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Jenny Part 1

BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

He seemed so right, and yet there was something about him.

They had met in an all-night cafe. Jenny had never liked the looks of the place, much less the clientele it serviced, but it was a small southwestern town, with few options. The night had brought its share of come-ons, and disappointments, along with just a few two many spirits making the all-nite "greasy spoon" appealing enough to stop for a few morsels before returning to her lonely apartment. Jenny was an attractive girl, and had her share of relationships, all with different yet definative finishes. Many times she questioned her need for a man only to return to the perverbial "social conditioning" she had grown to accept. Men are scum, she thought as she let another bite of the club sandwich slide down her slender throat, but they can sure feel good! With a smirk, she finished the last of the burnt french fries, and pushed the plate to the side in that she may reach the coke that tasted more like carmel syrup than a carbonated breverage.

As she drew the first drops to those sultry lips, her eyes met his. He was two booths away; alone and perfectly charming. His eyes, although tired, sparkled with pleasure at her acknowledgement. He had all the necessities; dark eyes, dark hair, a well trimmed mustache, beautifully tanned skin, a slim yet well structured frame, and, of course a firm little bottom. With a nod and a questioning gesture, she abondoned her reserve for one more attempt at love this night. He slid in the booth across from her, and took her frail hands in to in a warm embrace. Yup, she thought, I think I'll give this one a try. His voice was deep and rich, his smiles came sincerely, yet frequently, and his words were spoken at precisely the right moment. And, as the evening turned into morning, she felt herself more and more entranced by the stranger in the all night cafe. On several occaisions she actually had to turn away and assure herself that she wasn't suffering the effects of too much alcohol, or reassure herself she was not lonely enough to be desparate. He was a true find, and as the first streaks of daylight appeared, she squeezed his hand in a silent acknowledgement that his company was requested for the new day. His smile of acceptance was as warm as the noon-day sun.

The drive to her apartment was plagued by nervous questions in judgement and acceptance. She tried to pass them off, but he was different, somehow, and there was so much to learn about him. His newer model convertible was a dramatic contrast to her second-hand pick-up with far too many battle scars. He was so patient, and gave her all the time she could ever want to explain her ideas back at the resturaunt. If he was a professional, he was a damn good one, she thought; and the idea of being used and discarded surfaced, but only long enough for her to laugh it away as she pulled into her numbered parking spot. One quick glance in the rear view mirror told her that he had parked somewhere outside the complex, and the short walk to the security gate found him standing there with a wilted flower he had picked from one of the neighbors houses. They embraced when he entered the complex, and they held each other on the long walk to her first floor apartment. Her heart was racing and her mouth was dry. Secretly she hoped that he approved of her as more than just a friend.

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As they entered her darkened apartment, and she removed her coat, she could feel his warm breath on the nape of her neck, and her desires dominated her thoughts. She reached for the lamp switch, but his lips met hers, and the embrace that followed gave her such a feeling of warmth that she forgot all the amenities and led him by the hand to her bedroom. Again, his lips met hers; he's even got a great set of teeth she thought as she could feel his passions rise, and his breathing quicken. They kissed for an eternity, and her heart was beating with such force she thought she would faint from the feeling, but his lips remained locked to hers and as his hands explored the small of her back, their firm pressure kept her from swaying. Finally, for fear of turning numb, she pulled away and half tripped, half stumbled on to her bed. As she turned to face him, she felt his warm kisses along her chin and neck, and she resolved to allow this gentle creature the full opportunity to explore her body.

His kisses intensified along her neck, and she felt his hands deftly unbutton her blouse. She moved her arms to allow him to remove her blouse, and she felt her bra follow almost immediately. His kisses slid down her shoulders and onto her chest where they came to a gentle stop just above her left nipple. At that point, he began to use his tongue to arouse the little cherries on her chest. Her breasts were not particularly well proportioned, but they were quite firm with small, yet well formed dark nipples that strained straight out when she was aroused. His mouth "music" aroused her beyond even her dreams, and she eased down on her back to allow him full access to her secret places. His lovemaking to her breast continued until she was in such a heightened state that all she could think of was for him to open her moist lips and plunge his manhood into her. As if he could read her desires his mouth moved away from her delicate breasts to be replaced by his gently messaging hands.

With her body on fire, she could feel his lips caress and lick her navel , and stroke every pore along her torso. So expert was his touch that she could barely feel his hands slip away from her breasts, and down to the waistband of her slacks, where with one swift move she felt both her slacks and undergarment slip below her knees. Without moving away from her, he slid the last of her clothing over he petite feet, and continue on, unabated towards her love canal. She could smell her own sex, and knew that he must be fully aware of her excitement. Her hands dug into his full head of soft hair, and pulled his mouth gently downward until, at last she felt his lips meet the lips of her sex, and she let out the first of many sighs. His tongue began to work aound her aroused clitoris, and the vacuum his mouth created caused her to flush with excitement. His gently moist pressure pushed her towards her first orgasm so quickly, that she was almost embarrased. But he did not stop his loving , and every preceeding climax came more quickly and forcefully than the one before. Within just a few short minutes, with orgasms to numerous to count, her body spasmed for the last time, and her legs released their lock around his body that were, by now, wet with sweat.

Her mouth was dry from the sighs, and her tummy was weak from the multiple orgasms, yet she was driven to reach for his sex and attempt to return a part of the wonderful lovemaking he had just given her. She had been so engulfed in her sensations she hadn't noticed that his clothes were already removed, and his erection was complete. She tentatively reached for him, feeling his passion, and the glans which was wet from his anticipation. He was quite large, but she continued to move her mouth downward until she had the tip of him between her lips. He hands reached for his gonads, and much to her surprise, she found his genitals clean shaven and smooth. His ballsack was firm, yet she could feel the two reproductive glands within, and she was, once again, amazed by his countenance. Her lips slid further down his purple tipped organ, and her hand slid up to began slowly stroking the dark veined flesh. She couldn't take his entire organ in her mouth without gagging, so she used her two hands at the base to stroke him rythmically, and used her tongue to trace the veins and the urethra, only to return to his glans which seemed to grow ever larger everytime she sucked on it. His body began to move to the same tempo of her stroking, and she could feel occasional spasms along the length of his shaft. As she continued to stroke and lick his pulsing member, she felt the warmth of his lips close around her love canal once again; and soon she was moaning with pleasure, as they worked each other closer towards their mutual climax.

The phone rang. They simultaneously stopped their lovemaking, and waited - perhaps hoping the phone would stop as quickly as it started. But it didn't, and Jenny sadly excused herself to investigate the maddening noise. As she picked up receiver, she heard the dial tone; and with a sigh of resignation, sat down beside the phone and returned the receiver to the cradle. Then, with determined afterthought, she unplugged the phone from the wall and as she returned to her feet, when she felt his warm hands on her breasts. Without a thought, she closed her eyes, and felt his lips meet hers. The passion returned in an instant, and she felt her freshly shaven thighs being lifted lightly into the air as he carried her back into bed. With a few brief kisses surrounding her genital area, he plunged his lips back over her clitoris, and she began to grasp his head with renewed passion and fury. But, just as she reached the final plateau, she felt him move on top of her, and with one loving kiss to each nipple, he moved his manhood into the silky lips of her most secret place, and began to slide into her. For a brief instance, she panicked at the size of him, but because of his gentle arousal, her lips easily stretched over him and the involuntary contractions of her muscles drew his manhood deep into her awaiting womb.

Gently he applied pressure with each stroke, and she could feel every inch of him; the veins, the urethra's bulge, and the folds of skin below his circumcised glans. He eased deeper into her with each stroke being careful not to put any weight on her; while gently nibbling her neck and shoulders. Her legs obediently wrapped around him, crushing her erect nipples into his well muscled chest and she began to rythmically move the muscles in her love canal along the length of his manhood. His pace gradually quickened; yet she was barely aware of his reaction, as she was concentrating on the pressure against her clitoris and the impending orgasm. She tried to delay for as long as she could, when, almost without notice, her vagina spasmed and she began pushing her pelvis with wild abandon onto his throbbing manhood. Then it happened with a ferocity she had not known before; his seed exploded into her with such a magnitude that she felt her breath leave her. She could feel his manhood expanding with every contraction, and the muscles of his body strain against her smooth skin. She could only grab his gonads with one free hand as the rest of her body was racked with an explosive orgasm that wouldn't end until they collapsed from exhaustion.

As she lay silently there, she was vaguely aware of a bright light that filled her room and, in a second, he was gone. When she awoke, she found a wilted flower on the nightstand and a pile of mens' clothes near the foot of her bed. She knew he would return in his flashy convertible to give her another opportunity to feel his passion.

And yet, twenty eight miles above her, in a ship well hidden from view, a strange creature emerged from what was once the shape of a tall, dark man. His mission complete, he engaged the drives that would take him home knowing, as Jenny had suspected, that he would return to claim his offspring.

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