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BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

It had been a quiet night up until now. Working in the emergency room had always been Katies dream; although the staff shortages were forcing her to accept broader responsibilities than she had been trained for, and she worked with the constant fear that she may be "in over her head." If it wasn’t for the support of her "soul mate" Cris, she would have quit a long time ago. But the two had made a special "pact" to stick it out together over a glass of warm Chablis one night, and remained true to their promise despite the ever increasing pressures. Katie was the most shy of the two; the middle child between two brothers, she had spent most of her youth on a farm, and was continually badgered in the male dominated family. Cris was far more assertive, being the eldest of a four member family, and had learned responsibility early thanks to her working parents and a younger brother.

Both nurses had exceptional appearances, and never lacked for offers to view the most recent releases, or sample the appetizers at the finer restaurants. They had their share of young doctors and "secure older men," with the subsequent nights of wild passion and lonely mornings that followed. Neither had found a perspective counterpart to help alter their current paths, and the long hours with floating shifts made any serious attempts of pursuit almost impossible. During one particular event, they had turned to each other in desperation for gratification only to burst into laughter at one of the more serious moments. Still, they longed for the companionship of someone who could really care and would often exchange like fantasies during extended coffee breaks.

As the night wore on, the steady stream of victims, victims of victims, and those seeking victims dwindled into recent memory and the two young nurses finally were able to share a break together. Amidst their exchanges they both noticed the two young interns over in the corner at the same instant and abruptly stopped talking. The two men had both faces and figures to die for; but it was their intense blue eyes that awoke the nurses’ hormones. As if by cue, the two men ended their apparent conversation and turned to face the nurses with warm, perfect smiles. For a long moment, four sets of eyes stared at each other wordlessly, yet saying so much. The next moment found them at the same table, impervious to time and reservations. They seemed to have so much in common and it was only the entrance of one of the veteran Doctors that broke the magical mystery of the moment they were sharing. The remainder of the night flew past in a flurry, the two nurses exchanging knowing smiles as they passed one another on their individual routes.

Their shift ended as a brief whisper in the wind, and they both dashed to the powder room to try and mask the effects of the evening. With a final spritz of perfume they headed to the pre-determined rendezvous with wings on their feet, only to find their two young suitors missing. Assuming work commitments had detained them, Katie and Cris exchanged anxious "small-talk" in an effort to hurry the clock. Soon they became so intent in their conversation that they failed to notice the giant shadow in the sky that approached from the horizon and hovered over the parking lot where they stood. Suddenly they were surrounded by a curtain of floating crystals, and felt themselves being pulled into the air. They tried to call out for help, but the sounds was endlessly echoed in their ears, and they soon became disoriented and lost consciousness.

Katie awoke first. They both floated midway between the floor and ceiling in a featureless white room; naked and, with the exception of the hair on their heads, clean shaven. Her skin felt incredibly clean and glistened in the subdued light; and she knew her digestive tract had been purged. The sensation of floating effortlessly on air, totally naked and clean was the most relaxing sensation she could remember, and she closed her eyes to savor the moment. It was then the first intern entered and walked over to her floating form to study her assets. Her long fine dark hair floated freely about her pristine face. She had a beautiful olive complexion and small dark nipples crowning the two small globes that were flawless in shape, her high cheekbones and full lashes accented her dark brown eyes, and her long neck and sensuous lips beckoned him closer. As he leaned over her form, he studied her tiny navel and the smooth fluid progression of her skin as it stretched firmly down her abdomen and across the two hip bones to her long slender legs and tiny toes. Her vulva was small and a darker shade of skin that barely revealed her inner vestibule and the hidden lips therein. He made some minor adjustments to a panel on his sleeve, and walked out into the silent corridor with her unknowing form floating freely behind him.

As the entrance panel closed behind them, Cris stirred and opened her eyes. Quickly assessing her position, she struggled to free herself, only to pull a muscle in her thigh. She yelped as the muscle spasmed, and the second intern entered. Before he could respond, she began to fire interrogatives at him, until virtually overwhelmed, he returned her back to a sleep state with a simple adjustment to his wrist panel. While she lay there in peaceful repose, he surveyed her form; the slender hips and fingers, her long blond hair and dark tan accented by the lines on her breasts and hips, her large fluid breasts with large crowning nipples, and her well toned muscles accentuating the large lips of her pink vulva. He found her small upturned nose, large succulent lips, and wide green eyes to be most alluring, and while he was gazing at her, Katie returned, followed by her attending intern. Once the two young women were floating passively within a short distance from one another, the two interns studied them for a long moment and disappeared back into one of the white walls.

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Both nurses awoke with a start when a stately yet decidedly feminine voice thundered through the now darkened room;


You have been chosen to assist us in restoring what once was," it stated. "The men from our once flourishing world have lost the ability to produce offspring even though they remain fertile. Your background, youth, and knowledge will provide us with the power to restore our dying world."

"Hold on a minute, Hotshot;" it was Cris retorting, "Have you thought about asking us first?"

"You have no choice." The voice retorted.

"Maybe that’s your problem, bitch; if I were a guy, I wouldn’t give you my razor stubble much less offspring!"

"Define bitch and stubble," the voice commanded.

"Piss off!" Cris retorted.

"Wait. . wait;" it was Katies’ pleading voice, "Just let us go home!"

"Define bitch and stubble," was the reply.

"Bitch is a female dog, and stubble is what a razor leaves behind," responded Katie with a resigned voice.

The ensuing silence was almost deafening. After what seemed to be an eternity, the two interns returned, now clad only in a towel wrap. They began to message the suspended bodies of the nurses with gentle circular motions using just their fingertips and then began to apply gentle kisses to every inch of their vulnerable bodies. As the nurses became aroused, the men continued to intensify their gentle message, concentrating only on pleasing the two moaning figures. The interns mouths found the two naked and throbbing mounds at the same time, and soon the girls were thrashing about in orgasmic ecstasy as the interns sucked the expended dew into their mouths. Their tongues continued to move around and into their clefts until both nurses begged for them to stop.

"You will help us now?" the voice boomed.

"No!" Cris retorted; "A little ‘licking’ will never ensnare me!"

"Me neither!" blurted Katie, and they both laughed fitfully; easing their fears.

The interns moved back to the suspended girls and began to massage their breasts and sensitive nipples. They then progressed to the love canal, and after a few brief oral administrations stepped back to remove their towel wraps. Up to now their well muscled bodies had appeared to be Cassanovas’ replacement, but now all the nurses could do was stare in astonishment. There was no doubt that the interns were definitely alien, nor that they had been biologically engineered as their small limp organs were curved backwards, and there were what appeared to be a set of labia all around the base with a growth of tiny tentacles just above the genitals and dangling just behind the tiny ballsack. The tentacles moved independently, and appeared to have a mind separate from their host. The creatures mounted their quarry, and began to rub their reproductive organs against the naked lips of the girls. The tentacles immediately wrapped themselves around the swollen clitoris and began to caress their way into the clenched anus of the victims, arousing them quickly. As they began to moan with the erotic stimulation, their alien lovers became aroused and inserted the backward bent organs completely into the wet and warm love canals, and the imbedded lips began to draw the girls more deeply onto the swelling organs. The bend in the invading manhood stimulated the nurses G-spots perfectly, and combined with the continued swelling of the inserted glans, they soon reached mind-numbing orgasms simultaneously. Continuing to intensify their stimulation, the creatures watched as their human victims bucked and flailed with series after series of multiple orgasms, until, with all their reserves depleted, the two girls collapsed in exhaustion.

"You will help us now?" the voice again queried.

"We will become sex slaves to no one," Katie mumbled, as a final orgasm shivered through her exhausted frame.

They awoke from their exhaustion to find themselves lying naked in the parking lot next to a pile of clothing, with their two captors watching them with their arms crossed. The slowly stirred, and donned their attire without a word; both lost in thoughts of violation and pleasure.

"All you had to do was ask," Cris yelled as she shook her fist at the spacecraft above them.

They turned to leave, still shaking from the experience, and angry from the deception the aliens had employed.

"Will you help us?" A now meek voice queried.

The two girls looked at each other and shrugged.

"Sure!" they said simultaneously, and were immediately drawn back into the spacecraft where they once again found themselves naked and suspended; only now, there was a crowd of male aliens surrounding them, and in their midst stood the queen. She wore a thin white translucent wrap which revealed a virtually flawless body with large breasts and sultry hips. Her long blond hair was adorned with a small yet dramatic crown, and she walked with an air of dignity and domination. She had the same blue eyes of the interns, and her gaze was that of both intimidation and understanding. The males about her would bow whenever she would look towards them, and there was no doubt from whence the stately voice had originated. As always, the assertive Cris was first to asses the situation and gain control.

"Would you mind letting us down?"

With a sudden lurch, the two nurses crashed to the seamless white floor, dazed yet unhurt.

"Thanks," muttered Katie sarcastically. She looked about her at the sea of male alien faces, and realized that they were the subordinate gender, as they began to lower their eyes from her curious gaze. These were not normal "men," she thought, they weren’t even trying to peek at her breasts or pussy; and it suddenly became apparent - they had been reduced to slaves, and without their egos they were being forced to fertilize! She laughed aloud at the simplicity of the problem scenario, and whispered her findings to Cris who nodded in acceptance.

"If you want babies, your going to have to compromise some of your control, Ma’am," directed Cris. "These guys couldn’t come with a vacuum!"

"What must we do?" the Queen asked pointedly.

"I’ll show you; Come on over here hot lips," Cris said, and gestured to one of the alien males with her finger. "Let me show you what it feels like to be a real man!"

She began to caress the suit of the alien, who was so timid that his face actually showed a pale reddish tint. Katie joined in, and soon they had the creature naked and aroused with gentle mouth music to his chest and glans. Within moments, his hips began to move uncontrollably, and a long strand of creamy essence shot through the air, and landed next to the amazed Queen. She quickly tried to scoop it up with her fingers and smear it into her womanhood, until Katie pulled her hand down and said:

"There’s plenty more where this came from."

With that, the two girls sat down on the deckplates, and were joined by an eager and curious queen who listened to every word and inflection with intense curiousity. She questioned the integrity of the male ego syndrome, and rightfully so, and soon the three had worked out a means of maintaining the Queens authority while insuring the preservations of the species. Amidst all the advanced technology, the Queen and her assistants had forgotten the most basic and essential quality of sharing with her fellow man. They formed a new friendship that night, and when the nurses were returned to the parking lot, they couldn’t help but look up and wonder who the first Father would be. The following evening their question would be answered; for as they paused for their first break together they spied the same two blue-eyed interns from the evening before, and wasted no time in acquiring seats next to them. The gestation period on the aliens' planet is one earth year, whereas Cris and Katie had their first offspring on the same day exactly nine and one half months later.

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