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Jenny Part 2

BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

His world was unlike any Jenny could ever imagine. It had been a world of joy and life, but was now a mutated nightmare of spider creatures rendered sterile by a microbe deposited from a passing meteor shower. Despite the best efforts of their scientific communities, efforts to halt the spread of this new diseases it spawned were fruitless. Longevity had maintained their race until just recently, when some of the old members began to succumb to their mutations. Their evolution had ceased, and their planet was in the final throes of lifelessness. It was a common evolution in the universe. but unique in that his race would not accept their fate easily when their scientific community had options for survival. Jenny was to be a new beginning, when, in fact, she was to be the means to an end.

As Jenny lay on her bed in quiet repose, she let the hours slip away peacefully. Her body felt exhausted yet relieved at the same time. She heard the birds singing, the neighbors chatting with one another, and the maintenance boy mowing the lawn. As the noon-day sun brought its warmth to the little community, people began to shed their inhibitions and their clothes. Jenny had nothing to loose, as she was still naked from the night before, and the gentle breeze on her soft skin was all she really needed. Just outside, Mike, the "Mowin' Man" stopped to wipe his brow and dream of other pastimes. As he stowed his handkerchief in his hip pocket, he glanced over to see her laying there, barely visible through the sheer curtains, but clear enough for him to pause and rethink his objectives. He had always desired her from afar, but she never seemed to notice him. He found her so beautiful with those coal black eyes and light brown, silky hair. Her figure was absolutely perfect, with those small pert breasts, and those long smooth legs. When she walked, she "flowed" from step to step as her hips moved with the grace of a gazelle. His mouth became dry as he thought of her, and he took a few hesitant steps closer to her window.

Overcome with self-doubt, he returned to his mower, and after removing his sweat-soaked shirt, he resumed his mowing responsibilities. But as he once again drew near her window, he halted, and gazed lustfully and her lovely form. It was more than he could endure. He wheeled the mowing machine behind a nearby bush, and entered her apartment using his master key on her sliding glass door. She lay undisturbed, lost in her thoughts of the night before when he crept into the room and with one swift leap, he was on the bed pinning her to the mattress with his body. She shrieked in surprise, but his hand across her mouth quickly silenced her. He quickly grabbed her panties, still in her slacks on the floor, and forced them into her mouth. Fumbling with his pants, and with a great deal of effort, he finally worked them down his torso by furiously kicking his legs. She struggled against his onslaught, kicking her arms and legs frantically, but his strength was just too much for her, and she became too exhausted to resist. He started mumbling in her ear as he forced himself closer and closer to her now satiated love canal; his odor permeated her nostrils and his crushing weight taking her very breath away. In a half daze she turned her head to see a comb with a long pointed handle stuck in her hairbrush on the nightstand next to her head. As the tip of his manhood began to separate the lips of her sex, she slowly eased her arm upward, feigning pleasurable sighs. Mike was so intent on his own pleasure, he scarcely noticed her movements, and with one tremendous push, forced his shaft entirely into her dry canal. She forced a muffled scream and with deliberate efforts now, she ripped the comb from the brush as it fell to the floor, and, using all the strength she had left, she plunged the handle squarely into his back all the way to the hilt. He screamed in agony and rolled off the bed, trying desperately to reach the embedded comb. Jenny lept to her feet, and after grabbing her sheer robe, she ran into the courtyard screaming.

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Light years above here, the creature noticed a burning sensation in his reproductive organ, and noticed a white glob emerging from his seminal opening. He carefully scraped the sample off his organ on to a small crystal next to him, and got up from his bench to test the substance in the ships' chemical analyzer. He knew the smallest bacterial infection would be fatal as the comets' microbes made his people resistant to all known forms of antibiotics years ago. The tests returned positive moments later; a small strep virus somewhere on her body had become lodged in his, and his life expectancy was no longer a factor in the balance of nature. With great sadness in his heart, he reset the controls to return to the planet from whence he came in hopes of glimpsing his offspring before his demise. He then slowly crawled over to where the lifeless costume lay, and began to work it around his tired limbs.

Moments after his arrival, his sensors found her in the middle of the apartments' courtyard, while in her bedroom lay the form of a male human with a severe kidney wound. Assesing the situation instantly, the dying alien engaged his transport, and within seconds she was aboard; her stunned form laying in a crumpled heap on the deck in front of him. He crawled over to caress her face, still stained from the tears of the earlier assault. His sorrow was compounded by the blood trickling from between her legs. He would need to act quickly; and indeed he did, pulling her lifeless form onto a nearby bench, and moving it over towards the rejuvinator. Not knowing if and how the device would work on her, he placed two small pads on her body; one on her chest, and the other on her abdomen. Knowing that this evolution would drain the last of his being, he whispered a silent prayer of hope and then took his place laying down on the deck next to her. The machinery hummed to life, and an ear-piercing whine reverberated throughout the ship. The whine lasted just a few seconds, then faded and Jenny awoke to her new life. Panic momentarily engulfed her, as she looked at the crumpled form of her host and at the gleaming surroundings of the ships' interior. After a brief pause, she began to explore this new world; her body fully restored, and her mind filled with all the thoughts and memories of the creature that had given her new life and love.

Jenny knew her first best destiny was to return the ship and it's now deceased captain to its place of origin. With the new life she carried in her womb, she could help these creatures renew their hopes for the future, and give the greatest gift anyone could give. As she reset the controls, her thoughts returned to the previous night; how gentle and kind he was. Her eyes became moist with the memory of his loving and lovemaking. Even now, as she turned to look at the mishapen human form, she wished that somehow he could return to her and give her the opportunity to thank him for the gift he had so wonderfully given her. The star drive engaged with a gentle nudge, and the saucer-shaped craft eased back towards the direction from whence it came with its new cargo, and enough energy to last ten lifetimes.

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