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BY: By: George Smith. 1999

It was difficult to comprehend or even to believe, for that matter, but it had been nearly four years since Jennifer and I had parted under the most violent of circumstances when I was caught ex delicto by a husband while I was fucking the brains out of his wife. Our year-long affair had been torrid, but it was forcibly ended when her husband came home, unannounced and certainly unexpected, and discovered us in the act, with her hands on the back of my head and my face buried in her crotch eating my favorite low calorie diet from her "Y" joint. He and I had it out to a fare thee well, ending up with me being chased naked out of the house in broad daylight with nothing but the keys to my car, which I had the previous night discretely parked away from her house some three blocks away, across a busy intersection. I somehow endured the horn honking, the jeers, and a scattered bit of applause before driving off with my limp cock, totally humiliated.

When I thought it safe to do so, I called Jennifer to arrange for the retrieval of my clothes, wallet, driver's license, etc., only to be told that she and her husband had reconciled, were back together for good, and that there would be no more of her pussy for me. While true that I have had many sexual liaisons, prior and subsequent, over the years before and after Jennifer, providing me with all the sex that any normal man can handle, parting with Jennifer was my most tragic experience. It is one that I will never forget.

Permit me to tell you just a little about it:

For you to understand the enormity of my loss, I have to relate rather personal things about her. First of all, Jennifer is not her real name. Her real name is unusual enough possibly to give her away in her small Germanic background community if I used it in this discourse. At 43, and old enough to be my mother, she was then well past her prime insofar as looks are concerned, and the birth of her four children had left her with generous stretch marks on her belly. Although not really fat, pleasingly plump being more accurate, her thighs and ample buttocks showed signs of the dreaded cottage cheese disease. Briefly, she was not what one could call beautiful by "sex-story" standards.

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Why then was this separation so tough on my ego, when I had young, anxious cunts half her age just waiting in the wings, volunteering blow jobs galore and willing to fuck my brains out? This is not "20 Questions", so I must confess that it was Jennifer's unique furry pussy, one with more mound hair than I had ever seen outside of a zoo. It had everything but a braid, and I was constantly getting the long cunt hairs caught in my teeth. However, never in all of my previous conquests had I ever encountered a cunt that came so pulsatingly alive with my prick buried in it all the way to my balls. It's milking action often kept my boner stiff, with multiple cums in her box, and if I didn't have to pee, without even taking it out for a rest between orgasms. I think that it must have been my youthfulness and sexual vigor at age 20 that had been my initial attraction to Jennifer, for she experienced orgasm after orgasm, with my cock deep in her love hole, while the cream from my balls filled her vagina to over flowing. I'm sure that, with diligent searching and sniffing and licking around, I'll someday find another cunt with the same pussy milking action, but it would be too much to expect such an active, twitching twat to be matched by Jennifer's real treasure combined with its animated contractions.

For you see, her completely ecstatic attraction, and why bees continue to return to the hive for honey, was the absolute sweetness of her pussy and its flowing cunt juices. I have tasted many twats, but none as sweet as Jennifer's. Sometimes for hours before fucking, I would eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner at her marvelous "Y" dining spot. She loved to watch television or even read a book or the morning paper while I muff dived and sucked on her erect little clit, whenever I could find it in her bush. From time to time she would change positions and get on top, leaning on her elbows, still reading her book but cleverly lowering her cunt on my waiting tongue and wide open mouth. Never could I get too much of such a good thing. Although she only wanted my cum in her cunt, Jennifer was also an adept cocksucker and loved to tease me by playfully tonguing my asshole, usually getting me to fuck her before I shot off my load. Only rarely, and then by accident, did she take my cream down her throat, with the tip of my cock past her gag point, shooting directly into her stomach.

Recalling how I had lucked out with her in the first place, I reminisced about first meeting her years ago when I noticed a distressed, arm-waiving seemingly little old lady standing by her car at the side of the road with its hood up in the universal distress sign. Having been an Eagle Scout I was duty bound to pull over and offer, if not assistance, at least my condolences. Much to my relief, I found the problem not to be mechanical, but simply an empty tank. Ten miles to the nearest gas station gave us ample opportunities to get somewhat acquainted while we went back and forth to replenish her fuel supply. It seemed that we had had many similar experiences, and that I had possibly known one of her sons in high school. For her age, and youthful appearance, Jennifer's interests tabbed her as one cool lady. Responding to a somewhat off-color joke, she playfully slapped me on the thigh, leaving her hand there with a playful squeeze for what seemed a time a bit longer than necessary. In answer to her query about my dating status, I related my recent argument with a then-estranged girl friend, and that I had been on the prowl and walking the walls without sex, other than hand jobs, for nearly a year. She then remarked that it just seemed that young girls these days don't really know how to please a man in bed. Jennifer then disclosed that she and her husband had been separated for many months, and that he was now working and living in a nearby town. Espousing her home cooking and her thankfulness for my rescuing her from an empty tank, she invited me over for dinner the following Saturday, which was only three days away.

With nothing better to do and looking forward to an uneventful evening watching dull television with my over-the-hill middle-aged hostess, but ever the considerate guest, I arrived with a bouquet of flowers, a box of candy, and a bottle of a chilled good quality California wine. To my utter surprise, she greeted me at the door with a wet kiss on my lips. Jennifer was garbed in a slinky, off-the-shoulder evening gown, which displayed her generous boobs and was wrapped tightly over her ample ass. After a cocktail and refills we went to the candlelit dining room for what was certainly a gourmet dinner, with an imported red room-temperature wine from her wine cellar, followed by an exquisite dessert. With our brandy snifters we adjourned, arm in arm, to the living room where I sat on the sofa, with Jennifer sitting across from me in a nearby arm chair, with her outstretched long legs resting on the ottoman.

Although Jennifer seemed to be giving me the tell-tale signals that she was available for more than casual conversation, never having fucked a women the age of my mother, even if for only a one-night stand, conversation was somewhat strained in the after glow, and I saw that it was up to me to get the ball rolling, so to speak. "Jennifer, when we were in my car the other day, do you remember saying something about young girls today not knowing how to please a man?" She told me, "What I meant, and I'm sure I'm right about it, is that, due to their relative inexperience and prudish upbringing, they are convinced that sex is a one-way thing, a quick on and off without real intimate touching, kissing and sucking and, pray tell, no such thing as oral sex. They've been told that this is nasty." Then talking about her now-absent husband, she told me how it had been necessary for her to break him into the joys of what she unabashedly called "eating at the Y" and how he had, thereafter, become an avid eater of her pussy, both before and after fucking.

By now, and with more after-dinner brandies, things loosened up and our talking included more and more explicit sex words. When I confessed to her that many of my young dates had actually been repulsed when I went down on them to suck them off. She was adamant in retorting what a dreadful thing this was, that they were probably also hesitant to suck my cock, and, even if they did, that they would gag rather than swallow my cream. "Sadly, some day they will learn what they have been missing, that jism is actually delicious, and then it may be too late for them to catch up."

We talked on in this sexually stimulating vein for quite a while, then we were actually discussing explicit acts of fornication, like blow jobs, sucking tits, eating pussy, and fucking. There was an intimate kind of nervousness between us then, but certainly a strongly sexual one. As our conversation became more intimate. I didn't know about Jennifer, but my feelings grew until it was straight sexual arousal. I now know that we both knew it.

When she asked if she might sit with me on the couch, I nodded and opened my arms to welcome her close beside me. When seated, I put an arm around her waist, felt the satiny sheen of her dress. She seemed not to have anything on but panties underneath it. Then her mouth was on mine, and she was making her move on me in reckless abandon. It was obvious that, if she had her way, we would be frolicking naked on her bed in just a little while, and I couldn't figure out if I was being taken advantage of by this 43-year-old mother figure or if it was just my duty to give her something she hadn't had in a long time. As my other prospects for the evening were nil, my thought at the time was that, in return for dinner and drinks, the least I could do was to give her a mercy fuck. My choice was to play her game or to just go home and jack off.

Still, not wanting either to encourage her or, for that matter, to discourage her, I kept my hands off of her thighs and tits until she took the offensive, so to speak, and guided my hand to her bare upper thigh to the fringed hem of her silk panties. Surrender being the better part of valor, we were French kissing at the time, and as our tongues played with each others, her hand squeezed and rubbed up my crotch until it was on my boner, and we were tonguing each other's mouths.

"Let's not wait any longer, Jennifer," I told her after the kiss, while my hands on her thighs triggered orgasmic-like sensations for both of us. "Let's go to your bed now. Perhaps, you can show me some of the things that the young girls aren't doing for me these days. We'll get naked and make mad love, fucking each other's brains out. I know you are going to be great for me, and I'm going to give you a fucking like something you have not had for many months since your husband left." "I want you to fuck me more than you can possibly know," she told me. Then we walked hand in hand upstairs to her bedroom where I viewed her lush thighs as she bent over and drew back the covers from the bed with its shiny satin sheets.

As she made the bed ready, I quickly began stripping off my clothes, and by the time she had unzipped and stepped out of her gown, I was standing before her completely naked, with my prick standing proudly erect and my balls hanging low. Jennifer giggled a bit as she stroked my boner and said that, after she got through sucking it, it was certainly going to feel good in her hot, juicy cunt.

I reached to unsnap her bra and told her I would like to undress her slowly, only one garment at a time, kissing the skin of each uncovered part, until she was completely naked and had been kissed all over. Before releasing her ample breasts, I fondled her bra cups. "What lovely tits you have and how firm and youthful they are." Then I took her back in my arms and kissed her on the mouth, tits and belly button. I rubbed her naked back to feel all the way down to her big ass cheeks. She said, "I love the way that hard oozing pre-cum cock of yours is throbbing against my belly," and she loved the way I spread the cheeks of her ass and fingered deep in her crack.

While kissing, I slipped the hooks of her bra and stepped back with the it, staring at her naked tits while she gasped with unrestrained sexual craving. She preened with her shoulders back, proud of the firmness of her boobs, but seemingly more proud than nervous at baring her breasts to me, a total stranger, one young enough to be her son. As I held a knocker in each hand and cupped both of them ever so gently, I told her, "It's hard for me to believe that your breasts can still be so firm, so big and so gorgeous." She said, "Tonight with you, they are tits. I want you to use all the sex words." Calling me by name, "Do you mind?" she asked.

"O.K., my love, if that's the way you want it, I'll talk gutter sex, just like I did in the Navy while fucking some sidewalk whore. But I want you to know that whether I call them breasts, tits, jugs, or knockers I'm going to suck them to a fare thee well," calling her my "sex professor", who is going to show me the things that the young cunts are not doing these days. "I'm also going to lick and suck your hairy, bushy pussy and give you cums with my tongue; but you are going to get a lot of other places kissed, sucked and licked as well, including, believe it or not, your asshole. I'm going to put you in a round-the-earth orbit like the astronauts and our only re-entry problem will be when I fuck you again."

She panted, "Oh yes, and then I'll want you to fuck me with that magnificent rod I feel jabbing against my belly with its drooling pre-cum. I want to feel both your tongue and your cock inside my hot pussy, with your balls resting in my crotch. (my name), Do you really want to fuck me? Do you want to put your cock in my cunt and fuck me, shooting your cream deep in my pussy?" she repeated, seeming to love the sound of the sex words.

"Jennifer, I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop," I told her. Then I was kissing her mouth again and her tits were mashed against my hairy chest. Both my hands clutched her satiny butt cheeks as we shared each others saliva. Now stripped to her lace panties, she asked, "Excuse me, my young stud, but I thought you wanted to see me naked, but I've still got my panties on?" "You are going to be naked for my gaze in just a few minutes, but I intend to make your final stripping a grand sexual event, one to remember. But there are so many parts of your body that I want to kiss and suck first."

Although impatient for the removal of her panties so as to be stripped and naked before me, Jennifer accepted it with an impish grin; then she was purring like a kitten as I fondled and sucked her nipples like she said they had never been sucked before. While I sucked one of her tits, I fondled them both. My sucking drove her into pre-orgasmic throes of lust. After I had been sucking her second tit awhile, she felt one of my hands rubbing down from her breast toward her bushy crotch, and she opened her legs wide to make a path to her pussy. My hand followed the path right down past her furry mound into her crotch, and I felt the pulsating warmth of her soft, tender cunt through sheer nylon of her panties, my rubbing hand providing a stimulation for her as I continued to suck the nipple on the silken jug which she pressed up at me, first one and then the other, moaning with desire, "Oh, my panties are all wet in the crotch with my pussy juice and my cunt is so hot for you," Jennifer said, her ass squirming on the sheet.

"Then, my dear, I'll just have to do something about that, won't I?" I said as I raised my face from her tit and licked my lips. "I'm going to love to taste your pussy juices in those wet panties. Get your knees up and spread your legs wide for me, dear, nice and wide so that I can suck your cunt juices through the nylon of your panties. Yes, darling. I'm going to have a taste of nylon-filtered cunt juice, only then will I take your panties off and munch on your hot, juicy twat until you can't stand another cum. If you don't mind, I may be there for at least an hour."

Without complaint, she just continued to moan with unbridled passion; then she cried out once again as my face went into her sweet nylon covered crotch, brushed her thighs, and then I was sucking the crotch of her pussy soaked panties, sending her to a new height of passion. She shuddered, "I've never been on a mountain peak this high before."

As I continued to take nourishment through nylon from her wet crotch, I worked my hands under the cheeks of her ass. She raised her butt to let her soaked panties slip off. I fondled her lush, smooth ass cheeks with my eager mouth sucking and slurping, making her panties even wetter with her pussy juices, adding to the simply unbelievable heat of her cunt.

Jennifer said that she had never been so well loved, but I then reminded her, "My dear, we are only getting started. You are not even naked yet. If your pussy is as sweet as its filtered juices, I'm in for the best "Y" dining ever. I hope you're not in too much of a hurry to get fucked." Unbelievably, she still had her cunt soaked panties on, and the actual muff diving was yet to come. Despite the fact that she was still not totally naked, two or three times I had brought Jennifer to the verge of cumming in my face.

She opened her mouth, only able to emit a series of gasps, and her body jerked through an orgasm as magnificent as any I've ever seen a woman have without having my cock buried to the hilt in her. As the delicious waves kept sweeping over her, I kept my face pressed into the warmth of her wet crotch, inhaling the sweetest vaginal scents I'd ever known, my hands holding the cheeks of her ass firmly as I tongued her furry twat through the nylon mesh. "Oh," she sighed, "That was my very first cum with my panties on and no cock in my cunt."

"There are going to be a lot of such first events with us, my darling," I told her, "and I'll give you more cums than you can ever keep count of. Roll over now so I can slip your wet panties off and make love deep between your ass cheeks to your bung. Softly moaning, Jennifer turned over as my hands spread her ass cheeks which were now only barely covered. As I toyed around with her buttocks, she said she had always thought of her ass as being too big and could only hope and dream that I would call it beautiful and would handle it just as though I really meant what I said. I lowered the top of her panties and kissed and tongued the skin around the cuffs. Jennifer continued sighing. She told me that I was the first ever to kiss her ass and told me that I should keep doing it until she told me to stop which might be never.

I then began to peel her panties down and she raised a little to help me do her final stripping so as to be completely naked. I lowered the wet garment until the top of her ass crack showed. I then pressed my lips in her back slit and ran my tongue up and down the exposed portion of her crack. Before I stopped kissing her, I tongued her crack and made it wet with my saliva. Then I went back to slipping her panties off, as I told her again and again how beautiful her ass was and how I was going to love it.

Her soaked panties were stuck in her crotch, but I gently loosened them and took them down her legs and off. I found the crotch wet with a mixture of my saliva and Jennifer's sweet pussy juice and rubbed it on my face and in my mouth. Jennifer trembled as she saw and heard me sucking her pussy juice from the nylon. It appeared to me as if she might faint. Then I kissed the wet crotch of the garment and dropped it on the floor beside the bed. She commanded, "Come to me, my eager young lover. If you like my pussy juice through the crotch of my panties, with them off amd me finally naked, I'll let you go down on me for all you want."

Striding toward the bed, I came up beside her and surveyed the perfect cheeks of her ass. Then I settled down to separate her butt cheeks with my hands, lips, and tongue causing her to squirm on her satin sheets, rubbing her bushy cunt mound on the bed. My lips would leave a cheek of her ass and I pulled the firm mounds apart. With my nose between her ass cheeks I was licking deeply, wetting her crack, the tip of my tongue teasing her bung. Her groans became a little louder as I deeply fucked her asshole to the length and breadth of my tongue.

"Is your juicy pussy ready for another cum now?" I asked. When she told me, "Yes, lover, it's ready, and that's for sure. I turned her over, bending her knees up and spreading her legs wide apart. I was treated to the sight of one of the prettiest pussies that I had ever seen, and this on a 42-year old woman. Jennifer laughed when I told her how beautiful her cunt was, but I assured her that I knew from experience and knew a good looking twat from one that was just ordinary. "No, Jennifer, no matter what you may have been told, they don't all look alike. You have a beautiful pussy to look at and to touch and to suck and to fuck. If you let me, I plan to go down on you and do all of those things to it." She squirmed her ass on the sheets and curtly said, "Permission granted." And then she curtly ordered, "Go down on me, lover. I can't wait for another magnificent cum."

While she talked, one of my hands was stroking her crotch, finding it firmer than I would have expected, considering her age. As my hand moved toward the target, the tips of my fingers brushed the tender lips of her hot cunt. My hand covered her moist pussy and pressed warmly over it. Then I began to rub tenderly, combing her furry mound with my fingers. I parted her pussy-lips with my tongue, tonguing gently between the outer lips of her vagina with the same motion. In no hurry, I teasingly worked my fingers into her tongue moistened slit and felt her quiver. Beads of sweat stood out on her forehead as I finger fucked her pussy. She told me, "Your fingers in my cunt feel better than any cock I've ever been fucked with." While my hand rubbed over her furry mound, I went on finger fucking her twat, then the tip of my index finger found her clit causing her body to jerk powerfully.

Blowing softly in her ear, I went on gently massaging her clit until I saw passion wrenching her face. Yet another orgasm claimed her and contorted her features. As I took my finger from her pussy slit, I put my hand tenderly on her cunt and held it there until her orgasm weakened. When she was able to speak coherently again, Jennifer told me, "My young lover, that was the most magnificent orgasm I have ever had." We hugged and kissed as I told her that she could expect more and better cums. She gave me that I'm from Missouri "show me" look, as if to dare me to try.

Snuggling, I went back down on her for muff diving, kissing her inner thighs, tummy, and hips, using my hands, tongue, and lips, bringing her clit up again, as I knew that this time my mouth would find its way to the lips of her cunt. My thoughts were that it sure wouldn't take much muff-diving to make her have another tumultuous orgasm. Never with an eye on the clock, I played with her slowly, ardently, and then gave her my warm, moist breath on her crotch. As my tongue licked slowly over her twat, Jennifer begged me to hurry, to get my mouth right on her cunt and eat her pussy. As I kissed her gash, and when I was licking and sucking her cunt, my hands held and rubbed her hips and thighs. Jennifer, with both hands on the back of my head pushed my tongue deep into her pussy.

As I sucked her sweet cunt and she moaned, "Lover, I just cannot believe that just one mouth and one cunt can to produce such fantastic sensations. But there was even greater sexual magic to come, and it happened when my tongue came into play and I began lapping the opening to her love hole. The length of my tongue probed into her hot, juicy cunt. Now I've been going down on snatches ever since losing my virginity in high school, but I was amazed at the sweetness of Jennifer's pussy and its flowing juices. I subtly shifted my position as my tongue found her clit and did such wildly wonderful things to it. I was working in her cunt with my tongue until she was struck by another climax. To my satisfaction, it surpassed even the previous hits. Jennifer struggled to stifle the cries she felt fighting for escape from her throat. My hunch about the intensity of her cum proved correct.

Jennifer kept my face hopelessly trapped in her sweet crotch, her thighs pressing my ears as her legs scissored and her body jerked spasmodically. Finally it passed. Later, when I raised my cunt juicy face from her honey flavored pussy, I read all her thoughts in her eyes. "Lover, I will never push you away from my pussy. You are the absolute best muff diver in all of my years from high school on when I lost my cherry, but it is now time to do something about your beautiful cock, which has been erect and ready for fucking for a long, long time. It must be paining you, waiting for its release when you fuck me."

My thought at the time was that to fuck such a sweet pussy would be a violation of the Federal Food and Drug Act, but the condition of my balls demanded action. "I told her with a warm smile, "It certainly will feel a whole lot better deep in your beautiful sweet cunt. Are you wet enough to take a fucking with my stiff prick? If your cunt is not ready yet, you may have to just give me a blow job, and we can fuck later."

"You wonderful, crazy boy. I'll be sucking you off later, giving you the world's best blow job, but right now my cunt feels wet enough to take both your cock and your balls. I beg you to pour your meat to me and let me know that I am being fucked. Shoot all your cream into me and make my cunt even wetter than it already is. I can already feel my pussy juices trickling into the crack of my ass, but I want to be wet with your cream."

Reaching between her widely gapping legs, I fingered and rubbed the wet lips of her vagina. Then I used the tip of a finger to trace the wet trail down between the lower slopes of the big, silken ass cheeks back to her rosy bung. For a while, I toyed with my fingers in her wet crack; then I hovered over her. Her eyes were ever so wide with excitement. She reached out with her arms to welcome my cock into her hot, juicy cunt for what I hoped to be the greatest fuck of her life.

"You're pussy is the absolute sweetest I've ever eaten, my darling," I told her as I positioned myself between her legs and stared at her box, "But you're especially beautiful when you're horny and you beg me to fuck you. What a monstrous fuck, with me jamming my meat into you, this is going to be. I only hope I can hold out before cumming in your cunt long enough so that you can have a big cum with my cock stuffed inside you to my balls."

"Another cum could endanger my well being," Jennifer told me, "but I don't care if it does. I think that death in the saddle would be a nice way to die, especially with your magnificent cock buried deep in my box." My immediate response was that, although dying that way might make the local headlines or require a call to 911, it would be even better to live for future love making.

I gently mounted her, being careful not to crush her large breasts. I felt my cock probing around her crotch seeking her cunt. My cockhead rubbed the gap of her pussy slit back and forth; then she was gasping as I slowly pushed my rod between her soft pussy-lips and slowly worked my cock into her cunt in short, gentle strokes, until it was totally buried to my balls, deep in her snatch. Her arms were wrapped tightly around me, telling me, "I'm never going to let you go. You will have to keep your cock in my cunt for the rest of your life."

After that, I lay with the full weight of my body on her and felt my cock throbbing in the tight warmth of her sweet cunt. Only then was I ready to give her the fuck she was begging me for. When I tried to get my weight off her for the sake of her comfort, she tightened her arms around me."I want you to be rough on me with your cock," she panted. "Be rough. I want you to fuck me hard, my darling young lover. I want to know that you're fucking me."

I had wanted to be gentle in screwing her, but since it was not the way she asked for it, I had no choice but to pound my meat to her. I was heavy on her body and gave her a rough ride with my cock first deep and then withdrawn for further stabbing of her cunt, slapping her with my balls and making her puff and pant. I vowed silently, to fuck her gently the next time, but this was one rough cock ride that both she and I would remember a long, long time.

I then purposely slowed up in my stroking of her slit to calm my balls and to make this fuck last as long as possible, but then I sensed that she was almost ready to cum again. Jennifer gave confirmation of her impending orgasm and asked me to fuck her hard so that we could cum together. With her arms and legs were wrapped tightly around my mid-section, she was crying out and jerking in yet another violent cum. I waited until it had passed, just soaking my now motionless prick in her vagina. When she loosed the grasp of my body, I lifted my weight off her body, propped up on my elbows. When I started fucking her again, I now did it slowly and she told me, "I've never been fucked so divinely. True to form, I made the slower fuck last a much longer time than anticipated, but finally my balls flashed the signal that it was time for them to spew my cream.

Astride her again, I gave her a few more long cock strokes. Then she was strongly clasping my body as I blasted my hot jism deep into her insatiable pussy. "Give it to me,"give it all to me. I want it all shot in my pussy, lover boy. She begged me for more cock juice until I was finished and became just a little heavier on her.

This was my introduction to the concept of ditching the young cunts in favor of going down on older women. However, after only a few short months, when Jennifer's husband returned, my access to her honey sweet pussy was abruptly cut off. While I have now been forced to return to the immature pussies for the time being, I am always on constant search for a mature lady, one with Jennifer's talents, above all the taste of her pussy. So far, no such luck, but I'll never give up.

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