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Aunt Martha Part 2


All day long Billy had a difficult time concentrating on school things, when his thoughts kept wandering to what had happened last night. He also wondered about tonight, would she let him see her naked as she jerked him off? After all it was only fair since she had seen him. All this thinking caused him to carry his books in front of him from class to class to hide his hard cock. If it hadn't been for his aunt's stern warning not to jerk off, he would have been in the boy's room spurting his load for sure.

He was disappointed as he got off of the school bus and walked up the long driveway to the house, because his aunt's car was not there yet. Billy fixed a sandwhich and got into his swim trunks and sat by the pool side to wait for his aunt.

It wasn't long and he heard her car coming up the drive.

Martha herself had concentration problems at work, while thinking of her nephew's hard spurting cock. She herself adored sucking cock, and quite often sucked off her husband while satisfying herself with her fingers. And of course they would 69 to completion quite often and not even fuck. So Martha was no stranger to sucking cock, in fact quite often she would blow her husband as he slept in the morning. Only to awaken just before blowing his load into his beautiful wife's hot mouth. God she sure missed those days. But she had started a new trend of sex now so she was exuberant about that. Her only fear was whether or not Billy could keep his mouth shut! She would die if her sister ever found out! Her nasty thoughts caused her to leave her desk and frig herself in the ladies room twice during the day.

As Martha ented the house she looked out the kitchen window and saw Billy sitting in the chaise lounge in his swim trunks. She went out to the pool and told him that she would get her suit and join him in a minute. Billy was excited at thinking of seeing her in her suit again, enough so that he felt his cock begin to slowly harden some.

Martha quickly showered, washing the cream from her twice fingered pussy at work. She then put on the shortie robe she had worn the night before, no swim suit, she was naked underneath. She brought out two cokes and handed one to Billy as she sat down in one of the chairs at the sun table facing Billy. As she crossed her legs, Billy thought he had gotten a glimpse of her firey red pussy hair but he wasn't sure. God she sure looked beautiful sitting there with her long legs crossed. His cock was now fully erect in his swim trunks.

Martha eyed with pleasure his condition, she felt sexy knowing that she could bring a young boy to erection so easily. This time Billy did nothing to hide his bulge, since he wanted her to see it, and maybe she would take him back up to the tub and wash him again! But his aunt had other plans for them as she began to speak. "you didn't play with yourself today did you Billy?" He told her No. "Did you want to?"

He nodded yes, as she smiled and looked at his crotch.

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Martha stood up and went over to the chaise lounge and leaned over to grab the waist band of his swim trunks. She gently tugged with him lifting his hips slightly. As she pulled the suit down, she moaned loudly as his cock sprang out and stood straight up from his body. She went over to the table and got one of the chairs and brought it over to where he was. Then as he watched in awe, she unbelted the robe and slowly opened it, revealing her total nakedness to the young boy's hungry eyes. She smiled with pleasure as she saw his young cock twitch so violently that it slapped against his belly.

"Do you like seeing me naked Billy?" It was a dumb question that he could only nod yes to.His eyes took in her large breasts that stood perfectly on her chest with hardly any droop to them. The niiples were almost an inch long and very thick. The aurioles were bigger than silver dollars. Her tummy was flat and slightly muscular, sloping to a copiuos amount of bright red cunt hair. Her late husband had always been turn on by the amount of bush she had so she was in the habit of never trimming it. Besides the only place she ever wore her bikini was here at her private pool. The nearest neighbor was 2 miles in either direction, and the farm house sat way back from a not busy road.

With her red cunt hair shining in the sunny, Billy could see her slit through the hair, the tendrils of hair around the slit had droplets of moisture on them also. He was ecstatic, here he was with a beautiful grown women, standing naked before him, plus she was going to jerk him off. Or so he thought! Billy had only vaguely heard about fucking and non at all about blow jobs, so those thoughts never entered his mind, as his aunt sat down in the chair facing him.

As he continued to take in her sexy body, she said "Do you feel like playing with yourself now"? He noded yes, his eyes frozen to her bush as she put both feet up onto his chaise and spread her legs. He could see her slit slightly open as her legs spread apart. She said "Do it Billy, I want to watch you play with yourself, and I'll show you how a girl does it". His hand wasted no time in wrapping around his blood engorged shaft, and began pumping at a rapid pace. Martha stopped him and told him to slow down so he wouldn't cum too soon. She ordered him to stop as she showed him how she fingered her hole and showed him her clit. With one finger deep in her pussy she milked her tits and rooled the huge nipples with the other hand.

Billy involuntary began slowly stroking again, causing Martha to groan and arch her hips off of the chair, her breath coming in long gasps as she orgasmed in front of her nephew. She recovered quickly and stopped him from stroking before he came. She got off of the chair and knelt down by his side. Her hand lifted and offered her left tit for him to suck. "Take the nipple in your mouth Billy and suck it". A low moan escaping her throat as he complyed. As he was sucking her tit, she wrapped her hot hand around his hard shaft, making Billy moan.

But to his diappointment her hand remained still. He attempted to pump his hips up against her hand, but she stopped him. He was feeling an extraordinary pressure in his belly and balls like he had never felt before. He needed to cum very badly. Martha reluctantly pulled the wet nipple from his mouth. She looked down at Billy and said, "I'm going to do something else to make you shoot Billy". "There are many ways a girl can make a boy shoot, and I'll show them all to you." She told him that he would like it better than being jerked off! He thought, what could be better than that?

He found out momentarily as his aunt leaned over and licked the head of his cock. His whole body jumped at the contact. Then she was licking the underside of the head, this felt even better. He watched fascinated as she held and licked up and down his whole shaft. then he jumped again as she took his whole nut sack into her mouth. He could feel her tongue swirling around his nuts, a sensation that would make him cum if she kept it up. She relesed his nut sack and said, "I'm going to take you into my mouth now Billy, and when the time comes, I want you to shoot into my mouth okay?" She didn't wait for an answer as her mouth engulfed first the head and then went clear down to his pubic bone. It was like an electric shock to him. She pulled her head back up to just the head and began stroking his shaft between her fingers as she sucked and tongued the head.

Then once again she took him in all the way to his sparse pubic hair which was just starting to sprout good. It was too much for Billy who let out a loud scream as his first spurt shot with tremendous force, right down his aunts throat. Martha immediately pulled up until she had just the head, just in time for the second gusher to pump into her waiting mouth. He tasted so fresh and clean, unlike a grown man who can taste strong at times. She had both hands on him, yet her pussy began to spasm and she had a climax without even touching her self. It was so intense that as the next spurt of boy cream shot into her mouth, she began to urinate all over the pool deck, making her orgasm even stronger.

Billy nearly screamed out loud as he felt each spurt rocket up through his cock and into his aunt's mouth. This sure beat a hand job, thats for sure he thought as he felt the next spurt leave his cock. Martha had never drank so much cum in her life, it just kept spurting and spurting. At first she would have liked to have sucked him a little longer before he shot his load, but now she was in heaven, swallowing and swallowing and cumming and cumming. She seemed to be in one long orgasm as the piss still gushed out of her hole all over her thighs and run into her ass crack. She was unable to get enough air through her nose with his spurting cock in her mouth and was forced to pull off and gasp for air. Billy's cock lunged in her hand, and one final spurt erupted and splashed against her chin.

Finally catching her breath she returned to the now oozing cock in her hand. She nursed his cock for a long time, and as before, it didn't go soft at all. She had the impulse to jump on his cock and give him his first cum inside of a pussy, but she decided to wait until the next day. That way it would feel so much better and more intense for his first pussy. Instead, she got up and dove into the pool, in order to wash the piss off of her body. Her next move she decided was to introduce him to pussy licking. Billy kept telling her how he loved her and how fantastic his last cum was.

Martha got out of the pool and took him by the hand and led him up to her bedroom, where they showered together and played with eachother. During the shower, Martha explained to him about how girls love to be eaten just as much as boys. Billy was all for it as they dried off and went into the bedroom. Martha laid on the bed and spread herself for him, pointing out her clit and giving him directions on how to eat her. With her directions, he brought her off in a very short time to a nice cum.

She had him lay on the bed and she got on top in the 69 position. As she felt his tongue once again enter her hot lips, she groaned and looked at the cock she was holding. Hard as a rock she thought, she should have gotten a young boy a long time ago. There was no doubt that this cock could fuck all night. The thought of it made her shiver with anticipation as she lowered her head onto his hard shaft and engulfed it. They continued to suck until, Billy's hips thrust upward and he began launching his cream once again. This was the catalyst for Martha who groaned and came along with him. Nilly drank every drop of her pussy juice he could as he unloaded into her sucking mouth. It was great for both of them. They fell asleep on their sides still nursing eachothers organs.

The next morning, Billy awoke to a wonderful sensation around his cock. Aunt Martha was sucking on his cock, which was hard as hell. She stopped when she realized he was awake. She asked him if he would like to skip school and she would stay home from work. He loved the idea, of course. She explained to him that she was going to wait and let him fuck her that night, but that she woke up too horny to wait anylonger. She told him to ly still as she grabbed his shaft and straddled his crotch. When his cock head was guided between her pussy lips, they both moaned and then groaned aloud as she sank down, taking him in fully. Martha, sensed the tightness in her pelvis even as she was sliding down onto the young cock. Once it was all the way in, her orgasm hit like a ton of bricks. Since this was the first cock she had in her pussy for sooooooo long, she could not hold off her orgasm.

By now Billy had cum enough times that he didn't shoot right away, even though the hot soft flesh surrounding his cock was the most exciting thing he had ever felt. As her juices ran out around his cock shaft, Billy instinctly began to pump up into his aunt's hot pussy. The cock head scrapping up and down her pussy walls, brought Martha back to earth and at the same time, started a new feeling towards climax. She began to pump back and leaned forward, offering Billy her hard nipples to suck. He did with pleasure, as his cock slipped up and down inside the most hottest and softest place he had ever been, sucking her long nipples made his cock even more sensative to the feeling.

Martha continued to pump her cunt down on the young cock, until she felt that familiar pressure building in her abdomen. She told Billy to bite her nipples. She screamed for him to do it HARDER. As he bit down on the hard rubbery nub, he felt his cock swell. Martha felt it swell also and let out a low groan as her climax hit her just as his first spurt splashed against the walls of her spasming cunt. Billy arched his back as he felt spurt after spurt launch into his aunt's hot vagina.

Martha collapsed onto her nephew as her climax subsided. She felt his young boy cream, begin it's journey allong his cockshaft and out of her pussy. She raised up and dislodged the partially hard penis. She immediately shifted position in order to suck the young cock into her mouth. She cleaned it with her tongue for quite sometime, as she once again lowered her head so that the entire shaft went in, she realized he was hard again as the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat.

They fucked again, only this time Martha let him on top, to push his cock into her at his pace. He had just cum, so Martha was in heaven as she had three climaxes before she felt the familiar swelling of cock inside of her. Then came the flood of jiz as he ejaculated inside of her. They both slept, still coupled.

When thay awoke, they went into the shower together where Aunt Martha once again topped the event off with a blow job, letting his cream enter her mouth.

Only this time there was not very much, even though, she loved every drop.

This story is absolutely true, since My name is Billy. I am now 24 years old, and aunt Martha has remarried since. But it never stops her from letting me have her whenever we have an opportunity. Sometimes we go shopping together. She parks way out away from the mall. Then sucks me off in the car before and after coming out of the mall. I have a place of my own now, and she comes over at least once a week and fucks my brains out. She has even let me have her asshole, which is something her new husband doesn't get. She saves it just for me.

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