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      by Libertine

      (m+f 1st time voyeur beast)

Jenny saw Carly's old pick-up and guessed he might be skinny dipping in the river. She was on the way home from the grocery store, but, somehow, she just had to stop. Quietly, she let the car coast to a stop not far from the truck. She left the door open, to avoid the noise of closing it and to keep the car from becoming an oven in the hot summer sun. It wouldn't hurt the groceries to sit on the seat a while.

Jenny tiptoed down the trail to the river. She could hear a bunch of boys, splashing and yelling.

"Hot damn! This is great, the gang of us skinny dippin' in the crick. This is the life." said Frank, who was her younger brother.

Jenny crouched in the bushes and watched, entranced. She watched Frank climb up on the opposite bank and grab a rope which hung from a big old tree. He was stark naked, and she could see his balls and prick. She hadn't seen her brother naked since he was out of diapers. My, how he had grown. He swung out over the river and let go, splashing into the deep water. It was fascinating to watch the naked boys, young men. It wasn't true that if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. Galen Lucifer had much more pubic hair than Frank, and Jimboy's dick wasn't half the size of Carly Breton's. Every time one of the boys swung on the rope, Tarzan fashion, she could see it all, and it excited her.

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Every girl grows up being told she mustn't look at a boy's Thing, doesn't she? Every young woman is a little afraid of it. It's the thing men use to put women in their place. It makes them pregnant, which Jenny was in no hurry to be. She had been a good girl: church every Sunday, and not letting a boy get his hand into her pants, or putting hers on his. She knew a lot of her friends "fooled around" with boys, but Jenny knew better.

Still, she was fascinated. Looking at their pricks hanging out, it attracted her like the fabled victims of the spitting cobra, who are lured into striking range by the snake's hypnotizing effect. She was afraid, yet curious. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she liked it. There was a kind of a thrill to it. It made her feel funny, down there between her legs. She had an urge to touch herself, to scratch that strange itch, but she knew she mustn't. She had been told, many times, that she mustn't touch herself there, in the "bikini area." or let anyone else do so. The ambivalence, the attraction-repulsion of watching those boys made her feel very awkward.

A thought entered her mind. What they were doing was wrong, wasn't it? They should be punished. She would punish them. She began to gather up their clothes, which lay scattered on the grass and bushes.

Frank swung way out over the river, and did a cannonball into the water. "So don't splash so much." cried Galen Lucifer.

"Why the hell not. I'll...OH SHIT!"

"Frank! It's your sister. She's stealing our clothes."

Jenny saw Frank looking toward the bank: "Jenny, cut that out. You're not supposed t' come down here when we're swimmin'. Put down our clothes and go on home. You were supposed to be goin' to the store, anyway. What are you doin' here?" Jenny continued to pick up their clothes, not bothering with the shoes. She had a big, jumbled bundle under her left arm, and each time she reached down to pick up more, she imagined the boys could see right down her loose, vee-neck blouse.

"Ha, little brother. Don't you tell me what I'm supposed to do. Do you think Ma knows you're skinny dipping with your friends? It's disgusting, exposing your nakedness like that. Sometimes you make me wonder if you're not all Gay."

"Frank! Stop her. She's takin' our clothes. How'm I goin' to get home with no pants to put on?" whined Galen Lucifer.

Carly, the oldest, moved toward the bank, churning the water like a tug boat. "Shit. I'll stop that. Gay my ass!"

"Carly Breton, you stay away from me." Jenny turned to flee, but not quickly enough. Carly's arms encircled her waist, lifted her off her feet. The clothes tumbled into the tall grass. "Ow! Take your hands off me." she yelled. Carly responded by cupping her breasts in his hands. Jenny realized things had gone too far. She had never let a boy do that, and now Carly was holding her breasts as if he owned them!

"Well, we got our clothes back." said Brady.

"Frank!" yelled Jenny, "Make this ape let go of me."

"Jasper, down boy!" called Frank. He couldn't do much to stop Carly. He had to hold his Doberman, who weighed about 80 pounds and was lunging toward Carly. "He thinks you're gonna hurt my sister."

"Shit, she took our clothes. I think we should take hers." said Carly.

"Carly, no." said Jenny. Carly, still holding her off the ground with one strong arm, moved his other arm toward her crotch and groped. How dare he do that!

"She's seen us naked. We should see her naked." he said evenly. Then, in a low voice, he added, "You'd like that, wouldn't you, Jenny?" Jenny didn't say anything. She stopped her squirming and kicking, went limp. Carly's hand gathered up the cloth of her skirt, until it was bunched around her waist and he could reach forward between her legs and place his hand right on the crotch panel of her panties. Almost gently, he lowered her until her feet, spread two feet apart because of his hand between her legs, touched the grass and took her weight. "You were just asking for it, weren't you, Jenny?" Jenny looked over her shoulder at him, but didn't say no. Actually, if she couldn't "scratch that little itch." it felt good to have Carly do it. Carly bent his head forward and kissed her on the mouth. She didn't turn her face away.

"Carly, don't hurt my sister." called Frank. She saw Frank needed both hands on the collar to restrain Jasper. He dug his heels into the grass and leaned back, pulling back against the lunging dog.

"I ain't hurtin' her. She don't mind showin' us her tits, do you, Jenny?" said Carly. He was strong enough, Jenny knew she couldn't fight him. Better not to try, not to get hurt. She felt Carly take hold of her blouse. Deftly, he peeled the blouse off her and turned her so she was facing the boys. He held her arms behind her, elbows together, so that her shoulders were back and her breasts were thrust forward proudly, bulging half out of her pink lace bra. Carly undid the strap in back and pulled her bra up over her head, so it hung down behind her, the shoulder straps loose around her arms, her arms held fast behind her by Carly. "Take a good look, boys. She's filled out a bit, hasn't she, since she was in school." Jenny felt the sunlight on her breasts, felt a breeze waft across the previously covered skin. She had never been barechested outside a bathroom since she was about ten.

"Carly Breton, you stop that. I'll scream." said Jenny, helplessly. At least her skirt had fallen down into place again. The boys couldn't see her crotch, which Carly had just been handling. But Carly was strong enough to hold her arms with one hand and do things with the other. Two buttons, a zipper, and she felt the skirt sliding slowly down her legs. Jenny tried to spread her legs more, to keep the skirt from sliding down. "That's it, Jenny, spread 'em for us." said Carly. Instantly, Jenny clamped her knees together. The skirt dropped around her ankles. "Carly, she's my sister, for God's sake." panted Frank. "Jasper, calm down. What's got into you, Boy?" Carly's free hand grabbed the back of Jenny's pink panties, and he pulled upward, so that the fabric pulled tight in her crotch, folding inward between her labia, causing her a strange pain/pleasure. The elastic in the waistband broke, so that when Carly pushed downward, the panties fell down Jenny's thighs, turning inside out, as cloth still clung in her womanly cleft. Apart from Frank, all the boys were sporting erections. Jimboy, a kid about fourteen, took hold of his and shook it at Jenny. "Hey, guys, look at the beaver on her. Let's fuck her." "Damn it, NO! She's my sister. I can't let you fuck my own sister." "Think you can stop us?" said Marion. Jenny's knees spread a bit, the panties pulled loose and fell on her skirt, around her ankles. She realized that she was totally naked, except for her shoes, and the boys could see everything; she was helpless to resist. Carly lifted her again, put her on display. "He's right. We can't fuck her. Not his sister." said Carly. Jenny turned to look him in the eye. Perhaps she smiled, just a bit. At least she would be spared "the fate worse than death."

"Oh, God, look at the tits on her though. Look at that bush. I've never seen a woman naked like that." Marion stepped forward and fondled Jenny's breasts. "Feel those tits." Jimboy let go of his wang and used both hands to imitate Marion. Brady got down on his knees and peered at Jenny's crotch. Jenny felt the strangest sense of confusion. She was outraged, that they should handle her like that, look at her like that. It was wrong, and she should feel shame. But she also felt a strange sense of pride. All those boys admiring her. Wasn't that something? She might have lashed out with her legs, kneed Brady in the face, but she just hung there, limp, supported by Carly's strong arm under her ribs. "Lookit her nipples stand out." said Marion. "That means she likes it."

"Jimboy, you go to the back of my truck and bring back the rope. Bring the pliers, too."

"Carly, she's my sister. Don't hurt her." said Frank. He needed both hands to restrain Jasper, and Jenny knew that Frank couldn't stop Carly, anyway. Carly was a head taller and had about fifty pounds more muscle than Frank.

"Marion, stop pulling on her tits like that." yelled Frank.

Marion paused, turned toward Frank. "You gonna stop me?"

"You stop, or you'll wish you had." Jenny wasn't sure she wanted him to stop. It wasn't that bad, and what came next might be worse.

Carly spoke up: "Marion, don't hurt her. It's not like milking a cow, you turd." Carly pulled her bra off over her hands and tied her wrists together, behind her back with her own bra. That way, he had two hands free to torment her. He still stood behind her, his naked, hairy chest against her back, her hands pressing against his belly, as he held her off the ground, almost effortlessly, with an arm around her waist. She thought that if she could just move her hands down a bit, she could grab his prick, but she didn't want to do that. That could be real trouble. She thought she could feel his stiff organ against her bare buttocks. It was scary, thrilling.

He slid his arm upward a bit, lifting her breasts with his forearm. His free hand massaged her buttocks. "Yeah. OK, Frank, we won't fuck her. We won't hurt her." said Carly. "Just hold that dog. Trust me, we won't hurt her. Just teach her a lesson. She's old enough, she should have learned by now." Carly dumped her in the tall grass, on her back, her hands behind her at the small of her back. Jenny realized that the wild grasses were tickling her, up the crack of her bottom, and the tender skin of her thighs.



Jimboy handed Carly lengths of rope, while Carly tied Jenny's ankles, one to one tree, the other to a different tree. He tightened the ropes, so that Jenny's legs were pulled apart in a wide Vee. She tried to scrunch a bit in the grass, to relieve the strain, but Carly just pulled the ropes tighter, keeping her legs pulled out straight and as far apart as they would go. The boys, all but Frank, who was holding the dog and looking away, watched her and laughed. With her legs spread like that, her most private place was fully exposed.

Jenny lay there, her lips parted, looking at Carly's huge, towering prick. Slowly, she licked her lips. She was breathing heavily, and every time her ribs rose, inhaling, her tits jiggled and slid toward her shoulders, then settled back when she breathed out. With each breath, her tummy would sink down, hanging from her protruding hip bones like the fabric of a tent. Then, when she exhaled, her tum would mound up slightly, and her pubic bush would shift slightly. The sun beat down on skin which had never been exposed to sunlight.

Jenny looked at each of the boys, who looked at her as if she was a million dollars, piled on the grass. They all looked, except her brother, Frank, who had turned away, wouldn't look, when he saw Jenny looking at him. They all had stiff pricks, even Frank. For all that she was helpless, at their mercy, she couldn't help feeling a sense of power, knowing that she could turn them on like that.

"Look at that cunt. I got to touch it." said Jimboy.

"Hey, guys, she's my sister."

"Shut up, Frank." said Marion, "You can see she wants it, don't she, Carly?"

Carly looked deep into Jenny's eyes, as if they were reading each other's thoughts. "Don't touch her, Marion. You neither, Jimboy. You can look, but don't hurt her." said Carly firmly. His prick stood up firmly, too, but he didn't seem self-conscious about it. Jenny's eyes kept flicking from Carly's face to Carly's crotch.

Jimboy said, "There's milk and flour and ketchup and dog food and mayonnaise and lots of stuff in a grocery bags she left her car. What say we rub her all over with mayonnaise, and then dust her with flour?"

"That would be fun." added Marion.

"Guys, she's my sister, for Chrissake. Besides, how's she goin' to explain to Ma about the groceries?"

"Get the bags, anyway." said Carly. "Frank's right. We can't fuck her, and we can't really hurt her, and it would be a waste of food to dump it over her, wouldn't it? We can look, though. Lookit her watching us. I'll bet it turns her on, to have all us lookin' at her naked body, talking about smearing her with mayonnaise."

Galen Lucifer shamelessly started to masturbate, stroking his dong with is right hand while he peered at Jenny's heaving tits, and Jenny, as if watching a cobra, stared back. About three strokes and he shot his semen all over her chest. Jenny gasped and tried to look down at it. Marion started to imitate Galen Lucifer, and then Brady and Jimboy joined in, imitating the older boys by pulling on their pricks. Carly sneered at them, just stood by, even looked in the grocery bags, as if shooting his cum on Jenny was just kid stuff.

Jenny seemed fascinated, watching Marion bucking and grunting and then spewing creamy fluid across her belly. Brady missed and spilled his jism in the grass. Jimboy got his mostly on his hand. Jenny put up with all of this without protesting, until Carly knelt down between her knees. "Carly, what are you doin'?" she asked, softly.

Carly peered intently at her most private cleft. Gently, he took hold of her pubic hair and pulled the outer lips apart, to get a better look. "Carly Breton, you leave me alone." she yelled, but Carly just smiled.

"Carly, no one has ever touched me there, and I'll thank you not to. Enough's enough."

"You're not a virgin, are you, Jenny?"

"With God as my witness, I am!"

He looked closer, spreading her lower lips, fingering her slick inner lips, causing Jenny to squirm as much as she could, tied as she was. "Huh. I think she is." said Carly. He went to tighten the ropes some more; she was spread so much her cunt gaped open on its own. The boys all stared with wonderment.

"Lookit how pink she is in there."

"And wet."

"I think she likes it. Women get wet there when they like it."

"Jimboy, give me the pliers." said Carly.

Jimboy did.

Carly took a twenty-five pound bag of Gravy Train and forced it under her taut legs, pushing it up under her buttocks, so that her pelvis was raised and tipped back, her mount of venus uppermost. With the pliers, Carly took hold of a few curly pubic hairs and pulled, gently at first.

"Ow, that hurts." said Jenny. It didn't, really, any more than plucking her eyebrows did, but she had to protest the indignity of it all. Carly yanked, and the hairs came out. Jenny could only gasp. The thought of these boys pulling out her private hairs, it was almost worse than if they had raped her the usual way. Carly passed the pliers to Jimboy, who amused himself for a while, but finally relinquished them to Marion. Brady and Galen took turns, too. Then Carly started again, and the others kept taking turns, until it seemed to Jenny there couldn't be many hairs left to pull. Jenny bore the indignity, trying not to cry out, not to give them the satisfaction of thinking they were hurting her. Actually, it was kind of exciting, like the time she dreamed she was naked in the choir loft at church. It wasn't so bad she couldn't stand it, and she hoped no one else would find out. She couldn't explain it, how she came to be naked down there, hairless, but no one need know. It would grow back.

"Ok, guys, back off. She's had almost enough, I think. Just one more punishment." said Carly. Jenny wondered what that might be. Carly was the only boy, except her brother, who still had a hard-on. She had heard of boys doing terrible things, like making a girl suck it. She hoped Carly wouldn't do that, not in front of all these boys, anyway.

Carly took the needlenose pliers and stabbed into the dog food bag under Jenny's ass. She strained to lift her head and see what he was doing. He was touching her, down there, again. Jenny didn't know what to think. She felt Carly doing something to her, thought she could feel something in there, but it was all too strange.

"Jesus, he's stickin' dog food up her cunt!"

"Carly! She's my sister."

"It's that Gravy Train stuff. Lookit, gravy's drippin' out of her."

Jenny saw Carly get to his feet and walk over to Frank. Carly's erect prong seemed the size of Frank's arm. "OK. Let Jasper loose."

Frank hesitated. In a flash, Carly pulled Frank's hands off the collar and pushed Frank over into the grass. Jasper was off like a shot. Jenny screamed, when she realized what was going to happen. And then it happened. She saw the terrified look on Frank's face, saw him run away, into the trees.

"Jesus, look at him go."

"What a tongue that dog has."

Jenny closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. She tried not to think of the boys, watching her. She tried not to think of the beast, slobbering over her. She tried to think of hymns. It was no use. Jasper's rough tongue moved quickly over Jenny's now hairless outer lips. She shivered. Jasper slid his tongue between her outer lips, licking hard to get the juices which flowed from within her. His cold nose and warm upper lip pushed against her, just under her pubic bone, causing strange feelings to radiate though her belly. The touch of the dog's tongue, on her most sensitive places, was more than she could take. It was too much, too new. She writhed and tried to move her hips, but she couldn't. Though her eyes were tight closed, she could hear the boys laughing. "She likes it. See how she's squirmin.' See how her nipples are stickin' up like that? She likes it."

"Look how that dog licks it up."

"See that blush on her chest, Jimboy? That means she comin'. What they call an orgasm."

Is that what it is, thought Jenny, as she gasped and felt the strangest, most compelling sensations, as if her heart was beating in her belly, as if a small animal was inside her, struggling to get out, as if electricity was short-circuiting her brain. At last, Jasper stopped licking her down there and began to lick the sticky seminal fluid that the boys had shot onto her belly and breasts. It felt....good. Jenny tried to relax, coming down off that, whatever it was, an orgasm? When Jasper had licked up all he could find, he went panting off into the woods.

Jenny let her eyelids open a little, tried to see what was happening. Galen Lucifer walked by, tucking his shirt in his pants.

Carly was squatting, right beside her. He put one hand on her nude cleft, the other on her breast. Jenny turned her head toward him, and found she was staring at his huge, erect, prick, just inches from her face. "Well." said Carly, "I guess we don't have any secrets from each other, do we?"

It took Jenny seconds to focus her mind. "You barbarian!" she said.

"Yeh. See you around, Jenny. Maybe next time..." He got up and walked toward the clothes. Jenny wondered what, next time. Was that a threat? Was it a hope? She'd have to think about that.

She saw Marion, Brady, and Jimboy getting dressed and going toward the truck. Carly didn't walk by until the others started beeping the truck horn. "Chissake!" he yelled, "Can't you twerps wait a second?"

Only then did Jenny see Frank come out of the woods. His prick was limp. He hurried over to get his pants and put them on quickly. Only then did he approach Jenny. He stood right between her outstretched feet. He could see right up inside her! "I'm sorry, Jenny." he said, awkwardly."I'm sorry that happened, Jenny. Still, you shouldn't ha' taken our clothes."

With a tremendous effort, straining her abdominal muscles, Jenny managed to sit up, so she was balanced with her bottom on the sack of dog food. "Don't stand there staring at me, you ninny. Untie my hands."

Frank stepped over his sister's bare leg and went around behind, to untie the knotted bra. As soon as Jenny's hands were free, she covered her crotch with her right hand and her breasts with her left forearm. Her feet were still tied, but she felt she could reach the knots. "Little brother."she said, "it's a little embarrassing to have you there staring at me. Grab the rest of your clothes and get out of here, now. Go on. Walk home. Run home. I'll be all right. I want to wash off in the river, and I don't want you watching, understand?"

It seemed to her that Frank was reluctant to go. He gathered up his clothes, but he kept looking toward her. Jenny didn't move, just kept herself covered as best she could. "Frank, if you ever mention this, or ever try to see me naked again, I'll cut your prick off." growled Jenny. Frank seemed to hurry a bit more then. He walked off into the woods, and Jasper bounded after him for a few feet. Then the dog turned and came toward Jenny and paced in circles around her.

With Frank gone, Jenny looked down at herself. She still had a lot of pubic hair; they had mostly plucked her outer lips. She ran a finger over the sensitive, hairless skin. She gently spread herself with her fingers and bent over, trying to see, for the first time, what, until all this happened, was forbidden territory. She would need a mirror to see inside. Tentatively she moved a finger tip in the forbidden zone, exploring herself. Why shouldn't she? The boys had all seen more of her than she had ever dared look at. For half a minute, she wondered what it all meant.

Then Jenny reached into the torn sack and took half a handful of dog food. Slowly, experimentally, she pushed the lumpy pieces into herself. "Jasper." she called, "Here, doggie."

- The End -

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