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Mick and Susie - Story #1

BY: © 1999

Friday Evening.

My wife and I are staying in a hotel for the weekend. We are both feeling sexy, being the first time away without our daughter for some time and after our evening meal we retire to our room with a bottle of wine. We bathe and then dress up for each other; I am wearing a pair of black latex briefs, Susie dresses in white bra and panties, white blouse, navy skirt and opaque white knee highs. Susie has her hair held in 2 bunches with ribbons. I've set up the camcorder as Susie kneels on the bed, pouring the wine. Also on the bed are 2 vibrators and some KY jelly.

I lay down beside her; 'hard cock already darling? I've not done anything yet!' 'Looking like that you don't need to' I reply 'anyway, I bed you're nice and wet aren't you?' Susie runs her hands over her body, over her pert breasts, tummy and down between her thighs, disappearing under her skirt. She must have slid a finger into herself because when her hand emerges back into view she has a glistening wet finger. 'Yes I am a bit wet' she says as she slides the finger into my open mouth, 'but not enough to soak my knickers yet and I'll bet that's what you want Isn't it?' 'Oh yes' I reply, 'get them nice and wet Susie'. She sits back against the bed head, unbuttoning her blouse to let it fall open, exposing her cleavage. She spreads her legs and rucks up the skirt as she begins to rub her pussy through her panties, her eyes are closed and her tongue is running along her lips. She slips her under the waistband and continues to play with her pussy. I can hear her getting wet and the movements become more urgent. As I watch Susie's fingers at work inside her knickers, I reach down and rub the outline of my cock, straining against the thin tightly stretched latex. 'Stop that!' Susie says, opening her eyes, 'no touching for you my boy - I want you all that cum inside me , not over the bed'. Susie now pulls aside the crotch of her panties and runs 2 fingers along the inner lips, lubricating them before inserting them. 2 wet fingers are soon running in and out of her pussy as little moans of pleasure escape her lips. Leaning across, I pull down the cups of her bra, and begin to play with her breasts, gently rolling her nipples between my fingers until they become long and hard. Removing her fingers, she helps me remove her blouse and then turns over, laying on her front with her bum in the air. She slips her panties down slightly so they are stretched tight between her thighs as she slides the black 8" vibrator and KY toward me. I lubricate it and position myself behind her. 'No need for much lubrication' she says as I lift up her skirt. I can see why, Susie is reaching back with both hands to spread her pussy lips, exposing her sopping cunt. I gently ease the vibrator in, and it slides in easily and my hand is soon pressed up against her hairy mound. Susie moves her hands in front of her so that she can grasp the bars of the bed-head in front of her, pushing back against my hand which turns on the vibrator slowly up to full speed. After a few long strokes, she closes her legs together, trapping it fully inside, pressing her lips around it for full effect. Her breathing is becoming laboured and the moans of pleasure are becoming louder. I can't help running my hands over her gyrating buttocks, spanking them playfully as she frigs herself with the black dong. She lowers herself onto the bed until she is flat against it, her thrusting buttocks slowing down as she pulls her knickers back up before rolling over. Susie reaches down, slowly removing the dildo, rotating it as she does so, so as to wipe most of her juices off against the gusset of her knickers. Still holding it, she runs her tongue along its length, tasting her own love juices before sucking it, pressing the head against her inner cheek causing it to bulge sexily out.

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On removing it she says 'I don't suppose you will be happy until you see me take this will you?' pointing toward the 12" long, thick veined vibrator. 'Yes Susie, you should be ready for that now. I want to see you take it all'. Spreading her legs wide and putting a pillow under her bottom to raise herself up, she then liberally lubricates the large vibrator and holds aside her panty crotch and outer lips as the bulbous head slides in. Moving it in and out she takes half of it before saying that she can't take any more. I lean over, kiss her and whisper in her ear that I'm sure she can take it all; just think of the first time when you lost your virginity to that big black cock as a schoolgirl. 'I bet he didn't stop halfway did he? Tell me about that first time Susie and I'll do whatever you want for the rest of the night. Tell me how it felt Susie, I can just look at you and imagine his long black dick going in you - was it the first time you'd seen or felt his cock or had you wanked or sucked him off previously? Was his cock thick as well as long - did it stretch your little pussy lips like now? Did he lubricate you or just ram it in? did he come inside you? I know you like that!' This talk and the memories it is bringing back of Susie's first time is obviously having an effect as because she now has 3/4 of the dildo inside her and she turns to me, pulling my head down onto her titties and as I suck greedily on them, she recounts the story of he first time and the events surrounding it. Its not long before the whole vibrator is deep inside her and I twist me head to watch, my tongue licking her nipple as she turns it up to full speed and begins to fuck herself with it. Withdrawing it half way and then plunging it back in-between her bucking thighs, she reaches the climax of her story and is almost out of control. Moaning between sentences and writhing on the bed, you finish and I move back to grasp her free hand tightly as she lets out a continuous moan. It takes a couple minutes for her to calm down.

We turn to face each other and share a deep kiss as Susie pushes me over onto my back and lays on top of me, kissing vigorously before moving position to kneel astride my chest, pinning my arms down with her legs. Just inches from my face, the vibrator slowly slips out of he pussy to fall onto my chest and then moves up slightly and asks me if I want to smell her knickers. 'Umm , yes' I reply as she lowers herself onto my waiting lips. I inhale her scent as she presses down on me, grabbing my hair and rocking against my face. 'Oh yes Mick, I like that Susie says, reaching for her glass of wine which she begins to sip and then unbeknown to me she dribbles some down her between he breasts which trickles into her knickers. The warm wetness my tongue is pressed against suddenly becomes cool from the chilled wine and very wet. 'How do you like my wet panties now?' Susie says, but I'm unable to reply as she increases the dribble, pouring the rest of the glass down herself. It flows through her panties, running down her thighs and over my face also. I can feel the bed getting damp below me and her knicker gusset is also wet despite my sucking, the temperature of which is changing again back to warm... Susie seems to have lost control for the second time this evening. Lifting up, to watch my tongue against her, and then pressing down hard, I feel the dildo move from my chest and next time Susie lifts off, I see that she has its head in her mouth, sucking on it.

After a while, she raises herself up and reaches over to her bedside drawer and produces a couple of pairs of stockings which she proceeds to use to tie first my wrists and then ankles to the corners of the bed but, with respect to the latter, not before teasing me by tracing the straining outline of my penis against the thin black rubber of my briefs with her tongue before slipping them down and removing them.

Susie sits astride my rampant cock, sliding it inside her pants but not inside her. She then removes her bra and grasps a nipple with each hand between thumb and fore-finger, pulling on them hard, stretching her beautiful titties out into a sharp cone shape. Biting her lower lip, she pulls harder and harder until she can stand it no more where-upon she lets go, her breasts resuming their shape but now crowned with blood red engorged erect nipples. My hips are moving urgently against her and my neck is craning forward. 'and what do you want?' I reply that I want to go inside you; 'Is that all?' Susie responds, cupping her breasts in her hands, pushing them together. 'Oh yes Susie, let me suck your tits while we make love.' She teases me for a while longer and I can feel my cock becoming wet from running along her pussy lips. Adjusting her position slightly, she settles back onto me and raises her skirt so that we can both watch my swollen head disappear inside her along with the rest of my hard cock in one smooth continuous motion until your buttocks are pressed against my balls. We begin to thrust against each other and I know I won't last more than a minute, so turned on am I by Susie's 'show' and the hot wetness of her pussy round my dick. She leans forward so I can reach her breasts with my mouth, sucking them in turn into my mouth. I feel my orgasm reaching climax and begin to fill Susie's love hole with my spunk. The jets of cum and the spasaming of my cock seem to go on forever and Susie keeps thrusting, gaining every last drop.

She lays on top of me and we kiss tenderly as my cock slowly goes limp. Lifting herself up, she slowly stands up, my spent cock slipping out and she positions herself over my face. I start up at he very wet gusset and can see some of our combined love juices leaking out and dribbling down her thighs. 'I think its about time you gave me a good licking, don't you?' she says, steadying herself on the bed head with one hand whilst removing he knickers with the other. 'You like to come over my titties, face and in my mouth don't you? well now I can return the compliment' and she reaches between her legs, all the time looking at me as she opens up her pussy lips and lets large drops love juice drip onto my face and into my waiting mouth. I am soon covered in our wetness and she squats over my face; he gaze is still fixed on me as my tongues slides inside he pussy and along the length of her slit, alternating all the time. 'Umm, that's it boy, lick me clean!' After a couple of minutes, she lifts off and again lays on top of me, licking the cum from my face and kissing me deeply, forcing her tongue into my mouth. 'Did you enjoy that?' Susie whispers in my ear; 'Oh yes Susie, I've been waiting for that for a long time' I reply. 'Then say it out load, tell me what you liked'. I repeat out loud that I enjoyed sniffing and sucking her wet panties and pussy, I love seeing spunk on her body and licking it off. 'Well, you'd better have these then' she says, rolling up her discarded knickers into a ball and stuffing them into my mouth as a gag. I stare, tied and gagged as she moves down until she is kneeling on the floor with her upper body bent forward to enable her to lick my limp, sticky cock. Susie is able to take all of my length into her mouth, looking at me as she does so, bunches still intact. Drained as I was, its not long before my cock begins to stiffen, especially as she is fondling my balls and running her fingers over my thighs and buttocks. She alternates bobbing her head over my cock and sucking the head hard, stretching him. Soon Percy's head is bulging out her cheek and Susie is unable to take him all. Susie then presses him between her breasts, moving up and down, wanking him. Standing up on the bed,, her stocking feet rubbing against my bollocks she leans over to untie one hand saying that I've videod her playing with herself, now its my turn to be filmed masturbating!

I begin to stroke my cock as Susie removes her skirt, and lays down beside me. Removing Susie's panties from my mouth, I lick me hand, lubricating it to stroke my cock; 'do you want me to just to get him hard or do you want to see him cum?' 'I want to see you make yourself cum - like you do when you're away on work. I want to watch your cum shoot out'. 'Anything for you "sexy beasty".' My rhythm picks up and me thighs are moving, pressing up as if Susie is astride them, and its not long before my body tenses and my back arches up. Streams of cum begin to shoot out, my hand tightly pressed against the eye of my penis to force it into a high arc; it splashes all over my chest, stomach and thighs, the last running down over my fist which I rub over the head and length of my cock as I relax back on the bed. 'I could do with a drink "funny face"' I say, looking at the empty bottle of wine; 'how about going down for a drink at the bar?'. 'Sounds like a good idea, but first let me take along a reminder of all this' Susie replies as she leans over me, rubbing her dangling titties in my cum, covering them in a sticky film until they are glistening. As I untie myself from the bed, Susie removes her knee high and ribbons and puts on a little black dress over her otherwise naked body and begins applying lipstick. I put on just some trousers and a shirt. I move behind Susie to cuddle her and we share another sensuous kiss. before slipping on some shoes and going out. In the lift, I can't but help notice her dress clinging to her breasts and this feeling is obviously turning her on also as her nipples are clearly hard. After ordering our drinks, we find a quiet corner in the bar and sit opposite each other across the table, looking at into others eyes like new lovers. I feel Susie's bare foot rubbing between my legs and close my eyes in appreciation. She leans over and says that I didn't do too good a job at cleaning her up as the seat her naked bottom is on is definitely getting wet. I move round to sit next to her and can smell the perfume of our love. I move my hand between her legs and feel the dampness and gently stoke her inner thighs. Susie pulls my zip down and fondles me as we kiss. I'm hard yet again in my trousers; 'three times in one night?' Susie says teasingly. We look at each other and quickly finish our drinks and head for the lift. Instead of pressing up for our room, I press down for the underground car park. Arms round each other we make our way to our car. When we reach it, I pull Susie close to me and we kiss passionately, Susie reaching for the button and zip on my trousers to release my straining cock and me running my hands all over her rear, feeling her buttocks and thighs through the thin material of her dress. My trousers slip down to my ankles and Susie rips open my shirt; I spin her round and hike her dress up, placing my feet inside hers and then forcing them apart so she is spread before me. Reaching forward to grasp her breasts through her dress, I hold her close, my prick rubbing between her buttocks. Almost at the same instant we both notice a security camera mounted on a pillar facing roughly toward us. I'm unsure if we are in its view but its presence seems only to inspire Susie who simply turns her head to smile at me and tells me to fuck the ass off of her. I grasp her slim waist and press my cock forward, feeling the swollen lips of her pussy beckoning me in. I slide in and begin to fuck her, slowly at first in long strokes but then begin to build up speed, leaving my cock buried deep within her. I slide the straps of her dress from her shoulders and bare her breasts, cupping them in my hands I whisper that I'm sure the security guard will appreciate the view. Susie pushes back even harder against me, my balls slapping against her buttocks. She is becoming very wet and my cock is making loud slurping noises when I pull all but the tip out and then ram it all the way back in, the noise echoing in the car park. We fuck like rabbits for about 5 minutes, Susie just seems to get wetter and wetter, certainly more than we have experienced before in our 11 years of marriage. I pull out and tell her to remove her dress. Despite what we have been doing, she is a bit reluctant but before she can argue, I unzip it pull it off over her head. Laying it on the bonnet I tell her to lay back and spread her legs like the little slut she is! This talk turns her on even more and she is soon splayed out on the bonnet wearing only her black high heels, her legs held apart giving me (and most probably the security guard) a full open view of her swollen pussy. I slip my trousers fully off and facing Susie tell her that I'm going to fill her pussy full of cum. I position the head of my cock against Susie's open cunt and then pinning her arms back against the car, I forge forward in one powerful motion, feeling my balls slap against her, bearing down on her I kiss Her as I fuck her, forcing my tongue into her mouth, fucking her at both ends. I suddenly feel a pain in my buttocks and realise that Susie has wrapped her legs round me and is digging her heels into then. This just turns me on more an the harder I fuck her, the harder the heels of her shoes dig in. 'What’s the matter stud?' she asks, 'too much wine or have you run out of cum?' she teases. Releasing her hands, I grasp her waist, pulling her onto me as I fuck her even more intensely. 'You bitch', I say playfully, you want me to fill you up then you had better put some effort in. I tell her to squeeze her breasts together we talk dirty to each other. This soon has me near orgasm and she is begging me to cum inside her. I feel my cock explode and we both lay exhausted for a minute, sharing tender kisses and touches.

We dress again and head back to the lift, it is only then that we hear the noise of a car door. As we are sure no-one has entered the car park since we came down, then we realise that 'they' were there all the time and must have witnessed all our love-making. The lift arrives but I motion for Susie to slip into the stairwell. I press a button inside the lift and then follow. Unseen from the main car park area we remain, sneaking a look when we hear footsteps. It is a couple in their late twenties I would guess and we can clearly hear that they have been watching us. They enter the lift and we wait for the next one.

In the list, I run my hand up the back of Susie's dress, fondling her buttocks, my fingers reaching between her legs to slide over her wet pubes. The lift stops at the foyer level and as 3 teenage boys enter we see the couple checking in at the reception. We have our backs to the rear of the lift and as the lift goes up I can see the teenagers eyeing Susie up, looking a bit dishevelled after our love making. I let my hand slide out between her legs and up over the lower part of her buttocks as we reach our floor and she moves forward to exit. This lifts the rear of her dress up slightly and the boys are given a view of her shapely thighs as we join hands and walk down the corridor.

Before going to our bed, we shower together, wetting ourselves all over and then moving back slightly to lather each other all over with soap. All slippery, we embrace and kiss and fondle each others soapy body as we move under the shower once more. Once dried, we retire to bed, Susie laying on her side with her head on my chest. We talk for a while about our sexual exploits and we both acknowledge that we were turned on by the thought of another couple watching us and Susie even comments that she could detect the boys cocks hardening as they mentally undressed her in the lift. She wraps her lags around one of mine and I can feel her still hot snatch against me. We settle down to go to sleep and a few minutes I can hear the couple in the next room; it is obvious from her cries and his moans that they are making love. We are both laying as if asleep but Susie’s movements against my leg indicate that she too is listening in on them. My hand reaches round to tweak her nipple and cup her breast. Their lovemaking is getting quite loud, their room being an adjoining one to ours with a connecting door. The couple are obviously reaching climax and we can hear the bed head banging against the wall and then the girl calling out 'I'm cumming Tim, fill me up!' He starts to grunt and cries out 'If you want me to cum then dig those heels in like that girl in the car park!' Both our eyes open and we look at each other, realising this must be "the" couple and that they must have had a pretty good view of us. This obviously has the desired effect next door because soon we hear 'Oh yessss... Nicky - I'm cumming, I'm going to fill you up!' We cuddle even closer, Susie running her fingers along my hardening cock; 'Save that for tomorrow darling' she whispers 'You'll need it!'. We soon fall blissfully asleep in each others arms...

Continued... (MnS#1b)

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