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Aunt Martha Part 1


Billy was only 16 when his dad and mom were going to go to California to check out a new job prospect for his dad. Since it was during school season, he was to stay with his aunt Martha on her farm for a week. Since she lived in the same school district, only in the country, he would have to ride the bus instead of riding his bike like he usually did. But he was looking forward to it. He hadn't been to the farm since his uncle John had been killed two years earlier in an automobile accident. He had seen his aunt quite often, since she was his mother's sister, and came over quite often and they went out shopping together.

He had always liked his aunt Martha, because to him she was a beautiful women just like his mother only Martha was a few years older at age 40. In fact, since he had recently begun to masturbate, aunt Martha had been in a few of his thoughts, since she was built very nice with big tits and flaming red hair. His mother also had red hair, and once he had seen her naked, she had the same color on her pussy too.

Then there was always her swimming pool that he was looking forward to using since it was still warm enough for fun in the pool. Aunt Martha had been left pretty well off as a result of her husband's death. Unable to take care of the farm by herself, she sold off all the livestock, except a few chickens for eggs. And had a swimming pool put in the back yard for recreation. She never was really a farmers wife, since she had her own lucritive career in realestate which she still did.

It was a warm balmy Sunday when Billy was picked up by his aunt, and they took his mother and father to the airport and saw them off. They stopped off and had supper in a nice restaurant on the way out to the farm. She told him to get his bathing suit and they could relax a few hours by the pool before the cool evening set upon them.

He was the first one out to the pool and had already swam the length a coup[le of times when to his surprise, his aunt came out wearing a sexy bikini. Her ample breasts sweeled over the top of the halter, and her red bushy cunt hair stuck out on each side of the bottom. As she sat down on the chaise lounge, Billy felt his cock swelling even though he was in the water. He sawam over to the edge and hung his arms on the edge as he talked to his aunt. She had spread her legs and put a foot down on each side of the chaise. This afforded Billy and excellent view of her hairy crotch with just a small piece of cloth covering her slit. Billy began rubbing himself against the pool wall as he spoke to her. The feel ing was fantastic, and he knew if he kept it up he would cum.

Martha got up without warning and dove into the water. She stayed underwater and swam up behind him, grabbing his legs and pulling him under. As he surfaced, she tried to grab him again, he felt her hand brush his stiff cock through his suit. He felt embarassed as he swam away from her. But she didn't let on at all and swam up next to him and began asking him how he liked the pool and just talking. Well maybe he thought, she hadn't really noticed. He stole a look at her tit cleavage, all wet from the water, and felt his hard on twitch.

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Just as he was gaining confidence that she hadn't noticed his condition, she asked him to get out and get each of them a glass of lemonaide. She pointed to the pitcher and two glasses sitting on the sun table beside the pool. He had no choice but get out and go to the table, which was no problem, since his back was to her. He wished for his cock to go soft, but the more he did the harder it seemed to feel. He turned and held the two glasses as low as he could, trying to hide his condition. As he reached the pool, he saw his aunt's eyes focused on his crotch. He squatted at the edge to hand her the glass. It was the wrong thing to do, because as he squatted, his hard little cock sneaked passed the webbing in the suit and was now bare down the leg of his trunks. He could feel the cool air on the head. He didn't know though that Martha had a perfect view of his naked cock up the leg of his trunks.

Billy sat at the table with his aunt, drinking the lemonaide and talking. She was asking him some funny questions like if he had a girl friend and did he date?

His cock finally gave up and went down, although he knew that later that night he was going to get it hard again and stroke it thinking of what he had seen today. As a matter of fact he would probably go to bed early just for that reason.

But the chance to go too early never came, since aunt Martha had rented a couple of movies for them to watch and fixed popcorn and everything. Slowly his horniness went away, so he could watch the movies without a problem. When the movies were over aunt Martha showed Billy where the towels were so he could take a bath before going to bed. Billy hadn't planned on taking a bath, but realized it would be a good idea, since some of his best masturbation had been done in the tub. Plus there would be no tell tale stains on the sheets, that he was always worried that his mother would find.

There were two doors leading into the bathroom, one from the hall where he had entered, and another on the far wall. He locked the one he came in, but there was bo lock on the other door. He tried to open it and it seemed locked from the other side, so he ran his water and undressed, his cock already starting to harden with anticipation of what was to come. With soapy hands Billy began to slowly massage his hard cock, while picturing his aunt at the pool.

Suddenly, he heard a noise at the door on the far wall and it opened. Billy bolted upright in the tub in order to get his hard cock under the water. Just in time too, for the door opened and in walked aunt Martha. She said, "don't be shy" I brought you in some tooth paste for the medecine cabinet in here. What surprised Billy was what she had on. She was obviously dressed for bed. She had on a type of baby doll nighty, the top of which was slightly transparent through which he could make out her two large nipples. The panties were also almost see through, they were blue, but he could clearly see the thick red patch of cunt hair.

Billy felt embarassment together with excitement as his aunt fumbled around in the medicine cabinet. It was embaraasing to have her there while he was stark naked, and yet the thought of his aunt seeing his young cock combined with the way she was dressed caused his cock to swell even more under his hands. Aunt Martha turned and looked down at his hands covering his stiff member. She smiled and said "Don't be so shy Billy, I've seen what men have down there before". Having said that, she did something that left Billy dazed with disbelief. She pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet, right next to him. He watched in amazement as heard listened to the sound of her piss splashing into the water below. Even tah sound made his cock twitch like crazy. He wished the toilet was on the other wall so he could look between her legs and get a better look.

But he was not disappointed too much, because as he watched she reached for the toilet paper, arched her hips up, bringing her bare pussy up for him to see only a few feet away. Aunt Martha, commented on how lucky he was, not to have to wipe after peeing like women had to. As he stared wide eyed at her hand as it guided the paper between her pink lips and dried herself. She nonchanlantly got up, pulling up the panties as she stood. She flushed the toilet, put the seat down and sat on it facing him while grabbing a wash cloth and soaping it. "Let me wash your back". she said. Billy told her that he would do it. She said "don't be silly you can't get your own back, quit being so shy, I am your aunt".

He felt the soapy washcloth on his neck and shoulders. It did feel good, and there was the added benefit of watching her tits as they came only inches from his face as she leaned over him. They swayed as she washed his upper back, the nipples were different than he had noticed when she first entered the room. They were about three times as big and stuck way out thretening to poke through the thin fabric of her top.

Billy's heart seemed to drop into his stomach as he heard his aunt say, "okay stand up and let me get the rest". After some more coaxing he finally raised up, turning away from her so she wouldn't see his cock. His aunt seemed to pay no attention as she ran the wash cloth down his lower back. The he tensed as he felt her fingers and cloth slide between his ass cheeks. And then he felt a cloth covered finger almost penetrate his ass hole, causing him to gasp and tighten up his ass cheeks. "Just relax " she said, moving on down his legs.

Then came the statement he was dreading, "Okay turn around", she said. He slowly obeyed, but kept his hands cupped in front of him in modisty. She paid no attention as she stood and began soaping his neck and chest and under arms. As she got to his lower belly , she skipped his groan area and moved down his legs. Billy gave a sigh of relief, but it was short lived. Once she was done with his legs, she came back to his lower belly and gently pushed his hands open and away from his cock.

Billy felt a strange tingle in his lower belly as he dropped his hands to his sides and his hard little pecker was in his aunt's full view. It was a strange kind of excitement being exposed in front of his aunt. He felt a little more at ease also since she made no mention of him being hard. She was all business as her hand with the washcloth cupped his ball sack and began to wash there. He did notice that her breathing had quickened considerably, occassionally she would let out a gasp. He himself let out a gasp as her free hand went to his cock and lifted it towards his stomach so she could wash the underside of the shaft. She said, "my, my, Billy you sure have groan, some girl will be proud to have this". "You have to make sure to keep it nice and clean". With that bit of advise she wrapped the wash cloth around his shaft and cock head, causing him to groan.

Martha's panties were soaked, not from the bathwater though. She was terribly excited by the whole thing. She was pleasantly pleased at the size of his cock. It wasn't a horse cock, but for a 16 year old he was big, almost as big as her late husband's in length, which she estimated to be almost 6 inches. The shaft had'nt reached it's full thickness yet that age would give it. But none the less she was hot hot and getting hotter, as she held his hardness.

Billy was beside himself, because what she was doing felt so strange but yet soooooooo good. Then when she dropped the wash cloth, soaped her hand and wrapped it around his shaft and began to slowly pump it. His legs stiffened and he tensed and let out an ooooooh. It felt so good to him, he was lost in the feeling and didn't have any more apprehension at all. He knew that if she kept this up much longer, he would shoot. The thought of shooting as his aunt watched even excited him more. Aunt Martha kept up the slow pace as she said, "Billy do you play with yourself when it gets hard like this?" He could only nod yes to her questioning eyes, as they left his cock long enough to look at his face. "When you do it long enough does white stuff shoot out?" Again he nodded affirmative, causing her to groan and pick up the pace of her jerking on his hard cock.

Martha kept talking in short gasps, because what Billy hadn't noticed was that her free hand was at her crotch, vigorously rubbing and sliding into her wet hole. She wanted to lean forward and take his cock into her mouth and let him shoot his first spurt into a woman's mouth. But she didn't want to shock her young nephew, so the hand job was all he would get for now. Deep down Martha knew that eventually she was going to have this beautiful hard cock deep in her pussy. She shuddered at the thought, and felt her pelvis begin to tighten and seem to bloat in her abdomen. A sure sign that she was nearing her orgasm.

Billy fucked his hips forward into his aunts hand. His aunt kept talking to him in short bursts. She said,"doesn't it feel better than your own hand"? He could only groan out loud in response. She said, "are you close to shooting Billy? I want to see you shoot for me".

Earlier, the thought of his aunt watching him shoot off was terribly exciting. Now here was his aunt jerking him off and telling him to shoot! It was what triggered his balls to become very tight and his cock seemed to swell in the jerking hand. Martha moaned out loud as she saw the unmistakable signs of his impending climax. With a loud grunt and a gasp Billy looked down in time to see his first spurt fly from the tip of his cock as though it were shot from a canon. Martha moaned as she watched the long stream of cum splash against the tub wall, a good 4 feet away. Her next moan was orgasmic as her fingers brought her over the edge in response to the spurting young cock in her hand.

Billy was in seventh heaven as he watched the second spurt exit and shoot just as far as the first. Martha was moaning, "Oh Billy yessssssssss cum for me, Oh god what a spurt god OH god." All the while still jerking him, wanting more. She wasn't disappointed, as the third spurt launched and splashed onto the tub faucets. The next spurt was weaker and dropped into the tub of water. Billy could not believe it, he had never shot this much in all the short time he had been jerking off. As that thought crossed his mind, a fourth spurt launched into the water below, followed by two more weak spurts, and then his cock head began to ooze the creamy liquid. It oozed over Martha's hand and dripped into the water. She pointed his cock down and grabbed the shaft between her thumb and index finger and slowly milked the shaft. This caused more cream to exit his hole and splash into the water below.

Martha was going to slowly milk him while he softened, but she soon realized, that if anything, he was getting harder. She had to resist the urge to suck him to his second orgasm and almost lost her will power as she felt her face coming within incehes of his cock. But she pulled back in time and let go of his cock. Billy sat back down into the water, which by now was getting cold, but he didn't care, he had just had the best orgasm ever. Martha left the bathroom and went into her room. She laid on her bed as Billy dried himself, and fingered herself to another strong orgasm while picturing his young spurting cock. Only in her jerk off fantasy, his cock shot all those strong spurts down her throat! She had locked the door, and as Billy was towelling off, he heard her muffled moans as she brought herself off.

Martha came into Billy's room as he had just gotten his pajamas on. He noticed that she had put on a robe, a short one taht only came down to her thighs. He could also tell that she had changed her panties as she sat on his bed, he got a glimpse of black lacey panties. This caused a tingle in his just recently gone soft cock. But the hardening stopped as he listened to his aunt talking. She said, "Billy, you have to promise to keep what we just did a secret". He agreed, but got the feeling that she would never do that to him again. Having felt so good and being so nasty feeling with his own aunt, he couldn't resist asking if they could do it again sometime. He warmed inside immediately when his aunt told him yes that young excitable boys needed to empty their sperm often until they met a nice girl to do it for them.

She told him that as long as he kept their secret, that she would empty him while he was staying with her. She warned him no to over do it by himself, that she did not want him jerking off at all. She would take care of it. She lovingley kissed his forehead and said good night as she left. Billy groaned, because he was planning on jerking off once in bed,while thinking about what his aunt had done and how much of her body he had seen. But he didn't dare jeopardize a future encounter so he fell asleep very fast. Martha did not want him spilling his seed whiole she was not there at all, she wanted his cute little nuts to be full the next time. Because she had already made up her mind that the next time he shot off, it would be in her mouth. She was going to take advantage of the next two weeks, since she hadn't had real sex in almost a year. She knew what she was doing was incest, but she had already committed herself, so she may as well go all the way now.

Besides, her sex drive was so intense after their bathroom encounter, that nothing could stop her from going further. As she lay in her bed, she smiled and spread her legs as her hand began it's slow descent to her horny love hole!

The next morning was uneventful as Martha got ready for work and Billy got ready for school. Billy was already looking ahead to the evening when he would take another bath. Little did he know that aunt Martha had better plans for him!

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