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      by NiteWriter

      (MF cons fetish anal oral)

Let me tell about what happened to me a few weeks ago. It all involved this young woman named Adriana. We met several times over the past couple months when she visited the office I worked at. I never really paid too much attention due to the short time she was there, although I did notice how incredibly beautiful she was. A few weeks ago my company decided to open a new office on the other side of the state and I was put in charge of getting it ready and set up. The process, which I had done before, took several weeks to complete. Since it was quite a distance from my home I had decided to stay all week at a hotel and just go home on weekends. Well, in the course of setting up the office Adriana stopped in to help out, which is part of her job for the company she works for.

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Let me take a moment to describe Adriana. She's 26 years old, about 5'7" tall. When I say she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, you would have to see her to believe me. She has long blonde hair, more of a sandy blonde, about half way down her back. She let's it flow loosely about her face and it looks just so soft and silky. Now her facial features, well, just drop dead gorgeous and lips to die for. Then as you scan down her body you can't miss her breasts. I figured a 38 inch bust and firm. She always wears some sort of blouse or shirt to accent her large breasts and many times I found myself staring at them to see if I could see her nipples showing through. Her waistline is roughly 22 inches and 36 inch hips. She has an outstanding figure. I never really got to see her legs since she always wore slacks or jeans. But I have to say the way her body fit into her slacks I always looked and stared at her, especially her ass. Oh yes, her ass. Magnificent!! Simply magnificent. I couldn't get enough of looking at her ass. In fact after a few times seeing Adriana, I started daydreaming about her. And always I thought of getting in to her pants and doing things to that ass, yes, like fucking it. I even dreamed of going down on her and getting a taste of that gorgeous ass. Even just looking at the sexy way she dressed and how she presents herself, she just looked like a girl that enjoys a good night of getting screwed. Of course I never thought that would happen. But it's always nice to have a fantasy.

Well, one evening I was having dinner at the hotel and I noticed Adriana come in. It turned out she was staying at the hotel too for the night. She saw me dining alone and to make a long story short she joined me for dinner. It was a real nice evening having some company for a change. We even shared a couple glasses of wine. At that point we both were finally unwinding after a long day and after finishing our meal and drinks we headed back to our rooms. It was such a nice stroll through the lobby as we chatted. We were having a pretty good time enjoying each others company on a personal rather than business basis. And I have to say I was really enjoying walking with such a beautiful young girl. Adriana certainly draws attention wherever she goes. We got to my room first and I guess the wine made me so bold because I asked if she wanted to come in. She just looked at me smiling as I opened the door and followed me in. Instantly my heart started pounding with the thought that in just a moment, I'd be alone with this beauty.

When we got inside the room, Adriana turned to me, still smiling, and reached up, putting her arms around me and gave me a soft kiss. She whispered in this incredibly sexy voice I will never forget, "Why don't you fuck me." Once I got over the shock, it was then I realized my dream was about to come true. Every thought I had about Adriana being a gorgeous young woman that just looked like she wanted to say "fuck me", was true. Well it wasn't long and we were both undressing. I couldn't take my eyes off Adriana as I undressed. I wanted to see her remove every piece of her clothing. The anticipation of seeing her naked body was overwhelming. I was so excited.

First she took off her blouse. Her breasts were bulging within her bra. I could barely wait to see her tits. Then her slacks dropped to the floor. What beautiful legs, tanned, smooth and perfectly formed right up to her ass. She stood there in bra and panties waiting for me. Then she unhooked her bra and the most gorgeous tits I've ever seen fell free of their constraints. Her nipples were pink and soft. How I desperately wanted to suck them and make them hard. Then she peeled her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. There aren't words to describe what a beautiful woman she was. Adriana was such a hot piece of ass I knew I was going to explore every part of her magnificent body. Totally naked she was some sight to see.

I quickly stepped out of my underwear and went to her clutching her in my arms, kissing her deeply and caressing those tremendous firm breasts. I could feel her nipples respond becoming hard to my touch. I cupped both of her breasts in my hands then kissed them all over. As I sucked and licked on her soft nipples with my tongue, they became hard in my mouth. I was so excited and she was too, we just fell to the sofa locked together kissing. As she lay there sort of slouched down I worked my mouth down her body. I had to get between her legs to get a taste. I moved my hand to touch between her legs and she was already soaked. As I spread her legs apart wider and viewed her beautiful cunt I could feel my cock becoming hard. Adriana watched me as I moved down and began softly licking up through her cunt. She was already wet.

I moved my lips to her and licked the insides of her thighs. She moaned out, "Oh eat my cunt." I dove right in licking up her inner thighs feeling her soft flesh on my tongue. Then moving in further licking and mouthing her with my lips to get a good taste. That drove her crazy. Then I moved licking up through her slit getting a wonderful taste of her juices. Using my fingers I spread her open. What a beautiful pink cunt. I licked her, sunk my tongue inside her and she moaned even louder, "Oh baby that's feels so good." I licked and tongue fucked her until she was getting pretty delirious with the pleasure I was giving her.

Then she wanted to get up. "I want your cock. I want to suck your cock." We changed places and I sat on the sofa and Adriana knelt between my legs. I knew I was in for the most pleasurable experience of my life. Here was this drop-dead gorgeous young woman kneeling in front of me, ready to give me a blow job.



I sat there on the sofa as Adriana just knelt there between my legs playing with my cock. She kept looking at me the whole time. Then she moved towards my cock placing her lips on the head and began to lick it. What an incredible sight to see this beautiful girl licking my cock. She kept watching me and licking and finally taking my cock through her lips. Each time she took me a little deeper until the head of my cock hit the entrance to her throat. I had no idea of what Adriana was about to do. She sucked for a while longer making my cock rock hard. She even took me to the back of her mouth hitting the entrance to her throat. Oh how I want her swallow me. I wanted to feel my cock buried down her sweet throat. Then she knelt up a little higher and simply pushed her face in between my legs swallowing my cock. The feeling was incredible. Then Adriana backed off and did it again just gobbling my cock down her throat. She was enjoying this too. I thought I was in heaven, but this was just the beginning.

The next thing I knew my cock popped out of her mouth and she moved down to my balls. She licked them over and over and then gently took them in her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving around my nut sack as she took me completely in her mouth. She wasn't just mouthing my balls or licking them either. She was really washing them in her mouth. Her tongue was playing with my balls, licking them and tasting them. She was really getting into it. She would let them pop out of her mouth, tongue them some more, then take them back into mouth completely again. She did this several times while she watched my enjoyment. I absolutely couldn't believe she was doing this.

Then she let them fall free of her mouth. As she continued to watch me and gaze into my eyes she moved further down while at the same time pushing my legs up higher. I knew what she wanted to do. I was amazed at what she was about to do. I helped by pulling my legs back. I watched as Adriana's gorgeous face moved to my ass. I felt her tongue on me. At first a soft lick up my ass crack. Then using her hands to spread my cheeks apart her tongue licked up through my crack. She was not shy about it either. Then again she licked deeper until I could feel her tongue lick over my asshole. She pulled my ass cheeks further, then after looking up at me and smiling, her face went down again and buried in my ass. Her tongue licked and scoured up and down my ass crack finally stopping and concentrating on my asshole. Over and over Adriana licked my dirty asshole. Neither one of us took the time to shower when we got to the room. Now here she was pulling harder and harder on my ass to open me up further. She kept pulling, spreading me to make my ass completely exposed to her. Her tongue kept licking. Occasionally the tip of her tongue poked at my tight anal hole attempting to get in. As she saw my asshole began to widen, she pulled even more as she probed her tongue applying pressure on my anus and I could feel her push in me. I couldn't believe this beauty was doing this. She was shoving her tongue inside my ass. I've had a few women lick my ass before and tease my asshole, but nothing like this. This was totally unexpected, especially for a creature as beautiful as Adriana. I just wasn't prepared for her to be so down right dirty and nasty, although many times I daydreamed of her being just this way. What a surprise.

"Stand up, baby." she said with noticeable intensity. "I want to lick you some more." I stood up and Adriana guided me standing right over her as she stayed kneeling on the floor. She backed me right up to her face and she started again. Her tongue slipped right between my crack and worked its way inside my ass as she began tongue fucking me. She held my ass cheeks apart and I helped by squatting and spreading my ass right in her face. Now she had a real easy access to my asshole. I could hardly believe this was happening. Adriana had my asshole opened up and she was moving her tongue in circles licking the rim of my asshole. I could feel her tongue slowly moving its way around my spread open anus. She was cleaning me, licking me and enjoying it. She would stop momentarily take her tongue back in her mouth and softly moan, "Mmmmmmmmmm", to show she was enjoying the taste of my ass. She was driving me crazy. "Do you like me licking your asshole, baby?", she asked. That only made me more nuts.

She went back to my asshole this time putting her lips into my ass crack right over my asshole and began sucking. She was holding my thighs and pulling me hard against her face. It wasn't a soft sucking she was doing. She was sucking hard on my butt hole and loving it. I could feel her lips buried in my crack and her tongue scouring right on my asshole. Her tongue penetrated my hole at the same time she was licking. I felt her probing inside me as she sucked. She really loved doing this. Then I felt her tongue push in and it went in deeper than she been able to before. She was constantly moaning and grunting her satisfaction of what she was doing. It was almost like a gagging sound. All I know it was such an intense sound during her sucking that it was driving me wild. Her noises were as though she was going to suck on my ass until we both collapsed from exhaustion. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...." "Gahhhhhhhhhhhh...." "ArghhhhhhhMmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh...." Her face was pressed hard against my ass and she was shoving her tongue deep in ass. "Ghhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmhhhhhh." Adriana began swirling her tongue around inside me. It was an unbelievable sensation seeing her beautiful face buried in my ass and feeling her tongue literally cleaning not only my anal rim, but actually doing more than that. A couple times I looked between my legs to see her face pushed hard against me, her lips furiously working up my ass, and even though I couldn't see it, to knew her tongue was busy pleasuring me. She was licking and cleaning inside my ass and tasting me. Then I could hear her whispering to me, "Do like me sucking your dirty asshole , baby?" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm." "Do like me sticking my tongue inside your ass?" " I'm gonna lick you clean, baby." "Real clean." "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," "Ohhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," baby, I'm gonna clean your asshole with my tongue."

She was a woman consumed in sex and out of control. She kept going and going probing my ass with her tongue, licking my stretched open asshole and eating the scum from inside my ass. A couple times she backed away and I could feel a finger push in my hole. She wiggled it around inside me probing inside my rectum. Then when I would look back at her Adriana would smile, pull it out and place it in her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm, you taste so good, honey!" Then her face would disappear and I felt her tongue back in my ass again. She was giving me more than rim job. Her tongue repeatedly penetrated my asshole and probed deep inside me, not just in a teasing fashion, but with a distinct purpose of licking and cleaning to taste me. Adriana would pull out and return her tongue to her mouth and swallow, only to repeat it over and over again.



When she finally finished she moved up to me totally exhausted and began kissing me. What an intense lip lock after what she had just done. I could taste the odor on her breath. I tasted the dirty, acrid coating on her tongue. She loved it. She was enjoying it. I didn't care either. She was making me crazy with lust for her. And it was making her hotter and hotter knowing she was sharing the taste of my ass with me.

Now it was my turn to show Adriana some of the same. I wanted her ass so bad, especially now after all that she did to me. I was so hot and horny for her. I had her kneel up on the edge of the sofa and expose her ass completely to me. This was going to be so enjoyable. I had been dreaming of this moment for a long time. And now here was Adriana willingly offering her ass to me. First I began kissing her ass cheeks all over. Then I started spreading her cheeks apart to see her tight anal hole. I knew in a very short time my hard cock would be pumping in and out of that tight little hole. I licked up through her crack several times going deeper with each lick until I touched her asshole with my tongue. Adriana looked over her shoulder at me, "Oh baby, that feels so good." Again I licked her asshole feeling the tightness and getting her hole wet. I had every plan of giving her a real good rimming, but first I was going to just play with her awhile.

I pulled her ass open more with my hands until her anus began stretching open. Then I poked a finger hard against her until it slipped in her ass. Her asshole was real tight. I probed a bit going deeper sort of finger fucking her. Then I slipped in a second finger and probed her deeper. She let out a deep moan, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I started pulling on her asshole to one side. Then I pulled to the other side trying to pull it open a bit. I inserted a finger from my other hand and began pulling in the opposite direction. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........", Yesssssss......" I had her asshole stretched open. I just couldn't get enough of seeing her gaping asshole. I could see right inside her ass. "Do you like me playing with your asshole, Adriana?" I asked. Then I shoved two fingers deep inside and twisted them around. She screamed out, "Ohh!!!...Ohhh!!!...Ohhh!!!...Ohhh!!!" "Yessssssssss...." I kept playing with her asshole pulling and opening it, and stretching it wide, shoving my fingers inside it. The more I did it and the harder I pulled and probed the more Adriana just moaned louder and longer. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Yessssssssssssssssssssss, Fuck...Me...Ohhhhhhhhhhh!...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

I let go and her asshole slowly closed up again, but I was only beginning. I went back with my tongue and I licked her again letting her feel my tongue right at the center of her asshole. She went wild at this point and I was becoming totally hungry for her. I was so turned on for this gorgeous woman. I wiggled the tip of my tongue around trying to drive it in her. She began moaning loudly, "Oh, honey, lick it, lick my asshole." I stretched her ass with my hands some more and her hole opened to me just a little bit. I could see a small little opening in the center where her flesh was darker around the outside edges.

"Do you want me to tongue fuck you Adriana?" I asked. I just wanted to hear her say it. I put my tongue in the center of her exposed hole and licked around the darker circle of flesh. Adriana went nuts moaning and moaning, "Oh yes,... Yesss..... Yesssss....Fuck me with your tongue." I didn't disappoint her. I pushed my face into her ass and shoved my tongue right in through her tight anal opening. I had to put my arms around her waist to hold her in a kneeling position on the sofa from all the squirming she was doing as my tongue explored her asshole. I stayed there for several minutes tongue fucking Adriana's rear hole, licking the rim of her tight anus and letting her feel my tongue probing inside her ass. Adriana looked back over her shoulder. So I stopped for the moment and moved up to kiss her. She sucked my tongue into her mouth desperately wanting the taste of her ass from my tongue. She was wild and nearly insatiable for that taste. I went back to her ass and licked and tongued and probed her rear end some more. Then I took two fingers and just stuffed them up her ass as far as I could push them in. I felt around inside her ass twisting my fingers probing as deep as I could get them in her. She was almost uncontrollable kneeling there. I pulled them out and she looked back again to see why I stopped. I immediately put those fingers to her lips. She hungrily sucked them in her mouth. Her tongue licked and just devoured the taste off my fingers. "Oh Adriana, you're so fucking nasty." That made me so hot seeing her do this I went back down on her asshole and orally serviced her for another ten minutes.

I was enjoying myself so much my cock was rock hard. I pulled back from her ass and stood up. Adriana looked back me again, actually exhausted from the intense tongue fucking. "Fuck the ass," she said. She didn't have to ask. I had every intention of butt-fucking her. I came right up behind her, planted my hard cock on her wet asshole. I pushed and the head of my cock slipped right in. She had plenty of my saliva lubricating her. In one motion I drove my whole 9 inch cock up her ass. She let out a long moan, "Oh yessssssssss...." "Fuck my ass."

And I did. For about 10 minutes I pumped Adriana's asshole driving my cock in and out of her beautiful ass. The whole time I was mentally taking in what I was doing. Here was this gorgeous creature kneeling in front of me with her ass up in the air taking my hard cock up her tight ass and loving it and begging for me to keep going. "Oh yess...fuck my ass. Fuck me,...fuck my asshole with that big cock. Deeper, deeper....oh baby,...give it to me deeper. Fuck my ass deeper."



Adriana was getting into a frenzy from my cock driving in and out of her anal hole. I really had a good position right over her ass as she knelt down with her face in the sofa cushions, her back arched and her ass way up in the air. I could easily drive my cock fully inside her ass. I pumped her tight hole over and over until it became rather easy pistoning in and out of her. My cock was sliding faster and faster in and out of her tight anal tunnel. She was really getting turned on and almost near an orgasm. "Ohhhhh...fuck me. "Fuck my ass." "Fuck my ass." " Fuck my ass." I pulled out and had her turn over sitting on the sofa with her legs pulled up and her ass at the edge of the sofa. Then I resumed reaming out her ass sliding my cock all the way back up her asshole. Looking at me she just moaned out, "Oh's so good." My cock slid in and out of her ass.

As I looked down watching my cock disappear inside Adriana, her anal hole had a grip my cock so tight. Even after ramming her so many times, as I would pull out her anal rim snugly held my cock and pulled outward from her ass. What an incredible sight. Then back inside again, deep up her ass, over and over as Adriana watched me and kept moaning for more and more. "Oh that's it.....fuck me. "Don't stop........fuck my asshole." "Keep fucking me." "Deeper......." "Deeper.........." "Oh fuck me deeper." She began fingering her clit. She was nearing an orgasm. It was like she couldn't get enough of my cock up her ass. I fucked faster, literally ramming my cock in and out of her asshole. She began furiously shoving two fingers up her cunt until finally she screamed out to me, "OH FUCK!!!!!!......." "FUCK ME.........." "OH FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK........." It was obvious she was cumming and having a tremendous orgasm. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" I slammed into her ass a few more times driving my cock deep inside her rectum. "Ohhhhhhhhhh.......," "Fuck my ass................." "Fuck my asshole...."

Adriana was totally consumed by her orgasm. And I couldn't hold out any longer either. There was no holding back. I was going to cum. Totally out of breath, I yelled that out to her. Adriana immediately replied, "In my mouth, cum in my mouth." I pulled out and quickly moved up to Adriana's face with my engorged, ready to explode cock. In the midst of her intense orgasm, she took me right into her mouth. She didn't care about me just pulling out of her ass. She just sucked me right in and right down her throat. I didn't expect that. I had no idea how hungry she was for my cock. She obviously didn't care where it had been. She just sucked me into her mouth and when my cock hit the back she just kept pushing forward and forced it down her throat. I could feel her gagging on me from shoving it down her throat so fast. Then she backed off, took a breath and then swallowed me again. She deep throated me and I could feel her sucking, actually cleaning my dirty cock with her lips and throat while eagerly awaiting me to fill her mouth with my hot cum. She began backing off me and then sucking me down her throat over and over. First at a slow pace and gradually picking up the speed.

Eventually Adriana was jamming her face up into my groin over and over taking the full length of my cock easily down her throat. I don't know who was getting more enjoyment, me or Adriana. She just kept fucking my cock with her throat. It was more than I could take or that any man could take. I grabbed her head as she swallowed me again and held her tightly. Her lips were plastered against my balls. She looked at me and knew what was about to happen. While in her throat I just exploded, flooding her with a tremendous burst of cum right down her throat. Then I let her pull back and she took another two spurts in her mouth. Then as my cock passed through her lips it just kept spasming and throbbing shooting thick strands of cum all over Adriana's cheeks and lips and nose and forehead. I don't remember ever cumming so much before. My cock throbbed eight maybe ten times. Adriana loved my hot cream hitting her in the face as she moaned out, "oh yess... cum all over my face." "Ohhhh...." "Ohhhhhh...."Yessssss...." My hot cum was dripping from her face and running from her mouth. When I finally finished creaming her, she opened her mouth and I started pushing a lot of the cum from her face through her lips, sort of feeding it to her. I wanted to see her eat most of it. By the time I was done her mouth was loaded, more than I've ever seen before. There was a big thick pool of my sperm all over her tongue. Then she simply closed her mouth, her throat muscles contracted and swallowed it all.

Totally drained and exhausted, both of us moved to the bed where we crashed for the night. I have to say it was such a pleasure waking up the next morning having Adriana next to me in bed. We didn't really wake up and go right to breakfast either. The memories of the night before were still so fresh in our minds that we were all over each other before had to go to the office. I began to wonder what would happen in the future every time Adriana visited the new office.

- The End -

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