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      by jps            (happy couple, voyeurs)

Chapter One - Beach Friends

They were old friends, after all, and the day had been a long one. They were just a little tired from the long walk down the beach, the picnic in the nest of tall, sand-colored reeds, and easygoing talk of their thoughts, their children, their various likes and dislikes.

They had held hands as they walked, enjoying the closeness that it added to their conversation, and--approaching middle age--the feeling of youth that it brought to them.

Yes, it was hard to keep their long- standing interest in one another out of the conversation, even though they were simply neighbors. They'd known each other casually for quite a few years, talking at neighborhood parties, just flirting in a friendly, teasing way. But at this new stage in their lives those years weren't wasted, it turned out. They did seem to count for something, the way high-school sweehearts, meeting many years later, shared a new intimacy greater than anything they'd had long ago in school. To some extent they could behave as lovers, whether or not they had ever been quite that close. It was something like that with them, he thought. As a man and a woman, they knew they experienced something beyond the day and the walk. He admired her youthful figure, the way the light hit her red-brown hair, the glint of mischief and independence in her eyes. And she, too, knew her own mind: on a day like this she liked feeling protected by him, so much taller than she, and liked his easy smile and refusal to take too somberly what was obviously serious in their lives.

The picnic had been fun, too, as if they were hiding in their private shelter from people and from the onshore breeze. He'd even kissed her hands once while she'd passed him a cup of coffee from the thermos, and they'd put their arms around one another's waists as they stood looking out over the Sound at the distant windsurfers.

He liked the way she sat on the blanket, her blue cotton skirt tucked loosely under her tanned legs while her feet played in the sand. She'd leaned back on her elbows, looking up at the sky and he'd almost kissed her again...but, of course, they were not there as lovers.

He felt that she knew how casually seductive she was, though, and that she sensed his gaze on her, desiring her, and that she would have liked him to take her in his arms and lie next to her on the blanket, kissing her and caressing her body.

But now the day was over and the dusk had begun to set in. They moved briskly back down the almost-deserted beach. There were just a few late walkers out with their dogs, and a few kids here and there waiting for darkness before they'd start a fire with driftwood and then relax in one another's arms, and maybe do a few things their parents wouldn't like them to, if they knew.

The parking lot came up soon enough, and they loaded the baskets and blankets into the trunk of her car.

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"Warm it up fast," he said. "It's cold when the sun goes down at this time of year." He patted her knee as she fired up the Volvo. "Good Swedish heater in here anyway, we'll be warm soon." He noticed her shiver slightly.

"Cold, are you?" he asked. "How about stopping off at the bar at the Inn. We could sit by the fire and have a little brandy to take the chill off? Maybe have some supper?"

She liked brandy, its spreading warmth within her, and she liked fires, their flickering light. It was a good idea, even if a little dangerous. They'd desired one another this afternoon. But their relationship wasn't ready for fires, she thought.

"Well," she said, "maybe just one. What time do you have to be back? I don't want to keep you. But I could use a little warming up." She chuckled to herself at the double meaning. Yes, she thought, she would like some warming up...just as she would have on the beach this afternoon. She'd liked stretching out, allowing the light skirt to follow the contours of her legs while her blouse tightened over her breasts. She liked him to want her, and to want him...even as friends.

The Inn was old, and its small bar was dimly lighted. There was even a fire in the fireplace. As they chose the table next to it, the barmaid told them that it was the first one of the season. They touched glasses and savored the brandy.

"You know," she said, "fires are one of my favorite things. But they make me sleepy."

"Me too," he answered, "sleepy, but...happy." They understood one another.



Chapter Two - Inns

The heat of the fire penetrated their bones and soon merged with the brandy's warmth. Their laughter grew softer, and they held hands while they sipped their second drinks. The fire's soft light cast moving shadows over her face, and with her hand she brushed her hair slightly forward over her neck.

His eyes glowed with his appreciation of her and he leaned forward over the small table to kiss her softly on the lips. "The light does you justice here," he whispered, "you are just beautiful. I'd like to hold you. Would you like that?"

She would, she thought, she would. She stretched in her chair, conscious of the way his eyes followed her, the way her clothes clung to her body as she felt the warmth of desire fill her. She pressed her leg against his under the table, answering him with a pleasantly teasing voice.

"Why?" she answered, "Is that what's on your mind? You'd like your arms around me? What if I wanted to put mine around you? Do you think you'd like that too?" She enjoyed bantering with him like this, reflecting his seductiveness back at him.

Though she pretended to speak flippantly to him, the truth was that she was enjoying the seduction. The Inn was safe, and she could call off their game anytime she wanted to. But she liked it. She could feel her nipples hardening and the heat of desire spreading deep within her, and she would have loved to hold him in her arms and open her legs and allow him to enter her. She wanted to feel him slide deep inside, filling her as she clung to his length, savoring him with the depths of her body.

She wondered if he noticed. She didn't want to be too obvious--but on the other hand, she thought to herself, she couldn't think of any reason why not.

She knew that she was a good lover, that her body pleased herself at the same time that it pleased her man, and that she could savor lovemaking for hours. And something in his eyes made her suspect that he was like her--someone who could enjoy physical closeness and mingle lovemaking with the intimacy of shared thoughts and words.

She thought she'd check on her perception, just for fun, just for dangerous fun. "What time did you say you had to be back? You never did say. Or are we going to be stuck here all night?"

He did not answer her directly.

"Lean back like that again," he said, "I like to see you a cat. Sweet muscle and bones under a soft surface. Of course I'd like you to hold me. That's why I asked. But what's on your mind? All night? Are you trying to scare me?" His eyes twinkled as he reached over to touch her cheek. "All night doesn't seem so bad. They have all we need here in the Inn, I guess.

"And since you ask," he continued, "it does look like snow, sometime. It might even be coming tonight. You never know." He laughed softly, looking directly into her eyes.

"Yes, it does seem like snow at that," she said, with a hint of melodrama, "it does look like we could be snowed in. Trapped with one another. How could we stand it? Would we go out of our minds, cabin fever? Or would we sustain ourselves through the long winter, somehow, with bear rugs and campfires, a Hardy Survival Team in the Frozen North?

"I've got another idea, though--how about another brandy? In case we need to be rescued, we've got to be prepared. You're right about that snow, you just never know."

She was enjoying the little drama, and she liked the idea of getting slightly high from the brandy. She knew that if they were to make love that it would be good, and she knew that she liked him and that he liked her. So why not? And if they didn't, they could enjoy the danger of their desire together.

It was dark out now, and the Inn's lights were dim. She reached up to unfasten the top two buttons of her blouse, letting him see her do it. She looked into his eyes, as directly as he had looked at her. "If you're going to be snowbound," she said, "you've got to be ready for anything. Let's have that brandy."



Chapter Three - Brandy

The second brandy flowed deeply through her and she welcomed the heat just as she welcomed the desire. Her mind kept moving back to the afternoon on the beach, to the intimacy of their hideaway in the reeds and the careful casualness of their conversation.

Though all afternoon she'd set aside her desire, she now could feel it more fully, and wanted him to take her in his arms and kiss her as he pressed the full length of his body against her. It was as if they'd been making love all afternoon...and as if she wanted still more.

"How would you feel about a little walk-- just outside around the Inn, to wake up a little?" he asked. "We'll come back in to finish our drinks, then maybe have a little supper?" He held her hand across the small table as he spoke and she knew that the walk was only part of what he wanted. The thought excited her, but she acted as though she were calm, indifferent but agreeable.

"Good idea," she answered, "but just for a few minutes. Before it snows." She laughed with him as they rose and told the waitress that they'd be right back.

They walked through the Inn's several small dining rooms looking at the paintings and etchings on the walls, at the odd collection of knicknacks that had been left behind--or, she joked, bought at tag sales the previous weekend. She enjoyed having him guide her through the rooms, his hand on the small of her back, as though she needed his assistance.

They played the game of couples well together. At the glassed-in sunporch, closed off and emptied for the winter, they stopped to look out at the back lawn and tidal looked out at the marsh, dimly visible in the light cast from the inn's windows. They stood there, close together. No one was in the room. He turned to face her and leaned down to brush her lips with his.

She did not resist, but opened her mouth daringly to taste his lips with the tip of her tongue and melted into his body, allowing her warmth to spread into him and feeling the stiffening of his cock against her thighs. She knew that he wanted her, and she pressed her hips toward him as they kissed again, longer, more deeply. His hands slid lower, over her hips, and pulled her to him, and then moved upward to caress the sides of her breasts.

They knew they could not kiss for too long, but they savored one another for as long as they could. The kisses left them breathless and shaky and eager for more. They pulled apart and looked almost shyly into one another's eyes.

"I guess we should continue our walk," she said, looking up at him. An image of him kneeling naked above her, looking down at her while she lay nude and abandoned in bed, flashed through her mind. She wondered if her could see the thought in her eyes. Or was he thinking the same thing?

He kissed her softly again. "Yes. we should," he whispered, looking directly into her eyes, as if he could read her thoughts. Again their lips met softly, as his hand moved to the back of her neck, holding her gently.

"Yes, really," she whispered back, smiling slightly at him. "It would be a shame not to, wouldn't it?" She felt very bold, perhaps too bold. But she wanted to take him inside her and to hold him there, contracting on his cock slowly and gently, savoring him while they talked, good friends and sweet lovers.

"We really should," she said again, softly, to herself.



Chapter Four - Strolls

Soon they were out on the Inn's lawn, walking in the semidarkness at the far edge of the window light. The warmth of the interior was still with them though it was chilly, and as they strolled they glanced through the lighted windows where they could see Inn visitors at tables or relaxing over drinks. On the second floor, room lights showed comfortable suites with flowered wallpaper.

"Nice rooms," he said, giving her hand a squeeze. Both of them knew that it would be nice to be up there in one of them, getting ready for dinner--or for bed. As they neared the west wing of the Inn they could see a silhouette flicker against closed, thin curtains as someone walked past a window. They were headed that way and soon were directly opposite the room. The silhouette appeared again, and then was joined by another person, a woman, in an embrace. "A couple," she whispered to her friend. They were really quite close to them, she realized--about thirty feet away, looking slightly upward. They could not help looking. It was as if they were observing themselves. The couple's shadow seemed to merge into one person and then separate, and them merge again as they kissed.

She felt herself grow excited at this silent scene, and she could sense that her friend was as fascinated as she was. He turned to her for a kiss.

"I'd like to be up there with you," he whispered. Doing just what they are doing. Would you like that?"

"Yes, I would, very much," she answered, "but look at them now."

The couple were a step apart, and appeared to be undressing. The shadow of the woman's full breasts and hips was visible as she bent to remove her dress, and the man's erect cock flashed quickly across the curtain as he turned back to her. They were in one another's arms again, and their bodies undulated slowly against one another.

The woman turned around, her back against the man, and his hands cupped her breasts as she maneuvered his cock between her thighs and thrust back against him wantonly.

On the lawn, she and her friend watched, trembling with desire. She turned her back to him and they stood like the silhouetted couple, whispering to one another. "Looks like fun," he said. She pressed back against him, letting him feel her buttocks against his stiffness. "I wouldn't know," she said, chuckling quietly, "do you think I'm that kind of girl?" He squeezed her waist in answer and kissed the top of her head.

"They're probably married," he said, "they seem so good at it. Does it take a lot of practice?" "Depends on who's the coach," she answered back with a smile.

They fell silent as the couple in the window turned to face one another again and embraced tightly, the man's hands on the woman's hips. Then he bent lower over her and lifted her, and her legs opened and grasped his waist while her head arched back. His cock was sliding inside her and they were slowly moving back and forth, two practiced lovers who had done this many times before.

Their quiet observers watched in the shadows, she rotating her hips against her friend's cock as he caressed her breasts softly and slid his hands down over her belly to her thighs. Watching the lovers through the curtains seemed to bring them closer, as they shared the forbidden scene.

She knew that with a few easy motions she could slide off her panties lift up her skirt and he'd be in her, and they would enjoy one another fully. But she knew that they would want to savor that experience to the fullest--and that this quiet observation was something they could talk about over and over in bed, later.

"I'd like to be doing that to you, now," he whispered. "They are lucky. And they seem happy at it, don't they?"

The woman's legs were stretched out behind the man as he bent over to kiss her, a long kiss. His hands cradled her buttocks as over and over he lifted her up tight against him, and then lowered her so that she could slide down the length of his cock. Their shadowed bodies strained against one another as their movements grew more rapid. Muffled sounds of moaning penetrated the window, as she arched he head backward.

The lovers on the lawn watched as the couple in the window began to moan, as she took the cock deeply into her opened and welcoming cunt, and contracted on its length. They clung together, moving more slowly, and then she lowered her legs to the floor as they embraced and kissed again.

"Watching them makes me want you," she said as she responded to her friend's slow thrusts against her. "And practice does make perfect, they say."

They turned face to face and looked into one another's eyes. In the window, two other lovers, in shadow, did the same.

Chapter Five - Sofa

Soon they were back inside, flushed with their adventure and with their new desire. Their waitress semed to guess at something, and smiled warmly at them asthey ordered another brandy. She bought back generous portions, and they sipped eagerly at the liquid, feeling it burn within their bodies. "That was some walk," he said, finally. "I hope you ween't embarassed. That happens only once in a lifetime. I'm glad I was with you."

He looked directly into her eyes as he spoke.

"It was...unusual," she smiled as she answered. "I felt a little embarassed. Didn't you? But I liked it. It made me want you...more."

They touched their glasses, a small toast to their adventure.

- The End -

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