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"The Bachelor Party" part two of three

      by NiteWriter

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Bill and Barbara stood there staring at each other. Bill was totally drained from the fantastic blowjob. All he could do was gaze into Barbara's beautiful eyes in amazement that this gorgeous creature of a woman had such a talented mouth. Barbara too was somewhat drained after swallowing Bill's long cock. She always did enjoy a big cock down her throat. She knew guys with big cocks didn't often meet someone that could deep throat them. And that thought excited Barbara that much more.

Bill started walking away announcing that he had to go to the bathroom. All the beer obviously was getting to him and to everyone else. As he moved away Barbara asked, "wouldn't you rather piss in my mouth?" He stopped dead in his tracks looking back at Barbara. "Are you serious?" He asked. "Of course I am." Barbara replied. "Give me some in a glass." "I'll drink it."

"I don't believe this," he commented grabbing a glass off the table. "Are you really going to drink my piss?" He aimed his cock in the glass pausing for a moment all excited at the prospect of seeing this gorgeous blonde do an utterly filthy act. He took a deep breath and let go a steady stream filling the glass about three quarter full before cutting his flow off. Barbara reached for the glass of the warm yellow fluid. She looked right at him as she brought the glass to her lips.

"You're really gonna do it, aren't you?" Bill asked again in disbelief. She tipped the glass sipping a mouthful. Then she swallowed and licked her lips. "Ahhh!!! That's good," she commented.

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"God damn, you're a nasty bitch." Bill replied. "you've done this before haven't you?" Barbara just smiled while she took the glass and slowly tilted the glass drinking the rest. Bill stood there holding his cock watching her. "What a fuckin' slut." "That's it, drink, you whore."

By the time Barbara finished the glass she had an audience watching her. "Want some more?" Bill asked. Barbara answered by setting the glass down and opening her mouth. "Fuck!!", was the only thing Bill could say. Bill put his cock aimed right into her mouth and let go a little stream. It trickled into her mouth until her tongue was covered and Bill squeezed his cock stopping the flow. Barbara closed her lips, swallowed the hot piss and opened up for more. "Ahhh..., that's good," Barbara reassured. Then again Bill aimed into her opened lips, releasing a piss stream that filled her mouth more quickly and Barbara swallowed that too. "Ahhh!!!, that's so good, give me more." Barbara opened up once more and collected another mouthful of his hot yellow piss. "Gulp!!!" And that was gone too. Four more times Barbara took a mouthful of Bill's piss as he emptied his bladder a mouthful at a time. She drank every drop, flushing it down her throat into her already cum-filled stomach.

Then one of Bill's friends took his place. It looked like everyone had to take a piss and they were waiting to give it to Barbara. This time Barbara simply took the cock in her mouth and mumbled, "okay, let it go." Seconds later Barbara was gulping as fast as she could as this guy's cock flooded her mouth with his hot gushing piss. Barbara drank it down as it filled her mouth like drinking from a garden hose. Every so often the quantity was more than she could handle and it overflowed her mouth. The urine dribbled out down her chin onto her breasts and down her chest.

Then a third guy was up in front of Barbara and he began urinating into Barbara's mouth. While his cock drained another was jerking off watching Barbara. By the time she finished her third bladder of urine he was ready to cum. No sooner had Barbara swallowed the last mouthful of piss, she got a mouthful of his cum. And the load was tremendous, blasting in torrents from his cock. Barbara had cum plastered all over her face and dripping down her cheeks in addition to a mouthful of the thick hot sperm.

Barbara's whorish activities took some of the attention away from Kelly. This was the longest stretch that Kelly's asshole was empty. There were just too many of the guys waiting for Barbara. One guy had to pee so bad, he ran over to Kelly, stood over her cute ass, that he fucked not more than ten minutes earlier, and pissed right on her. "Spread that ass open," he barked out to Kelly as his piss hit her rear end. He was drunked up pretty good and was really getting nasty, yelling at Kelly. Kelly reached around spreading her cheeks apart. She had been fucked so many times in her ass it was easy making her loose asshole open. As she stretched her cheeks apart her anal hole opened up forming a gaping cave. He aimed his piss stream right in her ass. His aim was impeccable as it entered Kelly's anal hole splashing and gurgling inside her, filling her rectum with hot pee. When he finished Kelly let her hands go and her filled up ass closed holding in the hot urine.

"How's that feel in there, bitch?"

"Ever have you ass pissed in?"

Kelly's bowels were full of his urine. It felt so warm inside her, actually feeling pretty good.

"Looks like you like getting a piss enema, don't ya, little cunt."

Kelly didn't answer, in fact she didn't care that he pissed in her ass. If that's what turned him on then fine. As long as he didn't want to piss in her mouth. She just couldn't bring herself to do that again.

"I'll bet your slut girlfriend will drink it from your ass." "What'd you think?..........................

Kelly knew Barbara enjoyed taking it in the mouth. And she actually liked swallowing it. Barbara always did get off on doing things that her men thought were nasty. But this, releasing an assfull of piss into Barbara. How utterly disgusting, Kelly thought.

"Let's go see your girlfriend," he demanded.

He led Kelly over to Barbara where she was just finishing another bladderful.

"All right you filthy little whore," he commanded to Barbara. "Lie down." "I got a surprise for you." "I just pissed in your girlfriend's ass, let's see you drink that too."

Barbara eagerly laid down on her back and Kelly positioned herself squatting over Barbara's face. Barbara opened her mouth awaiting Kelly to release the stored up urine from her rectum. Kelly was shocked that Barbara so willingly obeyed. She surprisingly enough, wanted to do this. Kelly settled herself over Barbara's open mouth. In her squatting position, it looked like Kelly was ready to take a dump in Barbara's mouth. Then a couple little squirts came shooting out into Barbara's mouth. She swallowed it right down. A couple more squirts escaped and Barbara swallowed them too. Then she stretched her neck up licking Kelly's tiny asshole trying to relax her so she could expel the rest of fresh hot fluid.

Suddenly, the piss started gushing out of Kelly's asshole. The urine splashed all over Barbara's face, most of it going into her open mouth. Barbara gulped quickly swallowing it all and then caught another mouthful. Her face was drenched in the hot fluid, as Kelly was literally shitting the piss onto Barbara's face and into her mouth. As the urine continued flooding Barbara's face, it gradually became more brownish in color. Occasionally, Kelly's anus stretched open a bit and a few small brown clumps popped out of Kelly's ass. Some stuck on Barbara's face and few of them dropped into her mouth. To everyone's disbelief, Barbara swallowed them down too along with the heavier piss sludge that was now coming out of Kelly's ass. Barbara took everything until Kelly finished, eating it all. Then she licked her lips showing the guys that she like the taste and enjoyed eating the scum and piss from Kelly's ass. Finally, the flow from Kelly's rectum stopped and Barbara again, leaned up to Kelly's ass and thoroughly cleaned her puckered asshole licking up every drop of piss and all the dirty slime from her asscrack.

Then if Barbara's filthy perversion wasn't enough, she proceeded even further. Barbara pushed Kelly off her face and made her kneel on hands and knees. Barbara then quickly disconnected the clear plastic hose from the empty keg of beer and returned to Kelly. Barbara took one end of the plastic hose and inserted it into Kelly's asshole. She forced the tip of it in, then started pushing it deeper and deeper and deeper. Barbara must have shoved about a foot of the plastic tube inside Kelly's ass and still she was trying to get it further up inside Kelly's rectum. Kelly was wiggling her butt as she felt it sliding deep inside her. It almost felt as though it were all the way up into her belly. Then Barbara stopped inserting it, placed the other end in her mouth, and began sucking on it. Barbara was going to get the last drops of piss out of Kelly. She was going to suck it out and clean Kelly's insides.



Barbara sucked hard and Kelly could feel the strange sensation of her rectum getting vacuumed out. A little fluid passed through the hose and quickly entered Barbara's mouth. She stopped momentarily to swallow it. Then she did some more sucking and the hose filled with a thick tanish slime that slowly oozed through the tube and into Barbara's mouth. She swallowed, then she sucked, then swallowed and sucked eating everything that was inside Kelly. It was hard to believe there was still that much of the piss mixture still inside Kelly. But finally the tube emptied leaving Barbara sucking air and making Kelly go wild from the unusual internal suck job she was getting. Barbara gave Kelly's asshole one last lick, burying her face in Kelly's crack, cleaning it up one more time. Barbara sat back smacking her lips as Kelly turned over pulling the tube from her butt and watching Barbara finished her anal treat.

"Now this is what you call a slut, guys." One of the guys remarked. "She's a real hot, piss drinking whore."

"She's the nastiest, filthiest cunt I've ever seen," said another.

Then Barbara commented, "I think I should clean up a bit, guys." "I must look a mess."

Barbara really was mess. Her face was covered in a brown sludge. It didn't really seem to bother her that much, though. She wasn't in much of a hurry to clean herself off. Actually, she continued licking her lips trying to eat more of the stuff off her face. When she opened her mouth everyone could see the tanish brown coating that was pasted on her tongue and all over the inside of her mouth.

"Why don't you guys wash me off."

Barbara held her head up high as she sat on the floor offering her filthy body to the room full of horny men. They got the idea real quick. Three guys with full bladders moved in place and began pissing onto Barbara. They aimed at her head first blasting their hot urine in Barbara's face. Quickly all the scum washed from Barbara and ran down her lovely body. Then she caught some piss in her mouth, gargled with it, and gulped it down. Barbara was being more than just a piss drinking whore. She was the dirtiest, filthiest cunt any of the men had ever seen. They called her every name you could think of as they urinated all over her. The more they defiled her the more Barbara like it.

"You fuckin little whore."............... "Piss drinking bitch."........

"Little shit whore.".........................................

"Filthy cunt."................................

Two men were pissing on her head soaking her beautiful blonde hair. Another was shooting his stream right in her face.

"Piss slut.".....................................

"Drink our piss, you cunt,..... you slut,........ fuckin' whore."

"Swallow it, you fucking whore, fucking whore.....FUCKIN' WHORE."

When they finished urinating, Barbara crawled to one of them and licked his cock clean. She sucked every drop from his cock. Then, to his surprise, she moved around behind him to lick his ass. She tongued into his asscrack eventually forcing him down on the floor with her. Barbara buried her face in his ass licking him feverishly as she slipped deeper and deeper into her world of the nasty and dirty to satisfy her filthy lust. She was already soaked in piss, her hair was drenched and her belly was full. But still she wanted more, her lust drove her crazy. And the guy Barbara was anally licking was going wild too. Barbara licked and sucked in his crack and on his asshole. Then she pulled his legs up and back down to his head exposing his wide open crack. She spread his cheeks even wider as she licked him. He moaned in pleasure as Barbara tongued his asshole.

"Oh yes, baby, lick my asshole."

" That's it deeper deeper." "Lick my ass."

He relaxed enjoying the anal tongue bath allowing his puckered anus to part open for Barbara.

"God, you're a nasty bitch."

"Yes, lick my asshole, honey." "Lick it." "Lick it, deeper."

"Get that tongue in there, you filthy whore."

"Lick it." "Deeper, deeper."

She dipped her tongued into his hole licking the dark pink flesh. It wasn't a playful tease at licking either. Barbara was dining on his asshole, probing and slurping on his bunghole. It was so nasty tasting his hidden anal flesh, she loved it. She licked and bathed his back hole tonguing deep inside and pausing at times to relish in the forbidden taste.

Barbara paused only momentarily to announce her intentions. "I'm gonna stick my tongue inside your ass and eat out the scum inside you." "Would you like that?"

Barbara didn't need an answer. Her tongue disappeared through his soft anal tissue penetrating his hole. Over and over she tongue fucked his asshole. She lapped hungrily with each probe inside his rectum on the soft anal flesh licking up the slimy coating inside his ass.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!...Fuckin' dirty cunt," he bellowed out.

"Nasty bitch." "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!....."

"Eat it." "Yes, that's it, eat it."

"Eat from my ass, slut." "Lick my asshole."

"You nasty fuckin' slut whore."

To the others it looked she was trying to suck the shit right out of him. And if she did, in her present state, she would have eaten that too. She sucked on him for nearly ten minutes, panting and slurping in his rectum. Then she rolled him over. Barbara immediately went down on his hard cock, deep throating him. That exposed her beautiful ass to the rest of the guys. The men watching were so horny from seeing Barbara's anal licking, it was a race to see whose hard cock was getting into her ass. The lucky guy getting there first sunk his nine inch prick right in her asshole. The other four watching had to be content jerking off as they watched Barbara deep throating one cock as the other drilled up her ass. Both cocks were kept fucking her simultaneously until the one in her ass neared his orgasm. Then he went wild buttfucking Barbara violently. She swallowed the cock in her mouth holding it down her throat while she waited for the other to shoot his load in her ass. But then the cock in her throat swelled and in a matter seconds flooded her with his load of jizz right into her belly. And then, at the same time her ass got filled with hot cum.

When they finally finished with her the four jerking off were ready to cream. When Barbara saw them she immediately invited them to her face. "Cum on my face, guys." "All of you." "Shoot it all over me." And they did. First one shot his jizz all over her face, across her nose and in her eyes. Then two at the same time, one with several hard blasts of heavy sperm plastering her beautiful face and the other shot a couple big globs on her cheek that began to drip down the side of her face. Then the fourth one came, Barbara already had a faceful, she was covered in cum. But he deposited more, cumming on her forehead, nose and spread some across her lips. You could barely see Barbara's face from all the sperm. But she methodically licked her lips and slowly began scraping the white cream from her face and eating it off her fingers until she was all cleaned up.

Everyone was so busy either watching, fucking or pissing on Barbara, they forgot about Kelly. Now that Barbara finished her anal tonguing show, had her piss bath and a cum facial, Barbara and the rest glanced over toward Kelly sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa.

"Get a look at the teen whore, guys. She's fisting herself."

Kelly had her own fist buried up her own cunt. Her whole entire hand was gone, completely inserted inside her own tiny cunthole. She was in a delirium as she fisted herself too. She was almost near an orgasm as she kept jamming her hole with her fist, her eyes half closed and unaware that all attention was now on her. Kelly fucked herself harder and faster and faster, fisting her cunt, while a fellow named George moved over to her jerking his cock. When George stood over her, Kelly looked up but kept right on working her cunt.

"That's it honey," he urged her on. "Jam it up there." "Ram that fist up your young cunt."

With his encouragement, she orgasmed, tightening her body and moaning out loud as she convulsed in pleasure. "Ohhhh!!!!!"....."Ohhhhh!!!! "Ahhhhhh!!!!!! "George was ready now too, seeing Kelly enjoying herself so much and watching her small fist disappear through her moist slit. He let go a blast of sperm in Kelly's face. Kelly loved it, feeling the sticky load all over her as she slowly removed her fist from her cumming cunt. Then she reached for George's spasming cock. He had already covered Kelly's face with his load. Kelly only used his shaft to smear the hot cum around her face and push some of it into her mouth. It felt so nice feeling his hot cum splattering her face, running down her cheeks, and seeping into her mouth as she came at the same time. Her orgasm subsiding, Kelly just leaned back and relaxed as George walked away. She made no attempt to clean up. She left her face covered in sperm, occasionally playing with it, rubbing it into her soft skin.

Kelly rested a little while, which she needed after that last orgasm. Her whole body felt drained. Just a little rest and then she would be able to continue on.

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