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Jenny Part 3

BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

The ship hummed continuously, automatically checking and recehecking all of its systems and subsystems. Jenny set about studying, in great detail, the history of her lovers' peoples and the horrors brought about by this tiny, unforseen calamity. As the ship slid past its first predestined navigational beacon, a sinister shape awaited. The menace appeared as a dark cloud, continually changing form and visible only to reflected light. On board, a more elemental lifeform existed, whose subsistence was based on consumming the waste of higher life forms. The ships alarms sounded, and the ship veered sharply to avoid a collision, but the alien craft had already siezed Jenny's ship and was beginning to drain the power supply. Immediately, she initialized the ships polarizing defense system, and secured all other non-essential systems. The cloud rapidly changed shape, and its' color became a bright orange, but its hold on her little ship remained firm. She would need to find another way to deal with these creatures, whose normal state was that of their ship; a shape-changing cloud. But they could change into almost any form imaginable, virtually void of intelligence, yet able to instinctively procure nutrition and reproduce.

As Jenny analyzed the intruders in the ships data banks, she found them to be basically quite harmless if they were given access to the waste storage tanks, and given their fill of what was contained therin. As she turned from the view screen she came face to face with one of creatures floating gently above the deck. Reminding her of the L.A. smog she had first seen as a child, she nicknamed them smogs. Gesturing with her first finger as a come-on, she led two of the invaders down the darkened corridor where the waste tanks were located. Within moments, twenty or more of the creatures appeared and began to absorb the fluids as they trickled from the valves of the tanks Jenny opened. They must communicate telepathically, she thought, as she watched them dine; they appeared so harmless and actually exhibited some comical characteristics in the way they moved and changed shape. She was so intent on her guests mannerisms that she scarcely noticed the slight ripple in her robe as one of the creatures slid between the folds, and began to explore the curves of her figure.

It wasn't until the creature had almost fully engulfed her torso, that she sensed the intrusion. The smog had fully engulfed her hips and thighs, and was continuing to spread upwards towards her bosom. She tried to swat and tear the creature away from her body, but the creature just reformed about her, totally unaffected by her attempts to free herself. As the creature reached her breasts, it stopped, but not before Jenny tripped over one of the deckplates, and landed firmly on her bottom. The smog reformed around her cheeks, then gently eased her down on to the floor, where she could feel every pore of her skin being explored rhythmically. It wasn't too long before another of the creatures joined the first, and soon she found herself surrounded with these creatures, gently probing and sucking each pore of her body. As if in an erotic dream, she felt one of them form an artifical penis that penetrated her love canal and another formed a smoky tendril that entered her bottom, slowly feeding on all the by-products her body generated.

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The stimulation was so intense she could no longer conceal her moans, and soon she felt the sweet release of an orgasm into a virtually weightless cloud. And still, even though every fibre of her being screamed from the stimulations she was receiving, the smogs continued their onslought, and before she could regain control, she felt herself void into the mass of invaders about her. She felt ashamed, but as she peered down into the semi-transparent mass, she could see that her captors had removed any trace of her excrement. Her mind reeled once again, as their gently prodding of her swollen clitoris brought another shattering orgasm. She felt the gentle suction of the creatures consuming her natural lubrication, and the sheer thought of their desire for her juices brought another climax. This same evolution continued on repeatedly, until she could not longer withstand the stimulation, and she collapsed from exhaustion.

When she awoke, several of the creatures hovered about her motionless form, as if to insure she would be all right. The others had finished off what was left in the tanks, and apparently returned to their mothership. But Jenny realized the full potential of these gentle creatures, and tried to summon them close to her in that she may communicate with them. It was pointless - they couldn't understand even her most basic queries. She reached for her robe, making a mental note to find some other form of attire at her first opportunity, and strolled back to the control room where she found a voice modulator that allowed her to speak in a myriad of different tongues and dialects. Within no time, she told her new found friends of her home planet, which would provide virtually unlimited feeding and opportunity (not to mention pleasure) for them. These smogs appeared quite elated, and rushed back to their ship which then appeared to virtually disappear.

With a heartfelt sigh of both fufillment, and relief, Jenny sank back onto the bench and began to re-light the ships non-essential systems. Within a few brief moments, the ship resumed its course and speed. She found a flight suit in a compartment at the end of the corridor which fit well enough to insure her comfort, (albeit did nothing for her figure), and paused to straighten her disheveled hair in the mirror in her newly discovered restroom. As she passed the waste storage area on her way back to the control room, she heard a disturbing rumble coming from within. Gathering all her courage, she pressed the portal release, and, upon careful investigation, found a solitary smog huddled under one of the tanks. She sighed in relief at the sight of her companion, and gestured to him that it was all right. Slowly it emerged from it's shelter, and followed her to the control room. Through the use of the modulator, she began teaching him all she knew of the world and the heavens, and named him Philbert, just because the name fit. Her ship would no longer be burdened with the excess weight of the liquid waste, and she would not need to concern herself with the need for companionship or a sexual release; Philbert was the only element needed to complete the journey. As the hours slipped past, Jenny gained new confidance in her abilites and knowledge; and began to refer to her ship the Pegasus, because of it's resemblence to the winged horse with its vast energy reserves and flowing directional changes. A Although she had not chosen this task, as time evolved she began to cherish it.

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