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"Lisa's Degradation "

      by little miss blair

      (fF+ oral)

My name is Lisa. There was a time, not too long ago when I turned 18 and was a very innocent and naive girl. I'm in high school, straight A student and involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities. I'm on the debate team, president of my Junior class and a cheerleader.

Everyone tells me how pretty I am. I've always been aware of my own body. I know I have soft round breasts, a nice firm ass and small waist. Boys are always asking me out, but I'm so busy with school and other activities that I don't have much time for dating.

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It all started innocently enough. My fellow cheerleaders and I were going to our first game of the season. My friend Jenny and I were sitting in the van waiting for our driver. It was usually a volunteer parent.

The van door opened and Mrs. Sicily, one of the cheerleader's mother, crawled behind the wheel..

"I'm your driver today. girls," she said. "Here we go. Are we all ready?"

We all sang out, in unison, our school fight song as the van pulled out on to the highway.

This was the first time Mrs. Sicily had driven us to a game. Her daughter, who I had only known a few years, was a snobbish brat that I never liked much. Mrs. Sicily, on the other hand, always seemed like a nice woman, certainly a beautiful woman, about 35 years old. I hope I look as good as her when I'm 35.

It was during the 3rd quarter of the game when it happened. At the end of one of our cheers we all jump and come down in a split. As I stood up I notice a trickle of blood running down my leg from my thigh.

"What happened Lisa?" Mrs. Sicily asked.

"I don't know, I said. "I must have scratched myself when I split."

"Well, we better have a look at it," she said. "We don't want any kind of infection setting in. Lets go to the van so I can get something from the medical kit to clean the wound."

She directed me to sit in the back seat of the van where, in privacy, I could pull my skirt up to reveal the small gash on my upper thigh. She pulled the medical kit from underneath the seat, found a pack of antiseptic cleansing cloths, using one to clean the blood from my leg. She then got a tube of antiseptic cream and squeezed a dab on her fingers.

"Spread your legs a little so I can put this cream on the scratch," she said.

She began massaging the cream onto my thigh and it felt cool to my skin. I didn't notice at first but it felt like her fingers were getting above the scratch. I felt her barely touch me between my legs. I twitched. There it was again, her fingers touching my pussy. Suddenly her whole hand was on my pussy, massaging me in long, slow strokes.

"Mrs. Sicily, what are you doing?" I cried out.

I tried to pull back from her hand. Without taking her hand away she raised her head, grabbed the back of my neck, and locked her lips to mine. I couldn't pull away. I opened my mouth to scream but her tongue slipped between my lips. Her hand continued rubbing my pussy and I felt a strange feeling come over me. My legs, I think involuntarily, opened wide and my hips began to thrust in cadence to her stroking fingers.

As she withdrew her tongue from my mouth she whispered in my ear; "You love this don't you slut. I can feel your panties getting wet." I tried to protest but all I could feel was the rush of blood to my pussy. Her tongue was back in my mouth and I was willingly sucking on it. Suddenly I felt her fingers penetrate my cunt.

"Oh god Mrs. Sicily, please don't. Please stop!!"

My hips were now lurching, humping her fingers as they moved in and out of my wet pussy. Faster and faster she stroked me. I felt something strange well up inside me.

"Oh my god, I'm going to cummm. Aghhh," I screamed out.

I felt the juices ooze out of me, covering her fingers, filling my panties. I heard Mrs. Sicily give out a low moan as her body shuddered against mine.

"You liked that didn't you Lisa?" she asked as we were straightening out our clothes.

"Isn't it wrong?" I whispered.

"Only if you don't enjoy it, she replied. "Feel those wet panties clinging to you? I'd say you enjoyed it plenty. Now lets get back to the game."

As we walked back to the game I could feel my panties squishing with every step. I felt like everyone in the bleachers was aware of what had just happened to me.

That night I lay awake for a long time. When I finally fell asleep I had the strangest dream.

There was Mrs. Sicily, her full, round tits straining under her blouse, her tight skirt so short it revealed most of her long slender legs. She was sitting on a sofa, legs spread, her panties pulled tight against her pussy lips.

"Come on Lisa,", she ordered me. "Get on your knees and suck my pussy. Come on little girl, lap up my juicy cunt."

"Lisa, it's time to get up," I heard my mother yell.

My god what a dream, I thought, as I sat up in bed. My pussy was boiling, my panties soaked. I can't believe I had a dream like that. I got dressed for school and went downstairs for breakfast.

"How was the game last night?" my mother asked.

I was hoping I didn't look guilty. "Everything was fine," I said. Then I told her about the scratch on my leg.

"Let me see," my mother said. She came around the table as I pulled up my skirt to show her the scratch. Her hand was reaching for my thigh. I quickly pulled my skirt down.

"It's alright, Mother," I blurted out. I had flashes of a hand on my thigh. My god, this is my mother. I quickly excused myself and left for school.

As I arrived at school the first person I see is Cary Sicily, Mrs. Sicily's daughter.

"How are you today Lisa?" Cary asked coyly.

"I'm fine Cary. Why do you ask?" She didn't answer me.

We entered first period class and my eyes followed Cary as she went to her seat across the room from me. She looks like her mother, I thought, and just as sexy. What made me think that? I never gave Cary a thought before. I didn't even like her.

My god, her mother surely wouldn't have told her about last night would she? As I stared at Cary she turned her head and looked at me. She licked her lips seductively, directing it right at me!!! Her mother must have told her!! What kind of family are they? I felt frightened and excited at the same time.

I kept my head down the remainder of the class. I could picture Cary, sitting across the room, her ripe round breasts filling out her cheerleader sweater, her short skirt and bobby sox showing off her long tanned legs.

For Christ sakes, I thought to myself. Why I'm I thinking like this. This is crazy!!! I'm not like this. But I couldn't get her out of my mind.

After class I had a free period and headed for the library where I could be alone. On the way I stopped off at the girls bathroom. It was empty. I went into the last stall, pulled down my panties and sat down. Suddenly my stall door opened and there was Cary.

"Hi Lisa," she said seductively. "What are you doing?"

"Get out of here. This is private," I hissed at her.

She didn't listen. She closed the stall door behind her, crowding into the small cubicle.

"Cary get out of here," I said menacingly. I watched as she slipped her foot out of her penny loafer and raised her foot towards my face.

"I have a toe that hurts Lisa. Would you look at it for me?"

She moved her bobby sox clad foot closer to my face. Suddenly the foot was under my nose. I could smell a tantalizing odor, not sweet, not pungent, coming from her foot. It was against my mouth. "Mmmmmm,' I moaned, as she jammed her toes against my lips. I surprised myself as I allowed her foot to enter my mouth. I began sucking on her sock. God it tasted so good.

I opened my eyes to a clear view of her little cotton panties, so tightly clinging to her pussy lips, all soaking wet and inviting. I couldn't take it any longer. I leaned back submissively as she moved to straddle my face.

"Goddamn Cary, give me your pussy, pleaseee." I watched as she lowered her wet crotch to my waiting mouth. I sucked them, those tantalizing panties, into my mouth, tasting the sweet, salty cum juices seeping through them from her cunt.

I pulled her panties aside and began lapping at the folds of her pussy.

"God that feels sooooo good," Cary purred. She grabbed the back of my head, pulling me hard into her cunt as she fucked my tongue and mouth. I was sucking, licking, and moaning as I serviced a girl I didn't even like.

Cary began moaning louder. "Ohhh god Lisa, suck my cunt, lick meeeeeeee. I'm going to cummm."

My mouth was filling with her cum, now gushing from her cunt profusely. God it tasted so good.

My whole body was trembling with pleasure. Cary dropped to her knee's. She was lapping me like a dog. Cum juice oozed from me. Then I came. Thick, juicy liquid poured from my cunt, filling her mouth. This was true pleasure.

She crawled up my body, clamping her lips to mine. My own cum juice poured from her mouth, like spit, oozing down my throat. I licked the inside of her mouth trying to get more.

Suddenly a wave of guilt poured over me. Yesterday, at school, I was a nice, innocent girl. What has come over me? I pushed Cary off of me. "Lets get out of her Cary. And don't you tell anyone about this. I don't know why I allowed you to do this to me."

"My pussy cum over you," she said laughingly. "And you loved it."

I straightened myself up and went off to my next class, totally guilt ridden by what I had just done. Even the guilt, for some reason, couldn't extinguish the raw lust still raging through me.

As I walked down the hall I couldn't help glancing at all the girls walking in front of me. Their tight little asses swaying in their short skirts, the thick, white cotton socks hanging sloppily around their sinewy calves. I knew something perverted was beginning to overwhelm me.



I arrived at my next class, taking my regular seat in the front row. It suddenly dawned on me what class I was in. English. Miss Chapman's class. She was my idol. Was she ever beautiful. Large, full breasts and the nicest ass in the school. She always wore short skirts and tight blouses or sweaters.

Why am I thinking of her in such a sexual way, I wondered to myself. I never did before! Yesterday she was my idol. Today I want to sit under her desk and look up her skirt.

Miss Chapman was bending over her desk looking for something. I watched those big round tits sway in her sweater. I felt flushed all over. God, my pussy's getting wet again. I could feel the juices flowing into my panties. I could smell myself. I let out a whimper.

"Did you want something Lisa?" I heard Miss Chapman ask.

"No ma'am," I murmured.

"Okay class," Miss Chapman instructed. "We're taking a test today. I'm going to hand them out now and you have the whole period to complete it. Lay the test on my desk at the end of the period."

I could barely understand her instructions. My mind was totally on watching her walk down the aisle handing out the test. Her round ass strained against her tight skirt. When she walked by my desk the smell of her perfume was intoxicating.

The test in front of me was a blur. As Miss Chapman returned to her desk I was completely overcome. I very slowly moved my ass forward in my seat. My legs, slightly spread, made me feel sexy and seductive. As my ass moved forward, ever so slightly, I felt my skirt stick to the seat, allowing it to slowly inched up my legs.

I know if Miss Chapman looks my way she will be able to see my panties, panties that are stretched into the lips of my pussy. It totally turned me on to think of her looking up my skirt. I'm hoping she'll be able to tell they're soaking wet.

I pretend to be doing my test but, ever so slyly, I keep glancing up to see if she was looking my way.

About 10 minutes into the test, now totally oblivious to everything but my own perverted lust, I look up. Her eyes are riveted on the space between my leg!! I almost closed them out of fear.

She was pulling at the neck of her sweater. It was obvious she was ill at ease. Suddenly, her hand went down to her lap, completely hidden from view by her desk. She fidgeted in her chair but her hand didn't re-appear. She never took her eyes from my crotch and legs. Was she licking her lips? Oh my god, she was, her lips slightly parting, her tongue caressing her pearly white teeth.

Everyone was so engrossed in their test they didn't notice. I could tell her breathing was becoming rapid. Her big tits were rising and falling, her nipples now showing visibly through her sweater.

Jesus, she was playing with herself!! I could tell she was rubbing her pussy.

I slunk lower in my seat, my legs spreading wider as my skirt inched higher and higher.

Now she had a full view of my soaking pussy. I could see her arm moving furtively, her breath appeared to be coming in gasps. Her body shuddered, then slowly slumped in her chair.

She had cum right in class!

I was so hot I couldn't stand it. I crossed my legs and squeezed them together as tight as I could. I came. "Uggghhh," I moaned under my breath.

I hadn't even touched myself and I was cumming. I tried to muffle my moans as my pussy filled my panties. I couldn't wait for the class to end. I knew I was going to the bathroom, take off my panties and suck them dry..

Mrs. Chapman never looked at me the rest of the period. I wondered what she would think of my test, every question left blank, but covered with cum stained fingerprints.

After school I had cheerleader practice. I arrived late. Jennifer, my best friend, took me aside.

"Where have you been Lisa, she asked? I haven't seen you since yesterday." I didn't answer her.

We started practice. I had never looked at Jennifer this way before. She looked so sexy in her cheerleader uniform. Tight white sweater hugging her ample, round breasts. Her tanned legs were set off by the skimpy white skirt and white sweat socks. The very thought of licking her pussy set me on fire again.

Jennifer would die if she knew about my last 23 hours. She would really die if she knew what I was thinking about her at this moment. She wouldn't believe it.

"You want to come over tonight and study together?" she asked.

"Sure," I said. knowing we wouldn't get any studying done if I had anything to say about it. It seemed as if a dark angel had been released into my body by Cary's mother and my total focus was some kind of perverse, lesbian sex.

Practice was over. I told Jennifer I would be over to her house by seven. When I arrived home mom was setting the dinner table. My younger sister Julie had the stereo on so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk.

"Turn the stereo off, its time for dinner," my mother yelled.

As we ate I tried to tell myself that if I really tried I could put the last 24 hours behind me. Maybe everything would return to normal. I could get on with my studies and my wholesome attitude would return. I knew, deep down, it wasn't going to happen.

After dinner I told my mom I was going to Jennifer's to study but would be home by 10. She was standing by the sink and I couldn't help but notice what a nice ass she had. For Christ sakes Lisa, I silently scolded myself. Stop it. Not your own mother. That's really too perverse.

I went to my room to change. My panties were still damp. They felt sexy so I left them on. Instead of putting on my usual sweats I snuck into my younger sister's room and looked into her closet. Because she is smaller than me I knew her clothes would be tight on me. I found a little white mini skirt and tank top. I slipped back into my room to change. I could barely get the skirt on. You could almost see my ass cheeks while I was standing. I took off my bra and put on the tank top. God was it tight. My nipples were sticking out. You couldn't help but notice.

Maybe this isn't a good idea, I thought. One look in the mirror and I was turned on again.

I knew I would have to sneak out of the house. My mother would never let me out like this.

"I'm leaving, Mom," I yelled as I slipped out the back door. Thank god it was getting dark so the neighbors couldn't see me.

Jennifer lived about three blocks away. I just started to ring the doorbell when the door opened. Jennifer's father was just leaving for his bowling night. He tried to act nonchalant but he could hardly take his eyes off of me.

"Hi Lisa, Jennifer's mom greeted me. "Jennifer's up in her room. You can go ahead up."

I saw her staring at me. "Your clothes are kind of revealing aren't they?" she said as she continued to stare.

"Just some old clothes that I should give to my sister," I replied.

It seemed to me Mrs. Taylor didn't have pure thoughts as she looked me over. I could feel her eyes on me as I went up the steps. I stopped and turned around. catching her off guard. I never noticed how well built she was before now. She has a terrific body, I thought to myself. My perverse mind began to work overtime again

I continued to Jennifer's room. Jennifer was setting at her desk studying. When she looked up her eyes widened with amazement.

"Wow, girl what are you wearing? You look positively slutty."

That's when the warm feeling started welling up between my legs. The word slut turned me on.

She still had her cheerleader uniform on. I knew there wasn't going to be any studying tonight.

As I sat down on the edge of the bed. Jennifer turned back to her studies.

All of a sudden Jennifer's mom pops into the room. "How you girls doing up here?" she asked.

She set down on a padded stool, trying to act nonchalant. She was talking but she never took her eyes off me. Without Jennifer noticing, I lay back on the bed and spread my legs ever so slightly. With my sister's short, tight skirt, Mrs. Taylor had an eyeful of my wet panties. I heard a small gasp come from her as she immediately got up and left the room. I wondered if she was going to go masturbate or call my mom. By now I was so hot I didn't care one way or the other.

"Jenny, are those new tennis shoes you're wearing?" I asked.

"Yes, I got them last Sunday. Do you like them?" she asked,



I slipped off the bed to the floor at her feet. "Let me look at them." I grabbed her right foot, unlaced the shoe and took it off. Immediately a familiar odor wafted over me. The same aroma I smelled with Cary. I pretended to look at her new shoe as I inhaled the intoxicating smell. I lifted her foot to my mouth and took the sweat sock covered foot in my mouth. I sucked each toe, her damp sock now soaking from my saliva.

"Lisa, what are you doing? Jennifer giggled. "Lisa, you're tickling me." She was acting nervously. "What the hell are you doing? Would you put my shoe back on and stop goofing around."

I began sliding my hand up her leg. When my fingers were just inches from her pussy I stopped and squeezed her thigh.

"Lisa stop, my mother might walk in. What's got into you?"

Now my tongue left her foot and slowly licked up her leg.

"Lisa would you stop," she begged. I could tell by the inflection in her voice that she was turned on.

My hand slowly spread her legs as my tongue glided up under her skirt.

"Lisa I don't know what your doing but please stop," she pleaded.

But my tongue continued its course. Now her legs were spreading voluntarily. I was licking the crease in her panties. She slumped in her chair, her legs splayed open as wide as she could get them. I heard her moan. She made a feeble attempt to push me away but finally submitted to my tongue.

I looked up, her head was thrown back, her eyes glazed. I could taste her juices now running freely from her pussy.

"Oh god, feels soooooo good," she murmured. I pulled her panties aside and plunged my tongue and two fingers into her dripping cunt.

"Ughhhhh," she moaned loudly.

Her hips were now thrusting against my face trying to suck my tongue further into her cunt. She was grabbing the back of my head and fucking my mouth feverishly.

"Oh god I'm going to cumm," she hissed. "Going to cummm."

I didn't let up. I now had 3 fingers in her pussy. My lips surrounded her clit as my tongue flicked at it incessantly. Her cum juice was smeared all over my face. My own cunt was dripping shamelessly.

"I'm cummiiiiinnnnggg," she screamed.

This was her second orgasm. She flooded my mouth with her sticky juices. I slid up her body feeling her tits press into mine. My lips covered hers, gobs of cum flowing from my lips into her gaping mouth. She never resisted. She hungrily sucked in the tangy, thick juices until my mouth and tongue was almost dry.

I stood up, pulled her out of her chair and forced her to her knees. I pulled her face into my pussy and slowly started humping her mouth. I felt her tongue slide into me.

"Ugggg, going to cum soon," I groaned.

I could feel a giant orgasm welling up in my womb. My swollen tits felt like they were going to explode. I could only groan as waves of pleasure began sweeping over me.

"Cummminnngggg," I squealed as my creamy flow entered her mouth.

I held her mouth tight to my pussy as I overflowed it with my thick, pure, discharging juice. I could hear her gagging as she tried to swallow it all. I pushed her mouth away to make sure I filled my panties with an ample amount of this thick white juice. I had another perverted, depraved plan to carry out before I left Jennifer's house.

Jennifer was lying on her bed, stroking her pussy through her panties. My panties were so full of cum they felt heavy on me.

"Where are you going Lisa?" Jennifer asked as I started towards the door. I turned towards the bed.

"You see this load of juice in my panties, I asked? "Guess who it's for?" She had no idea.

"I saved this for your mother."

"Are you joking?" she cried out. She had a look of both fear and astonishment on her face. "She would kill me if she knew what happened up here," Jennifer cried. "Don't go downstairs. Please. Come her, le me eat your pussy again."

"Come downstairs in 20 minutes," I told her. "You'll get all the pussy juice you can handle."

I went through the living room and kitchen but no Mrs. Taylor. Maybe she's in the basement laundry room, I surmised. As I went down the basement stairs I could hear the washer running.

As I looked into the laundry room I could see Mrs. Taylor, her pussy pushed up against the corner of the vibrating washer. Her eyes were closed and I could hear a low moan coming from her lips.

"Mrs. Taylor," I cried out. She jumped back from the machine.

"God Lisa, you startled me," she blurted out.

"What do you need?"

"Well I'm embarrassed to ask but I piddled in my panties and I was wondering if you could wash them for me before I go home," I said. I reached under my skirt and carefully lowered my panties so as not to spill one drop of juice. I stepped out of them holding them up for Mrs. Taylor's inspection. She never took her eyes from them.

"Well the washer has a load right now but it should be done in a few minutes," she moaned openly.

"I need them washed right away Mrs. Taylor," I said in my best little girl voice.

"Well we could go upstairs and wash them in the sink" she said hesitantly.

I moved closer to her so she would have no doubt about the panties contents. "I have a better idea," I whispered. "Why don't you wash them with that slutty mouth of yours."

I heard the gurgle in her throat. I slowly raised the panties to her mouth and she submissively took them in.

"Oh god", she moaned as she felt the big glob of cum ooze down her throat.

I moved closer pressing my tits to her arm. My hand slipped under her skirt, slowly sliding it up between her thighs. When my fingers touched her pussy she let out a long moan.

"Urggg," she groaned.

I could feel her legs part invitingly as my fingers began to stroke her pussy. She leaned back against the machine totally abandoning any morals she might have held. Now she started a slow, rhythmic thrust against my fingers. Already her pussy fluids were running down her leg.

Suddenly Jennifer appeared, wearing only her panties and bobby sox. Her mother looked at her but made no move to stop her thrusting hips or remove the panties hanging from her mouth. Jenny reached for her mom's tits and began fondling her through her blouse. "Take her blouse and bra off Jennifer," I ordered. Jenny ripped the buttons off as she stripped her mom's blouse open. She unhooked the bra from the front and a pair of heavy, swollen tits fell out. Immediately Jennifer wrapped her lips around one of the long nipples.

Mrs. Taylor was now humping with total abandonment. I knew she was approaching orgasm. I now had 4 fingers in her.

"Jenny," I ordered. "Go down on her... Now."

Jenny dropped to her knees, her mouth and tongue licking under my fingers in anticipation. She didn't wait long.

"I'mmm gonna cumm," Mrs. Taylor screamed as the juices flooded her daughters mouth.

As I walked up the stairs, Mrs. Taylor was on her knees licking her daughter's swollen cunt. Jennifer was mewing like a baby as her hips were slowly thrusting, fucking her slut mothers mouth. Thoughts of my own mother crossed my mind as I walked home. And my little sister Julie!! My body shuddered again, one final orgasm for the night.

- The End -

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