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The Formula

BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

Sweeping the floors at the Institute had never been very rewarding, but it was virtually stress-free, and provided a fantasy land for Mark. In the various labs he could explore the intricacies of the universe and the mysteries of life from behind his mop bucket. Every evening, new adventures would unfold, making the work shift speed by, and his lonely trip back to the center a pleasant one. Mark had been mentally challenged since birth, his addicted Mother insensitive to the forming life in her womb. At birth, he had been condemned to life of therapy; but with raw determination, and a caring counselor, Mark broke the bonds of mental restrictions, and progressed much further than ever thought possible. He now worked independently, and remained at the center only for observation. He was well-loved by his associates at the Institute, and was often included in late night discussions when the scientists were on the verge of a breakthrough. Although he could not understand the discussion, he was always a positive influence, and would often supply coffee and pastries when they were most needed.

It was during one particularly stormy night when she appeared to him. He had been studying the scribbles on a blackboard easily identified as Prof. Steinsí work by their graceful symmetry, when the power failed, and he stood alone in the dark. Occasionally, the room was briefly illuminated by a flash of lightning to reveal Mark still in the same position, impervious to the stormsí wrath or the brilliant beam of light that heralded her arrival. Mark knew he was not alone, but knew it was best to remain in place until the power was restored. Unimpaired by the darkened room, she strolled over to blackboard and changed some of the equations, using the same writing style as the originator. After reviewing the entire formula, she returned to the position from whence she had arrived. It was then she first spotted Mark, clinging to the mop handle while unmoving at the reports of the tempest. She stopped fingering the small box attached to her waistband, and slowly approached his rigid form.

He followed her approach with his eyes, but dared not move for fear the lightning might see him and strike him outright. Sensing his fears, she gently reached out to touch his arm, but he cringed and withdrew. Analyzing his reactions quickly, she once again reached out and touched his arm gently, yet firmly. He did not withdraw this time, and between the flashes of lightning, he let his eyes meet hers. She was radiant; her dark brown eyes were pools of endless compassion, her shiny black hair was so delicate that it would stir at a whisper, and her thin pristine face set off her small upturned nose and thick full lips with an angelic quality. Her long thin neck accented her slight frame much as her long slender legs emphasized her slim hips bringing her entire figure into a perfect blend of poise and beauty. Her olive complexion, tiny hands and feet, and small upturned breasts were partially concealed by the seamless elastic material that shimmered around her form when the lightning flashed.

Mark couldnít help but stare at her flawless beauty, and when the power was restored moments later to allow him a complete appraisal, he sank to his knees in awe. She helped him back up to his feet where he kept his eyes fixed. With a gentle touch she raised his face to meet hers, and an eternity passed as their eyes revealed everything one could ever hope to learn. Without a sound, she unfastened his shirt and jeans, and gently guided the attire from his muscular frame leaving him naked and trembling. Her eyes slowly followed the contours of his frame, from his gentle eyes to his manly chest to his stately legs. She extended her delicate hands and touched his trembling face with one hand, and grasped his other hand and placed it upon her firm breast. At first he froze, never having touched a woman in this manner before, but the desire in her eyes encouraged him to venture further into her treasures and soon he was caressing the firm globes with the hands of an experienced lover. Her eyes closed as her free hand touched the small box on her waistband and her suit immediately vanished.

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They both stepped back and savored each othersí attributes. Her mouth was dry, and Mark was sweating as they met in their first embrace. Their touch was electric, and their bond immediate as they held each another in a blind and sensual embrace. They couldnít feel enough of one another, as their barriers collapsed and their bodies responded. As his erection grew, it inched between her delicious thighs and, as if by instinct, surged to touch her moist cleft now alive with anticipation. Her delicate fingers slid through his hair, and unconsciously pulled his face to her small raised nipple, where his lips automatically began to draw the dark flesh towards his tongue. Her free hand explored the curvature of his spine and the firm rounds of his posterior, while his hands moved freely over her soft flawless skin, awakening every pore.

Now fully aroused they separated from one another, and she gently pulled him to her as she lay with her back on the hardwood floor. Mark gently raised himself on his strong arms, and let his manhood seek her femininity unaided. Once the erect glans passed the slight tuft of hair and the tiny trembling clitoris, she rolled her hips upward and poised her moist opening over his throbbing glans. With their eyes fixed on each other, he slowly eased his manhood into the warm moist folds of her most intimate being, savoring her sighs and spontaneous muscle contractions. He knew that he was in virgin territory, when she halted his forward progress by applying gently pressure to his abdomen with her soft fingertips and released several short breaths. Her vaginal muscles began to constrict rhythmically, and he soon found his organ drawn fully into her deepest recess, pressed against her quivering red womb. Their pubic bones met, and amidst the tangles of pubic hair, her swollen bud received the type of pressure it had hungered for. Maintaining full contact with her pubis, he began a gentle rocking motion, and her tiny feet locked behind the small of his back, while her arms pulled his muscular chest to crush her silky breasts.

Still savoring the intense sensations for the first time, he felt her muscle constrict violently as her hips raised to push her clitoris forcefully into his pubic bone. She released a tiny squeal and pulled his body so tightly to hers that his breath became a struggle. She continued her passionate embrace; her hips continuing to grind against his pubis and the muscles of her womanhood constricting so tightly that Mark was experiencing pain. Just as her muscles began to relax, her back would arch and her legs would tighten with another orgasm. The scenario repeated itself until, with one desperate embrace that brought stars to Marks vision, she squealed and collapsed with Marks manhood locked in a tight embrace. Unable to free her hold on his now flaccid member, he rolled on his side and studied the intricate details of her delicate neck and depleted nipples.

She awoke a short time later with a start and Marks organ was instantly released. He ran his fingers through her feather fine hair and gazed lovingly into her eyes but she pushed him away in disgust and fingered the box. A brilliant light filled the room for an instant, and she was gone. He lay on his back, naked, and stared at the ceiling for hours, until the first rays of the morning sun entered the room. When he stood up and began to dress himself, he studied the formula. After slipping on his boots, he walked over to the blackboard, and changed the punctuation on two of the phrases, then grabbed the handle of the bucket and carried it down the hall to the janitors room. As he emptied the dirty water, he thought to himself that it was time for a change, and deliberately walked passed the center on his way to the unemployment office. Later that afternoon, Prof. Stein informed the NSA that he had formulated time travel.

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