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BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

Annie always walked along the waters edge when she was troubled. The sun was just beginning its' final descent as the sky waited in a silent anticipation. The colors were already beginning to ascend from the waters edge and the Seagull songs' echoed across the calm waters. She was a slight girl, always sensitive and caring. Never able to bear her own children, she cared for others youth in the local day care and when she met Rob there, they connected instantly. His calm demeanor, and sensitive responses had appealed to her loneliness, and they soon were saying their vows in the local community church amidst a gathering of adoring neighbors. As she strolled along quietly, she could feel the cool sand embrace her small feet, and wrap around her toes. It was Rob who had forced this retreat; he wouldn't leave her alone. Questioning her fears, she wondered why she couldn't open fully to his probing questions and his gentle hands. Realizing she wasn't alone she turned to greet him with a smile, but there one no one there. A shiver crept up her spine, and she turned for home, still feeling the caress of the cool water on her toes.

The creature had come from ages past; a small seed left behind in a cosmic calamity. Formless, and extremely adaptive it roamed the water. Through the years, it had evolved into semi-sentient being. It could change shape and form at will, and was restricted merely by the contact with his home, the sea. The creature had watched her sad form for quite some time, and longed for her energy, but could only wait until she drew nearer. As she began to quicken her pace in fear, it seized the opportunity, and formed two water tendrils that shot through the water to wrap around her ankles and pull her stunned form into the waves. She shrieked only once, as her second cry was smothered in the oceans foam. It had been enough, as Rob, who had been watching her from the balcony, saw her form go down with a scream. He lept onto the sand and raced to where she had been last seen screaming her name. When she failed to reappear he ripped the shirt from his well-toned frame, and dove in after her. The creature was waiting; and with a third substantially larger tendril, it encircled Robs' waist, and firmly pulled both captives into the depths.

Not wanting them to perish, it formed two flexible hollow tubes of water, which were forced into their mouths, and extended to the surface. With another tendril, it tore the fabrics from their flailing bodies; maintaining his grip. Able to breath now, both Annie and Rob desperately tried to free themselves from this mass of water they could barely distinguish from the sea about them, and when finding their attempts were useless, the tried to reach each other. The creature was far too powerful, and any resistance was immediately met with a tightening grip. They could only stare at each other through the refracted light from the surface. The creature began to administer to its victims, by gently stroking their bodies with even more invisible tendrils.

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Rob watched in amazement, as Annies' body began to responds to the creatures gentle administrations. More and more tendrils began to message her skin until she was totally engulfed, stroking her from head to foot while assuring her air supply remained undisturbed. Rob begin to feel his body responding also, as more and more tendrils surrounded his body with gently increasing pressures. The gentle swells of the sea about them, combined with the gentle circular motions of the creatures tendrils were the most erotic sensations they had ever experienced individually. The tendrils formed around their genitals and began to apply suction from a million different openings. Within moments, the other tendrils began to slowly apply suction to the remainder of their bodies. With gentle rhythms on their entire bodies, both Annie and Rob were soon highly aroused, and their way to completely unique orgasms.

Rob arrived first, his body arched in spasms, as one of the tendrils snaked down his urethra and into his prostrate to withdraw the orgasmic energies being expended there. The suction increased, and he felt as if he was being completely drained, while his glans became so stimulated he could no longer control his ejaculations. Annies eyes widened as she watched her lover climax into an unseen womb, and she became so entranced that she forgot herself for a moment. By now the creature had fully entered every opening of her body, including her urethra, and was intensifying its motions until she gasped in her own release. The tendrils snaked further into her womanhood, withdrawing every drop of passion she released. Rob had recovered enough to watch his wifes' tiny figure convulse in her own pleasure, before succumbing to another series of orgasms. Both human figures bucked and gyrated spontaneously as if they were puppets suspended by invisible strings for the better part of an hour until exhaustion took its toll and they both collapsed. With its appetite satisfied, the creature released its two exhausted captives and drifted further north . They washed ashore in darkness several hours later; exhausted, but otherwise unhurt.

The next day found Rob and Annie in bed, exploring each others bodies with a new openess never before experienced. Their intimate lives continued to improve, often raising the eyebrows of their neighbors with their antics. As the early evening descends, they can often be seen in a soft embrace, watching the seas calm. Sometimes the creature returns their gaze.

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