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Motherly Love


I was 14 years old when my mother and father were divorced. My mother was very young when she had me, so she was only 33 at the time of the split. I was an only child, and also a mistake, ending up in marriage. Its a big surprise that they made it as far as they did. I can always remember them in an argument about something or other.

My mother was a beautiful woman. As I grew older and began to realize that my penis was for a few things more than just pissing out of, I began to try and see my mother in different stages of undress, whenever I could. Even before my Dad left, I would sneak peaks up her skirt, or sometimes see her in just a towel, and so on. Once I started jerking off, it was even more of an effort to see more.

Not long after the divorce and not long after my hard cock began to let out long streams of cum, something happened that obsessed me with Mom. She had a good job, plus was getting child support, so we didn't live a life of poverty at least. Mom always dressed nice and smelled nice for work. I can remember one winter evening when she came home and was very tired and had a touch of the flu. She had stopped and gotten me a couple of hamburgers on the way home, since she was too sick to cook.

She sat in the livingroom recliner as soon as she got home. She had the footrest up and had kicked off her high heels for comfort. She seemed to go to sleep in no time. I was watching T.V. and also watching her gorgeous legs as she would occassionately shift them. There was enough of a leg spread for me to glimpse the begining of her stocking top (No Panty Hose Yet). I found that if I got down on the floor and watched the T.V. I could look right up her skirt to her garter belt and pantie crotch. She had on pink panties and I could see tuffs of pussy hair protruding from each leg band. Mom was a blond, but not natural, since the hair between her legs was dark.

By this time, I was sporting a boner like you wouldn't believe! The sun was shining into the opposite window just right for me to see her crotch illuminated as though it were daylight. I had what would be considered a descent sized cock for my age. I was not circumsized, and fully hard, I had measured once at just under 6 inches, and fairly thickening as I got older. I began to rub my cock through my pants, and was just about to shoot in my pants, when Mom stirred and then opened her eyes. I quickly deverted my attention back to the T.V. as she got up and went into the hallway bathroom.

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I snuck up to the door and peeked into the keyhole. I could see her upper torso as she was sitting on the toilet. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. My underware were already very wet and sticky from pre-cum. As I peeked through the keyhole and slowly stroked off. As the sounds of her piss flowing into the bowl came through, I began to shoot all over the floor. I went into the kitchen and got a dish towel and wiped up my mess as I heard the toilet flush. I dropped the towel back in the kitchen and returned to the livingroom, just before Mom came back in.

She asked me how I was feeling, concerned that I may catch what she has. She was feeling a little better but still tired. She sat back in the recliner and leaned it back fully as before. I didn't look back for sometime, since I wanted to wait and see if she would go to sleep again. The sun was on its way down, causing the loss of the nice bright light into the livingroom. But as I turned to look, Mom had her eyes shut and was seemingly drifting off to sleep. I felt my cock twitch as I looked at her legs again. Only something was different. She had removed her stockings while in the bathroom. Her legs were not as far apart as before, so I could not see much passed her knees this time.

I had to piss, so I went into the bathroom. As I was pissing, my eyes caught a glimpse of her stockings laying on the floor next to the tub. Not only her stockings but her garter belt, stockings still fastened to it, and her panties! My heart was leaping in my chest as I realized, that she must have taken it all off to be more comfortable. She was now bare under her skirt! My cock began to harden at the thought. I rushed back into the living room as fast as I could, and got back on the floor.

It seemed that she had spread her legs a little further, but with the failing light, I could only make out a dark spot where her pussy was. An idea hit me and I went into the kitchen and got out the flashlight that we kept in the drawer for emergencies. Mom had her left leg cocked a little, causing her skirt to raise up her legs a little and open. She was breathing slow and evenly so I turned on the flashlight and shined it up her skirt.

My heart began to immediately thump in my chest, and my cock lurched in my pants! I was looking directley at my first up close, grown woman's pussy! Her lips were slightly open, showing pink through the dark traingle of hair. I was in a trance as I kneeled down only a foot away from her feet and kept the light focused on her hairy bush. As I watched her thighs spread a little more, giving me an even better view. The hand with the light in it was trembling, as my other hand unzipped and brought out my stiffy.

It wouldn't take long for me to shoot with such a sight in front of me! I had just begun stroking when the foot rest went down, and there sat my mother, upright, looking down at me fisting my cock!

"Wh...WH..What are YOU DOING?" She seemed to screem at me.


"You NASTY BOY, You were looking up my skirt and playing with yourself"

By now, my boner was not so proud, it had shriveled worse than when it gets into cold water. My mothers tone of voice softened as she told me that A young boy like me has urges and natural body reactions to certain things. Plus she said that it was also her fault for allowing herself to be exposed like that.

I was still terribley embarrassed with my shriveled cock covered by my hand. But as Mom kept on talking in a low kind of soothing voice, about how she wasn't really mad, I felt a stirring that I didn't want to feel.

As I looked up at her beautiful face, which was kind of smiling as she talked, I could feel myself getting hard again. I put the flashlight down and was going to try and put my hard-on away, when Mom said.

"No Kevin, you needn't be ashamed of whats happening to you, let me see"

I froze momentarily as her eyes went to my crotch.

"Take your hands away Kevin, its only fair, you saw me"

I slowly dropped my hands to my sides. I could feel her eyes on my cock, which seemed to make it grow even more. The scene was so erotic! Here I was kneeling at my mother's feet, just having seen her bare pussy, and now she was staring at my erection.

"My Kevin you sure have grown some since I've seen you there"

"Do you play with it often?"

I felt strangely at ease all of a sudden and even proud of being exposed to her. I answered her questions about how often I played with myself, and where. She asked if stuff spurts out when I play with it. Then she floored me with the next question.

"Do you need to do it now Kevin?"

"Don't be ashamed, I'm your mother"

Having her see my hard-on was one thing but jerking off in front of her was another. But then my mind went the other way, and I began to think of how exciting it would be to jerk off in front of her! As though my hand had made up my mind, I began to slowly stroke my foreskin back and forth in front of her. I thought I caught the sound of a moan coming from her lips, as I sped up the pace.

She told me to stop and come over to her. I stood and went over to her side. She unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down. Then she had me pull my underware down also. There I stood at the side of the recliner by my Mom with my pants around my ankles and my hard cock only a foot away from her.

"Go ahead Kevin, do it now"

I resumed my masturbation in front of her as her eyes never left my pumping hand. Then she raised up and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Exposing her pussy to my view.

"Do you need this to look at? Maybe this will help" She unbottoned her blouse and took it off. Next came the pink bra, and there before my eyes were her beautiful breasts. The nipples were very long and hard, and seemed to be growing even more.

Her hand reached under my nuts and cupped them as I felt the tightening in my stomach, signalling an impending orgasm. Her soft hand gentley kneaded my nuts, as she said.

"Shoot for me Kevin, I want to see you spurt"

That did it! I launched spurt after spurt all over her bare legs. She kept kneading my balls and moaning as she watched the sperm fly. Her ball massaging caused my cock to move and a spurt hit directly in her pussy hair. The contrast of my white sperm and her dark hair was spectacular. As the spurts weakened and my cock began to just ooze, her hand cupped her pussy, and she began to gasp for breath and her legs began to flail. Finally she went sort of limp, and let go of my balls.

She quickly got up from the chair and went into the kitchen. She came out with a warm dish towel and wiped the sperm from the chair. Then she raised her skirt and wiped it from her legs. She went back into the kitchen and got the towel wet again. She wrapped my softeneing cock and my balls with the warm towel and cleaned the sperm off. The warmth of the towel was like a catylist. My cock hardened again as she was still wiping.

All the time she had been cleaning up, she was telling me how wrong it was what we did, and that we should never let it happen again. But as she felt my cock get hard under the towel, she moaned and pulled the towel away, and said. "MY GOD, Kevin, you sure are horny"! What she had said about not doing again, was quickly forgotten as she wrapped her hand around my shaft. I groaned as she began to pull my foreskin back and forth.

"Does that feel good?" UH HUH was all I could get out as the feeling of her soft hand took over all thoughts.

"Since we've gone too far already, I may as well let you feel something better than my hand"

What could be better? Her pussy ? I was surprised as she knelt and took my cock into her mouth. I began to shoot almost immediately as her hot mouth took me in all the way, her tongue was even licking my balls! She had to help hold me up as I shot into her warm wet mouth. It was the most intense feeling of my life.

Later that night, I learned how to do the same to her, by sucking and licking her sweet tasting pussy. While she sucked me at the same time WOW, I was in heaven. The next morning, she stayed home from work and I from school. I stuck my hard cock into my first pussy and loved it!

I am 24 now and have a wife. We live in the next town where my mom lives with her new husband of one year. But every once in a while, we meet at a motel or at her house, and we satify eachother sexually. My wife is Hot, but there is nothing like the Motherly Love that is put into a Blow Job!

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