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Little Miss Blair's Sex Stories

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Welcome to our HOT Sex Stories!

Authors Send Me Your Sexy Stories. Please, the more sex stories this site has the better it gets.

This section will be devoted to sex stories contributed by our visitors. We invite you to submit your story to us via email and ask that the story be sent as an attachment in text format. You will be given full credit for your erotic sex story and your name will be posted under the title. The stories we are looking for are similar to those posted in the newsgroup Feel free to submit your stories at any time. We will also post photos or other illustrations if you send them in GIF or JPEG format. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Mother Dearest 3/20/00

The Subjugation Of Melanie 3/20/00

Bound To Please 3/20/00

A Golden Moment 3/20/00

A Mother's Love Juice 3/20/00

Her Mother's Date 3/20/00

The Golden Awakening 3/20/00

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