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Sexual Youth


I was raised in a small up state New York town. Thinking back, I'm not sure of when I first started getting sexual urges. I know my Dad had a lot of magazines hidden around that sometimes I would come across. It would give me a funny feeling in my genitals to see a woman partially undressed or with stockings showing. I remember getting the same feelings whenever I saw a stocking top on a woman with good looking legs. It was a treat and a turn on to see such a thing. There was No panty hose invention yet so a glimpse of stocking was not uncommon at all. Especially among the teachers in school. In those days very few women wore slacks. Dress or skirt with nylons and heels was the dress code it seemed like. They even wore seamed stockings then, so that will give you and idea of the era and also of my age now.

I can remember that I hadn't yet masturbated, but yet somehow knew that manipulating my penis sure felt good. I frequently got erections in school from seeing up a girls skirt or mostly seeing a teachers stocking top now and then.

At the time my mother, Father and I lived in one of the local fraternity clubs. (I won't mention the name) My Dad was the care taker of it and used to have to drive there to work each day. until they offered us an apartment on the second floor of the building rent free as part of his pay. Basically my mom and Dad were the janitors of the place. Each day they would cleanup the bar area and get it ready for the nights activities. On weekends they helped with the huge dinners and things also. I even made extra money by sorting and putting bottles in their cases many a night in the basement of the building. It was just on the outskirts of town and a very nice area to live also.

My friends and I of course talked about girls and of women, but none of us really had a handle on sex yet. in our living room was a kind of couch combined bed that the mattress lifted up at the edges. That is where I first started my sex life. I can't remember how but where ever my parents would go somewhere and I was left alone, I somehow discovered that a new toy. Whenever I got an erection from looking at one of my dad's nasty books, I would get on my knees at the end of the couch, then I would take out my cock, lift the mattress and stick my cock in between the mattress and base of the bed. Then when I simulated fucking motions, it gave me an indescribable sexy feeling. I would do this until there seemed to be a pressure building in my abdomen and lower body and I would get scared and stop.

Up until then, I had seen my mother in various stages of undress now and then, but never really thought anything about it. This particular day would be a day to remember, even though I can't remember what age I was at the time. I was sitting on the couch watching cartoons on a 12" Black & White TV Only rich people had color then. My mom came into the livingroom wearing her pajamas, which consisted of a loose fitting top and a pair of matching pants. She wanted our cat to come in because they were going to go shopping. She rested her knees in the livingroom chair and leaned forward to look out of the window for the cat. This allowed her pajama top to fall forward, and from the angle I was sitting I had a perfect view of her breasts and nipples, which were very big and long. My cock immediately sprung to life as I stared at them. The cat came in when called and mom when to get dressed.

(2) (C) 1999 Silver Fox

My mom wanted me to come with them, but I had other ideas. I watched from the window as they got into the car and left. I quickly opened my pants as I got on my knees at the end of the couch. I lifted the mattress and placed my little hard-on in and let the mattress down on it. Then I proceeded to undulate my hips as I envisioned what I had just seen. This time it felt so much better than ever before I couldn't believe it! It felt so good that when the pressure started in my abdomen and genitals I couldn't stop, and suddenly the weirdest feeling I had ever had came over me and I began to shudder and felt something exit from my cock. Once the feeling subsided, I lifted the mattress and there was whit stuff all over. At first I was scared, but then I remembered other boys talking about sperm coming out of a guy's Penis. Need less to say I repeated it and again had a wonderful orgasm.

In the subsequent weeks or maybe even months I fucked that couch every chance I got. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Every chance I got to be alone was an opportunity to do it, and I loved it. But I would soon be taught there was a better way to do it. And it was taught to me by a man.

There were a lot of the club members who as a boy, I got to do odd jobs for and earned money. One guy named Doug was in his late 40's or so, he used to bring his car over to the back of the club, and talk to my Dad inside as I washed it for him. He always paid me good for that. Now and then he would come and get me and bring me over to his house which was in the neighboring town, and I would mow his lawn and wash and wax his car for him. His wife was a little younger than him and was real nice. She baked a lot and always had cookies or cake on hand for me also.

I didn't know it at the time but Doug liked the way my mother looked. One day I was over to his house and came in from washing the car. Doug was standing in the kitchen and began to ask me questions about my mom. "Had I seen her naked" Had I ever heard her and my dad "Doing it" As he asked the questions he asked if I jerked off yet. I wasn't sure of what he meant. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock in front of me. He was HUGE looking to me. I had never seen a grown man's hard cock before. As he kept talking to me he stroked it. His was also different than mine, he was circumcised and I was not. The talk about my mother and also seeing him stroking his Huge cock made mine hard. He saw it and told me to take it out. I was scared but did as I was told.

As I watched Doug opened a drawer in the counter and took out a jar a Vaseline. He asked me if I had ever shot out sperm. I told him about the couch and he laughed and told me he would show me a better way. He opened the jar of Vaseline, and smeared a large glob on the head of his cock, and began massaging the slippery head with his fingers. He handed me the jar and told me to pull the skin back on mine and do like he was. My first contact with the slippery head of my cock with my fingers was like and electric shock, it felt so good. much Much, better than the couch could ever be. Doug kept talking about my mother and massaged his massive cock in front of me while watching me do the same.

3 (C) Silver Fox

He suddenly stopped his stroking and told me to wait also. he walked into the living room to a desk there and opened a drawer. He pulled out an envelope and brought it back into the kitchen. He began to stroke his cock again and opened the envelope to reveal what looked like some pictures. He held one out to me. I took it and gasped! It was his wife naked laying on the bed playing with herself and smiling for the camera. her legs were spread wide and I could see everything. He took more pictures out, each of her in a different pose. Suddenly after the third picture I felt that familiar feeling and he must have sensed it too. because he told me go ahead and let it go. then as I watched he gasped for breath and groaned and shot stream after stream of sperm onto the kitchen floor. This and the pictures set me off also and I echoed his shots onto the floor. It felt wonderful, the best I had ever had.

He put the pictures away and we cleaned up the mess on the floor and washed the Vaseline off of our hands and that incident was never again repeated. But I had graduated to a higher level of masturbation. I no longer fucked the couch, but snuck a glob of Vaseline each night and took it to bed along with some toilet paper. After jerking off with the Vaseline I would clean up with the toilet paper and flush it.

My next sex lesson came several months later seems like. It was once again at Doug's house. he had wanted his lawn mowed and car washed and waxed. But he had to go out of town for the day, so he brought me out to his house and then took his wife's car and left. I finished mowing the lawn and then washed the car and got it ready for waxing. I had no idea that his wife was home. I went into the house to get a drink, the bedroom door was shut. Up until then I had nearly forgotten the pictures of his wife. But as I looked around and I saw the desk, the memory of the pictures hit me. I went to the desk drawer and opened it and sure enough, there was the envelope. I sat in the living room chair while looking at the pictures. I had a raging hard-on in no time!

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Doug's wife was no beauty queen but she had a nice body on her for sure. And the things she was doing the pictures sure were sexy. Some even showed her just a garter belt and stockings with high heels and nothing else on. I set the pictures down and went into the kitchen and opened the drawer where Doug had gotten the Vaseline, but it wasn't there, to my disappointment. I went into the bathroom in the hall and there it was on the back of the toilet. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock and smeared a glob onto my cock then returned to the living room and sat in the chair. I had gotten a wad of toilet paper to clean up with also and was very careful not to touch the pictures with my Vaseline hand.

I looked at each picture in length as my slippery hand slid slowly up and down my cock. I could feel that familiar ache in my lower bowels when suddenly a voice made me almost jump out of the chair! It was carol, Doug's wife standing almost in front of me in a robe. Asking me what I was doing. Well just as quick as my dick swelled at seeing her pictures it sure shrunk faster at seeing her in real life! She took the pictures out of my hand and I thought I saw a faint smile cross her face as she said.

"So you like my pictures huh? I was speechless and just sat there as if frozen. She began to talk to me in a soothing voice which kind of calmed me down. She related to me that all young boys my age get excited at seeing a female naked , and that it was perfectly normal.

4 (C) Silver Fox

I was scared to death that she would tell my parents or even Doug about catching me. But she didn't seem threatening at al, and seemed rather amused by the situation. She did however want to know how I had come across the pictures. Being scared still a little and not wanting to lye to her, I related to her about what Doug and I had done. telling her this seemed to cause a change in her, she seemed not to be as calm and was breathing heavier.

"So you sprayed sperm out on my kitchen floor along with Doug while looking at my pictures huh? I just nodded. She handed the pictures back to me, and said, "Show me which is your favorite one" As I looked and picked out the one I really liked the most, I could feel my cock begin to stir. I had my hand over it ever since she walked in. I picked the one with her laid on the bed all spread and fingering her self. I handed it to her and she smiled then took the rest of the pictures from me and laid them on the desk. As she returned she opened her bat robe and let it slide off of her shoulders. "Would you rather see the real thing"? Wow would I? my cock grew so fast it crept out of the palm of my hand and in no time was standing straight up.

She was dressed in only green panties, but not for long. I watched in awe as she slid then down and kicked them clear of her feet. She moved towards me and placed one foot up on the chair beside me. this brought her hairy pussy only about 6 inches from my face. I could see the pink lips protruding through the black pubic bush. Drops of moisture were clinging to the hairs around the pink lips. She ran a finger throughout her pink slit and let out a groan. She very carefully pointed out her "Little cock" and her love hole to me as she asked me to finish doing what I was when she walked in. Not taking my eyes off of her pussy for just an occasional peek at her large breasts and stiff nipples, my hand retracted my foreskin and once again began sliding down the slippery head.

Carol groaned as she saw how stiff I had become and seemed to speed up her fingering. Suddenly she stopped and told me to stop also. She had me stand up and take off all of my clothes. Then she lead me into the bathroom, where over the sink running with warm water she washed my cock with soap and water. that action in itself caused a tremendous orgasm as I shuddered and unloaded into the sink and all over her hands as she cheered me on. "Ohhhhh My Goodness how Beautiful" She shouted as my cock steadily spurted its excitement out. It was the most I had ever shot for sure and almost equaled what her husband had shot out on to the Kitchen floor. "My God you sure had a load in you"...mmmmmm "Ive got to have some of that". having washed it some more and rinsed the soap off, she led me back out in the living room.

She sat on the couch with me standing in front of her. My hard little pecker stood stiff as before I had shot off as though nothing had happened. As she wrapped her warm hand around it she said, "Damn still so hard after all that cum". Then she did something I'll never forget! She retracted my foreskin and squeezed, causing a glistening drop of pre-cum to roll out of my pee hole and hang there. With a moan she leaned forward and her tongue licked away the drop, and then she slid her mouth over me. Still today I can still remember the sensation of my first Blow Job! She was an expert, and apparently had experience with uncircusised cocks also. I didn't realize it then but found out much later how she made it feel so great!

5 (C) Silver Fox

She would fully retract my foreskin and then lay her tongue on the head and pull the foreskin over her tongue. Then her tongue would go around and around between the head and foreskin. Needless to say it didn't last long and I felt myself ready to shoot off. I tried to warn her because I had no idea she wanted me to shoot into her mouth. She pulled off quickly and said, "Don't worry let it go sweety let it shoot in my mouth". That was all of the encouragement I needed,and began to cum as soon as she slid her mouth back over me. My knees began to buckle with the first spurt. Carol grabbed my ass cheeks and held me up while forcing me deeper into her mouth! mmmmmm ummmmpffffff mmmmmmmmm Was all I could hear as I unloaded. It felt like every bit of fluid within me was leaving me through my cock!.

Long after my spurts slowed to just dribbles and then stopped altogether, she continued to nurse on me. It slowly went soft and she finally let it go and kissed it tenderly. She told me how good it had tasted and wanted to know how I liked it. Then she laid back against the couch and scooted her butt forward and asked me if I would return the favor. I was soon on my knees between her legs and with her instructions and coaxing, I brought my first grown woman to orgasm with my tongue. And the best part was I LOVED IT!! She tasted so sexy and moaned and groaned which excited me to no end. When she came down from her orgasm she pulled me up to a standing position and squealed as she saw my cock! I was hadn't noticed but eating her had made me hard as steel again.

Carol immediately took me into the kitchen and had me sit in one of the kitchen chairs. My cock stood straight up as I watched her straddle my legs and grab my cock as she lowered her hairy wet slit down. I jumped and she groaned as the tip first contacted her wet pussy lips. Then she looked me in the eyes and stopped lowering her self long enough to say. "You shot you sperm on my floor and in my mouth. Now I want it in my pussy"! then she caused me to almost scream in pleasure as she let her weight down and swallowed my cock completely within her. She sat still for a moment and offered me a stiff nipples which I gladly sucked and tongued. She would slowly pump and tell me to bite her nipples. then she would stop for a while and "milk" my cock with her pussy muscles. She had several orgasms as I remember before I shot deep into her. She collapsed onto me and we held each other and kissed tenderly for several minutes as my cock went down inside of her and finally slipped out.

We took a shower together then and it was time for me to get back out and finish waxing the car before Doug came back. After I had the car done, he still had not returned so Carol had made some supper for us. After which she once again in the kitchen knelt on the floor as I sat in the chair and shot another spurt of cream into her mouth. From then on she would sometimes come over and pick me up and take me shopping. And always taking a back country road and into a wooded area where I would be sucked and fucked. Occasionally we did it at her house when Doug was gone. Not sure but I think it lasted about a year until they ended up moving away.

So then I was back to the hand puppet for sex. But carol had showed me how to jerk off without having to use Vaseline, so it wasn't as messy all the time anyway. but I still occasionally would use it for a treat and even today do once in a while.

6 (C) Silver Fox

My next sex with a woman was not too long after Carol, but was much different. A friend of mine had a summer job mowing a lawn for an older lady that lived down the street from us. He was going away fro the summer so I got the job. She was a very nice old lady in her late 70's at least. She had a power mower, but it was the old style like the old push mowers only with a motor. Not long in to the summer she traded it for a new rotary mower which were the new style just coming in then. I liked the new mower and took to it fast. I especially liked the vibrating handle as I mowed and held it against my hard cock. More than once I shot off in my pants, as the handle vibrated against the head of my cock as I mowed. I would always think of the times I had with carol and it would make me cum hard.

Well on one such horny day, I was mowing near the garage and was close to shooting off in my pants, when the old lady came up and tapped me on the shoulder. I stopped the mower, and she directed me into the garage. There was a picnic table on one side and storage items on the other, she did not own a car. She had me sit on the picnic table as she revealed to me that she had been watching what I was doing with the mower. Then she surprised me by placing her hand at my crotch and squeezing my still hard cock. "I would like to see what you look like down there" She said. She reached with both hands for my zipper, the hands shook as she unzipped me and her hand went in and fished out my cock. buy now I believe I was around 14 and my cock had grown considerably and I had a lot more hair around it. As I sat there with my cock in her hand, she slowly stroked me until I shot off. "Its been so long since I've seen that" she said. I've wanted to do that ever since the first time I saw you were hard and rubbing the mower handle on it.

So for the rest of the summer, my payment included not only cash but a nice hand job. But that's all there was, she never once undresses, or had me undress. She just took me out of the zipper and made me cum into a wash cloth that she would bring out with her. During the beginning of winter once in a while when I was going by her house she would wave me inside and make me a cup of hot chocolate and then jerk me off. Then I would usually shovel her walk for her. Half way through the winter she died and that brought that to an end.

There was a house a couple of blocks away from where I lived that got new tenants. They were a large family with 8 kids. Surprisingly a younger couple on their early 30's. the oldest boy was my age, and we met and went to school together and became best of friends. I had the hots for his mom almost immediately the first time I saw her. there seemed to be also something sexy about a woman who had so many kids for some reason.

Jerry (my best Friend) and I would discuss sex a lot. And he also knew I liked his mother. he also liked peeking at her when he could. We would jerk off together a lot also. We even experimented and sucked each other some times. not to orgasm, and as far as I know he never ended up a homosexual and nor did I. One time on the way to school he told me about walking in on her in the bathroom just as she was wiping her pussy. We did a detour into a wooded area along a creek and found a secluded spot, and as he described what he had seen that morning we both jerked each other off.

7 (C) Silver Fox

On new years Eve that year, Jerry had to baby-sit his brothers and sisters while his mom and Dad went out to a party. I was invited over for the night also. After putting his brothers and sisters to bed, Jerry brought out some 8mm movies and a projector of his dad's. the movies were dirty and we watched them as we jerked off. We were about to go to bed when we heard his mom & dad pull up. his Dad was really drunk, and I don't know how he had managed to drive home. his mom was almost in the same condition. they had partied hard. We went out to the car and got his Dad out and into the house, then his mother. She was wearing a nice evening dress and smelled so nice that I got hard from helping her into the house. I was also able to get a feel of tit as she leaned on me to get into the house.

Jerry and I had them both sit on the couch, then Jerry said he would help his Dad upstairs and to bed while I watched his mom. They had just staggered around the corner when his mom got up and staggered into the downstairs bathroom. I followed and she seemed oblivious to me being there in the doorway as she lifted her dress, pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet. My cock did flip flops in my pants as I saw her beautiful nyloned legs and garter belt. Her panties were around her ankles as her piss began to flow. the sound of it again caused my hard cock to flex. When finished she grabbed some paper and wiped while I got a good view of her slit. She sat there for a moment then kicked the panties off of her feet and stood. She almost fell and I had to grab her and take her back to the couch.

I helped her lay down onto the couch. I heard Jerry holler down and ask how his Mom was doing. I looked and she was passed out like a log on the couch. I told he she was okay. He told me to stay with her and that it would be a while before he got down, his dad was being sick.

I sat on the couch by his mom's feet and took off her pumps. Then I slid her dress up some to her stocking tops to see her white thighs. then I raised the dress up and exposed her pussy. I arranged her legs to a kind of spread position. her slit was slightly open and was so sexy! I took out my hard cock and began jerking off while looking at my friend's mom's pussy. She was making a slight snoring noise as she lay there. I couldn't resist, as I lay on the couch with my head between her legs and only inches away from her gorgeous pussy. It had a slight urine smell to it but also a female scent that almost caused me to cum. I licked her for a little bit and then would check to be sure she was still sleeping. Then I 'd suck some more. It was delicious! She would moan a little now and then and once in a while she would thrust her hips a little but she stayed out like a light.

I had to cum I was so horny. I stopped eating her and was about to stroke myself off when it hit me! Why jerk off with such a beautiful pussy right in front of me. In a flash I was between her spread legs and sliding inside of her. I began shooting into her on the way in and was really spurting by the time I got completely in. I thrust wildly as I finished then got off, got a towel and wiped her pussy and arranged her dress so nobody would see. I also put the panties in the bathroom into the hamper.

Jerry finally came down and told me his dad had passed out. We decided to leave his mom on the couch for the night. We went upstairs to Jerry's room and went to bed. Only awoke around 3 AM and had to piss. Jerry was fast asleep, so I went down stairs and after pissing, I once again fucked his mom on the couch. I shot off in her twice, then went back to bed.

8 (C) Silver Fox

The next morning I was up early, before anyone else! This time I unbuttoned her dress and exposed her tits as I fucked her and sucked her nipples. I again shot off twice in her.

I never told Jerry about it, and I am almost positive that I got her pregnant. But they moved out of town later that year before she had the baby. but Jerry used to tell me that when she found out that she was pregnant, that he would hear his mom & dad argue about it. They didn't want anymore kids and were using rubbers all the time! his mother accused him of fucking her New Years Eve without a rubber! He would deny it, and she would tell him she knew that's when it was because she awoke without panties on and sperm in her. So Jerry if you should ever read this, your last brother or sister was more than likely fathered by your best friend. No offense but I can still savor the feeling of that warm pussy!

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