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The Host

BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

As a young girl, Amber would often play in the tidal pools; toying with the abundance of life there. She was fortunate to live in the small town, where competition was repressed by opportunity, and where the pace of life was practical and not pressured. Throughout her childhood she had learned to respect nature and its many treasures; spending hours observing the cycles and the frailties of life. Some of her most joyful moments were spent skinny-dipping among the swaying seaweed until one night, when her world suddenly changed.

As she lay dozing, thinking about the next days history exam; she heard a faint high-pitched squeal in the distance, gradually becoming more pronounced as it drew closer. She leapt from her bed, and grabbing her robe, darted out into the hallway where her parents were waiting. Swiftly they ran out into the front room, where a magnificent view of the entire bay revealed nothing out of the ordinary until, barely visible to the naked eye, a tiny multicolored light splashed into the bay, leaving a spectacular geyser where it entered the water. Her Dad bolted to the phone, and was able to call the local authorities before the lines went dead. Grabbing Amber by the wrist, her Mother ran to the waters edge where the object had entered some fifty meters offshore. There was still a faint glow that gradually lost its intensity and became dark as they watched.

Soon some of the awakened neighbors joined the vigil, and small boats began to appear in the area with spotlights and nets. A police helicopter arrived on the scene, and circled the area for the better part of an hour. In the morning, divers were dispatched and thoroughly combed the area in grids; but were unable to find anything out of the ordinary. For the next several weeks, reporters with their photographers and scientists with a dazzling array of equipment came and went; eventually classifying the sighting as a small astronomical fragment that lay buried somewhere in the soft clay and seaweed at the bottom of the bay. Those who had witnessed the event claimed differently, but they were soon dispelled as "gold diggers" by everyone except a few skeptics, who eventually lost interest also and disappeared into the media jungle from whence they came.

It was unseasonably warm on that August afternoon, and Amber took advantage of her early release from school to play in the bay. Undressing in a dense growth of underbrush, she slowly immersed herself completely in the cool water, feeling it embrace every fold and opening of her skin. It had been over a month since the "night the sky fell," and most everything had returned to normal around the small community. A small stand selling "UFO" souvenirs, still stood in the town square, but was virtually unnoticed by most everyone and was the last remaining indication that anything unique had ever happened. With her toes barely touching the mushy bottom, she moved along the tall strands of seaweed, feeling the gently touch of marine life that occasionally brushed past her legs. Working her way slowly towards her "favorite spot" she began to hum a simple tune to herself, and daydream about the boy who sat next to her in history class.

Stepping over the submerged log, she slowly turned and sat in the soft sand, feeling her genitals become fully engulfed with the cool mud as she sank lower into its embrace. But something was different now, she began to sink far deeper than she was accustomed, and soon felt her waist slide into the muck. Struggling now, Amber began to splash violently as her breasts became engulfed and the water reached her chin. Suddenly, her downward motion abruptly stopped, and she could feel a pea-sized sphere enter her engulfed vagina. It was spinning at such a tremendous speed, it felt as if it burned when it moved past her intact hymen and up into her womb. Lodging itself in the moist fertile tissue, it began to grow at a remarkable rate, quickly expanding through her fallopian tubes and into the delicate tissues around her fertile ovaries. Small tendrils surged gently around her various organs to divide in her chest, where two surged though the fat cells and milk ducts of her breasts to curl around the tiny nerve endings of her nipples, and the other two began to twist around the beginning of her spinal column, fully engulfing the base of her nerve stem with a gelatin substance. Meanwhile, other tendrils began to engulf the nerves surrounding her vagina and the vast network that ran through the length of her vulva.

It all happened so quickly that her mind was only able to respond to the sensuality of the moment, and her body began to shudder from the first of a continuing series of unsolicited orgasms. Still confined, Amber trembled violently as waves of erotic stimulation rolled through her body, gasping as each passed through. The invading organism knew just how and where to stimulate her young body, sending tiny charges of electricity in concentric waves through her budding breasts, across her firm tummy, through the sensitive lips of her womanhood, then down her thighs and into her tiny feet. Every pore was alive, and she struggled for every breath amidst the continually barrage of sensual input. She could feel her mind becoming numb, as her hips began to spasm uncontrollably and her breasts became painfully engorged. With all the mental strength she could muster, she focused purely on a point of light in the distance, and tightened every muscle in her body instantaneously, releasing a bone-jarring scream with the effort. In an instant, she felt like herself again.

With her faculties restored, she saw the sun was beginning to disappear into the trees, leaving warm shades of yellow and red etched in the sky. Knowing her parents would be panic stricken, she half-rolled out of her muck that had imprisoned her, and rinsed her body as she rose to her feet. She felt different somehow as she slipped back into the underbrush, and realized she had definitely changed when her bra and panties would no longer fit over the curves of her body. Her breasts were much larger now, and her hips were round and firm where they had once been slim and bony. Strangely, her body was completely void of hair also, accenting the fullness of her sex, and the graceful taper of her legs. Her attitudes had also changed, for as she passed two of her fellow students on the way home - they appeared so young and immature to her.

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As she entered the front door, her anxious parents stared at her new figure, unable to utter a word. Amber apologized fervently and promised never to be late again, but her parents both continued to stare. Finally, frustrated with her attempts, and somewhat curious of her parents response, she entered the bathroom and closed the door where a full length mirror was attached. Her mouth dropped open immediately - no longer was she looking at the face and body of a freshman, but rather at the figure of a full grown, and extremely voluptuous woman. It was most all she could bear, and she bolted into the security of her room and locked the door. With the blinds drawn, she sat in the darkness and tried to comprehend what had happened and why, only to find more questions than answers. When she finally fell into a troubled sleep, she was bombarded with erotic images she found both disgusting and exciting. She awoke with rivulets of sweat dripping from her forehead; her body trembling in panic, and a large wet spot between her damp thighs. Staring at the darkness with her rapid and shallow breaths, she knew it was time to seek professional help. After a few moments of silent prayer, she stumbled to her parents door and collapsed.

They were still awake, trying to asses her rapid maturation when they heard her body hit the floor. Her Father lifted her limp form over to the couch in the front room while her badly shaken Mother phoned emergency services. They arrived directly, and within a few minutes she was under the scrutiny of the best physician in the County. Every imaginable test was given, and all imaginable specimens were analyzed with the same outcome - she was a perfectly normal young woman suffering from sleep deprivation. A three day supply of muscle relaxers were prescribed, and along with an injection of tranquilizers, she was sent home to recover. The next day, when her parents entered her room with her breakfast neatly arranged on a serving tray, they found her make-up, some of her clothes, and their only daughter missing; the window still open from where she had slipped away. They both sat on her neatly made bed and wondered, knowing their only daughter may be fighting for her life.

The bus made an unscheduled stop for Amber in the suburbs of the major seaport when she advised the driver that her lunch was on the way up. Stepping gingerly from the final step on to the sidewalk, she tightly grasped her small handbag, and turned to face the madness. People were rushing around and about her, making her feel more like a problem than a person. She could feel their voices silently screaming for understanding, and heard their frustration as they hurried to save time. The futility of their efforts were reflected in their averted eyes, always searching without direction, and Amber became physically ill from the chaos orchestrated in the unfamiliar sounds and odors. She stepped from the curb, but a careening cab put her back onto the raised pavement where she collided with several other pedestrians. Struggling to free herself from their insane pace, she was pushed and on several occasions pinched until she fell down a short flight of stairs into the lobby of a seedy hotel. Regaining the remnants of her composure, she reserved a single room, and hid within its mildew and dust, until nightfall, when the fresh smell of rain awakened her.

Stepping into the moist night air, her senses were aroused by the entirely new atmosphere of hot dogs and prostitutes. She felt giddy, and began to explore the new world with eager anticipation; sampling the wares of the various vendors. It was as she was savoring a hamburger smothered with fried onions that she felt several pairs of arms tried to pull her into a recessed stairwell. She screamed, and bolted next to one of the vendors, whom offered her a temporary respite, and eventually allowed her to assist. By the end of the evening, they had come to know one another quite well, and her assets had provided more customers than he had ever served in a single evening before. As Amber returned to her room for a much needed rest, she was approached by two dark figures who tried to wrestle her into a parked car. Her screams brought several nearby officers to her rescue, and in the ensuing confusion, she ran across the street to a parked bus. She rode the bus until the driver advised her it was the end of the line, and she disembarked at a small rural crossroads surrounded by two story houses and barking dogs.

Without a dime and much of a hope, she found a reasonably comfortable site beneath a towering pine, and began to doze with a slight burning sensation in her vagina. Several hours later she awoke with the pain far more pronounced and attempted to walk towards the dimly lit street, but her legs failed her and she crumpled on to the wet grass. He appeared to be an angel as he peered into her eyes, and she was convinced that she was in heaven until his terrier broke loose, and bathed her face with its tongue. Instantly aware of her crises, he deftly lifted her and carried her to the family residence where a kindly woman quickly tended to Ambers’ appetite and tired limbs with a hot bath and a warm, generous meal. For the first time in 48-hours, Amber felt secure enough to sleep soundly in the guest room where the wire-haired family mascot soon joined her.

Shortly after three in the morning, she was awakened by the vaginal pain, intense enough to impair her breathing and blur her vision. The angel that had previously rescued her was at her side, gently caressing her cool face. She reached up and gently yet firmly pulled his well toned body to her chest, feeling her breasts swell with new life. Her legs lifted around his body, and their lips met in a tentative kiss. Before he could respond to her overt embrace, she rolled on top of his clothed body, and began to grind her hips into his thigh in rough circular motions. With her free hand she opened the front of her sleeping gown, and pulled his hand to her engorged nipple with enough pressure to flatten the creamy mound firmly against her heaving chest. Her other hand reached into his pajamas, and found the gristle of his glans, becoming enlarged with her gentle pinches. As he became aroused, she could feel the hairy shaft began to throb, and she grasped it firmly for support as she intensified the pressure against her womanhood. As her instincts replaced conscious thought, she moved slightly down his body, and pulled the cotton panties away from the moist opening of her womanhood, allowing his manhood to ease into the silky fold. The erotic pressure of his glans against her maidenhead brought her immediate release and an abrupt end to the vaginal pain. She held him tightly in a silent gesture of relief as he lay under her warm body, overwhelmed by both her sensuality and virginity.

The next day, he had vanished into the city, and, after heartfelt thanks and promises, she caught the bus and headed back towards the ocean. In the guest room, she left behind a slip of paper with her address, tucked neatly between the pillows. As the bus approached the transfer depot, she could feel someones eyes on her neck, sending chills down her spine. Once the door opened, she hurriedly escaped and worked through the crowd towards the restrooms aware that she was still being followed. Just as she reached the door, his arm crossed the doorway forcing her to step backwards. Using only one and two syllable words, he identified himself as a local law enforcement agent, and pointed to a picture on the nearby wall with her face under the ‘Have You Seen. . .’ headline. With hardly an afterthought, she moved with him towards the awaiting car, and within a few minutes, she was tearfully reunited with her beloved parents. Vowing never to run away again, she shared everything she could remember about her adventures and fears, and how she was finally accepting her new body. She intentionally omitted certain elements, knowing that her folks would eventually resolve the loose ends for themselves. Now late in the evening, they embraced with the warmth of her homecoming, and dismissed themselves for some much needed rest.

It was waiting for her with glowing eyes and a shadowy countenance. He had been alerted to her whereabouts by carefully monitoring the scanner, and knew she would eventually return to the origin of her maturity without needing her address. As she undressed, Amber somehow knew that tonight would be different, and she climbed under her blankets with her senses alive with anticipation. He came to her silently, and caressed the rounded form of her flowering femininity. She started briefly then relaxed, allowing the gentle stranger complete freedom to her assets. With the experiences from a thousand centuries and ten thousand different partners, his fingers gently roamed the fairyland of her sexuality; exploring every nerve ending in her pristine complexion. His hands gently parted her gown, tracing gentle lines down her long slender neck across her heaving chest to the soft protrusions of her ribs, down her soft torso, then back across here trembling abdomen and across her thighs and finally down to her frail ankles and delicate feet. Aroused beyond her wildest dreams she struggled to keep her arms to her sides, and her hips firmly on the bed.

Sensing her heightened condition, he positioned himself over her, and began to taste the tiny drops forming on her forehead, then began to passionately kiss her eyelids, high cheekbones, tiny upturned nose, and rich full lips. His tongue traced the lines of her jaw and the blood vessels that became apparent as her neck reddened in arousal. Continuing to taste the sweet liquid she was now bathed in, his tongue moved across her chest to the dark red nipples crowning her firm breasts, deliberately moving between them slowly as the remainder of her body began to slowly undulate. Slowly moving his fingertips to the fully erect nipples, he began to slowly draw concentric circles about their hardness, feeling the tiny bumps stiffen with anticipation. His tongue moved to her trembling tummy, exploring her tiny navel and abdomen before moving across to where her hip bones protruded, savoring the smooth valleys and ridges formed by the firm muscles hidden beneath. Exploring the firmness of her thighs with his lips, he slid his hands from her two perfect mounds down to her hips and gently kneaded her buttocks. His mouth continued its descent across the small hills of her knees and ankles to pause on her delicate toes, sampling each one separately before beginning his ascent back to the treasures of her virginity.

With her senses now fully alive, and her body unconsciously undulating beneath his gentle administration, she reached for his long, dark hair, and gently guided his probing tongue towards her vulva, now a deep red in anticipation of his arrival. The first gentle kiss to her clitoris brought spasms throughout her entire being, and she began to moan with desire as he moved his tongue around its base with firm circular motions. With total surrender, she allowed her hands to go limp and fall to her sides, as he began to taste every pore and follicle of he flowering sexuality, gently moving his probing tongue in tight circular motions from cleft of her engorged clitoris to the pucker of her anal ridge with gradually increasing intensity. Unable to control the passion he had aroused, she pulled his body up onto hers, and felt between his legs, finding the smooth warm organ now destined to penetrate her virginity and help her to finally attain self-actualization. Guiding the firmly erect glans past the wet engorged flower of her womanhood, she brought her hands around to his firm buttocks, gently easing his manhood closer to her virginity by raising her hips to meet his. Allowing her to guide his penetration, he supported his weight on his arms and knees, watching the expressions of her face reflect the sensations she was experiencing, and listening to the deepening intensity of her moans.

With the tip of his manhood gently nudged against her hymen, he waited until she was fully relaxed before applying gentle yet firm pressure with his hips, feeling the skin tear across his glans and move into her warm canal. Her eyes snapped open, and her chest rapidly expanded from the breath she drew in to counter the pain. Reaching up, she clawed at his back, partly in pain, but mostly with passion, as his throbbing organ completely invaded her fertile vagina and their pubic bones met for the first time, sending ripples of pleasure through their receptive bodies. He drew her undulating form tightly to his muscular chest, flattening her silky breast obscenely and awakening the organism that had embedded itself within Ambers’ neurological structure. Small burst of energy appeared between their entwined bodies and gradually intensified until the entire room was aglow with brilliant light. Her parents rushed in to witness the spectacle of their two bodies becoming brilliant forms of pure energy, spinning rapidly into a large sphere and floating gracefully into midair before gradually losing intensity and returning back into the form of two distinct individuals; one of them being their beloved daughter. The second form briefly flared with unspent energy, then disappeared completely.

Amber awoke in the arms of her concerned parents, and embraced them for an eternity. Then, driven by instinct, she walked back to the bay , and without removing her clothing, walked calmly into its cool embrace, the warm essence of her lover still flowing down the inside of her thighs. As her parents observed from a distance, they watched her disappear into the waters’ edge and be seated among some dense underbrush with only her head above the glassy surface. A small, rapidly spinning spherical object with a bright multi-colored light emerged from between her open legs, and after hovering above her for a few moments, darted off towards the stars and its home among the cosmic winds. Received and exhausted, Amber joined her amazed parents, and they slowly walked back to the house together without a word spoken. As they reached the porch, they were greeted by a scruffy wire-haired terrier that immediately ran to Amber, and has been her constant companion ever since.

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