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---------------------------THE LAKE------------------------------------

We have a cabin in the mountains for the weekend… the girls are with reliable

friends. No worries… just relaxation and time together.

We're driving there in the truck; I am, frankly, all over you.

Windy roads, you keep telling me to let you drive. I try, but I simply cannot.

I keep touching you, stroking, sucking.

You are trying to get me to behave, but I can't keep my hands off of either one

of us. This is also a sort of celebration for us… money came in from a book

deal, and we got us a special present. Time to bring them out to play.

Yes, baby, my new breasts are fully healed and feel fantastic.

A healthy C cup, we had to buy a lot of new clothes, loving every second of it…

nothing seemed to fit anymore!

Part of the way there, you tell me I am quiet… and look over expecting to see me

reading a book or asleep.

What you see is a vision of loveliness, I am looking at my breasts, feeling

them, and stroking… just enjoying them. You don't interrupt… just keep glancing

at me wishing the truck had auto-pilot.

"Baby girl? Do me a favor?" I smile at your question, knowing that your favors

are almost exclusively sexual in nature…

"Yes lover?"

"Taste them for me, can you do that now? Are they still sore at all?"

Smiling, I move with my back against the door so that you can see more clearly.

My chest fully exposed, I cup my tits in my hands feeling their weight and the

silky texture of my skin. With very little effort, I bring my head down a little

and lift my breast to lick and suck the nipple.

I begin to moan almost immediately… you pull over quickly to enjoy the show but

I hardly notice the truck stopping.

You move closer, and share the nipple with me.

I am moaning in ecstasy, you slip two fingers in my pussy wanting to feel me cum

while I suck my own nipples. Soon your efforts are rewarded, you pull away to

watch my face as I cum, moaning and writhing on your hand on the side of the


I lean against your chest, my breath still ragged.

You smile, and speak to me softly as you slide behind the wheel and rest me on

your lap, pulling my shirt to mostly - but not completely - cover my new

titties. Part of you misses my old tiny ones… but you admit to yourself that

their replacements are a little slice of heaven. And now you can watch me lick

and suck my nipples, as you have always wanted me to - no longer only your

special pleasure… now OUR special pleasure to share together.

You pull back onto the highway, feeling my head on your lap.

Safe, secure, and so satisfied. This will be one hell of a weekend!

If you only knew what events would unfold… but I am getting ahead of myself…

first to the cabin!

We arrive, earlier than we had planned; I awake as the truck stops.

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Sitting up, I ask how long I was asleep. "Only about 30 minutes, baby... but you really needed it! Feel good?" "Good? No, fantastic! Michael this place is gorgeous!!" The sun is low in the sky, but it is not yet dusk. The lake ripples in the late afternoon heat… the weather is perfect. Warm, a slight breeze, fluffy clouds in the sky. We are standing in the driveway of the cabin; secluded, rustic, and beautiful. You make a joke about me skinny dipping, thinking that I won't do it. I turn to you, stretching as you tease me. "Oh no? I won't do it? I won't take my clothes off … right here…" I have already begun to strip… the clothes tossed onto the hood of the truck blatantly. "I won't get NAKED right here and walk into that lake way over there Lover?" You simply watch me, amazed, and so turned on - your cock is like a rock in your jeans, you have to reach in and give it a more comfortable resting-place. I am completely naked, and loving it. As I walk the few steps to you, I stroke my breasts, still amazed at how completely wonderful they feel. I press my body to yours. You have all of your clothes on… you comment on how much that always turns me on, how much I enjoy being naked before you take off a single stitch of clothing. "Mmn… and even better ahhh out here you know it baby?" I wiggle against you and giggle into your neck, feeling decidedly wicked and deliciously free. I undress you, and we walk slowly to the lake for a swim, relaxed. You are a little more concerned about your public nakedness than I am; but your little exhibitionist loves every second of it. Your conservative soul is a bit edgy about your brazenness, but seeing your wife like this more than makes up for any reservations. You concentrate on my body, my voice and soon forget your qualms. It is around 5pm; the sun has warmed the lake all day. We get in the water, surrounding us with soothing caresses. Swimming around, playing, kissing, and soon our playing gets more serious - passions ignite in earnest. I begin to stroke you in the water, then suddenly I go beneath the surface, you look around for a sec not sure what I am up to. That is until you feel my lips on your cock, my arms hugging your legs to remain below the water. Wishing I were a mermaid and could suck you for hours, I quickly run out of air and am forced to come up again. You are laughing as I surface, telling me I'm gonna drown. We are laughing and playing, but also turned on as hell. Moving in towards shore a bit, we stand about waist deep in water. You are caressing my body; we kiss passionately our bodies wet and shining in the slowly dimming sun. So very erotic, we are both thinking of how someone could walk up and discover us at any moment… it only adds to the excitement. You reach down into the water, feeling how slippery my submerged pussy is… and begin to tease me with the head of your cock. It is the sexiest thing I can imagine, everything coming together in erotic perfection… I am already moaning and making low animal like noises, losing control. You are teasing me, not letting me take you inside even though you know how badly I need you. The teasing is awful, I am calling you names, telling you that you are just being mean and I will get you later for this… in response you smile, shoving deep inside my aching pussy, only to withdraw to tease me again. My breasts are wet, shining, silhouetted by the lowering sun. We are totally lost in the moment, in each other. A woman's voice says "Ahh excuse me I umn…" I don't even hear her, lost in your embrace. Murmuring into your neck, "baby, baby ohh baby so good…" You are poking my belly gently, staring at the shore. "Hmn?" I ask, then it sinks in as you continue to look away from me and say "Umn, we're not alone." I pull against you close, we almost don't react at all - unsure of what to do. Our clothes are back at the truck, about 1000 yards away and on the other side of our observer. She is beautiful, and I sort of turn away. Before I do, I take her all in, in a glance. Her body is curvier than mine, her chest about the same size. Long blonde hair. Her hair color makes me smile, before we met you had a "thing" for blondes… I still tease you about it… my dark hair is damply trailing down my back. She is very tan, outdoors type perhaps. She is dressed in cut off jean shorts, rather short but not obviously revealing. Her cropped top reveals a flat rippled belly. I reach down and grab your cock brazenly, knowing she can't see what I am doing. Your cock acts as my security blanket, I love feeling you hot and hard in my hand. Only a few seconds have passed, but it feels like much longer to us… and likely to her as well! "Yes?" you say to the woman on the shore. "OH! Oh, I umn… oh ok well I was supposed to open the cabin for you, but I ran late and well you really weren't expected until morning." She is nervous, almost stuttering. Oddly enough in the situation, she is the one feeling naked. There is a padlock on the cabin door in addition the its normal lock; we could not have gotten in anyway. It seems as though our little dip saved us a bit of aggravation at being locked out. I have turned a bit, and am partly facing her. You say, "Ok, you can open the cabin then and thanks! No hassle, we didn't actually make it to the porch yet." And then return to kissing your wife. A moment later you realize she is still standing there, watching. You look at her as I nibble your ear and you like what you see. Remembering my long glance and how I turned away quickly you know that I liked the view as well. In your mind you suddenly see both of us at your cock and you want to ask me… want to know if I will let you feel two mouths… but dare you ask? You bend to whisper in my ear… "She's beautiful isn't she?" I look at you seriously, questioning, pulling back to look into your eyes. I laugh and smile, the desire I see in your eyes matches my own. I look at her again, really looking, noticing her beauty a bit more, her blonde hair in stark contrast to my own dark mane. I kiss your neck and say, "Well… I wouldn't kick her out of your bed, lover." as I grab your cock. "OUR BED," you say and I agree smiling, "Yes lover our bed." I have an idea you say to me, smiling. The woman has heard nothing of our low conversation. Calling to her, you say "If you like, come swim with us, my wife would really enjoy it!" She almost jumps, surprised. She is hesitant, unmoving... and yet does not turn your offer down. "Go get her for us love?" you whisper softly. I look at you, shocked. "ME???" I say perhaps a bit louder than I had intended. "Do you want it baby? Now or never, she won't stand there all night." You tell me softly. Mmn… I kiss you deep, stroking your hardness beneath the water and then suddenly I let go of you and break our kiss, walking ashore. I am very sure of myself, very confident and not at all the shy and nervous woman I would have expected in such a situation. Her eyes roam over my body as I approach, I can see that she is pleased and more than a little turned on by my shapely body. I take her hand, and move it to my breast knowing that you are watching, an unobstructed view of seduction. She begins to undress, tossing the clothes aside. I lead her into the water to you, she is still hesitant, but not really… her trepidation is tempered by sheer desire. "The water is warm," I say to her, and she agrees. "I love the lake", she says, "It's always warm and beautiful." As we arrive, you are looking from one woman to the other. You comment, "More so this evening…" reaching out to cup a breast in each hand, only one of which belongs to your lovely wife. We all laugh, and I whisper in her ear. As she disappears under the calm surface of the lake, I kiss you passionately… you feel her lips kiss your hard cock and you jump a little, eyes wide and then closing in ecstasy. She surfaces, and I guide your head to her nipple… it looks incredibly erotic for me, seeing you lick and suck a nipple that is not my own, and I join you there - we share her breasts together. We nibble and suck and she throws her head back moaning a little, the sounds she makes driving me wild. I take her hand in mine and we both touch you under the water. We both kiss your neck, our naked breasts pressed into your chest side by side… I lower my head to kiss her tits again, loving the feel of her nipple on my tongue. You are groaning, only her hand is on your cock now, mine has strayed into her crotch, and I am more than pleased by the wetness that I find there. I whisper into her ear loud enough for you to hear me as well, "Do you like to suck?" She looks at me, grinning, and I slowly shake my head. Her eyebrows arch and she slowly turns to look at you. "Yes," I say. "Care to share a treat with me?" "We both suck him?" she asks, looking at you, your throbbing cock still in her hands. You appear to have stopped breathing. Her reply is to look at me, saying, "Ohh damn he's big does he fit into your mouth?" I giggle mischievously and reply "Well actually he's a nice fit anywhere." We are talking about you like meat, and you love it. We each take one of your hands and lead you in closer to shore You sit on the sand, your ass still in the water. You watch as your wife and this blonde get on all fours in front of you and lick and suck your nipples… and then work lower, slowly lower… Our mouths touch your cock and it jumps. "I think he's a bit excited!" I say. "Mmn, he's huge!" she murmurs, looking at you closely. "Lick it, taste it, it'll get bigger," I say. "Trust me." She goes down on you, and I move up to press my chest to yours and kiss you deep, hard… then I move down and suck you, pushing her over a little and making her share. I am rubbing a hand on her back, her ass, as we suck and lick you - soon my probing fingers find the velvety folds of her pussy and she does the same for me. You are getting the view of your life; the two wiggling asses and the sensations of two warm mouths on your cock are like nothing you could ever have imagined. You can't take it, and tell us you are going to cum and SOON. We pull back to share it, both wanting to taste you. You cum everywhere, guiding your cock and making a mess all over us both. We pull back to share what we can, both wanting to taste you, to swallow your cum. I lick your cum from her breasts, and we relax in the water, cleaning up a little in the lake. You lay back in the sand, the gentle rise of the bank making a natural pillow and you pull us both on top of you, sighing in mock resignation, "Ohh it's going to be a long weekend I can tell already…" I slide off of you to rest at your side, cooing into your neck, "My poor poor baby", and watch as she moves up on you a little, slipping her nipple into your mouth…. a long lustful weekend indeed. Elle Ecrit ---------------------------THE END---------------------------------------

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