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Jenny Part 4

BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

As the Pegasus slipped between the star systems, it was buffeted by meteroites, cosmic dust, various gravitational anomalities, and, unknown to both its' pilot and the sensor arrays, by several probes, designed to reveal everything about the ships technology and occupants. As the ship compensated its trajectory around the fourth and final navigational beacon, the ships' sensors became silent for the first time. At first, Jenny was concerned, but all other systems were performing above their nominal levels, so she dismissed the silence as a rare stellar phenomenon. She was less than three lunar days away from the ships' home planet, and her figure now revealed the changes indicative of the life growing within her. With the exclusion of the smogs, the trip had truly been uneventful; giving her opportunity to study all the ships' learning materials, while maintain a comprehensive exercise and nutritional program to insure the health of her child. The gestation period had been a mere two months, and the medical equipment that had illuminated the daily development of the fetus onto the viewing screen, also kept records of the entire evolution. The babys' movements within her, gave her the most joy, and were a constant reminder that her time was near.

As the first day slipped into her self-appointed rest phase; the ship was suddenly jolted to a complete and instantaneous stop. Jenny flew acros the control room, barely securing a grasp on the viewing screen. Several other loose items shot across the deck with her, slamming into the opposite side of the ship and shattering on impact. She gasped for breath as the environmental controls struggled to maintain equilibrium. The emergency power system finally initialized, and she was able to release her grasp and begin her query into the ships integrity. Most all of the crystal/electric systems had been shattered, and the power source had been neutralized; but the emergency system was good for at least 72-hours on full consumption. Suddenly, a solitary beam of light appeared in front of her and as he appeared, the light faded. He was at least seven feet tall, shining white - almost brilliant in countenance, and completely naked. He had no hair on his micro thin body, and his almond, jet black eyes were inappropriately large and unemotional. He was the epitome of the stereotyped alien, with the exception of his reproductive organ which was minute. By comparison, a retractical pen had more to offer. His fingers and toes were extremely long and frail.

At this moment, however, Jenny was far more concerned about her child, than the features of this invader. He spoke telepathically, described his galaxy and mission, and apologetically assumed responsibilty for the ships system failures. He would help to deliver the new life within her and insure the child was safely conveyed to his new parents; and in return, he asked for one of her ovaries. He went on to explain that his species had been sterile for years, and had abducted compatible women from other planets to help preserve his species. But a recent scientific breakthrough would allow for reproduction solely using the ova as long as the extracted ovary was immedietly placed within its supporting equipment - any delay would be fatal. It was a most tantalizing offer, with the security of her offspring assured, and the opportunity to become the mother of a second worlds' population appealed to her ego. Yet she felt strangely sterile, for without the opportunity to raise her own child, she feared her nurturance instincts would be left unsatisfied. He assured her that both her gonads were quite fertile, and that she would have the same opportunity as any women to procreate normally. This assurance finalized her decision; for, in careful reflection, she realized she had a marvelous opportunity to find a perfect father for her future children with the Pegasus. With a nod, the contract was finalized.

She was whisked into his ship, a glowing orb that reflected warmth and sterility, and she felt her body float over to a shining guerney. As her frame settled upon the birthing bed she was surprised at how warm the metal was, and how it conformed to her body. She saw a large overhead mechanism swing over her pelvis, and within moments, she could feel the involuntary contractions of the emerging child. There was no pain or discomfort; only the gentle spasms, as this new life form entered the sterile environment and took its first breaths. He was a beautiful child, with a full head of dark curly hair, a blemish free complexion, and a small tail emerging just above his buttocks. Jenny was given the only opportunity she would ever have to hold the life that had grown within her; and after a few tears, and many kisses, the child was taken, to complete his journey to his new home.

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Meanwhile, as the last of her afterbirth was expelled, she saw a tray with a small electro-mechanical device that looked like a miniature incubator float over to the side of her bed. There were no incisions, just a warm, stimulating stream from the machine above her that slowly awakened her sexuality. She couldn't believe the experience - here was a machine bringing her erotic sensations with some form of light. It was incredible; she could feel her vulva experiencing ever deepening spasms, and the nerve endings in her clitoris being stimulated in a perfect undulating rhythm. As she neared her impending orgasm, she saw the alien position himself between her trembling legs, and insert his organ within her. Somehow, the mechanism above her had shrunk her womb back to its original size after childbirth, or maybe even smaller, as she could feel him enter her, and feel the muscles of her love canal rythmically stroke him. Gradually the stimulation intensified and soon she experienced her first machine induced orgasm, and, at the same instant, she felt this small organ erupt with a ferocity she found hard to believe. As the resolution phase set in, she saw her left ovary float away from the invisible wound in her abdomen, and into the specially designed support equipment. Before she could even respond to what she had experienced, she felt herself floating away, back on board the Pegasus, where all the systems had been restored, and the ship was drifting freely in a field of stars.

Jenny slept - a fitful restful sleep, and was awakened only when Philbert began nuzzling her love canal in search of nourishment - she would have to work on teaching him to ask first! She rose from her bench and ran her hands through her disheveled hair as she strolled to the bathroom. Once there, she appraised herself in the mirror. Her body had returned to normal; with her small pert breasts and her beautifully shaped legs. She felt no pain, although there was a unique sensation in her abdomen where, unknown to her, the aliens had implanted a small biological device that would protect her from all known disease, and increase her bodys' ability to heal itself tenfold. She gazed at herself proudly; she was now the mother of two worlds, had a ship to explore the heavens, and still had the great body and appearance she had worked so hard to preserve all these years. As she returned to the control room to input new coordinates for the Pegasus, she felt Philbert brush against her arm in adoring affection, and knew that she truly was the luckiest girl alive.

The ship quickly gained momentum, transporting her towards a new world of challenges and rewards; but that's another story that hasn't been written.

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