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"My Sister-in-Law on Vacation"

by Antonino

It was in December 1999 when I came home from work and my wife tells me that her sister was coming for a vacation and that I would pick her up tomorrow at four. I remembered her very well. Five foot 4inches, size 38c bra, and a body that excited me every time I see her. I said ok. The next day I went home and my wife says that I would have to go alone and pick her up.

When I arrived at the airport I was so excited and in a way horny. She made my dick grow every time I was near her. I was looking for her but didn't see her go right by me. All of a sudden she put her hands on my eyes and said "who is it?"

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I played along but I knew it was her. I called her name, Tina, and she removed her hands. At first sight I did not know what to say - she wore a skirt black and mini and a blouse so white you could see through. My eyes almost popped but I tried to control myself.

I said let's go, Rita was waiting. She said let Rita wait let's go have a drink. I agreed and went for the drink all through the drink i vision her and didn't not know what I was doing with her in front of me, i wanted to fuck her but how my sister in law no way . All of a sudden I felt something between my leg it was her foot and she was playing with my prick. I could not believe it but she did.

We finished the drink and I said let's go home. She said do you have a phone and I said yes. I gave her the phone and she called home and hi rita it your sister I stuck in new york and show be arriving in three hours. I am sorry if your husband is waiting at the airport has he called and my wife answer no. At this point I understood her reasoning. I called my wife and told her there was a delay and their was no reason why I should go home I'd wait for her. She agreed and said good bye.

As soon as I closed the phone she hug me and said let's go fuck.I did exactly what she told me to do. We went to motel and my 8 inch hardon was ready and she took it in her mouth and sucked it dry and then she fuck me dry two more times with that pussy that I didn't forget for the next three weeks. She had sex with me in the bathroom, in the car. She teased me while my wife was in the car with her mini skirts and no undies.

Man I can t wait for her next vacation.

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