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Helping Out My Brother Inlaw


This past summer has been a very interesting experience for me and my family even. My sister Betty and her husband Ron were expecting a baby the first part of July. Betty is my younger sister and married Ron about two years ago. She is 22, and I am 24, we have always been considered as good looking from grade school right on through high. I attended college, while Betty concentrated on marrying Ron.

Ron is a sweet guy and I love him dearly as my brother in law. You could say, he is kind of lucky to have married into a family of three good looking women, Betty, Myself, and our mother, who is 44 and still gorgeous. My father and mother divorced long ago and we haven't seen him since.

Well Betty's pregnancy took a bad turn in the last month and half. Her doctor advised her not to have intercourse until after birth. I kind of knew that Ron was probably climbing the walls by now. I knew from our dating days that Betty was not partial to sucking cock, so Ron would be high and dry until the baby was born and then six weeks after. Having only Betty's hand to bring him off once in a while.

Finally in the first friday this past July, Betty delivered late at night. Ron had been in to see the Baby, but mom and I had not. So Ron was going to take us to breakfast and then to the hospital to visit. Mom and Ron were going to come over to my apartment and we would go from there.

I had gotten up early and cleaned my apartment a little, showered and dressed in blouse, skirt and heels, I went around doing some final sprucing up of my place before mom got over. I was surprised when Ron knocked on the door over an hour early. He told me he was too excited to sleep, so he thought he may as well come over.

I put on a pot of coffee and went about the apartment as before. Ron sat on the couch watching CNN. As I flitted about, I would occassionally catch Ron looking at my legs. I have always received compliments on my legs. I had heels on and I went tanning regular, I didn't need panty hose. My skirt was just above the knee and I was wearing a bra under my blouse, but despite that, I spotted a teltail bulge at Ron's crotch.

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I was amused and slightly turned on, and I also felt sorry for him, knowing he hadn't had any pussy in quite a while. It had been a while since I had been fucked too, so I could identify with him. When I brought him a cup of coffee, his bulge was even more larger than before. I mentally made a note that Ron was apparently pretty well hung, since the outline of his cock head was getting visible quite a way down his trouser leg.

The phone rang, and it was mom saying she would be a little late due to an errand she had to run. I finally was satisfied with how my place looked and sat across from Ron in a chair with my cup of coffee. I crossed my legs in a very nice way, and in no way intentionally to turn Ron on. As I crossed them, I heard a slight gasp come from Ron and caught his eyes trying to look up my skirt. His cock bulge was now so obvious it couldn't be hidden, although he tried with his hand in his lap.

Ron spoke first.

"You and Betty sure have your mother's legs"

This was true, mom had a fantastic set of legs, and not just for her age.

"Ron, I know about the problem you and Betty have had and I feel sorry for you both"

"Whew yeah, am I glad that its almost over"

"Climbing the walls huh?" I laughed

"And how, its been really tough with no release"

"NONE?, doesn't Betty help you out some?"

"Not at all, she feels that we must both sacrifice until its over"

I had thought that Betty would at least jerk him off out of pitty for his condition. I knew from my own experience that self gratification was very temporary at best. I became bolder and more turned on as we continued on the subject.

"Don't you releave yourself?"

"Yes but its just not the same, you know?"

I nodded my head with understanding, as I watched Ron stop trying to hide his condition. God he had one hell of a bulge. I wondered what his cock looked like. Staring right at his bulge, I said.

"Am I the cause of that?, I'm sorry if I teased you"

"Don't be silly, you have nothing to be sorry for, Its the state of mind I'm in" "The other day I got this way at your mother's house even with Betty there."

"You have time to use the bathroom before mom gets here, I'm sure"

"No thanks that has just left me kind of empty and wishing for more"

"Would it feel better if you did it infront of somebody?"

"You mean you want me to jerk off in front of you?"

"If it'll help" I uncrossed my legs and slowly spread them enough for him to see my panties. I was turned on enough to want to see his prick. I had no intention of doing any more.

I watched as Ron slowly unzipped his pants, reached in and with some difficulty, pulled a beautiful 8" cock out into the open. He was pretty thick also. It was straight as an arrow, not curved like most. I felt my pussy getting wetter by the second.

He groaned as he looked up my skirt while wrapping his hand around his shaft and slowly pumping.

"Will you help me do it Shiela?"

"What? jerk you off?"

"Yes please"

It would feel better for him if it were a strange hand, plus the idea was driving my pussy into small spasms.

"Okay, but thats all, no touching or anything else" "I'll bring you to a climax with my hand and thats it"

"Your a great sister in law Sheila" He smiled at me as I got up and went over to him. I dropped to my knees in front of him and replaced his hand with mine. My fingers wouldn't even touch, he was so thick. He let out a low moan as I began to jerk him off. As I squeezed a large drop of pre cum out of the tip, we heard my mom's car pull into the driveway.

Ron groaned out his frustration and disappointment as I released his pole and got up. He had just barely finished getting it back in his pants when mom walked in.

Mom was also wearing a skirt, but hers had a large stain in the front. She explained that she had run her errand, gotten a cup of coffee to go and spilled it on her skirt while driving over here.

"Since I was so close, I thought I'd stop in and tell you that I'm going home to change then I'll meet you two at the restaurant Okay?" I saw mom give a knowing glance at Rons bulge as she went back out.

Once gone Ron Pleaded.

"Please Sheila, you've got to finish what you started, I'm worse off now"

"We'll have to make it quick, it won't take her long to change and get to the restaurant from her house"

I was already on my knees before him as he fished his hard cock back out. I knew I could bring him off a quicker way. Thats why I leaned forward and took him into my mouth. Ron's legs stiffened as though he had been hit with electricity. He groaned as his fingers went to my hair. I got to bob my head and swirl my tongue around his cock head only a few times. He stiffened and began shooting his hot load into my mouth. I had to swallow like hell to keep up with the flood, but I managed it. I kept sucking him until he quit oozing cum.

He kept thanking me as I stood up and licked my lips of some cum that had snuck out. He had tasted better than my recent boyfriend, and I loved swallowing his cream. As I looked down to his cock, expecting to see him limp. I moaned as I saw what seemed to be an even harder cock sticking out from his zipper.

"Damn Ron, we have to go, are you still horny?"

"God I haven't had a blow job in who knows how long, and I'm so fucking horny, it just won't go down"

"You had better cum quick" I said as I raised my skirt and pulled my panties down and off. Raising my skirt, I straddled Ron's lap and guided his cockhead to my slit. We both groaned as the head slid into my wet hole. I slowly sank down onto his long shaft, by the time it hit the bottom I went into a fantastic orgasm. Ron continued to slowly pump up into me as I came down from heaven. He kept moaning and thanking me for helping him. It wasn't very long and he shot another huge load, only this time my pussy came along with him as he emptied himself into me.

A couple of minutes just resting, and I slid off, and sucked him clean, put my panties on and we were off to meet mom. Ron was so thankful, he couldn't tell me enough in the car.

"Ron, I enjoyed it too, but I hate what I have done to my own sister, So we have just done that for the first and last time, UNDERSTOOD?"

He agreed as we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. We had a nice breakfast, when done, Ron excused himself to go to the men's room. Mom looked at me and said,

"I'm glad you drained that poor boy's balls for him, I thought I would have to do it the way he was climbing the walls"

"What are you talking about MOTHER?"

My mom went on to explain that we both smelled of sex as soon as we came in the door. And she hoped that it was the last time. I assured her that Ron and I had agreed that it was a one time mercy fuck and it would not happen again.

Nothing has ever been said about the incident since. But Betty and Ron want to have another baby next year, so maybe there will be another chance for me to give Ron some release. So I thought anyway.

Betty's six week check up was in one week, and I thought that maybe Ron would need just one more release to hold him over. So When Betty took the baby in for a check up, I went over to their house to see if I could offer my services.

To my surprise, my mom's car was in the driveway. As I went into the house, I could hear noises from the back bedroom. I crept forward to the open door, there sitting on the bed was Ron, kneeling before him was my mother with his cock buried deep in her throat. They never saw me as he shot his load down her throat, then she got undressed and they went 69, and then fucked to completion.

I will have to talk to mom, about taking turns, after all she has to share!

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