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BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

They were from another time and place and came to find hope for their kind. Their ship would search the known star-systems, and move into the uncharted regions in its quest; to finally fall from the stars with its fuel expended. Screaming through the atmosphere, the ship became a fireball, ejecting its precious cargo seconds before slamming into a primordial marshland. The impact generated a tsunami of unbelievable proportions, and sent a cloud of debris into space that could be seen from light years away. The little planet recoiled violently; its’ supported life forms perished, and its history was irrevocably changed. Amidst the surrounding cataclysm and rebirth, they would awaken and struggle to survive.

They were the "Ara" expedition; one of nine separate expeditions sent out into the vastness of space to secure the most valued substance known to exist; unmutated male semen. Their ship contained three flawless creatures; the recently developed omni protos with universal adaptability. The protos were suspended in separate modules that were virtually impervious to damage and impregnated with the identical operational imperative. As the modules slammed into the side of an active volcano and split open, their contents were exposed to radioactive and bacterial elements that had not been anticipated, and they lost their ability to materialize. Over time, two of the three specters succumbed to the harsh elements, leaving only Kara to adapt and somehow provide her world with a chance to survive.

With no word from the expedition, the host planet sent out rescue ships to their known universe which all would eventually return empty-handed. The other expeditions that were to return, either returned in complete failure, or with semen that could not adapt. Hope was all but lost, as the now female dominated planet, watched the last of their aging male populace succumb to age. At first, lesbianism and feminine competition dominated the social order; but with time and the lack of competition, domination became apathy, and lesbianism became perversion. Purity became the essence of the species. The scientific community focused their efforts upon perpetual youth and gradually the memory of a male counterpart became more of a fable than a fact.

It was a clear September night when the Starship left orbit, and departed on its exploratory mission. On board were eight crew members especially conditioned for the long flight ahead. Although the ship was capable of travel beyond the speed of time, the navigational equipment required that they maintain a constant cruise far below that speed. Shortly after they cleared the navbeacon beyond Pluto, they received the first signal from a distant star. It was brief and garbled, yet enough to convince both the crew and the scientific community to alter their course. As the ship eased onto its new heading and negotiated the asteroid belt, a shadowy figure enveloped the passive receiving dish and insured it was pointed at the faint glint of light a distant ninety days from their current position.

The first to become aware of Kara’s presence was the middle-aged flight commander. Relaxing in his quarters while developing a training itinerary, he felt her cool, soft form on his cheek, then his neck, then down the front of his flight suit past the rounding of his stomach to his groin. There she slid between the fibers of his suit, and swirled around his flaccid manhood, bringing cool soft pressure to his sensitive places. His erection was almost instantaneous, and as he opened his suit he stared in fascination as his organ changed shape to the administrations of the invisible invader. How many times through the ages she had coaxed the life giving fluid from a man she could scarcely count, but she new that her life depended upon fertile semen. She also knew that if he could provide for her immediate hunger, she would insure the ship reached her home planet to provide the long-awaited gift of life.

Now aware the stimulation stemmed from an of the alien presence, he quickly abandoned his erotic thoughts and stood up in an effort to dislodge the parasite. It clung to his pubis fervently, and he was barely able to punch the shipboard alarm button as he slid on to the floor from the pressure on his gonads. Kara quickly adapted to his emotional change and altered her form into a tiny cloud that nuzzled into the cleft of his glans and slowly progressed through his urethra and into the prostrate where it divided into two like streams. Continuing their gradual progression they finally reached the two milky white gonads filled with millions of quivering, perfect sperm. Kara was overwhelmed and hungrily engulfed them, drawing their creamy essence into her being. Two of the crew mates rushed in with their weapons raised to witness their commander curled in a fetal position with both hands around his genitals and his face contorted in a silent scream. They immediately assessed the danger, and retreated, sealing off the room in quarantine. Kara consumed all that she could maintain, then gradually drifted back into his prostrate where she could regenerate.

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Several hours later, the commander awoke to the unique sensation of having his prostrate completely evacuated as Kara moved through his urethra and back into the open air. As he stared at his shriveled organ in amazement, a small white cloud slowly drifted from the opening in his glans and reformed just above his abdomen. It then moved off slowly to the air duct and disappeared into the bowels of the ship. He paged his first officer and after a short conference, briefed the entire crew as to what he had experienced, tasking the two female crew members to oversee the ships’ critical functions. The remaining six donned life-support equipment and took up residence in the medical quarantine area where many of the ships controls were diverted.

As the two female crew members continued to monitor the ships functions, they were unaware that Kara was insuring the air seal to one of the nearby viewing ports would rupture. When it finally succumbed to the ships’ internal pressure, both of the women were blown free; their tortured screams the final sounds the male crew members would ever hear from them. Restoring the ships’ integrity with a portable bulkhead, Kara moved back into the ships’ air supply, from whence the remaining crew drew their oxygen. Within minutes, the second crew member felt the cool touch on his face, only this time Kara dispensed of the formalities, and dove directly into his lungs, where she followed one of the arteries to his reproductive system. Within moments, she had surveyed his virility, and moved on to the next crewman. The same evolution was quickly repeated with all of the remaining crewmen and they were all suitable "providers" except for one. He was the ships’ Doctor, and a vasectomy performed years earlier negated any possibility of offspring although the amount of milky semen he could generate was most remarkable.

With the crew completely surveyed and the ships’ course assured, Kara re-entered the Doctors body where she intended to weather the remainder of the voyage. The small gas cylinders that she had attached to the other crew members’ air hoses, would assure they would sleep fitfully until they entered orbit around her home planet Terra. With almost three months to enjoy her host, she set about to draw every ounce of liquid his prostrate could provide utilizing the simple technique of stimulating every nerve ending in his genital regions. Entering the blood stream, she drifted into his lungs and nervous system where she lodged herself into his pelvic region. Carefully, she selected the nerves that traveled into his reproductive system, and gently infiltrated each branch and synapse. Within a few minutes, his erogenous zones were under her influence.

He couldn’t help but gain an immediate erection, as he felt her invade every pore of his member and the surrounding tissues. Soon he felt her cool presence throughout his glans, corona, meatus, and down his now enlarged urethra. Unconsciously, the Doctor spread his legs to allow the sensation to continue through his scrotum and around his throbbing anus. Kara was relentless in her stimulation, and within just a few moments of her unearthly invasion, his prostrate involuntarily contracted in the first of a continuing series of orgasms. His scrotum became tighter as her stimulation intensified, forcing his two disconnected testes deep into his abdominal cavity while lengthening his manhood. He was forced to surrender to her desires and for the next three days, he continued to spasm continuously as Kara feasted on all of the seminal fluids his body could produce. When he finally collapsed from exhaustion, she paused to regenerate, only to resume her stimulation when his consciousness returned. The cycle continued until, unable to cope, his overloaded nervous system became numb and disoriented. As she departed, she watched the once virile figure with sadness. No longer able to respond to the outside world, he continually spasmed with uncontrolled orgasms and uttered single syllable sounds in monotones.

Two days later the ship entered into its fatal orbit around Terra. The other crew members awoke as they were transported to a holding cell on the planets’ surface. Outside the dark holding cell, the scientific community studied their actions intently, the council debated their most effective utilization fervently, and the female populace awaited their appearance anxiously. Immediately after their safe transport, Kara triggered the auto-destruct sequence and floated into the atmosphere, confident of a position of dignity with the council for her contribution to the planets’ survival. The ships’ explosion was as bright as the sun, and a black trail of smoke marked the final descent into the nether regions of the planet. It was decided to allow the scientific council control of seminal distribution, while the high council would assume responsibilities for acclimatization into their culture. An agenda was established, and living quarters were rapidly assembled with a one-way mirror across the back wall to satisfy the curious onlookers.

The men were huddled together, partly in fear and in part to stay warm. As they held each other, they were suddenly overwhelmed by a swarm of renegade protos that had rejected the authority of the council to form their own society. The invisible invaders attacked the reproductive organs of the victims, intentionally purging all of the life giving semen. The men stared at each other in surprise, trying to understand why they were ejaculating from their flaccid organs. Within just a few brief moments, the men were purged of their life-giving semen, and the swarm moved off into the open air only to encounter Kara, whom they immediately dispatched. The rebellion had begun, and the earthmen would be the prize. When the scientific community later examined the men, they would only find traces of semen, along with the "footprints" of the protos. The council was immediately informed, and the battle lines were soon drawn. Within a few hours, a protective cloud of toxins circled the alien city, and the men were subjected to an exhaustive "restructuring" that clinically purified their bodies and prepared them for the task at hand. The restructuring process eliminated all the harmful bacteria, established effective antibodies against all known diseases, and stimulated their hormones and reproductive organs to function at a remarkable rate.

Within eight hours, all five of the men were experiencing continual erections and erotic desires. They had been given a briefing from the high council and were given time to explore their new home. All efforts would be made to insure their purity, comfort, and safety, and they would be allowed a voice on the scientific council. They were to spend the remainder of their natural lives in the habitat; a large complex with five unique rooms capable of transforming into any place and time that the user could imagine. All of their needs would be met at the touch of a button - it was a created paradise, with the only requirement being that of sexual performance. The "recipients" were allowed to transform into any form they desired, and after they were clinically purified, they were given a brief orientation and a hormone that would stimulate their eroticism. The hormone was far too effective, and although the female recipients were inexperienced, their long dormant desires overwhelmed their male counterparts, and they became the dominant force in their lovemaking. Within a few days, the men were begging for a respite, but the scientific community refused their pleas.

It was during this conference, that the protos were able to introduce an antibody into the air supply that would disrupt the amino acids in the developing fetus. Within moments, the fertilized recipients watched in horror as their future generation oozed from between their legs. Upon hearing of the losses, the scientific council immediately suspended any further fertilization assuming there was a genetic fault with the aliens. The men were immediately returned to the dark holding cell in an act of frustration where the protos were waiting, now mutated to tolerate both the toxins and their purified hosts. With rapid dispatch, they entered the aliens bodies, and effectively altered every cell to assume their own characteristics. The now mutated men were able to quickly escape and evade capture as they seized one of the dormant spacecraft. Within moments, the ship roared to life and bolted off into the heavens; its creators staring in disbelief. It wasn’t until the ship was well beyond the range of interception that the crew finally relaxed and set a course towards home.

Twenty hours from their first rendezvous with earths’ communication, a small asteroid swept past the ship, and unbeknownst to its passengers, drew them into an alternate time line. The crew members were to search their home planet for hours, until they were finally able to identify a brief burst of energy originating from the planets’ surface. With their fuel all but expended, they descended onto the virgin planet where the would encounter the remains of the Ara expedition. Assuming human form, the reunited colony would blend into a sexual union of incredible intensity. Their bodies were able to assume a myriad of shapes with an inexhaustible variety of sexual and arousal organs and they were able to transcend all of the material barriers the planet offered. The energy generated from their collective stream of orgasms formed a pure cloud that would bring showers of ecstatic energy for years to come and their subsequent offspring would virtually eliminate all other life forms, to emerge as the dominant species in this universe.

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