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BY: R/Dave (C) 1999

It would be a night to remember; the fireworks lit the sky and Sharon couldn't get enough of the candy floss circulating through the park. Everywhere sparklers danced, held aloft by tiny hands, and the occasional report of a stay firecracker kept the crowd on a giddy edge. Down by the shoreline, the water reflected countless "safe and sane " fireworks displays, and the sounds of celebrations reflected across the bay. Sharon had come to get away from it all; the sounds of the city had suddenly become too much for her. Here, on this normally quiet bay, she had always been able to restore her senses, and savor a lifestyle deliciously different from her own. Smoke from a thousand barbeques filled the air with delicious odors; stinging eyes already irritated by spent gunpowder. She walked over a grassy nole and felt panic for the first time. Her breath became short and her heart pounded with an uneven resonance. She slipped to her knees, and then to her face, overcome by the freezing grip on her neck.

She awoke a short time later to a sea of concerned faces. Briefly able to smile, she slowly rose to a sitting position, and steadied herself before rising to walk away from the embarrasing scene. Dismissing the entire episode as an overdose of sugar, she resumed her observations as the crowd ebbed about her. Then it struck again, this time about her waist with the same icy grip. She took a step forward and went down on her face for the second time. This time the icy grip lingered and gradually enveloped her entire body. She felt numb and frightened but was able to retain her senses. As the ambulance pulled into the park, she felt herself leaving the comfort of her body. From above, she watched the EMT's work over her body frantically. With resignation reflected in their eyes, she saw them cover her corpse with a flimsy white blanket. She knew she had tasted her last cotton candy.

She closed her eyes and waited for the rush from the upcoming voyage through the tunnel towards the bright light and her desceased ancestors that never occured. After some time, she opened her eyes, to find herself drifting above the park on invisible currents of air. It was the most tranquil experience she could remember. Gazing at her body, she realized she had crossed into a spirit realm, for although she could discern the outline of her naked body, all other detail was hidden in a faint glow. The crowd was dispersing below her now, and she was saddened by the thought of her departure interrupting the festivities. Clouds began to drift below her, partially obscuring her view as she slowly drifted upwards. Rolling onto her back, she looked up to see the crystal ship for the first time; a formless shape that refracted rainbows of light in all directions. Within moments, she was drawn inside where she was bathed in a warm gentle white light. A voice came to as a father to his only child.

"Welcome Sharon. Thank you for your patience and acceptance. We will instruct you as to how to use your new faculties, and where to deposit the extract."

"Wait a minute," she exclaimed; "Just what are you talking about?"

"Ah, you don't remember; I'll explain. Do you remember three years ago when you looked towards our ship, and asked us to help you make a difference in this world?"

"Obviously, I don't!" She retorted.

"You were at a turning point in your life, and you gazed directly into our ship when you asked," the nurturing voice responded. "Here, we'll show you. . ."

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And with that she felt herself float close to a machine that glowed when she arrived. Two small probes entered her, and she relived a time when she was younger and vibrant, filled with love and energy. As she gazed at a nearby rainbow, she was filled with peace, and in a silent prayer asked to be led to where she could make the most difference in the world. They had heard, but waited for her to plunge into her world of routines and annoyances before they rescued her. She nodded her acceptance and waited for them to teach her what she would need to know. Her wait was short lived, as flashes of images along with a myriad of voices began speaking at once. It was organized mental mayhem for a brief eternity until everything abruptly stopped, and in a blur she found herself transported to a wind-blown vacant gas station in Arizona. It was like one of the scenes from a soda commercial, where everthing was dead, dry, and dusty except for the soda machine that was in use continually by the motorist who stopped there.

She was different now; her figure was slim and beautiful, and she found that with a mere thought, she could change her features and assets. Her sexuality was alive and responded to any stimulation including the slightest touch and she became obsessed with it. With a mere thought, she could move from one place to another; moving through walls and past jet aircraft with the speed of thought. She could hear the thoughts of those nearby, and felt alive throughout her entire being, no longer limited by senses and intuition. She was exhilarated, yet driven at the same time, for she knew her purpose was to secure as much extract as she could for her friends above. She would mate with every man she could, secure his semen, and deliver it immediately to the receptical that was always awaiting in a nearby dimension. With newly learned muscular techniques along with the retractable probe implanted in her womb, she could drain his reproductive resources; then completely void the precious extract while it was at its' most virilent stage in a matter of seconds.. With her ability to change shapes and personalities at will, her donors could be as varied as nature itself

Her first donor was a middle-aged businessman. She came to him while he studied the Journal in a secluded area of the park. She was blond and sexy, and he couldn't believe his good fortune. Jumping behind a growth of bushes, they ravaged each others bodies. He tore at her breasts as his throbbing organ smashed into her furry mound. At the height of his passion, the probe automatically extended its flexible tube and plunged deep into his urethra, sucking every drop of liquid into her pulsing vestibule. He screamed, grabbed his gonads, and rolled off into the dense underbrush in a fetal position. The recepticle appeared from its resident dimension, and placing it between the flower of her pussy lips, she forced the milky fluid out of her womb. With a sigh, she quickly restored her appearance, and wandered back towards the ball field.

"He's had a vascectomy, my dear." The soothing voice returned, chiding her failed first attempt.

"Damn!" She thought; "I just can't keep doing this!" She winced at its observation, and decided to pursue younger, less experienced and more virile material. She found him playing center field, and with a mere twitch of her finger, he trotted towards her with his eyes glowing in anticipation.

"Hi, I'm M. . . .!" and before he could finish; her lips locked onto his and her hand reached for the lumps between his legs. Before he could catch his breath, she had his jersey ripped open and his pants were being pulled down to his knees. She was a short-haired brunette with a jogging outfit, and a luscious tan. Roughly messaging his manhood through his jockeys, she pulled the T-shirt off with a smooth motion and planted his hands on her smooth tight breasts. Her tan-lines were all the way to her nipples, and her belly had the composure of a refined athlete. Stripping her shorts off with her free hand, she continued to message his manhood, concentrating on the glans to stimulate his pre-cum. When the first drops oozed on to her soft hands, she quickly forced him down on his back, inserted his manhood, and began pumping fitfully as her hands messaged his gonads. Within just a few moments, she felt his abs tighten, and knowing he would soon release, she forced him all the way into her depths, to allow the probe easy access. Her muscles began to rythmically draw him deeper into her womb, and just as the first ejeculate surged from his prostrate, the probe dutifully found his opening buried within the glans, and forced itself down the length of his surging organ. He screamed, and grabbed his gonads, now being unmercifully drained of their juices. She continued to rock her hips up and down on his surging manhood until he collapsed; his testes the size of two shriveled peas. Again the receptical appeared, and she pumped frothy extract into its chamber while feeling her own orgasm building. As the last threads of his essense fell away from her swollen pussy, she fell back and frantically stroked her engorged lips. She muffled her screams with the back of her hand as a multiple orgasms shook her body in quick succession. Again with a sigh, she reconfigured her appearance, and looked over at his exhausted form lying in the tall grass, his deflated manhood laying to one side in total exhaustion. She smiled and turned towards the playground across the street.

Three young boys were shooting hoops, dodging and darting to gain possesion of the weathered, and partially deflated ball. Within just a few moments, Sharon became a substantially younger redhead, and ran across the court snaring the ball with one swift motion. As her victims tried to regain their plaything, she quickly lifted her dress to reveal nothing underneath. They froze and their interests immediately shifted to her bouncing buns as she skipped back across the court and into the equipment room next to the showers. Within moments they were all naked, and she was carefully giving them a "crash-course" in human sexuality; she had one of the hairless organs in her mouth, one in her anus, and one stroking away frantically at her tight little womb. Their youth was reflected in their lack of control as they all climaxed within moments of one another, and ran into the shower room shrieking with their first conquest. She sat up, with the probe starting to emerge from her tiny lips, and wondered what had just come and gone. The depository appeared but she had precious little to offer, for despite their youthful vigor, their extract was just barely adequate in development to be of any use. She changed her form into that of the local janitor, went below the showers, and secured the cold water to exact her revenge. Within seconds, the boys ran screaming into the locker room amidst the embrace of their soft towels. She smiled to herself as she again changed her form and headed out for her next conquest.

The local police were mystified at the two men they had found; one cowering in the woods, and the other under the bleachers at the local ball field. Both had told similar stories, but the assailant was so different in each case that there was no apparent suspect. She overheard Sgt. Lasky's concerns for the communities safety; and touched by sincerity, she waited until he was alone in the squad car on his way back to the precinct before she appeared in the back seat. He slammed on the brakes, staring in the rear view mirror at her pristine oriental face. He started to speak, but she pressed her lips to his, learning its effectiveness from the center-fielder. He only squirmed in his seat for a few moments, and then relaxed to allow Sharon full access to him. She carressed his slightly over-weight figure through his clothes, and was able to arouse him quickly by applying gentle pressure to his prostrate. Removing his trousers completely, she began oral administrations on his engorged member and hastily removed her clothing. As her face, her body was pristine, with clear pale features and tiny buds on the tips of her small firm breasts. His manhood surged, and she took advantage of his compromised position to thrust him into her moist warm canal. They held other tightly, slowing building on each others' arousal until she began to peak. Feeling her spasms increase along the length of his manhood, he grunted as the first surge of knotted, milky substance screamed into his urethra on its way into her womanhood. The first geyser shot past the probe and splashed against her womb with such fury that most of it rebounded back out of her feminine opening. Her eyes went wide with surprise, as did his when the probe sped down the length of his organ and into his tight ball sack. The both shrieked in a wondrous mutual orgasm, and she continued to rub her swollen clitoris against his pubic bone as several more orgasms shattered her pristine body. His eyes were glazed and his body limp as the last of his masculine juices were drawn into her throbbing vestibule. She continued to rub against him long after he was totally drained and unconscious, savoring the feel of his limp, expended organ in womanhood. Finally, with a twinge of regret, she drained his essence, and changed her form for the journey ahead - she was getting too well known around this town.

Dar had always hated their self-righteous aloofness, and when commissioned by the triad to help destroy them before the sheer mass of their offspring collapsed the food chain, he set about to become the ace exterminator. His next "kill" would assure him the coveted title, and his pursuit of this crystal ship was relentless. Passing a band of asteroids, his jet black interceptor homed in on the enemies ship, and after firing a warning burst in accordance with interstellar rules of engagement, he brought his total arsenal to bear on the formless craft. Firing at will, the defenseless ship was no match for his weaponry, and burst into a million fragments. Within moments, all that remained was a cloud of vapor, and several hundred gallons of free-floating extract. With a quick entry into the ships' recorder he reversed his direction and increased the gain on his sensors to find his next victim. But just as he engaged his propulsion, a transmission from the triad gave him pause, and forced him to stop. Apparently one of the ships' crew remained on the planet. She was a shape changer, and in her former life was know as Sharon. To complete his kill, he would have to capture or eliminate her.

He moved to his input screens; and did a quick search on the planets' informational resouces. The environment was friendly although the inhabitants were, for the most part, quite aggresive. There were no obvious reports of her attacks, although two obscure reports from a small town in Nevada; one involving three young boys, and another, the towns sheriff, were enough for him to set his descent coordinates there. Armed with a small infuser, and a tracking module, he descended to the surface. Taking form behind the abandoned gas station, he ran a quick scan. Sure enough, she had been there, and residual traces were strong enough to follow. With a quick set of commands to the ships computer, she was traced to a tavern just outside a major Naval Base. Moments later, he strolled into the tavern where he was instantly the center of attention; he should have worn more than a g-string when he entered a gay bar. Sharon quietly watched from a small table in the back corner waiting to see how he would respond. She knew he was an enemy somehow, but was drawn to his beautifully muscled body. Dar did the only thing he could, with one hand he covered his genitals, and with the other, he flipped the switch that would send him back to the safety of his ship. As the crowd of stunned men watch him disappear, she changed her form, and followed him to his ship.

Dar collapsed on the cot, his mind still reeling from the experience. He didn't know that this planet housed men who loved men - a unique variation he thought. And as he began to fantasize about having sex with another man, she quickly stepped forward and dealt him a crippling blow to his throat. While he gasped for breath, she quickly surveyed the ship, and was able to surmise all there was to know about her choking victim. Taking the opportunity to capitalize on his immobility, she pulled the g-string off of his limp member to survey his attributes. He was pitifully small; the protective padding had given him the large bulge. She laughed aloud, and with a smile of poetic justice, she grabbed the soft gristle with both hands, and squeezed with all her might. Through his choking sounds, she heard a scream, and she continued to twist and pull at his genitals until he fainted from the pain. Then, with swift motions, she programmed the ships computer to return to the triad with its stealth mode engaged. In a final farewell, she pulled Dars body to the incinerator chute, and watched the ashes float freely into space. The ship surged and she set about to learn all she could about this triad, and why they had tried to destroy her.

The triad watched Dars ship approach, fully aware of its cargo. As it docked, it was met by a swarm of security androids, who, without emotion, tore her from the ramp as she descended, and brought her to face the triad. Sharon had hoped to rely on her shape changing abilities for escape, but the atmospheric components would not allow her any of the freedoms she had experienced on earth. As she entered the great hall, she could clearly see the three hooded figures of the triad, in their individual thrones at the end of the hall. She was led to two steel poles that rose from the mosaic of the floor. Her wrists and ankles were attached by small electronic force fields, and in her spread eagle position, her clothing was swiftly removed by the light of a hand held laser.

"You have trespassed into our TSC (Time Space Continuum) without authorization," proclaimed the middle spectre. "You are hereby found guilty and sentenced to restructuring. Your sentence will be exacted immediately."

With that, and android placed a small white box on a pedestal in front of her, while behind her, another smaller box was placed that emitted a beam of light to the base of her neck. She could feel her abilities slowly drain away until she felt fully human again. Meanwhile, a beam from in front of her bathed her body in a pale blue light removing all of her body hair, and restructuring her from head to foot to be free of blemishes and signs of aging. Her breasts were firm and upright, her legs rippled with firm muscle tone, and her skin glistened with rejuvination. All of the changes were more than her mind could deal with, and she collapsed.

She awoke a short time later to a sea of concerned faces. Briefly able to smile, she slowly rose to a sitting position, and steadied herself knowing that she was somehow different. Finally rising to her feet, she apologized for any inconvenience she may of caused and walked towards the exit. He caught her eye immediately. He was tall, and had a great build with just the right amount of posterior. Without pause, she changed direction and approached him directly.

"Hi, I'm Sharon, and I need you!" She exclaimed.

Shaken but not stirred, he escorted her over to a secluded grassy nole with his arm around her waist. As soon as she felt hidden from the view of any onlookers, she tore at his clothing with a frenzy. She was sexually starved for his extract, and she buried his face into his groin as soon as his clothes were clear. Sucking frantically, she drew his entire member within her mouth and rolled her tongue around his expanding glans as he moaned with excitement. Within moments he was erect, and with one quick motion, she pulled down her underwear, and mounted his manhood. Humping up and down as much as she dared without losing his erection, she panted and ground her dripping vulva into his crotch until her orgasm shattered her body with tremendous spasms. As her juices began to pour from the glands deep within her vulva, two small probes emerged from the tip of his manhood, and shot through her womb on the way to her ovaries where they quickly drew the developing ova from the surface then returned to the warmth of his glans. She rolled off him, continuing to spasm as the orgasm continued to rock her body. Dar quickly rose and wiped his dripping manhood with a handkerchief, grateful for the failure in the ships' incinerator. He hoped his next escapee would be younger as this one wasn't very tight. He reset the controls, and grasping her hair, returned to his ship.

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