

"It's so good, Barbara."........ "It's so good."

"The dog cock feels so good."

Rusty's hard cock was so hot inside her, it was burning up her cunt. Kelly broke her lips apart from Barbara's as she still moaned uncontrollably. She looked up at the crowd of men watching her. She didn't care that what they saw was a beautiful teenager getting dog fucked and liking it. Barbara stared up at Kelly seeing the cute young thing aroused more than ever before. Barbara whispered to her, "do it know." "Let them do it to you now." ............"C'mon, go ahead, do it, Kelly." Kelly's body felt like it was on fire as Rusty humped her faster and faster. "Kelly tell them."........ Again Barbara urged her on. "Go ahead, do it."............ Barbara's words were like a dream and Kelly was about to make it become reality. Then Kelly pleaded to group watching her, in a gasping voice as her cunt continued getting drilled by Rusty's animal cock.

"Someone, piss in my mouth.".... "Now,...... please."

"Please!!!.....Please!!!!........Piss in my mouth."

"I want to drink your hot piss."....."I want it."

This was the one thing Kelly wasn't able to do ever since she had been forced to swallow urine once before. Now she was submitting her body totally. She wanted to be completely degraded in front of everyone, especially to show Barbara how much of a whore she had become. She begged for one of the men to piss in her mouth while she was being cunt fucked by a dog.

"Please!!!" "Piss in my mouth."

One man quickly came up to Kelly holding his cock. Kelly was ready to orgasm and so was Rusty as he pumped away in Kelly's fuckhole. The timing was incredible. Kelly's request was answered. Hot piss started flowing into her gasping mouth as Rusty rammed his cock all the way in forcing his giant knot through Kelly's slit and burying it inside her tiny burning cunt. Kelly's teenage cunt swallowed up the whole length of hard dog cock and once the big knot slipped in, her hole closed up around it locking the shaft inside Kelly. Rusty began humping her cunthole achieving only a slight in and out motion within Kelly. But it was enough to make Rusty's cock erupt and begin depositing his thick dog jizz. Kelly let out a sigh, "he's cumming." "Oh, God, he's cumming inside me." Rusty's flow of hot cream then set off Kelly's orgasm. She convulsed while kneeling atop Barbara with the dog cock pumping sperm in her cunthole and one of Bill's friends pissing in her mouth. Rusty continued filling Kelly's cunt with his thick dog sperm. The hard dog cock throbbed in the teens hot hole injecting her tight twat with it's hot animal cum. When Rusty finished, he backed off Kelly ripping his thick cock from her tight hole and then wandered away leaving her stretched gash dripping with dog cum.

Meanwhile, Kelly had already gulped countless mouthfuls of urine just to keep from choking. Then she tilted her head back taking another full mouthful. Bill's friend managed to cut off his stream momentarily allowing Kelly to lean down to Barbara and spit the hot urine into Barbara's mouth. Barbara swallowed it, gulping it, all of it. Kelly looked back up. " Give me more," she demanded. He let the flow start up, pissing again into Kelly's mouth. Kelly swallowed this time. Then again, another mouthful, and Kelly gulp it down too. And then another mouthful, and Kelly spit it into Barbara's mouth kissing her deeply sharing the strong acidity urine taste. A few more drops of piss trickled from his cock splashing on Barbara's face. Kelly licked them off and Bill's friend moved away.

Then a couple guys noticed the dog cream oozing from Kelly's slit. They picked her up off Barbara and placed her squatting over Barbara's face. Barbara was going to get herself another snack, another load of dog cum. She licked and sucked Kelly's slit, slipping her tongue up Kelly's gash, extracting all of Rusty's load. Then Kelly rolled off laying next to Barbara somewhat exhausted after her piss drinking, dogfucking encounter. She lay back smiling and remarking to Barbara how good it was. They both had enough for the night, as did the all the guys at the party. There wasn't one unsatisfied man there. When morning arrived, they all couldn't thank the girls enough for the sensational time.

Barbara succeeded in completely transforming Kelly. At sixteen years old, Kelly was certainly the hottest piece of ass around. Well, maybe the second hottest. Afterall, Barbara's thirst for kinky sex is certainly insatiable. There is absolutely nothing that Barbara wouldn't do. And now, Kelly was on the road to follow in her foot steps. What a sex team they make together.

- The End -

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